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over sadly yes but didn't do well enough this year. were in upper left more on their own right so in the middle would have been there 6. when you asked for joins the army in a few years he'll even be allowed to take his rifle home with him that's it and more seems like that rifle really packs a punch and i feel like it's a real gun with a real bulletin it is but that if people beat them that's not iowa isn't it because it's the canard machine isn't so it's normal. if it's a more sort of like that this kind of ok so it's nothing special for you but it's for i you can win something once a year that's cool ok best of luck next time it. is. it is no coincidence that william tell is the national hero of switzerland but shooting also has a long tradition in germany the oldest shooting clubs here have been around for several 100 years. shooting
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sports are especially popular in bavaria and lower saxony in eastern germany the figure is significantly lower shooting was forbidden in the g.d. are. i'm visiting the xcel shooting club in hessen where 14 year old calin is training. with around 1400000 members the german shooting federation is one of the largest german sports associations kalin west stiff shooting closed to give her a more stable posture. unlike in switzerland young people here shoot only with air rifles. there's a special reason why catalin took up this hobby 2 years ago she was struggling with her concentration and her mother had the idea to register her with the rifle club she'd heard that shooting can have a therapeutic effect and boost attention span since then carolyn has been training
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at least twice a week the 2 hour session not only includes shooting but also progressive muscle relaxation. so i still remember what you were lying 2 years ago the vast adama's how well i was still very unfocused and didn't have that much stamina and stuff. and ok and what happened with how do you feel now compared to then. and i've become much better at school i'm getting much better grades i can definitely concentrate well in class. and you'd say that's related to this for. what next you've been to the heston championships you're going to be a star here with that as i definitely want to my next goal is the german
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championships next year. catalan sporting performance is impressive but i would probably look for a different form of therapy for my children. last stop on my journey in brandenburg here there's plenty of forest game and of course hunters the people with the most weapons in germany who actually use them. by a company 26 year old forrest vance i. can't wait to see that. the. press wasn't the safety catches on. in my bag. when we load when we were in position. ok.
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is he. so have it once we're in the words we won't be able to talk so let me ask you now when you were just about to shoot him how do you feel to find food. and spunk i relaxed you feel nervous when you're still very inexperienced i was still a bit shaky with the 1st animals i killed. but it happens to every hunter no matter what kind of animal you kill. the 1st is always something special. when you have a gun in your hand and know all hope the next shot will be fatal do you feel some sort of power to. the weapon is for me a tool of my profession just like a chainsaw it has nothing to do with power or anything. i just need to know exactly how to use this tool safely but doesn't hide all the shows. ok.
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to partake care of me when you're. like me most people get used to the gun eventually there are more hunters today than ever before and among them more and more women. the brandenburg forestry department specifies which animals can be shot animals that have been hit or are sick and also have to be shot a good hunter aims at the heart and lungs so the animals don't suffer for long. practices regularly on a shooting range hunting licenses must be renewed after 3 years. and await trial we play cards. chad and watch. and seth in my forty's. and so we wait.
