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this is news coming to you live from berlin russia and turkey strike a deal on northern syria president putin and everyone agreed to set up a so-called safe southern and extend a cease fire in the region turkey tells kurdish forces they have 6 days to leave the syrian borders are also coming up short lived victory for british prime minister boris johnson as lawmakers initially back his brakes a deal then reject his move to fast track it through parliament it's now just 8 days to the u.k. scheduled departure from the european union. and we go to botswana where politics
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has been shaken up ahead of today's election is the most closely poll in more than 5 decades. following terry martin thanks for joining us russia and turkey say they have a plan for syria's future following talks in the black sea resort of sochi russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart wretch of time out of one say they're adding another 6 days to a ceasefire that was due to expire on tuesday turkey wants to establish a buffer zone 30 kilometers wide along its border with northern syria from which kurdish forces would be excluded. the kremlin had predicted long and difficult negotiations perhaps that's why the meeting was particularly friendly organized extra nice weather for you 6 and
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a half long hours of negotiations between vladimir putin and air to one mostly in private the hardest thing to decide was hi big this so-called security zone should be and who controls it. tends to scotians we have succeeded in finding a solution which in my opinion is very important and promising. it is the solution for the very complicated situation that the turkish syrian border. the main outcome is that russian military police and syrian border guards are to work together during the cease fire to ensure that syrian kurdish forces retreats russian and turkish troops will take control of a buffer zone 10 kilometers wide. had demanded 35 kilometers. syrian refugees will move into the areas that are to be cleared of terrorists. facts around 1000000 people in. turkey and russia will be hoping for
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international help in refugee resettlement but a german proposal to establish an international safe so in was not considered in the sort she talks. do you need europeans for another unnecessary big player in a situation that's very difficult anyway and then you add in some strangers i don't think russia wants that the fewer partners the better. the sochi deal will enhance putin's role in the region even aired to one had to accept that in the search for a solution to the syria conflict there was no way of the russian president. our correspondent dorian jones is covering this story from istanbul dorian the russian and turkish leaders have hatched a plan for what they think should become of northern syria what exactly they agreed on well this concerns an air around 450 kilometers long in
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syria now under this deal 120 kilometers that have been already taken by turkish military in the weeklong operation that has been consolidated turkey will continue to hold this territory now the rest of this area which turkey was planning to take control off to a depth of 30 kilometers now that will be put under the control of syrian regime forces and russia they will move up to the border and in the next 150 hours the syrian kurdish forces will have to withdraw from this region to 30 kilometers away from the turkish front here moscow and damascus will guarantee that we've drawn once that has been completed they will be then turkish and russian military patrols along a 10 kilometer strip that borders turkey to guarantee the security under this agreement though it is not clear the verification of the kurdish forces withdrawal to 30 kilometers that will be with damascus responsibility that could be a point of concern for turkey given the strained relations with damascus so it
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sounds like the syrians are part of this deal what about the kurds are they on board with it or does it really not matter what they want. well there hasn't been any official reaction from the kurdish forces i'm all from damascus i mean for the kurds they're in a very difficult position to the north they have the turkish forces and to the south they have russia and regime forces they've really been put in of choice between damascus all turkey now operation the syrian kurds reached out to damascus to this turkish operation even though they are recognizing that the mask is has a history of oppressing the kurds given the choice between choosing between turkey and syria the syrian regime they chose the syrian regime and i think there will be relief among the wider population in this area there was great concern about the search operation causing hundreds of well over 100000 people to flee the fighting and there was fear about the syrian militia that was fighting with the turkish
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forces that threat now at least seems to be named as it appears that hostilities have now ended under the steel. president of turkey now says that this deal should allow him to repatterning it around a 1000000 syrian refugees from turkey sending them back to syria how is that supposed to happen. this is a priority for present given the growing domestic pressure for the syrian refugees to leave now under the original plan turkey was trying to seize a massive strip of 450 kilometers certain kilometers deep and they were talking of returning to $1.20 now that operation has come to a halt turkey only holds around 100 kilometers of territory in syria it's unclear how turkey will be able to withdraw to repack traits so many syrians into that limited area beyond the area putin says this is a wider issue that ultimately has to be discussed with damascus given turkey doesn't have any relations with damascus at the moment and there's mutual animosity
