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gains made against the so-called islamic state jihadists. you're watching news from but coming up next ocean grabbing new laws off the scene stay tuned for our documentary don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. thanks for joining us. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. truce in the bridge of clicks on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. a.
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lot of all of the. 2 deal was i love buying a pin as i was a what was coming up. on. my show you know as the weekend and i've been with a couple of bend you know as a monolith. the 1st time i came across the term ocean grabbing i sort of imagined this giant head. that was tearing the skin off the ocean it turns out the behind the term is
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in fact a sinister alliance of very different interests including development politics private industry and environmental protection groups all hoping to subject our oceans to a new world order. at the beginning of my journey along the front lines of this new development i wasn't aware of how diverse the lives of people on the coasts really are and how closely intertwined they are with the ocean i had no idea that decisions upon which these people have little to no influence had such long lasting effects here did you know that 120000000 people live from fishing and that half of those people are women. or that 2 thirds of the fish eaten around the world comes from coastal and small fishing operations. indeed it is in these living spaces that the latest variation of global greed is looking for its next catch. more rules more restrictions more
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fish more profit. we're in a place called forgot the bond are a makeshift fishing village in western india. is the 1st fisherman i meet on the trip. he has been fishing here for over 20 years it was a good life until 2012 when in a neighborhood directly next to his village the indian multinational company top built the mundra ultra mega power plant a 4000 megawatt facility fired by coal from indonesia and cooled by water from the arabian sea. the total costs $4600000000.00. world bank share of that $420000000.00. and the final cutting that i
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needed much less a way last. month or the much you know it's kind of on a fairly or my language that i think a lot of a lot of. you have going there good on it but they have. not value adding these ideas then and then i thought about. this at times i think that he up on my life. and i'll call pointed in the wind and one of my 2 market clearly taking. money. out of it but it's about us and the world does have kind of you know. some sort of. wall see mussina g.i. . joe which. was a. little
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. bit have a little bit of a bunny view where there's a yacht the mice you have all migrate away yasuko. going to move or mold can be really. this is given us a while but after a while or while you're in debt general you as it here. on the gentlemanly. thought you have been used here to look a little cooler maybe looted a few fish but in your ears are all of them were.
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the fisherman of true god he bandar are part of the people a muslim minority along the coach coast and know their history here goes back over 200 years they typically don't show up in any statistics or registries. officially they don't even exist at least not as people whose lives needed to be taken into consideration by tata when it built its power plant they are the unaccounted for the ordinary people who get in the way of great change or at least in the way of great greed. while buddha is mio watches the daily catch arrive a fishing village on the other side of the world is waking from its slumber. there are no cars and bought a dell colorado just books. where. i
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get to know a man named carlos martinez and his wife maria mendez who like most people in the village live off of the shrimp and lobster catch. it's been this way for generations since their ancestors settled here they too are the unaccounted for the people who lost their lands to the plantation barons of the 19th century. as we get to know each other i learned to appreciate in both of them the certainty with which they trudge through a life that really has no certainty and certainly has very little money. in. the world. the ocean is often fickle. the shrimp only come twice a year and sometimes not at all still carlos doesn't want to think about any other kind of work and around here there was no other work anyway. there are no streets
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leading to bought a dell colorado all there is is a river that flows into the caribbean just a few kilometers away from the village the fishermen call the transition to the sea the barrier indeed when the sea rears its temperamental head it can be an unbreachable obstacle for their boats. but when you love the ocean it will love you back as unpredictable as it may be again for the little the animal it was general for than any other over. the animal i mean with the candidate of the other but i have a barrel bottom of all your. not no no no not at all on osama going that was he on a. typically they fish with 2 to 3 bucks. nobody goes out a long. letter. i think it is well out. there oh.
