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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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indian company has launched the world's most expensive show. welcome to business as on the w m get out office it's a premier aimed at making a big impact hosted by russian president vladimir putin african leaders are gathering in the russian resort town of sorcery this week for the 1st ever russia africa some as russia's attempt to jumpstart relations with the continent 3 decades after the fall of the soviet union when which then was a major player in africa. but russia does not want to stand aside while other powers like the huge china and india strategically to increase their influence and investment on the continent has big plans for africa especially with its rich mineral resources that's a quick look at selected activities of russian companies on the continent this energy a multinational corps which is involved in a natural gas development project in the republic of congo in sudan and the central
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african republic a close ally of president putin has secured licenses for mining gold in guinea russian element in produce roussel is digging up bauxite and in zimbabwe russia wants to dig for platinum until now russia's trade with africa was muted last year exports to imports from the entire continent well value that only $20000000000.00 in comparison china's trade volume was 10 times bigger as the more than $200000000000.00. africa's largest trading partner of course that during that time was the european union with nearly $340000000000.00 of total trade russian officials have said that in the medium term they want to triple trade with african countries be helpful that russia is still seen as a partner with out heavy colonial baggage well at the russian african summit the
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russian government is hoping to seal some deals the w. caught up with one of the companies presenting its products to potential investors at the forum in sochi to find out more. these flushes fight infections and medical devices created by the russian company military generate ultraviolet light that kills dangerous bacteria in minutes the company which was founded by doctors this has been producing these units by hand in moscow for nearly 15 years they started selling the devices in south africa 2 years ago and say they're competing with european and u.s. companies for the african market. we aren't afraid of competition our price is a more competitive and our quality is high. and we produce our own bolts for the equipment. we also have more experience using these devices in the medical
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severe than anyone else worldwide. militar is one of a handful of companies that builds machines like these the edge they could have in the african market is exceptional for a russian firm in overall trade revenue with africa russia lags far behind competitors like china india and the u.s. even if it has doubled its trade with african countries in the past 5 years. russia doesn't have a strategy on the african market and so we see a hectic back and forth from one area to another chinese interests in africa a wide spread and then a universal russia can't compete with them. but representatives at my little mistake they hope that medical equipment will shine at the russia africa summit and allow them to locate need business on the continent. are reported on the
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jimbo joins me now is taking a closer look at the subject in terms of economic relations between russia and africa what can we expect from this summit that's going on right now well we can live with the expect the leaders who are there to highlight the areas that will be important going forward and we had put a mention trade being doubled in the next 4 to 5 years from the current 20000000000 dollars a year of imports of imports and exports between russia and africa so that's one area another area of course of cooperation is the defense russian news agencies and they had this news today that 2 bombers that a cable carrying nuclear weapons ware flew flying over from russia to south africa for a training mission so that just highlights military cooperation between the 2 countries but of course russia is focusing on defense with other african countries as well and then we also have energy and mining as 2 other areas of focus between russia
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and africa in the last couple of years actually we've been reporting china's investment in africa and the so-called project and all that can russia compete with china in africa is it even trying to well compete with a belt and rolled initiative which is muscle which is huge i mean china is everywhere almost when you're in africa when you're traveling in africa you see you see chinese presence in several parts of the continent and it's hard to miss to be to put a little rogers is a major thing they're doing they're building airports roads bridges airports name it everything and of course russia just doesn't have the money to do the same and they recognize that which is why they are carving out certain areas. focusing on defense for which of course you know they are the biggest supplier of arms and weapons in africa and they want to do more of that going forward they also focusing on energy trying to sell nuclear technologies to african countries starting next