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between the syrian and turkish leaders is going to be very difficult but it's a key priority of putin to bring turkey and syria together daryn thank you very much our correspondent dorian jones there. well syrian kurds have left the country or worried about what's happening in their homeland but one in 3 syrian refugees who has arrived here in germany in recent years comes from the kurdish region in northeastern syria a reporter met one of them all week. looks forward to soccer training with his club . like most of the players could he know comes from osama the kurdish autonomous region and northern syria. he finds it difficult to concentrate on the game on the conflict in his homeland is still going on. we are worried about our families and the team talks about it. it's not just me
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that others have wrote it's their we support each other. it's always. came to germany as a refugee from syria in 2012 he now has german citizenship and is stunning to be a social worker his parents still live in northern syria. you know is keeping a close eye on the news he said but also angry with the german government. that's. germany's providing weapons for this war. and it just tears me apart. to talk. english the german government has condemned the turkish offensive and his band new arms exports to turkey but berlin has not canceled existing weapons contracts. and the guns in germany is the world's 3rd largest arms exporter so we're selling weapons
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to dictators like air to one and we don't really care what happens with these weapons these in the. arms exports are highly controversial in germany the kurds are strictly opposed to weapon sales to turkey and they take to the streets over. the demonstrators are demanding economic sanctions against ankara and a stunt to the fighting and not in syria. the west has left the kurds to fend for themselves the kurds and are on their own. we're trying to apply a bit of political pressure including on the german government on the e.u. . you know once to demonstrate that the turkish attacks against the kurds in northern syria are not forgotten. they're watching g.w. news spill to call this man has been called germany's most radical politician and he's doing his best to shake up the government of one of germany's states that's
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preparing to go to the polls on sunday. some of the other stories making headlines around the world rioting and protests have continued for a 5th day in chile the government says 15 people have died in the violence so far hoping to quell the un wrest president sebastian pinera has announced new reforms including higher pensions and a guaranteed minimum wage. indonesia's president. rather has invited the opposition leader into his cap that each of those probably beyond as defense minister for boat is a former general who was the sole challenger to president window during the elections earlier this year we're told it was sworn in on sunday for his 2nd and final 5 year term. in hong kong a suspect whose case led to mass protests over a controversial extradition bill has been released from prison china told
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a hong kong citizen is accused of murdering his girlfriend in taiwan last year. in the united kingdom prime minister boris johnson had his 1st brags it victory only to go on to yet another defeat his victory was that a lawmakers voted for his withdrawal deal from the european union but then they voted against johnson's plan to rush the brig's a bill through parliament prime minister has promised that the u.k. will leave the e.u.'s scheduled 31st order. this was the moment boris johnson had been waiting for. the eyes to the right 329 the nose to the left 299 so the eyes have it the ayes have it speaker john bercow and then saying that the u.k. parliament had in principle accepted mr johnson's new withdrew an agreement with the e.u.
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but minutes later this happened. the guys to the right 380 s. the news to the math 322 so the know who's having the nerve is having parliament wasn't in any rush and rejected the prime minister's plan to debate the bill over a few days work with all of us. agree i reserve all timetables and i suspect this house will vote to the bite scrutinize and i hope amend the detail of this bill that would be the sensible way for what i see often the prime minister wasn't convinced tonight so i must express my disappointment to the house has again. today larry rather than a timetable that would have. guaranteed that the u.k. would be in a position to leave the e.u. oktober the 31st we've a deal we know mr johnson said he would pause the legislation until the e.u.
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members decided whether to grant the u.k. more time potentially until january 31st the e.u. council president donald tusk has already said he would recommend the other member states give the u.k. the extension it has asked for. and till they reach a decision on what happens next is anyone's guess. on sunday a new parliament will be elected in the eastern german state of touring populists are expected to perform well building on their success in other state elections earlier this year during year has about 2000000 residents its economy is fairly strong it has experience continual growth in recent years and unemployment is below the german average but opinion polls suggest that the governing coalition of the left party and social democrats and greens no longer enjoys majority support it faces a strong challenge from the far right d.
