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this is news a lie from berlin and u.s. forces have killed the founder and leader of the so-called islamic state. but 1st into ringette can the current left of center coalition in the eastern state of turin just hold on to its majority and how will the populace alternative for germany to look at what's at stake in a bellwether state also coming up the leader of the so-called islamic state east u.s. president donald trump confirms that. he killed himself as american special forces stormed his hideout in northwestern syria we'll get analysis from our correspondent
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in washington. i'm michael ok welcome to the program voters in the eastern state of to reinjure are electing their state parliament opinion polls indicate no single party is likely to emerge with a strong mandate to form a government the current left of center coalition could lose its slim majority in parliament and a strong showing by the alternative for germany could further complicate forming a new state government through. total ramel 0 seems optimistic as he casts his vote in air force he wants to remain state premier his party the left party is leading in the polls is scared off on almost as. soon we will get a mandate to form a coalition with the social democrats and the greens and then i will continue my
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work as a state premier quickly after the election and that i will be able to shape the next 5 years and to ring as parliament. but will those 3 parties come out of the election with enough seats to form a coalition the social democrats are expected to suffer losses in turin. if the coalition fails to gain a majority it could give the candidate for the conservative c.d.u. mike moring a chance to form a coalition with the greens the social democrats and the free democrats. they set it off as a chilling office i'm certain that voters know that today is about 3 india about the state's future that we need stability and a strong political middle so our state can be heard in berlin important in building behind from opinion polls predict a strong showing for the far right party alternative for germany but all of the other parties have ruled out forming a coalition with the a.f.p. and its main candidate. we're ready to take over the responsibility to govern but if that doesn't work we'll just wait and see. surveys also show that many voters
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were still undecided observers expect a close election 3 decades ago to arrange or was one of the new german states that emerged after the collapse of communist east germany that history still colors politics in the state one d w reporter who grew up into india filed this report on the deep divisions she finds when she returns. to break how's this and narrow and the waste just like in fairy tale it's a small medieval city sneck and our well known n.p.r. oft and the east end state of the range. that was my home for a long time i spent most of my youth in some ranger and went to effort to study when i lived here people didn't argue much about politics they couldn't if they didn't even exist but now they are likely to win at least 20 percent of the road and i wonder whether they have changed the reach of. leftist off the
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right that's often what people here want to know is politics dividing the state into. i tried to talk about it with former classmates but then i noticed that most of the people i was friends with have moved away to big cities just like i did i was right back saying it's a delicate topic society i hear it's bitterly divided but no one wants to talk to me about it on camera. to get an idea of what's going on now i go to an a.s.d. campaign event the far right and she takes a view on her is considered the top candidate here he insults other parties and journalists too but can't his constituency except of opinions those who are against or. if you have more i always look for an arena where i could influence people
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and if there is someone who doesn't want to accept this then i'm sorry they consider the next table and drink his beer alone. when we have a family celebration sometimes we start arguing my wife keeps the arguments from escalating by changing the subject. i meet with bored to handle he has been the state prim you know off the ranger for the past 5 years he's the only left party state premier in germany many think he's down to earth and he's pragmatic but while he was in office the a if t. succeeded in expanding its base so why couldn't the left party keep the f.t. in check and to put i try to keep them in check they began polarizing the constituency i want to talk to the people on the streets and i want an end to this polarization and i want to let the people know where we stand and where we're headed or know if they can vixen. the only problem is that the range is becoming
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increasingly polarized that's what left party supporters keep telling me. this is small rebellion but it's not a small as we'd like it to be. some people irreconcilable if that speech is harsha more vicious and dimwitted. my old hometown seems withdrawn and i fear the stadia lections might make things worse. according to polls the left party with a board over i'm in or has the most support but might not succeed in forming a coalition government and since no one wants to work with me a year to date the federal state is that drift off the political block which would further dampen the social trenches. sometimes when i go back home i feel like a stranger. and then you're cool who brought us that report is in the capital right now. it's a tight election what else do we know at this point. well we know one thing for
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sure and that's that voter turnout is actually higher than expected until 2 o'clock this afternoon around 40 percent of the people had already cast fan of vote now just to give you a little comparison back in 2014 the voter turnout for the whole election day was 52 percent so high oh voter turnout today maybe because the election campaign was very polarized and it's going to be interesting to see which party actually benefits from that high of voter turnout yeah that's the $10000.00 question i mean it's quite possible this election won't yield a workable coalition essentially producing a stalemate what would this mean for the coalition in berlin including chancellor merkel. well according to the poll since the ring you have the left party you would come out 1st but they will have
