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after the fall of the berlin wall no similarly w. . and. today's journey takes me to one of the warmest and lovely is regions in germany the german wine route. 85 kilometers long and winds through the latin it's
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been. the sign bearing a bunch of graves shows me the way. the wind is very important around these parts the pub latin it is germany's 2nd biggest wine growing area there are over 23000 hectares of vineyards here. good wine good food combined with this incredible landscape the perfect set up for a little autumn get away i'm excited to find out what i'm going to sing and savor and the poll latin it and here is a little taste of what's the. trip.
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humbucker castle the birthplace of german democracy. a hike along the. hiking trail. and one of our viewers shows us around his hometown in columbia got back into. the wind gauge in the question this is where the german wine route starts it's one of germany's oldest tourist routes. yet some people prefer not to talk about who invented it. if you look closely you'll see an odd blank space below the eagle that's chilled out but you can still make out what it once was a swastika the wine route was an idea of the nazis today you'll look in vain for
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a reminder of the gates dark past. nowadays the wang gate belongs to a vintner association set up a wine shop and restaurant here. if i've learned one thing on my travels it's that wine regions are always home to extremely sociable people along with german wairau there are a couple of places that have a legendary reputation in that sense here are a couple recommendations for you. in the. us there are all the wine festivals more than 200 take place in the class and that's between april and november 1 of the best known as the german wine harvest festival in noise start always in october because floats lots of music. and even more wine. rock gokhan. the 1st market is
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a bit like the platen it's october fest it's name means sausage market but it's definitely a wine festival. in fact with 600000 visitors it's the world's largest. diverse time is especially attractive to the rich and famous. venerable wine or is. and upmarket restaurants. prominent politicians have played a role in pulling in celebrities the former chancellor helmut kohl used to invite v.i.p.'s from around the world to eat with him at the tightest time of course where he was a regular. the wind route is 85 kilometers long. the erotically it can become a pretty quickly because there are so many lovely places along the way it's best to hari and that's what it's about taking time to enjoy life there's always
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a party going on somewhere. like the one in the water i want to eat pork it hosts a chestnut festival with all sorts of dishes made from them. from chestnut burgers. to chestnut bread and chestnut confectionery. and as an accompaniment what else nice glass of wine. in the old so intently to book and for a little adventure. this is a very romantic place. i
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spoke by stealth a segway tour through the vineyards 1st a quick introduction to my trusty steed. hold tight to transfer your weight on to your toes really slightly forwards this is the weird oh my god i'm transfer your weight to your heels to break that was how you move to steer it up a but i didn't move yes you did. and off we go. after 20 minutes we reach our destination. base to.
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it was commissioned by bavarian king mood based back when the latin that was still part of bavaria as former summer residence is now a popular destination among daytrippers. the perfect finish to our tour a picnic in the vineyard. of. the world. with wine and the owl mark and pig stomach. this i have to try it's a regional specialty. but that's right the muslims are. just 3rd of those. with whom. that's anything i didn't expect it to taste like that's what they live and there's a lot going on in there let's take a look at how i. felt my going to. pick stomach is always stuffed with right ingredients pork or bacon
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a binder meet hot potato is always in it and margarine that's very important when. my book is all have that one secret recipe and as for seasonings omar i mean. it's all magnified not you know when you like and you produce the wine to match the now get something actually we're drinking a cup or it's time you know i mean it's a variety that's typical of a book who has one of the world's oldest menards it's over 400 years old and of course it's stopped we're out of the woods 20 divines made it with some you know the when bush scooped. seems i'm not the only one to enjoy it time for another round. delicious these people really know how to and dolls and to celebrate around these parts even political activism can turn into a funk together a great example for that is what happened at hamburg castle in $1832.00 it became
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the birthplace of the german movement for the marcos when it hosted a festival. castle is where the national black red and gold flag was hoisted for the 1st time in german history. in late may have 1832 it was carried up to the castle during the famous protest known as the humpback festival. the original is still here even though its colors had faded. what would be after this is the 1st black red and gold flag which was carried at the humber festival in the $1832.00 bomb at the time it wasn't the german flag and germany as such didn't exist yet although people were demanding a federation senator 500 after all came for the flag represented the fight for
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freedom of opinion and the press democracy and german unity he wanted it was carried up to hammer castle in the long procession and then raised on the tower to symbolize liberty of. 30000 people followed the call to troop up to the castle since political rallies were forbidden the people did the only thing they could they turned their protest into a festival with stalls music and carousels. you know if some schloss onwards and upwards to the castle that's also the name of a permanent exhibition here the humble castle foundation takes as its theme the events associated with the festival. school classes and tourists from around the world the exhibition attracts $90000.00 visitors a year it's an interactive experience on the history and origins of the democracy
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movement in germany. for a long time the castle was a ruin and then it reopened in 2008 restored and with an award winning modern extension. it's now become a major attraction along the wind route. i'm still in the holes here too there's a fortified castle. now i want to take out to reboard castle it's $535.00 metres above sea level but it'll only take me 8 minutes to get up there. that says. it is.
