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that. is. thanks to the old town wall that the historical ramparts of from the colonial era it's a place for lovers where they whisper sweet nothings all recite poetry to each other so many people also just come here to relax. goodbye now and i hope you've enjoyed my book i wrote or of cartagena a window to the caribbean. continue our journey along the wine route we're off to. is a small charming wine growing village you'll find it in every travel guide the town's entire center is classified as a historical monument. there's
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one where i come across again and again. let's check one out and i'm not the only one looking for a little break this place looks really cozy. and those have here's something that is way too much for me why don't you sit down with me for a bit yes. but. the worst thing as well that would. send up to see this is a very nice place you have here that i was not a friend of the door it says your age house of it stuff what exactly does that mean or. so and. that he has transferred chaffed is a business run by a wine grower himself and minuses and also a lot of their wine taverns are only open at certain times of the yeah i would book
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. people used to hang up a bunch of flowers or grape vines to mark when they were open even 20 years ago it's you now they hang out signs on to suddenly it's up to swish it happened time i think i've seen people who don't drink their wine from wine glasses behind glasses what's that about. one of these is the saw and i know what it's supposed to be drunk in a group and cast around the table. but many customers misunderstand it and drink it all by themselves they are surprised when they get tipsy and. worse still dimpling while our neighbors slowly but surely get the party started it . i'm going to go out on a limb and say that the mood in the room might be slightly wine and hands. drinking and driving it's not
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a good combination at all if you want to get to know the landscape the town and the wine makers why not go on foot following the face of buying steak hiking trip. the focus of fun stiger paletta that one trail runs parallel to the wide route for 172 kilometers. of course a hiking trail that has the word wind in its name has to pass through towns associated with the great. the spot town of bob dirk on both a john wine barrel that houses the restaurants are. going to start on the one route is also on the hiking trail.
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so it was hung by custom. then it's up to the summit of the county it the 2nd highest peak of the cotton it's a 673 meters. on pasta lots of castles uphill and downhill. with. one of the most imposing rooms as modern bird castle. did to her was a fantastic view. now we're on our way to our last stop for today the fair game winery close to london.
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everything under one roof all very modern with a big production plant and a wine bar with a lovely outdoor terrace. dick fergie shows me the tents that hold this year's wine. i mean here we have a kibbutz tahmina you can see the yeast. kind of man is it ready to drink you can drink it you can smell it too has already smells really fresh and aromatic market. in the fall that men wine growing is still very much a family affair clearly inherited the vineyard from his father 18 years ago. everybody i think really this is the stunning property really sets of self apart
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from the rest of the region the modern design immediately catches the eye why did you go for this kind of style. and i'm bored with why i'm growing is changing we look to the rest of the world people want to go out to the vineyards to enjoy the countryside through and. they prefer bright light into old time rustic unfocussed cellars. it's more fun to taste wine in a bright room and make it in these beautiful surroundings when you. launch off you know i'm sure people but then what are the challenges for a modern wind grower to clean up under climate change the past few years were all very different. lots of change we've had everything fine weather high humidity late frosts of the spring and frosts and lots of precipitation and extreme weather and we have to react specifically to that that's the challenge to deal with every year so that the grapes flourish and ripen well last month and so what makes for
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a good year which factors have to come together to achieve an exceptionally good wine. flying pulse it is the good of all that's a good question but it's basically the whole year has to be right for the rain the sun doing the work at the right time whether it's tilling the soil pruning the vines or picking the grapes you have to have a real knack for doing the right thing at the right time and we think that if we think it's a 2 and i feel like the only right thing we can do right now is try a glass of your wife is good on that let's go. you have to mind him of the sling do we have it he's the king of the white wine varieties in germany before let's start with that. why was i said why you never eastlink the king of wine also wind of the germans love their riesling so much. the sling grapes grow better in germany than anywhere else in the world they develop
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the best a roman the best flavors one of those you know. so what does it smell like ok. but. he's looking at me like i'm completely wrong here is h h yes or. am i going to say i once read you need to smoke at least 3 things in a wine before trying it but it's proving rather difficult with my rookie knows that i've detected something else. honey because that made. a point for me is i want to meet you on your way to becoming a partner. practice makes perfect exactly it takes a lot of practice and that's what we're going to do practice some more. next up is our remail this time our viewer radio reaches us all the way from sri
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lanka enjoy.


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