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a very hard time finding coalition partners and finding partners that are strong enough there are at the moment forming a go a coalition government with the s.p.d. the social democrats and the greens but those parties might not be strong enough to actually form a majority to you on the other hand i'm like it's conservative since arranger are also very strong force but they are facing the same kind of problem they also will have problems finding coalition partners finding partners that are strong enough what does it tell us on a federal level well thing goes no example it's rather a symbol of how difficult it has become in germany to form a stable government the big parties that used to be the c.d.u. and the social democrats they're simply not attracting you know voters anymore and might be another proof that they are with the rise of the a if t. the far right the political landscape in germany has become increasingly fragmented
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indeed your report reveals through injury is deeply polarized politically with strong support for the left wing party delinquent as well as your far right why exactly is that. well that might seem paradox of 1st but it's not so much when you look at the history of the left party the left party always used to be an opposition party it detracted protest of voters it's not so much anymore because it's part of the government here and 3 or so people who are unhappy with the current government are turning away from the left party and that is where the 50 comes in the far right have taken up on those feelings on your call in air force thank you so much. the leader of the so-called islamic state al baghdadi has been killed in a u.s. military operation in syria u.s. president donald trump confirmed with a special address from the white house he said big daddy was cornered in
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a tunnel where he whimper and cried and screamed in the president's words before blowing himself up trump then thank sources in syria iraq and iran for taking a bill to achieve that their help in taking down the world's most wanted terrorists . u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it no personnel were lost in the operation while a large number of baghdad these fighters and companions were killed with him he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way earlier i
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spoke to our correspondent in washington pablo foley alias and i asked him to tell us a little bit more. yeah well you've just heard some of what president trump said in what was a very graphic statement there from the president he used very graphic language and confirmed that the fugitive lead their leader of the so-called islamic state abu bakar. died like a dog and a coward now like i said he went into quite graphic detail about his death and said that to get killed himself using a suicide vest he said also that tests have been carried out on the body and that it was him he also interestingly thanked russia turkey syria and iran iraq as well as intelligence officials and u.s. special forces and he also added that watching the operation was like watching a movie. so really what we need to take from this is that trump said also that
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under his direction the united states had obliterated at the so-called islamic state which is a direct message to his critics and there have been many in recent days and weeks in fact his policy with regards to syria has been a failure he's basically saying that it hasn't been a failure that was published in washington so who was. the how much of a blow to the militant jihadist movement we have this report. this man who was the target took the raid and. the new tourist leader reclusive elusive leader of the islamic state movement. well you know one of whom the mujahideen have been rewarded victory by god after years of jihad and they were able to achieve their aim and hurry to announce the caliphate and choose the.
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2014 i asked seized control of large parts of iraq and syria and declared the territory a caliphate its rule didn't last long. the u.s. led international coalition including the kurdish led syrian democratic forces its main force on the ground forth back and re took the territory over the course of about 2 years. but daddy was on the run and the u.s. posted a $25000000.00 reward for information on his whereabouts in march this year the u.s. to clear victory over i.a.s. prematurely say many observers also this year baghdadi reemerged releasing messages calling on i.i.s. fighters to regroup the question now is how the jihadi movement itself will fare without baghdadi. now to some of the other stories making news around the world protesters formed a human chain across lebanon on sunday to express solidarity with anti-government protests demonstrators joined hands from tripoli to tire for
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a 170 kilometers chain that ran through the capital beirut nationwide rallies sparked by proposals for new taxes have paralyzed lebanon since their start more than a week ago. conquering police used tear gas and water cannon to break up in an authorized demonstration in a waterfront tourist district organizers called the protester express concern about police conduct during the months long pro-democracy demonstrations that conduct has included the excessive use of pepper spray rubber bullets and police station. india has begun celebrating deval the hindu celebration of lights and one of the high points of the country's festival calender. and this year's edition launch with record breaking achievement more than 400000 earthen lamps will live at a temple in the city of iowa to mark the occasion the event has officially been
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registered by the guinness book of world records deval he celebrates the triumph of light over darkness you're watching. more news of course at the top of the. can follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the phone while it's 250 the 1st day or embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition him voyage on t.w. . soccer balls favorites for.


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