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time now to leave the whole latin for a quick trip to the caribbean this week meet a local takes us all the way to colombia that's where we're going to me. our viewer might be. that he's going to show us around his hometown but him. you know me hello my name is marty moore your gomez welcome to the beautiful cut of columbia. the city is unique because of the many flowers in the colonial style houses with. which are being preserved for centuries in the
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variety of colors here. and. i spend my days on the streets or car to hang out with my book baron that they i'm a bit like a library on we have been he's worked at the i'm always looking for reading literature lovers so enjoy reading in these beautiful surroundings. it's interesting. because i think the historical center of cotton while fascinates me most of all. there's a story behind every emphasize they do with all this color and history it's a unesco world heritage site but we wanted. to.
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see you know this is holy trinity square and they get some destructive. district where daily life is relaxed children play on the square grandmothers sit outside in the afternoon their way out of people play dominoes and listen to music . that you're going to get some money off as popular culture and caribbean plan. and the prices are affordable that. if i want to enjoy a good i mean i go to a dollar in this restaurant you can sample the best of caribbean cuisine such as coconut rice and crispy patter fried plantain it's that no.
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a culture and caribbean plan. and the prices are affordable that. if i want to enjoy a good i mean that i go turn down a doctor in this restaurant you can sample the best of caribbean cuisine such as coconut rice and crispy potter fried plantain it's that is. that. they are now next to the old town hall that the historical ramparts of from the colonial era it's
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a place for lovers where they whisper sweet nothings or recite poetry to each other . many people also just come here to relax. i'll say goodbye now and i hope you've enjoyed my book i wrote or of cartagena a window to the caribbean that you would. continue our journey along the wine route we're off to. is a small charming wine growing village you'll find it in every travel guide the town's entire center is classified as a historical monument. there is one where i come across again and again. let's check one out and i'm not the only one looking for
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a little break this place looks are really cozy. and those. piers if you let me tell you too much for me why don't you sit down with me for a bit. but. then we sang as well that would carry. certain have to see that this is a very nice place you have here that i was now in front of the door it says your age house of itself what exactly does that mean. and. with the prospect shaft is a business run by a wine growers who sells their own wine as is most of the stores of the wind turbines are only open at certain times of the yeah this book because people used to hang up a bunch of flowers or grape vines to mark when they were open even 20 years ago they would see you now they hang out signs. when it's up to swish it happened tyreese i mean people who don't drink their wine from wine glasses behind glasses
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what's that about. going of the to the saw and i know when it's supposed to be drunk in a group and cast around the table who is but many customers misunderstand that and drink it all by themselves they are surprised when they get tipsy and. we're still in the building while our neighbors slowly but surely get the party started it. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that the mood in the room might be slightly wine enhanced. yes. drinking and driving is not a good combination at all if you want to get to know the landscape the town and the wine makers why not go on foot following the faith of buying steak hiking trail.
