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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight the u.s. president declares a victory for his foreign policy in northern syria drawn for taking credit for a turkish cease fire in the region even though on korea's offensive against kurdish militias was made possible by the withdrawal of u.s. forces also coming up tonight was it human trafficking gone terribly wrong that is
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what investigators in the u.k. are asking after police find $39.00 bodies in his truck parked on the outskirts of london and protesters in chile are unswayed by promises of economic reforms designed to end days of deadly demonstrations there upping the pressure on the president with a general strike. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and our viewers all around the world welcome we begin tonight with the u.s. president donald trump declaring victory a victory he says was made possible by him and only him the u.s. president today announced that he's lifting sanctions that he imposed on turkey just 9 days ago saying that he's received confirmation from angara that it's permanently ending its operations against the kurds in northern syria the removal
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of sanctions came just hours after russia in turkey announced that they are establishing a safe zone along the syria turkey border allowing russian troops to move into border areas that are now controlled by the kurds. russian military police in northern syria the consequence of a pact negotiated in sochi between russian president vladimir putin and turkish president richard type 31 dividing up control of the turkey syria border. u.s. president donald trump is taking the credit for peace. this was an outcome created by us the united states and nobody else no other nation or simple turkey syria and all forms of the kurds have been fighting for centuries we have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them and now we're getting out a reference to u.s. troops being pulled out of northern syria. the reality now is that russian forces
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are moving into the same kurdish territory that the u.s. has abandoned meanwhile there has been a sation of fighting. and i think what we have seen over the last days is encouraging because it shows that it's possible to move towards a political settlement a political solution and what you have seen is at least some reduction some significant reduction in violence and fighting do when and putin want to establish a safe zone along the turkey syria border of around 30 kilometers as and they say kurdish forces must pull out of turkey then wants to resettle a 1000000 refugees currently living in turkey all of this means that the kurds lose hard won territory but avoid a likely end the elation at the hands of the turkish military. the big winner is putin who's for the cementing his pivotal role in the middle east. but we have coverage tonight from turkey and the united states g.w.
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correspondent dorian jones he is in istanbul and oliver salat is on the story for us from washington to both of you good evening oliver let me start with you u.s. president donald trump is describing the agreement the truce that we're seeing between russia and turkey as a major breakthrough made possible by his policy in syria is that true well that was a very typical of donald trump move essentially what we've been seeing here today is something we've seen before many many times presidents come to clear victory on a crisis that he created in the 1st place and let's just remember how this all unfolded there was a phone call between president wretch of type every one of turkey and president trump and as a result of that phone call president trump decided to pull out the u.s. troops of syria that created a power vacuum in syria and essentially and eventually leading to a deal splitting up syria between russia and turkey and they the outcome of that is
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that russia became stronger asop became stronger putin became stronger. go on of course as well and even i since my research in the future and the u.s. gave up their last influence in syria so talking about ice is also said that isis will be under control in fact and we had the u.s. top envoy for syria giving a testimony on capitol hill today and he said that more than $100.00 isis fighters in fact have escaped so that's very much call interesting also president trumps statements here so in total it's very tough to call this a major breakthrough durian it also seems that turkish president richard pryor better one is he got everything bit that he wanted and we even had trump calling him a good guy you today. well certainly he did achieve his initial objectives from its military operation the pushing back of the syrian
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kurdish militia to 30 kilometers but you have to realize that this operation originally envisaged taking control of the all of the 400 kilometer border that the syrian kurdish militia was controlling and pushing back 30 kilometers deep into the territory creating this safe zone only managed to control now controls about 120 kilometers the rest of the border turkey is now relying on moscow and damascus to secure its border now the problem here isn't turkey does not have relations with syria they were severed at the beginning of the syrian civil war and the 2 leaders there really is mutual animosity between them and the fear will be in un chris what will happen to this syrian kurdish militia going forward calling for his complete disbandment he says he has no place in syria the fear is that it will be absorbed into the syrian army and all it will do is they will change uniforms and it will remain and from perspective a threat to the country going forward the other major headache for one is the return of the refugees he's facing mounting pressure inside turkey for the right
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free and a half 1000000 refugees to leave the country this operation in many ways that was a key objective and one says we're going to send back up to 2000000 at one point given the fact that turkey only controls now a small strip of territory of 100 kilometers and the rest is under the syrian regime control of which many refugees have fled from it will be very difficult to talk about a mass return of refugees putin's answer to all of these concerns is you've got to talk to damascus that's a very difficult pill for want to swallow and dorian what about the whereabouts of these missing isis fighters who are basically being guarded in kurdish prisons all over mention that the u.s. president says most of them are under lock and key we can't verify that of course is ever one supposed to be responsible for them now. thank you video only many only controls a small part of this syrian territory now there have been escapes from the prisons in the area there is a blame game of who's responsible i'm crocuses the kurdish militia releasing them