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shrimp are caught using dragnets that have steel weights so the fishermen can drag them across the ocean floor in industrial deep sea fishing this method is justifiably controversial but does small time shrimp fishing in the caribbean really have to be outlawed as a result. i would never in my day go into into mental. big getting anything out of the pentagon come i don't. eat the money i come when i want to go out again it went to the it has. wanted it all for everyone to bend but i'm going to sort out of it i want to come up with in the lounge and hamas. is going up again in the. gallup i feel toward the end i don't know where i'm working . for you i wasn't well you have both know it going on with the judge or the lead is until the bell and until the end when i've got to get it done. and done it i'll
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get out of there but that i'm done the most to get on the muslim and i'm even more like more when you land the minute and you know coming out and then. you get more and more people are coming home but i'm going to tell you talking and when i'm gone we have a more of a quote i'll go to you my disease as only the. part of what i had to get in from the head of the head of man as a part of it when i know. that what they could have grown up on what i knew was. people's united the own bolt. when i send them a check up arabia there's going to come i don't quite grasp it and battalion going up arabia so you know that i will not get into the sailboat as intensely alec and i do things here because there's a lot those who are and see me and ek united in that. i don't matter unless they pull your own for
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a lot of money and you know through your day in the caribbean the people going up as a model that's what the new unity maybe and there's a lot of space and i meant that but i mean those are the at on the few they have the pieces that are. better i mean i hand the campus there in the new. i'm back out though i need a nose and i get up at. any moment of this and if keep it up it's a song that i mean that but it's one of the simply out of you know out of all these . cases chavez is the founder and president of a fishing cooperative that for 4 years now has been fighting a tenacious battle against far reaching decisions taken in the distant capital he doesn't do it for himself but for his neighbors and his village. beyond fishing there is limited opportunity for making a living and feeding a family and bought a dell called a bottle and the business profits are minimal and most people don't even fish for more than what they need themselves it's.
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the places distinguished by an unusual sense of social connection and warmth. most visitors would think bought a dell colorado just fell out of some imaginary world beyond time but the problems here are very real. politik and i thought that at that. time that.
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there are between $6.00 and $8.00 men per boat with a net that weighs one and a half tons and a beach to pull their catch on shore. that's how neil susanto and his team fish on the coast of western tree lanka in calcutta. to the detriment of the fishermen in this area more and more hotels have sprung up for tourists from all around the world. by the lake i'm keeping a little under the minute. they hold their blanket i'm going to be one of the idea . is if i haven't made it or. a bit of a given we were up to you know negative ads didn't. believe it it wasn't going to mean very. device happy grew up in agony now remember not be me.
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well again we did have a negative. in my doing what i can spend our money doing it on. my own net. and i'm going to get the money the money the money and then when i think negatively and i do it. i will be a good. neighbor due to the mood or you know when i leave you. will you know when i give you what. you wanna. some of us are there in the garden and never did. you just say. live and then bottle or to go over the let me but in a manner i am but it is a little family care for irregular they do it. when i meet meal susanto for the 1st time he still doesn't have
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a license telling him which section of the beach he is allowed to use. his fishing anyway though. after all he needs to provide for his family and pay his $12.00 employees. as a kid nails wife mary was santy experienced 1st hand how her parents were driven from the fisheries off the coast of nigam bow about 200 kilometers south of her new home . she knows what happens when the hotels start popping up. that immortal galloping up that he bought a month maybe to the bank at the time and open up at adonia and what ought to have that level of detail without having to have not have it but not that immediate happening is
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a lot of thought that if you. ghazi is a sleepy village on the southern coast of kenya. nearly everyone here lives off the ocean and they fish around the clock. compared to buddhist catches in india or the yields from carlos and bought a dell colorado the ocean is teeming with life here in kenya. like. i said it. only fishes during the day. while the night fishermen are still selling their catch on the beach he's getting his boat ready to go out.