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and wait. and wait and actually hoping we don't see anything when a is a suddenly becomes restless. why do we still straight over have in place because you give the animal
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a chance to lose it's life in peace as. ok. for. quest best if it notices there is an enemy near it gets an adrenaline rush in the final moments and it stresses the animal out and we don't want that. as we walk over to the d.m. my knees are pretty shaky it's the 1st time i've seen a weapon used to kill anything. yeah. i mean. i. mean higher the shot was just right the dead died instantly. as long it's you know we drag it back we don't want to do anything right here. live at the
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back no just come forward and we can drag it back so. you can hold it lower. i don't like the head dragging as if that's not so terrible we don't want anything from the head it'll be dog food. that's why raise you're so happy because she hasn't been fed today and they are short of money have heard the next thing that. the animal must be gutted immediately to prevent bacteria from settling on the meat during the decomposition process with hunting shooting still maintains its original function killing. the island knows what she's doing and has a sense of responsibility that goes for everyone i've met on my trip but unfortunately a lot of people don't seem to have those standards. and that's why this is now clearer to me than ever before guns don't belong in the hands of any part.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin how american troops killed the head of the so-called islam expat support sample but karl badani was the target of an overnight raid by special forces in syria regional sources say they believe baghdad that he was president donald trump is due to make a major announcement in a few hours time also coming up spanish authorities got on separatists as violent
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demonstrations shake barcelona police clashed with protesters to deploy water cannons and firing tear gas that's after more than $300000.00 people turned out earlier in the day for a peaceful march depend demanding independence for catalonia. and in german bundesliga soccer buyer proclaimed the top spot with a little help from record breaking strikers rubber glove and dusty. omarion evan steen it's good to have you with us we begin with some breaking news the leader of the so-called islamic state a donkey is believed to be dant after being targeted by a u.s. military operation in syria now sources in syria iraq and iran say they've been in form. baghdad is debt bondage has yet to be officially confirmed by the united
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states officials there have confirmed that the raid took place in italy a province in syria's northwest u.s. president down trump is set to make a statement at 9 am washington time after tweeting earlier that quote something very big has just happened. all right let's get more on this from our middle east correspondent basle r.a.d who joins us now from beirut hello to you basile so what is the latest i think you can tell us about this operation. the latest news of all these operations 8 american helicopters would u.s. special forces some sources from u.s. said that. the navy seals the special forces the commandos robey with from the navy sea they took. off from north syria basic question did the americans leave it
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would drop from north syria over this to have some bases over there so the operation remains i wouldn't have a north west. in. town in that district it's mainly. under the operated all of the. saudi the. for all the branches. it's. so. can you hear me can we can hear you bassam go ahead we're listening and yeah ok so so is a district is on the control of. and according to the latest use that. was in the house of one of the main leader of one of the action is. the head of the commander of what they called. all the religious guardians so
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he was his house when the the operation that took place in north west of syria sam bacile you mentioned this operation took place in the northwest of syria what is this significant yount the location. it's the location it's very interesting right now in. the cold the capital of the islamic state and went to the east of mainly to the desert off you know. what it's maybe. we thought that it's a good. organization but the distance between between. and around 700 kilometers from to all these area all these sorts of these are under the control of the syrian army
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the turkish army the kurdish forces and their allies so the main question know how. to do it and why he choose the. it's on the control of main of his previous enemies. and it's under the control of one of his main competitor in the guarding these. organizations all. this stuff. all right ambassador a different point from every we thank you very very much for the update. thank you . well now let's take a closer look at what we know about danny the leader of the state. the leader of. the reclusive and elusive this is the man believed to be.
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even that isn't. mujahideen have been rewarded victory by god after years of jihad and they were able to achieve their aim and hurried to announce the caliphate and choose the image. in 2014 i asked seized control of large parts of iraq and syria and declared the territory a caliphate a u.s. led international coalition for back and re took the territory over the course of about 2 years. but daddy was on the run and the u.s. posted a $25000000.00 reward for information on his whereabouts in march this year the u.s. declared victory over i as primitive only say many observers this year baghdadi reemerged releasing messages calling on i asked fighters to regroup now that he's believed to be dead the question is how the jihadi movement itself will endure without baghdadi . and with me in the studio now is the w.'s onion shop or not who is going to talk
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about the significance of al baghdadi killing if it will be in fact confirmed now on yeah my 1st question is just how reliable these reports are about al baghdadi his death well marianna the news of baghdad is killing should be take handled with a bit of care really over the last few years there have been several claims that but daddy had been killed in 2700 for example russian forces said that he had likely been killed in a russian air strike in syria and as we just saw in that report he is very elusive i mean he's a fugitive he doesn't make many public appearances so over the last few years there's been a lot of uncertainty and speculation over whether he's actually alive and now there's obviously been no official confirmation from the white house as yet but a high ranking pentagon source talking to newsweek magazine and gave some details
