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for martin's. entering the conflict zone team sebastian. has been challenging those in calls asking tough questions demanding. answers comforts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the centers of. searching through the rhetoric holding the pulse into account the conflict the. conflict zone with jim sebastian song w. this is deja vu news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fare returns to africa russia as it's supposed is on the continent and the 1st is a russia africa summit is under way we'll find out why so many african leaders are keen on often a ship that was lost. and needs to cindy and walter cameron has a couple making it involves book they say they're living the russian dream.
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lotus is able to want to have coffee ballots in the country's tight as you mention it 50 good people day it will tell us what their expectations are. kind of back to the ocean will be nice penguins bats they're facing the exchange. hello i'm kristie want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along doesn't that look like a grown man's well here's a question for you how do you get 43 african leaders to leave the continent for 2 days well that's one russia's right and recruited can answer because that's exactly what he's done the 1st of a russia africa summit is underway in the russian resort town of sochi and the attendance is remarkable. in this picture alone you see the president's off malawi
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egypt and saw the africa now the russians are said to be looking for money and friends also known as trade and allies and in this have pointed to an apparent vacuum with the u.s. and donald trump having been created from the continent. for more on the summit i'm joined by dr colby mensa he is an african political strategist based at the university of gun and he joins me now from across welcome to you dr mensa the attendance to this summit has been remarkable what do you make of that thank you and thanks for having me well i think that the increasingly the african leaders are chilly feeling some kind of threats from the youth bulge of course most of the issues that confront the continent hadn't been solved despite the coming in of the chinese and so that actually present a threat to most of these leaders and as a result they're looking for solutions they realise that the chinese model is
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actually no work in especially for the most confronted issues which is unemployment so they're looking for solutions and therefore perhaps they're feeling that maybe russia could actually offer them other alternatives from the chinese in order document that you have mentioned the chinese but what we often hear from african leaders is they feel as though the chinese treat them as equal partners in comparison to the west what do you know about how the relationship is with russia. right i think 1st of all i don't i'm not sure that the chinese you know the promise of equal partnership has actually worked i mean you hear a lot of sentiment from the people of africa you know complaining about the relationship that we have hard with china now certainly in the russia promise an equal partnership but we know certainly that is going to be a different game because usually what the external partners actually calm they conway the equal partnership narrative but we know that they end up with
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a different narrative entirely so i'm not sure that the russian relationship is going to be any different from what we have actually experienced with the chinese and of course suddenly with the with the rest of the west let's just say let's talk about the pan-african this on the continent those who are advocating for more in for african trade what they see of this summit as a positive this russia africa summit i don't think i think is a total destruction obviously we just. if c.f.d. which is the african continent of free trade agreement and immediately we had this idea we now have a russia african summit i think is a total destruction and there any pan-african is going to see it that way don't forget we have brakes obviously not. just and past and now we haven't actually russia in africa summit i think that most of these are destructions to african development and i think that most of the african leaders should start looking in
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what we should start looking at how we can actually as africa's chart our development you know i don't think that you know any africanist will see this as a as a positive development no it's a completely negative one and i'm not sure why our leaders are not learning from the previous models that i've actually failed a continent all right that's dr kobi main site in opera thank you thank you for having me. when a good start flowing across the border is often people do too so if trade between russia and african countries grows we can expect to see more russians on the continent and more africans in russia so what would life in russia be like well if it's anything like the life cindy and both of the cameron are living it wouldn't be bad at all. i like star wear black star and flex stock wash just a few brands of the black star business empire here in russia at the center of it
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cindy and walter just sent from cameroon walter the son of the diplomat has been living in russia for 25 years he and his wife also works in the company see russia as the land of opportunity and this is a common bond and the. city where in a country where business practices are still developing not like in western countries which have had capitalism for 100 years the listener to. be up to date is a long time top. 37 year old started his business empire with the black star music label that is then repartee expanded the cameroonian loves russia he's become a russian citizen despite the racist attacks that have been plaguing the country for years. told him in our company i'm the only black person but i've never experienced racism the new russian generation travels i understand many
