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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions continuing. executing program tonight from for an examination from the news if these eat out with safety debit cards that africa joined us on facebook at t.w. africa. hello and welcome to drive with the car magazine i need today the v.w. i d r record attempt in china. your driving fun in the brand 595 . and the new crossover utility vehicle kiya exceed.
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this is undoubtedly a key but which one. that monkey in manama says there's one thing you can't accuse kiya developers out of town and that's being an imaginative guide the compaq scene has been available in 3 different versions namely is a 5 door as a station wagon and as a shooting brake with a named proceed now there's a 4th she u.v. or crossover variant the x. seat. these utility oriented vehicles often share a platform with regular road vehicles that seems on development cuts the x. seen it is no exception how does the look. of a it's thank you man i was says that the x. seat is that simply a normal seat with different paneling and a race suspension the car has been completely redesigned the only thing it has in
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common with a normal seed is the front doors good enough to talk let's take a look. the revealed her grill is a little narrower than on the normal seat. at the rear the roofline immediately catches the eye as is no common practice with many manufacturers the lettering is placed in the middle the underbody protection is just for show and has no practical use. in the interior c. drivers are quite comfortable the infotainment screen is up to 10 and a quarter inches across. in addition to a rear view camera and a 7 speed to a clutch transmission there is
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a wireless smart phone charging pack to highlight though is the optional 12.3 inch fully digital instrument cluster. the end seat is the 1st with this option. to be exceed cuts a good figure in terms of handling and rock uneven surfaces are gently cushion without the driving dynamics suffering too much. the $1.00 leader gasoline engine in our test car delivers $103.00 kilowatts of power and accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in under 10 seconds. if you manuel explains that the extreme is more than 8 centimeters longer than the
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normal sea and by and should have more leg room for passengers keep the seats of those of. front seat is very far back there is just enough leg room. there. the man will explains that the trunk of the exceed can hold $1378.00 leaders almost 90 more than the normalcy i do however the trunk is slightly ranged sigmas can make the loading more difficult especially when loading something heavy for a client of a mention in order. to be adam being in at the us. in sherman in the end she starts in just over 21000 euro. cue manuel explains that the key here is not designed for rough terrain and with it's more about the combination of a race seeding position and a ship who took a look so if you value design and increase driving comfort acceded that's not
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a bad choice as with a model i see the 7 year manufacturer's warranty is the cherry on top of that and he would then. yes that i got a. 99 turns in just 11 kilometers the big 8 rode on tioman mountain in china offers some of the most spectacular driving in the world it is here the folks wagon was to set another record for electric mobility and is bringing the i.d.r. here specifically for this purpose. getting ready for this record setting attempts is a tough job there is very little data available for the route.
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we try to do some c.p.a. sure but it's a script easy to get it's a tough case china to get. to be a state of it it was a simulation is because. it simulates a great space to try to. be in consistent nature of a stretch for since the most wagon motorsport team with special challenges. but they clearly adapt to the conditions and prepare the electric prototype for the race down to the smallest detail. says award because it's a public dive so you don't i was a suspension all fall guy. he's quite high. demo suspension on doubles i just see very little soldier see on a high beam you all son doesn't see the inside of the call no so you end up to be too tight not to describe something because.