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the folks of vine started to pull up in that one trail runs parallel to the wind route from 172 kilometers. of course a hiking trail that has the word y. and its name has to pass through towns associated with the great. the spot town of bad durkheim boasts a john wine bar of the house a restaurant. noir start on the wine route is also on the hiking trail. so i was home by cus. that's up to the summit of the county it the 2nd highest peak of the collaton it's a 673 meters. i'm past lots of castles uphill and downhill.
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in. one of the most imposing rooms as martin burke castle. did to it was a fantastic view. now we're on our way to our last stop for today the 30 why very close to land. everything and. or one roof very modern with a big production plant and
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a wine bar with a lovely outdoor terrace. dick shows me the tanks that hold this year's wine. we have a kibbutz to mina and you can see the east. kind of man is it ready to drink you can drink it you can smell it too historic he smells really fresh and aromatic. in the pool at mid line growing is still very much a family affair dick figure lee inherited the vineyard from his father 18 years ago . evergreen i think this is a stunning property really sets a battlefield apart from the rest of the region the modern design immediately catches the eye why did you go for this kind of style. and i'm probably one growing is changing we look to the rest of the world people want to go out to the vineyards
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to enjoy the countryside through and. they prefer bright light to old time rustic unfocused salads. it's more fun to taste wine in a bright room and make it in these beautiful surroundings that would be your. lunch off you know should people but then what are the challenges for a modern wine grower that can go on to climate change the past few years were all very different. lots of change we've had everything fine weather high humidity late frosts this bring in frost and lots of precipitation extreme weather and we have to react specifically to that that's the challenge to deal with every year so that the grapes flourish and ripen well last month and so what makes for a good year which factors have to come together to achieve an exceptionally good wine. like pulse it is in the good of all that's a good question but it's basically the whole year has to be right for the rain the
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sun doing the work at the right time whether it's tilling the soil pruning the vines or picking the grapes you have to have a real knack for doing the right thing at the right time and we think that if we think it's good to. be like the only right thing we can do right now is try a glass of your wife is good on that let's go. you have to mind him of the sling do we have the king of the white wine varieties in germany before let's start with that. why was i said why you never eastlink the king of white house wind of the germans love their riesling so much. grapes grow better in germany than anywhere else in the world they develop the best a roman the best flavors one of those you know. so what does it smell like ok. but.
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he's looking at me like i'm completely wrong if you say you know each yes or. a minute i once read you need to smile at least 3 things in a wine before trying it but it's proving rather difficult with my rookie knows. i've detected something else like. honey because that would be. a point for me and if i want to go on your way to becoming a part. practice makes perfect exactly it takes a lot of practice and that's what we're going to do practice some more. ok next up is our e-mail this time our viewer radio reaches us all the way from sri lanka enjoy. the.
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night is falling over the wine route and
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a really lovely day is coming to an end. regardless of whether you choose to discover the wine route from start to finish or just a fraction of it you cannot go wrong it's beautiful anywhere and delicious the perfect destination for gourmets like me thank you so much for joining me on this trip i think playing somewhere in germany.
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the but. the being.
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above. the buddha the oceans belong to the but the fisherman abandon them for that livelihood . for corporations just now to make money i am above lobel struggle for control is on the way the consequences from nature could be devastating. i'm sure grabbing new laws of the see above just to. be talking abut. take it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans.
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because more than football online luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals crudely slaughtered big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but who is monitoring the subcontractors and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and most behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses the tree behind the mirror starts november 5th on d w. you may writes me down in history and bitter taste in the one you made me in the very dirt but still night death. did you want to see me broken ballad hanoi. soulless foam i found.
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me in the batman so. this is an issue. that. comes up from a past rooted in. blank ocean in. the midst.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany's foreign minister calls for a lasting cease fire in northern syria. as an anchor for talks with his turkish counterpart who dismissed as unrealistic another german proposal for an international security zone in the region will speak to our correspondent in turkey . also coming up british police are struggling to identify the 39 people found dead in a shipping container 3 days ago and vesta gators now say they do know where the wheat victims.


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