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practice and that's what we're going to do practice some more. ok next up is our e-mail this time our viewers video reaches us all the way from sri lanka enjoy. the.
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night is falling over the wine route and a really lovely day is coming to an end. regardless of whether you choose to discover the wine route from start to finish or just a fraction of a you cannot go wrong it's beautiful anywhere and delicious the perfect destination
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for gourmets like me thank you so much for joining me on this trip and think time somewhere in germany.
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keep learning merged reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from american reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk the digitalisation. ship. w
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s. a journey into the world of honest. is opening its pavilions and providing a 1000 the introspective on our world. it's not even an. inch or 2 minutes on t w. i'm scared that the a war that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you
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familiar with this. the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd on what that was a women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. saw you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. luxury and the mirrored humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but who is monitoring the some contractors and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and most behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses luxury behind the
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current starts november 5th on d w. plain . way. this is the doubling in use live from berlin spanish old darkies battle separatists as violent demonstrations shank vasa learned police clashed with protesters deploying water cannon firing tear gas that's often more than 300000 people turned out earlier in the dying for a peaceful march demanding independence for catalonia also on the program as wildfires sweep through california authorities tell tens of thousands of people to
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leave their homes and they want gile force winds could spread the fires even faster power will be cut off to nearly a 1000000 households as a precaution. qassim german going to sneak a football and by and reclaim the top spot with a little help from their record breaking strike a robot loving dog skate has now scored 19 goals in munich's last 13 games. thanks for joining me a day of protest in the spanish city of basra learned a has ended in violence police clashed with catalan pro independence demonstrators demonstrators on saturday firing tear gas and water cannon after what began as a peaceful rally in the city protests have swept across the region off to spain
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supreme court imposed lengthy prison sentences on cattle land separate. slade is found guilty of sedition. the rally began peacefully with the streets of barcelona awash in a sea of protesters from the waterfront to the city's landmarks a grad a familiar church. many carried cattle and flags and banners branded with slogans such as sit and talk and freedom for political prisoners. pro independence groups had called for a peaceful march to demand the release of 9 separatist leaders found guilty of sedition they were imprisoned by the supreme court on october 14th. the move triggered a wave of anti madrid demonstrations some marked by heavy violence. spain's main parties have consistently rejected any towards catalan independence protesters accuse matric of criminalizing dissent i lost out it's time for the state
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to find a solution because it seems that this has no wind and we'll always at the same point. we've come here because we're fed up with so much for a person the police have suffered from the stage since no one knows that the government in madrid doesn't want to listen to us or sit down and talk which is what we want we have always defended nonviolence what is happening in barcelona is not a reflection of us we separatists are not violent we want our country we want to be free. i but when night fell violence flared up again. i was several 100 protesters surrounded police headquarters i merely bottles peoples and other objects at officers in riot gear i police backed by riot vans charged the demonstrators to disperse them. my i now to some of the other stories making news around the world today and u.s.
