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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2019 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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cooking for. w. . this is news live from. unprecedented mass protests in chile hundreds of thousands take to the streets of the capital santiago and elsewhere in the south american country where the biggest rallies yet in a week of protest and we just least 19 people have died we'll go live to santiago also in the show. in a big blow to u.s. president donald trump
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a court rules that the partment of justice must give democrats a full copy of the report into russian meddling in the 2016 election. plus in germany the spears this rivalry always inflame the passions of football fans i don't saturday afternoon it's that time again hold on to your seat when shall good take on the latest edition of the world dog. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across chile on the 7th day of mass anti-government protests in the capital santiago more than half a 1000000 demonstrators converged on the city center demanding economic reforms and the resignation of president sebastian pinera protesters also turned out in the
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port city. where some tried to force their way on to the grounds of chile's congress at least 19 people have died in unrest across the country. for more let's cross to santiago where correspondent john bartlett is standing by john you've just come from the demonstration can you describe what it's like there . yeah it's remarkable this evening nights. people start to go back to the homes for the for the curfew which starts in about an hour's time it's there's a real feeling of hope i think that's something that you can you can definitely feel around there's a lot of singing going on in the streets you can even you can still hear the horns now your place was where you had the last few nights of kind of helicopters sirens and things. don't seem to change enough not to say that having being kind of isolated instance and violence around the kind of peripheries of the protests. but you know i think that there's a real kind of feeling of hope that's the kind of overriding sentiment in the room
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. this is not the only protest happening in the country right now tell us about the others. yes i'm not sure how many exactly that have been across across the country but in every major city there was the government came out some statistics earlier and earlier in the week they said to 54 separate marches throughout the country since about going to exactly how many the bin but it's certainly kind of it's become a nationwide movement and i think as we as we spoke earlier it's now encompassing kind of all sense of society as well this isn't this isn't by any means some kind of class dispute. a kind of general movement kind of from any kind of part of society there are people from all walks of life that are that are on the streets the moment i think that's the most kind of lifting thing that we've seen so far just the sheer kind of breadth of social groups that been involved. and what are these protesters demanding. i think it's still the demands and
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one thing it's it's incredible to think that just a week ago people were kind of harboring these feelings and nobody had really kind of nice to kind of put them into any kind of coherent form to really kind of come out. and say anything to this kind of. thing in the moment. the main demand at the moment for a lot of people i saw this evening was for a new constitution whether that's likely or a constituent assembly is realistic i think it's the basis. people are demanding kind of political casualties as well the interior minister andres chadwick the cousin of the president has been the target of a lot of people sitting saying that they want to see the preston. to be to resign i think. that's perhaps a little fanciful what they think that's going to happen is a democratically elected president in less than 2 years in the election so i think
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it's i think that people really want to see profound change not kind of completely across the board people are kind of sick of the model. that chile has been laboring under for such a long time now so it would say exactly the kind of the one thing that people want to see but i think it's just kind of profound change across across so many different areas and ministration listens to people and truly feels there's a true feeling that if you want to talk to inequality here in china ok we'll leave it there correspondent john bartlett in chile's capital santiago thank you thanks very much now to some of the other stories making news around the world protests have continued in bolivia after president evo morales was declared the winner of last weekend's elections despite allegations of fraud critics called the election rigged following an unexplained 24 hour pause in vote counting the united nations also backs an independent audit of the vote. in ethiopia 2 days of
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protests have left $67.00 people dead including 5 police officers the demonstration started off as a standoff at an activist home then spread the protesters are challenging the rule of abbie ahmed who won the nobel peace prize this month. the head of the world jewish congress ronald lauder has visited the german city of holland weeks after a gunman killed 2 people while trying to break into a synagogue lauder's visit comes amid numerous signs of a rise in anti semitism in germany on monday he will present chancellor angela merkel an award for her commitment to fighting it. in washington the attempt to impeach president donald trump has scored a victory democrats will get a full copy of the mother report into russian meddling in the 2016 election sensitive parts of the report were originally blacked out but now u.s. court has ruled that a full copy of the document should be given to the house of representatives
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judiciary committee it's widely expected that the department of justice will appeal against the decision the miller investigation found that russia had worked to disrupt the 2016 presidential election to undermine the democratic candidate hillary clinton. for more i'm joined by d.w. correspondent pablo foley areas in washington d.c. pavlo democrats will get information about russian interference in the 26th election that they haven't seen before why is this important. well this is a very big victory for the democrats it essentially gives them validity to the ongoing impeachment inquiry against president trump the chief u.s. district judge barrel have all basically dismissed the administration's arguments for withholding the materials from congress now one of those elements is that there was a need to keep the information secret even though the miller investigation has in fact ended now the judge also said the department of justice is claims that it
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couldn't provide grand jury material was wrong and claims by the white house and some republicans that a formal vote was needed for impeachment was also deemed incorrect and she also said that it had actually never being required that the material has to be turned over by october 30th what clues do we have about what kind of information this might be and will it directly implicate trump well what we do know is that the material covered by george howell includes redacted grand jury material mentioned in the report it's unclear how much new material as related to the president is contained in the grand jury transcripts but it could reveal basically previously hidden details about trump's actions during the 2016 election code become part of the polish to impeach him so what's next.