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at its outspoken state party leader. to some he's the great white hope. to others he's like a red rag to a boil. the un hooka this eastern german town of nonsense is divided over the man who wants to push the far right populist the party even further to the right and who doesn't pull his punches when he criticizes government . i'm going to be ok if this angular medical has rightly been referred to as the leader of a regime this lady together with all the representatives of the cartel parties in the government they don't belong in the cabinet i belong in the dock their friends . statements like this are what makes her one of germany's most controversial politicians likes to provoke for example. speaking of the holocaust memorial in berlin that pays tribute to the 6000000 jews murdered by the nazis. germans
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people that is the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of their capital. to show off. because of language and that of other d. politicians and officials. is full of a carbery that's very very similar to that of the nazis. the confusingly similar. objects in. the former history teacher deliberately stirs up resentment of immigrants in this i'm sorry whether he'll accept that thousands of their children experience school as a place of fear every day because my current macho to bully and torture and beat them. with in the far right populist a.f.d. leads the so-called flugel a movement that the german office for the production of the constitution is classified as extremist and he's comfortable marching alongside well known right
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wing militants. some people in the small eastern german town don't seem bothered that her openly racist. i mean can i just say he has said things in the past that don't really fit in with the times things i'd say that word not thought through. to x. men just. as most followers in order for them well he's tone it down just before the election but in essence he's right. but the poster. is raged i heard his rhetoric and it angers him that you're on hookah campaigns right in front of his church. why it is divisive his goal is not to create a peaceful society but one that marginalizes people that has no respect for people from different cultures or who perhaps think differently utilized. the young as the demonstrators. he didn't. otherwise he's inclined to shy away from
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debate for the last few weeks of the election campaign he has officially declined to give interviews he's also turned down our interview request e.f.t. could become the 2nd strongest party entering if it does that would boost his efforts to consolidate his power within the party. let's bring in our chief political editor make it a good morning because tell us what's at stake in on sunday how important is this election well certainly for many it could become yet another manifestation that the far right party has yet another stronghold as it's expected to more than double its support in these elections the current polls is that around 24 percent at the same time for the f.d.a. it might resolve a question to a certain degree whether it will take yet another turn to the right the last power
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struggle in the f.t. was last autumn when a new dataset was elected. was the clear so there and this the end of this year if he will once again decide. we do expect strong sewing for pure unhooking who clearly is the extreme right wing of the far right if to the rise of the far right if tea in germany is a great concern to people both inside and outside of the country how extreme is this party with its leaders like their own hook well after that attack in the holler on the synagogue there this. attack now mainstream politicians no longer style way from calling the a if d. the political arm of the far right here in germany the f.t. is trying to take those politicians to court over this very label but clearly the extreme right has found a political home at this is certain to agree with the f.t.
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party and the we don't actions we've seen in recent months were all in stronghold states for the f.t. so this is still not quite nation white trend but alarm bells are ringing whether this could become mainstream particular with the if we're now also being looked at very closely for by the intelligence institutions seeing whether they are actually still in conformity with the term constitution we've seen the do you go from strength to strength in germany the represented in all state parliaments the largest opposition party in federal parliament how home the become so strong so quickly and how are the other parties responding to this well i mean clearly they and this is easily provable or they were actually on their way out when the so-called migration crisis happened in 2015 they have largely remained single issue party and the issue of migration is an issue that still resonates with many germans
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now the interesting question is whether this will be enough to carry them further into the mainstream and this is by no means certain but they certainly change the the mathematical equation of how coalitions are done here in germany and the state of touring and we expect to see the left's party do very well and i got america's party has ruled out going into coalition with both of them so simply getting political stability here in germany has become a lot more complicated through the f.t. both at the regional and at the national level because i thank you very much our chief political editor may kill are criminals. well polls have opened in botswana as most closely fought election in more than 5 decades. we are living in one of these new dish only called the mole attacks by denouncing the party founded by its father and switching sides to join the opposition. now there's a fighting chance that this could all change. more than 30 percent of the young
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population of the country are unemployed and especially in the rural areas and the village people are complaining that the government is not giving them enough attention we have to be civilized you don't have to think this is really there like this. and. these. these small jobs. it's not true that everything's fine inequality is a huge problem suffering here. form of d.d.p. president is visiting the village of siege where people are living here where strongly critical of him during his 10 year rule but now comma has defected from the governing party and has thrown his support behind the opposition religious eager to hear what he has to say. he wants to destroy the way we do things here in botswana sisi wants to kill democracy and the rule of law.