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kurdish militias said his uncle his fault but the turkish authorities say that they have pulled arrested and detained most of those who've escaped. and defense ministers around 200 people have been held so on chris says they need to have the situation under control and you have to bear in mind islamic state poses a threat to turkey as well so taking will be anxious to bring these militants under control and all over yes the u.s. president basically declaring victory today but the secretary general of nato today said it's simply too early or too early to judge the consequences of the deal that's been struck between russia and turkey over northern syria did trump mention nato at all today and what message did he have for his european allies. right so the assumption is some critics and analysts say that putin wants to drive turkey out of nato even though as you mentioned secretary-general stalled and dad
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was a bit cautious with this assessment at this point and trump we have to mind our viewers it has been a nato critic from the start so he does not really seem to care a lot or give a lot of thought into that part of the developments here in the middle east that the message to the european partners of the united states is just the same as to the currency said we are out essentially this is america is for america 1st policy at its best that we're witnessing here and he also mentioned that most of the euphoria nicer fighters in syria do is in fact come from europe so what he's trying to say here is basically that now all the other powers involved 3 on the ground have to take care and make sure that isis moaned regained ground with regards to europe that europe of course has to take care and for its own protection to be correspondent oversell in washington corresponded dorian jones in istanbul to both of you thank you. both the mines in the
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u.k. investigators are trying to piece together a tragedy $39.00 people have been found dead in a truck or truck container on the outskirts of london the vehicle was discovered in an industrial park the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder police say the container where the victims were found and traveled to the u.k. from belgium. are going to be not far splines there is nothing unusual about this cargo truck parked and industrial estate in the town of gray's east of london . but when police forced open its doors in the early hours of wednesday they made a gruesome discovery the lifeless bodies of thought to 9 people. emergency services attended but sadly all 39 people inside the container who died. early indications suggest that one of these paper was
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a teenager the rest it believed to be adults. a murder investigation was launched and the lorry driver a 25 year old man from northern ireland was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in place custody prime minister prime minister boris johnson expressed his condolences and parliament. now the whole house will be shocked by the appalling news that 39 bodies have been discovered in a lorry container in essex this is an unimaginable tragedy and truly heartbreaking i know that the thoughts and prayers of all members are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones. as police try to piece together the truck's movement footage has a message to that passing by 2 separate cameras shortly before the bodies were discovered authorities say the container had just docked in the u.k. from zeebrugge in belgium the cap part of the truck is believed to have originated in northern ireland police have moved the vehicle to
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a secure location so that the bodies can be recovered as this murder investigation gets underway. so many unanswered questions tonight let's go to show other parts are correspondent she is in the industrial park in the town of grays east of london where these bodies were discovered good evening to you you know a lot of people asking is this human a human trafficking mission that went terribly wrong what do we know tonight about the 39 victims. well it all points towards exactly that brant that it was that it is a case of human trafficking gone terribly wrong we don't know who the victims were they were from but it's unlikely that they were european citizens because in the european union and the united kingdom as a part of that there is freedom of movement so they could have traveled a legal way on to this islands and it is quite common and to leave for migrants for refugees trying to get into the united kingdom onto this island in the back of an
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already in fact just 2 nights here in the united kingdom another truck was found with 9 people on board they all survived and these not $39.00 here did not yeah that's right that's just happened in the hours another truck found 9 people inside who are alive what about the this 1st truck with the $39.00 victims the driver of that truck what do we know about him or the police been able to tell us. well we know that he's a 25 year old northern irish man he is now in police custody on the suspicion of mud but the big question there is how much did the driver really know i was talking to some lorry drivers today around this area it's gathering spot for norway drivers and they have told me that most of the time they don't even know what they carry in the back of their truck so really how much did the driver know we know that his
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lorry was an irish. belong to an irish company that originated or that was licensed in bulgaria but we don't believe that the truck originated there the container itself that is a different part and needs to be differentiated was picked up apparently by those lorry driver in england already and was brought here to this spot where emergency services discovered it the people you've been covering this story. struck you most you know about the tragedy well i think the most tragic part of. this human tragedy behind it 39 people dead that is the reality and that happens in 2019 that people are probably coming to the united kingdom seeking a better future a better life and die on their way on this on this terrible journey and horrific