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the guy has 2 electric motors with a total system output of $500.00 kilowatts to conquer the 10.96 kilometer route with $99.00 bends 1100 meters of altitude difference and an average gradient it will over 10 percent. in the end the french driver oman duma mastered the extreme driving challenge with a 0 emission race car in under 8 minutes and a new personal best of 7 minutes and 38.585 seconds. that was one of the biggest ups when smith says it was a real adventure and very different being in china he thinks it was a great event there it was incredible for him if he hadn't seen a track like that you don't see them often in the world of course the track was also
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a huge challenge for the team because again they didn't have much time to practice likely given pike's peak level. the driver did a great job as always told they must. be i.d.r. now holds the overall record on the american pikes peak hill climb race and the electric record on the nerves. as well as the track record at the goodwood festival of speed and the best time on the chinese t.m. unshod big. myself and i still to be fussed over there was it was ok. with the 1st 2 series green crew for a b.m.w. brings the concept of a 4 door who pay into the premium compact line for the 1st time my kids bigger brothers the 2 series grand cooping has sporty distinctive lines with frameless
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side doors prices for the 2 series grand cooping in germany start at just under 32000 euro. would soon be she showcases the a s x facelift and various the new mitsubishi designed language and its dynamic shield front in contrast to his predecessor it is also available with 4 wheel drive the a.s.x. is powered by the well known to leader 110 kilowatt gasoline engine combined with either a 5 speed manual or a c.v. cheap automatic transmission. louis has the honor today of testing a true italian sports car and not a ferrari or lamborghini he's testing the barred 595. how much of an italian sports car is it really that's what he wants to find out. colonel
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a bard founded the company that bears his name in 1949 the italian inventor envisioned turning normal cars into extraordinary cars 70 years on a barge belongs to feel that chrysler automobiles based on the feedback 500 the a bard 595 is the entry into the a barge sports car world. we're taking a look at one of the most powerful versions. what strikes you is directly about the handling is that the suspension is too and extremely harsh that's not really usable in everyday life and says on the racetrack that's another matter you can really use hard suspension. the 595 embodies a barge philosophy of our vehicle should handle well be particularly powerful and figuratively speaking as aggressive as scorpions the 595 competent psionic
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generates 132 kilowatts of power and sprints to 100 kilometers per hour and 6.7 seconds crisis in germany started just over $26000.00 euros lewis says the steering in the a barge $595.00 is really very direct that is a lot of driving but on a winding country roads the gears are very direct and fluid. for those who are too lazy to shift gears a board offers a semi automatic 5 speed gearbox with paddles on the steering wheel. from the outside be a barge is camouflaged by its rounded shapes and guys. the comparatively long wheelbase and short overhangs make fee 3 meters 60 long car look particularly compact. the ford tailpipes at the rear look impressive and can't have
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it sporty side. to turn because of volume of 185 leaders they can expand to 610 with the rear seat backs folded down. lewis likes the interior with a sports steering wheel the outcome tire a leather and the carbon look also like the carbon here very much however the hard plastic under here and also on top of that reminds him a bit of the fee at $500.00. the carbon package comes around 2000 euros extra. the a bernard $595.00 competent sione is equipped with bucket seats the seat backs are
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covered in carbon to match the interior sporty character. thread seat belts exude a kind of racing flair the back of 1st 2 seats but they're really just for short trips or for story. i was on with a special feature that will appeal to most sports car fans lewis says it is this pressure indicator which is displayed when in sports mode if there's an extra gauge for that. first surcharge they are burnt can be customized even further the performance he quit been package includes a mechanical limited slip differential which helps to bring the power even better to the road and other racing performance options. as i don't know he says the a bird 595 competency only showed him that an italian sports car doesn't always have to be incredibly expensive and it offers a lot of driving fun
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a lot of performance and also a lot of agility the core competencies of a sports car. high performance station wagons have a long tradition i doubt this sporty are as models made their debut some 25 years ago the r s 6 have bought is already in its 4th generation since those early days its appearance has become downright brutish that's backed up by. by turbo fi 8 delivering 441 kilowatts of power and compound it by 800 newton metres of torque. i showed them their audi says they are a 6 started out as an avant model a typical for european markets because these of og models are very popular and this body type is also simply very sought after however over the model generations the