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about the operation he said that after a show. gotten fired back on exchange fire exchange in daddy's compound province and he detonated a suicide vest and killed himself the pentagon sources also said that this still waiting for d.n.a. and biometric tests to confirm his identity so the white house has announced that the president will give a major statement in a few hours time everyone is expecting that statement to be about baghdadi of course and if indeed it is then it will be interesting to see what sort of evidence they will be coming out with them well as you've mentioned baghdadi has been on the run for several years he's been on the united states' most wanted list also for a very long time so what of the timing of all of this tell us why do you think this operation took place now well if the killing was confirmed that would obviously be
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a very big coup for the u.s. and it would come at a very good time for the u.s. president i mean he's come under a lot of fire for his decision to pull troops u.s. troops out of northern syria and in in a way that has given the green light for the turkish offensive against the kurds there and many experts have warned that that offensive the fighting the ensuing chaos may well help to strengthen i assume that area they've been reports of biased fighters escaping from prison camps that and potentially regrouping and so a setback in the fight against the u.s. in many ways and then of course at home trump is facing impeachment inquiry and there's been bad news about the budget so this would be very welcome for the white house as an issue often or as we thank you very much for your insights. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world hong kong police used tear gas to break up in an unauthorized demonstration in
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a waterfront tourist district organizers call the protests to express concern about foley's conduct during the month long pro-democracy demonstrations that included the use of pepper spray rubber bullets and police dogs. married men in the amazon region will now be allowed to be ordained as catholic priests following a landmark vote by bishops of the vatican the proposal made in the 3 week assembly known as the senate passed by a vote of 128 in favor and 41 against. california authorities have ordered 50000 residents in sonoma county to evacuate their homes as fire continues to rage through the famous wine region firefighters have been racing to conti defensive lines in the blaze ahead of high winds that are forecast to hit northern california later on sunday. to spain hour a day of protests in the city of barcelona has ended in violence police clash with
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catalan prone depends demonstrators on saturday firing tear gas and water cannon after what began as a peaceful rally in the city protests have swept across the region after spain's supreme court imposed a lengthy prison sentences and catalan separatist leaders found guilty of sedition . the rally began peacefully with the streets of barcelona awash in a sea of protesters from the waterfront to the city's landmarks a grad a familiar church. many carry cattle and flags and banners branded with slogans such as sit and talk and freedom for political prisoners. pro independence groups had called for a peaceful march to demand the release of 9 separatist leaders found guilty of sedition. they were imprisoned by the supreme court on october 14th. the move triggered a wave of anti madrid demonstrations some marked by heavy violence. spain's main parties have consistently rejected any moves towards catalan independence
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protesters accuse madrid of criminalizing dissent. less about the it's time for the state to find a solution because it seems that this has no wind and we are always at the same point. we've come here because we. straight up but so much for oppression of the police have suffered from stage since no one knows the government in madrid doesn't want to listen to us or sit down and talk which is what we want we have always defended nonviolence what is happening in barcelona is not a reflection of us we separatists are not violent we want our country we want to be free. but when night fell violence flared up again. several 100 protesters surrounded police headquarters hurling bottles paint balls and other objects at officers in riot gear police backed by riot vans charge the
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demonstrators to disperse them. all right since force news now and in the bundesliga byron munich are back at the top of the table after they beat oneone berlin on saturday it proved to be a special game for biron star striker robert leaven just his incredible form reached yet more record breaking levels. before kick off the bye and players pay tribute to their injured center backs nicholas and lucas said in the end as they were placed by jerome boyd saying and benjamin who provided the highlights of the 1st half with the opening go it was a moment of true quality from the frenchman he pounced on the loose ball smashing home a 1st time effort the combined power and persuasion to get by in the lead in the 30 minutes. it took them until the 2nd half to double that late with the inevitable go from robert 11th of ski. it was no surprise that the
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poll found the net be ruthlessly capitalized on a lucky bounce to become the 1st ever player to score on each of the opening night but does lead to much to ease. the game looked safer by hand but then a handball in the books by event parish handed. only on a lifeline. sebastian anderson stepped up and saw his effort saved manuel neuer proving it's not just 11 jobs he's on for. the other end by and pushed for another goal 11 jobs he went close to making it 3 nil but he inserted every failed to be inspired refound t.k. which union keeper was clearly still hoping for a point to help him celebrate his 32nd birthday and with 5 minutes to go that looked like a possibility found sebastian poulter and the big forward wrong time in this spot kick to one and that's how it finished that's really how marked we clearly have a knack of making things tight even in games where we're comfortably the better
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side this is and. think of as they are. we working on playing better and more effectively it wasn't the convincing victory fans were hoping for but by and faith weight of the season was enough to get them back to the top of the table . and that's the latest from d.w. news up next is shipped living in the digital age and then everything thanks for watching. welcome to the book is the game here for details. we have plenty to talk about as. well sounds like coverage. 3 more. people we have. let's have a look at some of the.


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