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under horrific conditions that really struck me and touched me a lot but i also have to say what was incredible was the walk of the 1st responders and police here they remained calm and collected throughout this process and trying to handle this tragedy that's true they're the ones who have to see the tragedy not just here or build it. in the store force outside of london tonight show want to thank you. well here's some of the stories that are making headlines around the world the former israeli army chief benny gantz has been tasked with forming israel's next government after a long time by minister benjamin netanyahu failed to recruit enough lawmakers to join his coalition if guns does not garner enough support within $28.00 days israel may be faced with yet another election september's vote which was the 2nd this year ended with no clear winner bolivian president evo morales says his rival in sunday's presidential election was attempting to stage
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a coup now this after opposition led protests accused authorities of rigging the vote the latest official count puts the incumbent 9.5 percent ahead but morale is it needs a 10 point lead to avoid a runoff. lebanese troops attempting to unblocked roads have scuffled with demonstrators there were reports of minor injuries it's the 7th day of protests in the country the unrest was 1st sparked by a proposed tax on messaging services such as whatsapp but now the entire political establishment is under fire for corruption and mismanaged. after days of violent protests against inequality in his country chilean president sebastian pinera has announced economic reforms to support low 'd income families now these reforms include a guaranteed minimum salary lower prices for medicine and affordable electricity
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costs he also apologized for not recognizing the social discontent in the country soon enough but that is precisely the problem here for the protesters his reaction is too little too late. julian's are facing the consequences of the ongoing protests and their every day lives santiago the capital city is already short on gas. there's only one type of gasoline in this and that makes it more complicated incident in the us i hope the situation will improve in the next few days. for some of the. but that's unlikely supermarkets are crowded forcing customers to wait in line just to get in . basic products are being rationed amidst the uncertainty. if you look at that if we're stocking up on goods because we don't know what's going to happen every day rather than getting better the system is getting worse we have to stock up
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because maybe things will go back to normal but we don't know we don't know because we don't have an answer from the government every day the president speaks but he doesn't say anything to not explain how the. new reforms announced by president peña and clue to guaranteed minimum wage and fair are electricity costs but they fallen short of protesters expectations. somalia still they don't think a one metal bucket with a subway was burned because that everything has to be burned everything has to be burned. indeed many may not agree with the way we're doing this but we've been marching for years and all the regions throughout chile and nobody listened to us here and i noticed i thought she did a nano 2nd i. state workers have started a 2 day general strike from wednesday as further protests continue to rocks the best 10 pm yet us government his response doesn't seem to be anywhere near bringing the country's streets back to calm. where you're watching the news live from
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berlin still to come russia's manipulation of their athletes doping results the country is now facing a long banned from international competition as a result that's what the top brass of russia's anti-gay doping agency are telling the w news you'll hear it in an exclusive interview in just a moment. google calls it a milestone in quantum supremacy a computer that can solve a complex problem within minutes a task that today's supercomputers would need thousands of years to do but google's rival i.b.m. they're casting some belts on whether the research which was leaked last month whether it really represents a quantum leap. called superposition quantum properties multiply exponentially as cubits are connected to each other the more cubits that can be strung together the vastly more powerful a quantum computer becomes but those cubits need cooling to almost absolute 0 to
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limit calculating errors google's team has made significant progress in terms of theoretically opening a new era. quantum computing gives us a chance to not only i've seen many practical use cases and helped make the world better in a way that we can argue just with classical computers along but it also allows us to help understand the universe in a. clause that we actually works and then google scientists were able to get 53 cubits to interact in a so-called quantum state the quantum computer then how to detect patterns in a series of seemingly random numbers it took only 3 minutes 20 seconds google claims it would take a traditional supercomputer like i.b.m. summit 10000 years. however quantum computing rival i.b.m. says simply adding disk storage would allow
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a normal supercomputer to solve the same problem in only 2 and a half days i.b.m. accuses google of raising public expectations too high but google c.e.o. maintains its quantum supremacies experiment is like the 1st rocket to leave earth's atmosphere an advance that made interplanetary travel at least theoretically possible though that suggests it could be decades before quantum computing can be widely utilized. for right now to today's technology both best selling $737.00 max remains grounded and that is weighing on the bottom line boeing profits took a nosedive 50 percent to $1200000000.00 in the last quarter and the $737.00 max it continues to bring bad news investigators in indonesia now say that the crash of a lion ear jet killing $186.00 people last year was caused by design flaws in the 737 next. families of the victims of the lion air disaster traveled to jakarta they were among the 1st to be told why the boeing 737 months went down last october