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comma is referring to president must sisi the man he personally picked to be his successor 2 years ago shortly after taking over as the head of the b d p my c.c.d. clear t. would overturn several of comus mandates including a ban of hunting elephants and restrictive alcohol loss. with up with. do you think there's a role model nation is in danger of falling into that. trap that has affected many other african nations in the past not so much today with that we still have some examples in africa today where when people come into office they think it's all about themselves and not about the people that they are supposed to serve so i just felt that after 50 plus years of independence when we worked so hard to get their reputation you referred to to where it is today that we see ourselves rolling
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backwards and i'm not. home to 2000000 people. the country is often touted as an african success story thanks in parts to the diamond industry the ruling party's line was always that this hot and prosperity should spread beyond the countries in the. supporters of president who would continue on that course. as the 5. countries in the world it's now time speeches. in my lifetime and many people my change we've seen with. health care changing it's an easy story to tell in the village of people who aren't
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convinced the diamond industry hasn't provided them enough workers they say in the diamond mines won't last forever and they're hoping a change of government will also change the country's direction and more of the gem money will trickle down to them. reporting there now what do you do when a historic lighthouse is about to fall into the ocean well simple you move it back from the precipice well that's not such a bridge just a bright idea it's already been done by danish engineers take a look. perched spectacularly at the edge of a cliff but so near the coastline that it was expected to tumble into the north sea by 2023 the ruby canoe the lighthouse 120 years old 25 meters tall weighing 720 tons engineers here in denmark came up with a solution put it on wheels and move it inland on rails to
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a more secure location. it used to be 200 meters from the coast before sand shifting and erosion left it only 6 metres from the precipice. after weeks of preparations the lighthouse was moved around 60 meters inland on tuesday at a maximum speed of 8 meters per hour. the lighthouse stopped operating in 1968 when sands started burying adjacent buildings. the surrounding dunes attract over a quarter 1000000 visitors a year. and hundreds of people braved the cold and wind to watch the spectacle on tuesday now the lighthouse should be safe to visit for decades to come. this is news these are our top stories russia and turkey say they plan to share control of a buffer area in northern syria close to the turkish border lot of near putin and
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russia out of one also agreed to renew a cease fire due to expire on tuesday for another 6 days kurdish fighters will be required to leave the area in the times. president says he will recommend that e.u. leaders accept the u.k.'s request for a break that delay it comes out of the british parliament rejected a bill to prime minister boris johnson's deal through the house of commons this makes it unlikely that the u.k. will leave the european union 31st. letters in botswana are heading to the polls president white's. botswana democratic party is facing a serious challenge from the main opposition party that's after his predecessor withdrew his support and backed the opposition candidate instead ruling party has been in power for more than 5 decades. this is news from berlin war for more
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news you can always go to our website. coming up next business with chris called our opinion looks at russia's attempts to extend its influence in africa i'm terry large and help me back at the top of the next hour with more thanks for watching.
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tom kong people who speak they must be some folks. they got one call hard to recall the people in rebellion against their government law because of eyewitnesses and their feeling diary of an uprising my hong kong macaluso mobster d.w. .
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after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th on d. w. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids find strength growing up her. right. to share work. together you books on you to. do your friends do your antonia do says see here. my 3 grandchildren sleep on troubles when i was in france to see germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old you
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know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell morning trying to meet 3 generations of one family on a journey through my recent german history. starts nov 6th on t w. a push for a closer business ties and more geopolitical sway russia is hosting his 1st africa summit as it seeks greater influence on a continental worthing west of china have a firm foothold also on the program despite major back 1st dropping out facebook insists on launching its own good.


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