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as a younger man could only think of one thing getting out of gaza. he traded his life in the village for temporary jobs in the city that is until he realized that he just couldn't live without the ocean. doesn't want to be the monkey took us down. to the movie openings in. the moonlit. nobody'd you can build an image is nothing done we don't know much as does the. nobody visible to. use. in the middle of the funny. means something like
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we who are together with the mangroves it's also the name of an unusual project through a british non-governmental organization. c o 2 certificates on the international emissions market with the proceeds community projects are financed to provide things like drinking water health care and the reforestation of the mangroves single. see we're going to spend our time in me. if you have on my heels. when you. see so much to know not to but yet there's a lot you're welcome. not to but you need to fund a meeting that we do need to. focus on. environmental protection is a community effort. is
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a successful project that relies on local knowledge and cooperation with the fisherman. in costa rica on the other hand carlos and his colleagues mostly view nature conservation as a former profit bishan imposed by a far away government. the shrimp dragnets of course turn up the ocean floor. but near the coast here there are no coral reefs or precious marine fun and they can be destroyed by the nets. the sea bed is entirely sandy in this area. so how much damage can shrink fishing cause to justify the crusade being waged against it by environmentalists in the caribbean. according to the most recent studies none at all i don't know what i'm going to be at a definite when i get in that i'm young thing i mean that is the. day you'll be in the end we're going to go to the other one of the only other places in my name on the on the record in the end all those years and you'll hear them being but i you
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know i mean the girl bent on learning that isn't what i mean that is not mean that it's not a good movie and a. good that i'm going anyway he will be empty they don't order that i will get. you out when i don't want to get along the end they'll tell him i'm going to win a lot of that you're going to gain a lot of that will get you i'm saying it but you know the only knows it but again what i'm getting at a lot of the new got a way. to fish for shrimp you 1st need to drag a net for about 20 minutes along the ocean floor. that is the easier part of the process. then comes the hard part. first the weights that hold the net on the ocean floor have to be hoisted up.
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and then the net is pulled back into the boat. sometimes it's fuller than others. carlos's calculation is simple. one hour of driving the net cost 6 liters of petrol which cost him about $6.00 euros one kilo of unprocessed shrimp that's just 3 euros so everything under 3 kilos is a loss on a good day he catches about $200.00 kilos in half an hour on a bad day even after hours of hard work he comes up with a miserable yield that doesn't even cover his petrol costs or his personal needs. carlos and maria see ocean grabbing in this case an expansion of maritime conservation zones as a direct attack on their livelihood. and why for most there it. wanted to c.d.'s. exclusion. even.
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disc even a you'll take it in a queue it must. be in money. games . they've discovered is there in the big money sand insist if you don't use. this get is with. ever. with money said. livin rivera is a marine biologist and founder of the environmental group corp salty dog for 4 years now she has been moderating discussions between the bottle colorado fish and cooperative and the government of costa rica.
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she's been making the journey to bought a dell colorado a lot in recent years. this time she's taking the long boat trip to prepare the fisherman of the cooperative for a national fisheries congress in the capital. many friendships have been formed over the years. i listen at the end i think is a subset of this is that it was good at picking it up for the dead in the store that's the good news it was then and foremost and it's thoughtless great to see if it isn't clear that this is going to be out in. and there now you know i mean as in you going to go yet in the what i get out of the if you have a thought it was. in the realm of the thought that it would be accidental remember only this is the eat. you up with for years i thought of every demographic i would ask this one as.
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easy. as you have but it badly about. their laden side. you know sonny much to my ticket out of the. way one of the they've been. known to not sunday can loan. me out. on the u.s.c. . i'm likin that the. every summer about $1000.00 muslim bugger families make the trek from their villages in the interior of the country to the sending fishing areas along the gulf
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of kush. all together they are about 10000 people. the fishing season lasts about 8 months during which they live in improvised shelters without electricity or water there's been no drinking water since the only fresh water well was spoiled by salt water from the discharge tunnel of the power plant. they primarily fish for bombay duck an indian ocean fish that is sold in dried form . the women of the family do the drying and process and under the attentive eye of mary ahmed buddha ismail's wife. the 2 have been married for over 40 years now. so good. things being said tell us that. that a day. with the family i.b.m. are real and. they let it happen that you don't have.
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a lot of might be available if. i need to leave home happy for the man even thought that was that i had that look my dad told her lover that the one of. the boys have a lot to everybody i give and then you will be able. i just ask you why don't people i love you to find. my live in the bed those emails. that leave you never let me we never that's a the black community but. if i began to mount as you like to keep it at the end it does would. go you group yeah you have to do international finance corporation or a super rich. i know silly supports. i have see.