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year they'll be building a nuclear reactor in egypt for instance they are building 2 research centers one in the few o.p.o. one in zambia for instance so there's a lot of areas that they are really focusing on as just nice areas but that those are areas that allow them to have long term relationships with certain african governments so it's mainly energy and. resources that russia is focused you know i don't dance of course you should thank you very much for this insight for. now mercury in drinking water pollution at dangerous levels series and of environmental incidents in vietnam has triggered a public backlash the government stands accused of disregarding environmental concerns in the name of economic development but more and more vietnamese are asking does economic progress necessarily carry this kind of environmental preist. feeling containers with clean water supplied by the government because these have
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noise residents can no longer trust what's coming out of their taps at home after toxic river waste contaminated the water supply of several neighborhoods in the vietnamese capital affecting about a 1000000 people. with. the local authorities were slow to act. they didn't warn the residents soon enough because when the snow the people didn't know how to deal properly with these incidents. i think the authorities should intervene and inform people as to how to keep the environment clean and also the authorities should do something to give us clean water to live to have a degree and when that map out all didn't really don't mean i would guess that it doesn't. it's not just the water however rising manufacturing output increasing vehicle emissions and the dust from a construction boom meantime noisy air is getting hard to breathe the mountain pollution crisis is causing worry that one noise will go the way of other cities
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that have borne the environmental cost of unfettered industrialization. lawyer. resident we don't want to be. another aging and polluted city and we. don't want to be like. paradise of the world to this child west over 5 percent growth in the last decade has turned vietnam into one of asia's for. asked this rising economies but the corresponding decline in livability means those concerns will only deepen. not to some of the other global business stories making headlines today because michael anti zein issues led to the crash of a boeing 737 max jets last october in tunisia that's according to a briefing given to families of the victims plane maker boeing has been under fire since that accident and another one in the opium overlock safety controls during
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production. nike is changing its leadership a long time c.e.o. mark parker and ing over the reins to former e-bay c.e.o. john donahoe while sales were rising during baucus time at the helm nike was recently hit by scandals including the end of the oregon project which was plagued by accusations of doping against its chief coach of battle salazar. we work announced it's accepted rescue package from soft its largest investor the $9500000000.00 deal gives the japanese tech it an 80 percent stake in we work to cap the turbulent period for the co-working space from included a failed i.p.o. and billions of dollars in lost value which. an hour for you chocoholics there it's time to get saving the world's most expensive chocolates. just been
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launched in india ltd presented its for bell brands new truffle trio has instantly broken the record when it comes to costly sweet treat look. to haitian vanilla beans piedmont hazelnuts and jamaican blue mountain coffee are just some of the high price ingredients featuring in these toke hurling lee expensive truffles at $5.00 and a half 1000 euros per kilo they've now entered the guinness book of records as the most expensive truffles in the world something even that design a mission stand sheffield cine wasn't expecting. maybe going to work on the trinity i do really know he's probably could become. been the good. with the base europe which route. very very wonderful product and some very expensive product and. for well for me we wanted to the best of
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sensation the best flavor there's even a concept behind them titled the not sure the creator the destroyer the truffles the designs to represent the cycle of life it's not itc's 1st foray into high end chocolate making although known for less luxury as brands like sun feasting candy man it's the bell brand has been producing lot should be chocolates for 3 years. for that sketch from the other business. as usual for more business news and background stories check all the w dot com slash business album side also follow us on social media if you don't already do so or you go here's a quick look at global markets at this hour. play
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at d w dot com slash travel good luck and enjoy some most. the city. are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last. as finance occupied the city center 17 president detergents response was. i. will never again look over. the ring conquest turned into tragedy. this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did our become a gateway to islam this terror that's enough. he said sorry garner more city has. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sunshine starts october 24th calling
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to tell you. the. plain. plane. business news live from berlin may trump turnaround on turkey the u.s. president lift sanctions on congress after putting them in place just over a week ago he says that turkey has told him that it has permanently ended its offensive against kurds in northern syria but also coming up police find $39.00 bodies in a truck parked at an industrial park near london they've moved to the vehicle to
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a secure locations that they can identify the victims plus basketball fans in the u.s. .


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