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killing all $189.00 people on board. indonesian investigators told them the aircraft type included design flaws in its m cas anti stall system and that incorrect sensitive data course the system to fly the aircraft into the ground details the victims' relatives struggle to grasp. the result is out. but what happened has happened we just accept but whether i'm satisfied with the report no i'm not satisfied. because it feels like there bullying common people like us. you don't understand. the complete report on the crash will be published on thursday it's expected to reveal a further catalogue of deficiencies surrounding the new m. cast system the u.s. plane maker is still struggling to cope with events it recently emerged that the company's chief technical pilot had long ago complained about out of control
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software during 737 max simulator testing boeing only forwarded his comments last thursday in another development the company on tuesday ousted the chief of its crucial commercial airplanes division kevin mccallister. the aircraft itself is still grounded worldwide that's causing airlines around $100000.00 per aircraft per day in losses money they want back from boeing. crash combined with the loss of an ethiopian airlines 737 max which also killed everyone on board make this the worst crisis in the company's history its effects will reverberate throughout the industry for years. russia's anti-doping agency were sought out on wednesday predicted a lengthy ban for the country's top level athletes including next year's tokyo olympic games and even the winter games in 2022 this comes in the wake of
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a new scandal involving the alleged deleting or falsifying of doping the laboratory data given to international investigators russia was previously banned from competing in numerous competitions you may remember even the rio olympics where in a d.-w. news exclusive our very own yuri rachet it was sat down with risottos deputy chief to talk about the alleged data manipulation silk can you give me 100 percent guarantee that rossana has nothing to do with the nation absolutely i guarantee you that ok let's move on to comments made by your boss and huey gallo says the director general of sadat who said that the disease manipulations went to form at the behest of c.d.o. officials went to see to that but with this deal i think the person or group of people who did this are very bold like you i don't know what their motives were in effect they undermined not only the minister of sports but also undermined the president both the minister and i should the president said that's
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a dialogue was taking place that's all das will be handed over and that russia was interested in leaving the crisis behind and recognising that mistakes were made in the thirty's if. you can guarantee that things will change even if the president himself comments yeah but i would seriously look at the question of management in detail i'm not turn a blind eye to anything. what does that mean. i don't want to offend anyone and there are of course exceptions but just because you are a great athlete doesn't mean you can lead a sports federation or become managers in water where these people are awfully not managers but what would you say to athletes who now suddenly find themselves facing potential bounce the way just what would i say to them i would say roll with the punches thoughts the 1st day or 2nd plea to keep on training and maintain your flawless sporting reputation beseech wrong. no sense resigned there is no way
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connected to this cover up and to that it was done at the behest of senior officials you have told me the same thing would you say to suggestions this is all about saving your own schemes careers and avoiding punishments yourselves. because of what. i've read similar suggestions where what we're doing is all about saving on protecting rosado. to can no longer be put under pressure on a subordinate i understand that people who might understand the term independent in different ways in the past the creation of an independent agency all seemed like a utopian idea but today it's a reality on the civil margarita not scared thinking. i think. you're watching the w. news here's a reminder of our top story u.s. president almost dropped his litter the same shoes imposed on turkey after on korea launched an offensive into syria earlier this month trump says turkey has agreed to
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a permanent cease fire in northern syria 39 people have been found dead in a truck near london police say the truck container where the victims were found injured the u.k. from belgium the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder investigators are working to identify the victims you're watching t w news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight trump taking a victory lap while russia and turkey take control of northern syria stay with us.
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better we need to take a closer look. experience knowledge. to date. on e.w. . play a milf and i'm game and look at the brand new w violence book explosive device it's about topics that affect the whole lot of solution to climate change and the tourney. players. colibri such out a. symbol of a long complex in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population
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. with lions fighters occupied the city center in 2017 president to church's response was. this is not the kind of freedom that we. did not become a gateway to islamist terror. an explosive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of our u.s. starts october 24th on d w. russia and turkey agreed to share control of the border area of northern syria leaving the kurds no options some isis prisoners are now free and on the run and today u.s. president trump declared that a victory made possible by his foreign policy tonight u.s. president trump says he's lifting all sanctions against turkey and without mentioning russia and its new power in the middle east he says america is done and
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that it's time for someone else to fight over those blood stained sands i'm brooke gulf in berlin this.


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