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themes they're progressing all the songs you see the little kids if there was racism i wouldn't be here or follow. their burger chain with its trademark black gloves is booming and the chess sems hope that this success will inspire other young africans to dream big outside of their own poll does. now polls have closed. in which one is general elections the vote is expected to be the closest in the country's history making the results highly anticipated our current president. caused his vote his party the p.d.p. has seen and unbroken series of election victories since those want to gain independence from the british in 1966 bucks off the former president income a defected from the bt p. to support the opposition this election could go down the line now whichever party
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wins will have to move swiftly to transform the economy both one is one of africa's wealthiest countries but now wrists coming unstuck because of over reliance on a single commodity diamonds. hoping that the. country did that too we will have will be able to improve to come up with polices that will improve our lives and their polices that to take what's on them to ensure better is present that does and is able to manage and eradicate corruption so that election results is expected within a day or so with both want to seen as a bastion of stability whether it's the ruling p.d.p. who wins all one of the opposition parties protests of viewed as something unlikely something this photo is proud off the bottom of the glass or peaceful world it is just accept whichever way this is goes just accept it go look it's not like in other countries whereby there will be no people fighting and killing each
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other stuff like that in the we are so peaceful. now africa's penguins are in a downward spiral 800 years ago it's thought there were more than 2000000 penguins living along the southern coastline off namibia and south africa our correspondent age increase visited an organization in cape town that's trying to put a stop to the alarming decline off these penguin colonies. one last chance to relax together before things started to get uncomfortable. an appointment with dr roberts is not something these penguins seem to be looking forward to so at the moment putting is we just checking on the penguins and making sure that they're all ready for release so we each one has his own thing because this is a medical record this one he had he was 70 percent oil and he was emaciated he was
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really underweight the conservationists take in sea birds in peril and try to prepare them to be released back into the wilds thousands of injured animals come here. every year some will stay here forever as they would not so wife in their nature will have attempts. but these birds might not be here in the long term. they are in danger of extinction it's quite possible that one can go extinct in the future and we've had a dramatic declines in numbers even between the concert last year and this year the numbers of dropped by about 2000 breeding pairs so we have less than $20000.00 breeding pairs that scary. least penguins 1st have to spend time in a small box but only briefly until they have fully recovered and are ready to return to the wild in this. in simon's town one of the few
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remaining pigweed colonies they are released. oh oh oh. it went really well there was rain i still see him go out so quickly they didn't get confused the crowd was very polite and not too noisy so that didn't scare the penguins and they were they went straight up in the direction they should have gone . already we can see them i think there's one head sticking out over there so now the threats that they face of the same as all the other wild penguins you will need to think about the impacts of what they're doing and how they can affect anything once but all of the sea life and other wildlife that is in danger from human interaction. still the message seems to have got through to the hundreds of people in the crowd over here we have a lot of folk musicians who are trying to save the oceans and. the pingers were being rehabilitated back in but there's a lot more we can do is you must do more to protect them because you see what is
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happening at sea this is not only seen as it used to be this last problem however the biggest threats to the african pingree is the lack of fish. there are not enough and show resent sardines in the oceans due to overfishing. in the worst case scenario the last african penguin colony will die our lives in 20 or 30 years but people here definitely want to prevent that from happening. and that is a for now from me is africa you can catch all our story is on our website or facebook page we're always interested to know what you think about the stories we cover here on news africa and the stories that you think we should be covering now today we need you with pictures of penguins from south africa the next time i buy.
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. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with people in a room. it was hard i was free. i even got white hair. learning the language you know not just gets me great opportunity to interact let's say you want to do their story. for margaret. welcome to arts and culture this time with the highlight of the davinci year a blockbuster exhibition on the florentine master that only the louvre in paris could pull together look at the lowdown on their efforts and also coming up. he said he would be and the terminator is back the unstoppable arnold schwarzenegger
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embodies the reformed and retired killing machine in terminator dark fate. and faking his way through the impressive repertoire of the e.u. 28 my colleague shows us the ingenuity behind the hungry and potato project. all may 2nd 2900 marked 500 years since the death of leonardo da vinci and the italian renaissance master who spent the last 3 years of his life in the french war valley as 1st painter engineer and architect to the french king well this is why the louvre holds almost a 3rd of the paintings attributed to him including of course the famous mona lisa and it's pulled out all the stops to get as many more on site as possible for this exhibition a task almost as more new mental as da vinci's genius. the mona lisa is
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still the start of. it on the 500th anniversary of the old master's death she is getting a lot of competition from a set pro.


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