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the board. was a noble idea to. work with a good leader. here. ceilidh though but wanted to get. lucky girl neurotically broom and new way the wall was. low courtney will be incorporated you will be muted about that i have we need new year's. day and he. and. i met. a guy here back. in 2007. founded a purchasing collective with other small fish mongers in the region their goal was to help relieve fishermen of their debt by demanding higher prices on the markets
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for their fish. and his effort helped create an environment of trust and friendship . in. order for the part tell came up with the idea of suing the world bank for damage compensation buddha immediately got on board. and then i realised here is a muslim and a hindu working together in a way that seemed incredibly natural to take on one of the most powerful organizations in the world. so he really wouldn't. go. and use a blue way bigger than the world a good. order to stay there. too but i think you are really lucky it was good but. what i do know we still have the will almost i depend do. you.
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raises the temperature in the outflow canal of the power plant. that warms the tempered. of the water on the beach to over $35.00 degrees celsius and a warm wind blows through the settlement it feels like a desert. every year the power plant burns $10.00 to $12000000.00 tons of coal. at full pelt that translates 263000 tons of c o 2 emissions per day. and. given these numbers a c o 2 project in a small remote village on the kenyan coast would seem pretty insignificant at 1st glance. but that doesn't concern the people of gaza. what's important for them is that money coming from their trade and c o 2 emissions is flowing from industrialized countries into local development projects. gazi is an example of what is possible. more and more
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villages along kenya's coast are taking that example to plan their own community projects to be financed by the trade in c o 2 emissions. physically coming to the same on done one of the robotic arm with one same problem by the content guys that one's on you know but it's my job on the job or is this not for you not me 10100 s. have been in terms of leno not you know but it's nice and seems it's only monday was a monday night you were in your twenties when you said you're missing the full price of a blunder. in bread you had some. new a new number i've got my book since it was the most well known walking books and sold to a nightly money a month in the you know the moment of truth that you will see who know who i'm a nobody.
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i. don't think it will really sound. cool to me coco camote as work is a communal effort today project manager. is out and about with some folks from the nearby village of mock on jamie. it's a hard slog to fight through the mangroves. 2 times a month the spring tide floods the entire forest leaving a deep viscous foul smelling quagmire in its wake if you fall down typically all you get is laughter because it happens to everyone at some point. in need mohali new bass i'm like in the mind of a person like you and i turned on my i now listen my god oh god oh god i'm not. going to hold on i can be a. body cool by vote how under my shining he. will buy even when honestly i want to meet him. and you know was work with knowing who i
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. am out of touch because i was able to listen to a call you know on bottom well enough but i have a pianist i will be seeking and seeking to cut regular financial market by the need to see what's next yes you can have yourself but another tornado is not about going into a local courtroom seated on my going to tell you that in the world. all night you r.c.c. . guys up on the. lucky me the impact is on the board for some of us. but later a change. in the unions him on expedience over key to a much akin any final night on. if you know more than once you. sell certificates for $3000.00 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. every
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tonne is worth $6.00. that translates to $18000.00 per year for the village over the next 20 years. there's an epidemic go off out of your ears all the people who don't. buy it i thought oh my god we're going to use a 2nd bang model to hit back and i think a lot of. it i mean when he says he'll use it where a guy. it better means you're nodding your head that you really think any. of these answers. but i bet on i can tell you that he says yeah yeah they our like period
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even generally say. forget them again about any sense you're getting better every so you get it but i am probably more like when i was younger bob will be really doesn't see any idea where it doesn't on all in all but i'll bet on the part of me thought about the babies your body that never change you know yes that one of you guys you want to play by there get him off but he had a plan and we put them to key in your napkin go tell us on a constitutional new coupling bill nothing's getting any of us to come out of. the situation and ask if the see can is the most in need. because skin has been made that and perceptive. to me. but it would if that is against us be seen as extremists they considered us feel mighty bad when you let. a sting see on demos and music that is built in sick toward biskit or at the center. of the nominee the
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same one incident that is they had ideas but the heroes seem to space codes it up and when the indians defense with an invisible star perspective is only replaced. what really hit me about the situation. that there are interest groups in nature conservation who demand that small villages give up their livelihoods for maritime conservation zones and in the process end up taking their homelands away from them . these people need to be taken care of by the government. but what sense do these landscapes make without the people who live their life. wouldn't it make more sense for all of us to live more sustainable lives especially in industrialised countries. what was it that carlos said. i mean you never see those environmental activists out here in our communities. or . i think there. was.