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special forces have carried out an operation targeting baghdadi the leader of so-called islamic states u.s. army officials confirm the operation but they did not disclose whether it was successful president trump says he'll make a quote unquote may just statement on sunday with the british police have charged the driver of the truck that was found carrying the bodies of 39 suspected migrants on wednesday the 25 year old faces 39 counts of manslaughter police are still trying to identify the victims and they are appealing to the vietnamese community at least to vietnamese families now say they fear their relatives are among the dead. married men in the amazon region will now be allowed to be ordained as catholic priests thus following a landmark vote by bishops of the vatican the proposal made in the 3 week assembly
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known as a synod passed by a vote of 128 in favor and 41 against. officials in california warning that dangerously strong winds could spread wildfires that are right raging in the state the largest blaze is burning in northern california's famous sonoma wine region 50000 residents have been ordered to leave their homes there nearly a 1000000 households are facing power cuts to. dry ground and low humidity had already created dangerous conditions for tens of thousands of california residents but just as firefighters look to be finally getting the better of the situation with the full custis believe it bad news that would affect many more were expected significant increases in winds gusts in some parts of our state $7075.00 but some estimates 80 miles an hour as ground crews cleaned up in sonoma county
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where the fire had already done the damage a tank is wood to gets the clock to set a containment line with historically dangerous winds on the horizon. now. homes and out of the area. $60000.00 sonoma county residents were ordered to evacuate on saturday adding to the growing fee of full authority said residents are complications caused by deliberate power outages all just 2 years removed from the loss of $43.00 lives is that we are going. with the utility company fearing power lines being blown down by the wind 940000 homes that you to have their power cuts that means as the danger of approaches 2000000 people will be left in the uk. well in the bundesliga by munich back at the top of the table after they beat
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a new young bellina on saturday it proved to be a special game for by ns red hot striker robert leventhal skinny he's incredible form reached yet more record breaking levels. before kick off the buy in players paid tribute to their injured center backs nicholas and lucas 7 and they were placed by jerome boyd saying and benjamin he provided the highlights of the 1st half with the opening goal it was a moment of true quality from the frenchman he pounced on a loose ball smashing home a 1st time method the combined power and persuasion to get by in the lead in the 30 minutes. it took them until the 2nd half to double that late with the inevitable go from robert 11th of ski. it was no surprise that the poll found the net being ruthlessly capitalized on a lucky bounce to become the 1st ever player to score on each of the opening night
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but does lead to match ties. the game looks a supply and then a handball in the books by even parish handed only on a lifeline. sebastian anderson stepped up and saw his effort saved manuel know everything it's not just live and just be on form. at the other end by and pushed for another goal he went close to making it 3 nil but he inserted in every failed to be inspired refound t.k. which union keeper was clearly still hoping for a point to help him celebrate his 32nd birthday and with 5 minutes to go that looked like a possibility found sebastian poulter and the big 4 would roll on the spot kick to one and that's how it finished that's really how marked we clearly have a knack of making things tight even in games. where were comfortably the better side this is and up to you think it as they are. like we're working on playing
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better and more effectively it wasn't the convincing victory fans were hoping for that by and faith weight of the season was enough to get them back to the top of the table. shocker and dalton and renewed their rivalry in the latest edition of the ruined be on saturday but despite the intense atmosphere in the stands there was not a winner on the pitch. yellow when black took over 3 points home from the felton's arena last year before blue and white went to dortmund and scuppered their rivals title challenge with an away when of that oden 8 was shy guy who had the best of the 1st half this time around with 28 minutes gone saif sonny rose hard to me to corner but was denied by the bar. on the half an hour mark welsh youngster robbie much one don't pick tax rates was pocket and though he failed to keep his foot on target he's energy continues to coast problems shortly afterwards some confusion in
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the guest's back line a shock a brilliant chance to go in front but the post prevented su etc from giving his side to meet. the hosts were unable to find an opening goal before the break still not encouraging 1st half for diving but now in his darby best coach. chuck had the upper hand on the stands to their hold of stolen rival flags drew from what the dortmund ultras managed to swipe in return. the 2nd 45 so fewer chances ditto bush tyler was unable to put an end to his ongoing goal drought and then much under mr chance to make himself a hero. praising a later opportunity over the ball right in front of the news conference to. remained on broken up until the final whistle i'm very very happy about the
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performance of the and how they played how they how they used our game plan and i'm a little bit disappointed by the result but sometimes in trip ball games you don't get what you deserve. split owners in the 1st goal this route already since 2016. to formula one and red bull's knoxville stop and has been stripped of his pole position at the mexican grand prix and given a 3 place grid penalty that means ferrari charlotte clare will start 1st on the grid followed by his teammates a boston vettel and the sadie's driver lewis hamilton hamilton can win these things drivers title if he finishes sunday's race on the podium to stop and was handed his penalty after failing to slow down when valtteri bottas crashed heavily into the wall the theme escaped on hers. well india has begun celebrating diwali.


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