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well for the time being we have no response yet from president trump or the white house although we are expecting president trying to get on twitter as we know that's generally how he responds to these sort of situations now with justice department spokeswoman said it was reviewing the decision and president has repeatedly attacked the russia investigation even in the months after he had concluded so in many respects we kind of expect what he'll say in some ways but for now we also mustn't forget that the u.s. justice department has in fact have begun an investigation into the origins of the mourner inquiry and the department basically began a review into the special counsel's inquiry what they did was they're looking into whether the collection of intelligence on the trim campaign including by the f.b.i. which led to mulder's inquiry was in fact all full so that's being at
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reportedly it's turned into a criminal inquiry which basically means that witnesses can be subpoenaed files can be charged and they can use fact finding grand juries am as part of their probe so you know it's another twist and turn in this in this impeachment process that we're experiencing here in the united states ok thank you publicly in washington for us. nato has been struggling to find a common voice over the offensive by its own member turkey in northern syria the alliance ended a 2 day summit in brussels acknowledging different views on the issue as secretary-general yen stoltenberg put it the behavior of another member of the united states did not help either even though it pulled its troops from the region earlier this month washington now says it will send them back to syria to prevent so-called islamic state from capturing crucial in the east. it isn't easy keeping up with america's position in syria after president trump emphatically
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said u.s. troops are coming home his statements down to as reports came in that the white house had set out options for leaving u.s. forces in northeast syria the new order seemed to be modifying the objective of keeping. mists at bay to include the safeguarding of the oil fields the region is in a state of flux after trump declared he was withdrawing u.s. troops creating a vacuum on tuesday russia and turkey struck a deal on a 30 kilometer deep safe zone to enable the withdrawal of armed kurdish units from the area the oil fields which are of interest to the u.s. are in the east of the region at a nato press conference in brussels u.s. defense secretary mark try to give some clarity to the u.s. position where both objectives and the reversal of trump's earlier order of troop withdrawal were set out. and his team so we are reinforcing their position it will
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include some mechanize forces again i'm not going to get into details but the mission in syria remains what their mission in syria began with it's always been about defeating the isis called mission. while russian forces step up their presence with turkey esper drew attention to news that turkey had said it had recaptured some of the $100.00 isis militants believed to have a scaped from prison in syria as a result of the turkish incursion. football now and in the in the bundesliga is friday night game minds drag themselves out of the drop zone by beating cologne 31 the visitors cologne open the scoring in the 14th minute but then mine scored 3 of their own to seal the victory a loss for cologne sees them drop down to the relegation places the bundesliga action continues through the weekend which shall cohosting brissie adopt
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more and in germany's fiercest derby game just one point separates the 2 local rivals in the table but ahead of the encounter dortmund's coach is under pressure after a string of underwhelming results. this match is being billed as lucy in the fall for his date with destiny if some reports are to be believed that defeat against bitter rivals shall kill would spell the end of his reign is dormant coach is the rising on the. far right says not as his efforts darby is a very special game i've known that since the moment i arrived it's very important but there's a pressure for every game and it's no different for shell shock said darby and it's very special. a special match but one with bad recent memories for dortmund fans a 42 home defeat at the end of last season top their title chances but form and
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past study results will count for nothing according to the man preparing for his 1st road r.t. . doesn't automatic i don't think you can automatically draw any advantages or disadvantages not even from the latest results and especially not darby results as what happens in the days or weeks before it doesn't matter. it's completely irrelevant exclaims or maybe just. and so it's all down to one game nothing less than local bragging rights are up for grabs and for some jobs are on the line too. now if you're a tourist hoping to scale australia's iconic sandstone rock sorry you're too late the site is now closed to climbers for good after the last visitors walk back down its slopes on friday the decision was made out of respect to indigenous australians
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who consider the site sacred every year hundreds of thousands of people have visited the route formerly known under its colonial name alles rock it was added to the list of unesco world heritage sites in 1987. you're watching news from berlin coming up next on news africa with christine window and stay tuned for that don't forget you can all get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's p.w. dot com thanks for the. first girl who could ever know for sure that it was. in support. of will. do for you brooke.


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