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anything. gushing dressin is matter of navi now punch-out in western india. he owns a number of cotton fields and date plantations. his yields have dwindled since the top power plant began operation. in the carbon dust settles relentlessly over his fields and trees and the groundwater is now salivated. he's led the village resistance against the power plant. it nearly home you know the name lincoln men no one has a. know what you do you know when they were over the role of the i was you got big deal dependency. you got it cut the movie going to be a woman she's gone. we are not the last many. years in many ways our simple do you
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have been doing. our project mental development had the war money in full. on the financing we because need when you look meaning. to hey seen was i have to mean war in. a modest sum program in a want to be is project you elizabeth us of the me some of them. to miki if you namely to which is this if i were to say do we. if you. do you can finish discovered a woman who replaced. a little bit. later it was in the deal that we did with. you. don't you
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so. shouldn't you will be. neil's team consists of 12 men who he has to pay and provide for even if the sea is too rough to go out which it was for several days. fortunately the weather changed last night the ocean has made itself available once again to the needs of its residents who are now busy at work without worrying that the coast guard will interfere and maybe i'm only. going to. want to be getting a lot i mean. going to baghdad. i
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wouldn't want to log on to. the end of an amount of. i remember that i love you know regular marmite to my mom mama i'm going to save the money next. game. you had on her. i guarantee that again i never did guard duty i did or do you know and the guy did air do but coming in at the going to the mob be about that their mother was it but comey a moment i remembered one of them are a good use i would never know about an em up i wonder where ima bet it when i don't think i got there are. going to know the name is a dead give me that which i got out a long time of them or him at the moon or you know anna. either of you there but
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the lady in there they do but they are hidden in the middle of the d.n.a. there they go but they view their. d.n.a. there is a local it will not. at the end of this journey i find myself once again in ghazi on the kenyan coast hassan is just coming back from fishing this he was calm today the wind was out of the north and the currents led them to the right fishing grounds. after getting a glimpse into the lives of hasan and the fishermen in india sri lanka and costa rica i think to myself that the future of our oceans would be better left in their hands. like everyone else did it was cutting. up with the morning. news and 101 to 1000000 i didn't even notice it but the funky. little believe.
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me we do it is yes it is in the. book that. day. in the media of course and then look at these i look at. what that i thought and then i think. but i go to. a kiss. yes they are. not up it looks like that pick 7 up maybe not happy about it that it is the mom or
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they think the mother made it up i'm fucked up the happy fella give up the new mom and. get the bad beat up that i. gave up the mom all day. after day love that if they're not going to mama would i. come up to give them the phone number to mama didn't want to even think about. at the end of our film there actually is a happy ending one in which the ordinary people succeed in their fight against developments that are seemingly beyond their control. on the 27th of february 29th teen the us supreme court ruled in favor of my indian friend who is my. the decision ended the absolute immunity of world bank affiliate i have seen from lawsuits in u.s. courts from now on the world bank is accountable to people affected by its investments and it can be sued for damages by anyone in the world.
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to the point of strong opinions for your positions for international respect. it was this was supposed to be the decisive week for exit but when how and possibly even whether the u.k. will leave the e.u. remains unclear now the timetables partly after brussels can westminster ceiling deal are topic on to the point join us. in 90 minutes on w. welcome to the book is the game here for development. we
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have plenty to talk about since the list goes on coverage. 3 more. subtle we have. let's have a look at some of the other probably look at least one. w. . we can talk book travel now amazing tight.
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player. play. this is the the view news live from berlin and the u.s. military plans to redeploy troops to protect the oil fields in syria doesn't account reversal press. earlier order to withdraw all u.s. troops and that's as the nato ministers meet for a 2nd day of talks on a unified position on syria turkey's collaboration with russia there is driving a wedge through the alliance also coming up. argentina is preparing for a crucial election are the.


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