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r s 6 in particular has become a real nice product and it's taking over more and more of this typical sedan market its previous version for example was brought to china usually a strong sedan market it is the are a 6 was as successful as the r s 7 sport back right from the start of the 4th generation are a 6 that is now headed to the u.s. this is the 1st time that it can make a strong showing on the u.s. market with an avant model. let's take a look back at the 3rd and 4th generation side by side the changes aren't only technical but visual as well. the large air intake does not have the typical outing a single frame decoration. is in its job use for some outing says chrome or aluminum brackets are no longer visible it's really a pure sports car design the bumper surface transitions directly into the radiator
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grille what the proportions are also new this means that the flatter fetii adopted from the a 7 makes for a much flatter hood and much sporty or proportions and with a standard a 6 so the grill is much flatter much wider and this element up here a kind of recognition feature ferraris models makes the front enormously sporty and full of character for. the front headlights optional e with matrix and laser illumination also come from the $87.00. if you compare the arias 6 with the current standard $86.00 only 3 parts are identical the front doors the roof and the tailgate everything else was designed exclusively for the r s 6 avant with the most important thing for the aria 6 is of course the with the sense it was increased by 40 millimeters on each side that makes it a total of 8 centimeters wider and the standard
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a 6 they give the car enormous presence $22.00 inch wheels were packed into the wheel arches the surfaces were adapted as much as possible to emphasize the wheels which is always a typical arias feature as. the standard air suspension with control damping can be set to 5 different modes it can drop the r.s. $62.00 centimeters closer to the asphalt than the regular a 6 model from 120 kilometers per hour upwards it lowers the car by another 10 millimeters there's also the are a sports suspension option which reduces ruling even more. the other is 6 of 5 rockets from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.6 seconds the dynamic package raises the speed limiter from 252280 kilometers per hour order dynamic plus and they are a 6 tops out at 305 kilometers per hour. at
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a $60.00 event has an advanced 8 cylinder by turbo with an inboard exhaust he says that means the turbo is not typically on the outside and on the inside of the engine this provides a few packaging advantages otherwise there wouldn't have been room for 8 cylinders in the c. platform of go during the further development of progress in terms of performance was also made but also in terms of fuel economy so there are larger turbos for performance 3 millimeters larger in diameter with boost pressure in. crease 21.4 bar. to see fuel the other a 6 also has a mild hybrid system during december ration up to 12 kilowatts of power can be recovered and stored in a lithium ion battery the car can also coast to save energy by switching off the new cylinders. the are a 6
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o 5 launches in europe at the end of 2019 prices for the high performance station wagon in germany started 117000 iraqis. today christophe power is testing a pioneer safety and engine technology the mercedes benz 220 and c.b. better known as the big tail fin the official name of this series internews the 1959 is debbie you want to level the most innovative model in the series shines with its own labrat fuel injection system. to them and to receive these 220 s e v road automotive history says christophe the big tail fin that was the 1st and dan in the world made in large numbers with a 4 stroke fuel injection engine it perceiving he had already been using this
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highly innovative and extremely efficient technology since the end of the 1950 s. but only in a very expensive small edition exotic model. c. as a thankful. in 1954 the legendary super sports car the mercedes benz 300 s.l. became the 1st series produced car with a 4 stroke and a fuel injected engine that meant more power and cleaner exhaust from less fuel. statesman began profiting from the new technology in 1000. $57.00 the last model of the $300.00 d. the adn hour and section fuel injection but these luxury vehicles like the fuel injection poynton to 20 and see built for just 2 years were available only in small numbers. once in a 1000000 so mean injection system went under the hood of the top model of the
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w 111 series in 1959 says chris try to show him what this new development could do mercedes sent a seemingly staid premium sedan onto the toughest racetracks and rally routes in the world. in 1960 reese car driver wagner schalke won the prestigious monte carlo rally and the european touring car championship with it to 20 and c b. the sedan won the touring car grand prix of argentina in 1961 and with a woman at the wheel also in 1962 early runs christie of sweden left all the men in the dust. and in $1063.00 a triumph f p 6 hour race under bird grid. for long distance races christophe handling and the quality and balance of the
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engine are crucial and the big tailfin as smooth extremely precise power steering this is special is comfortable you had on for quite sporty sparky. i saw him in the interiors build for safety too says krista for example with a padded steering wheel and visit baffled place having dashboard recess knobs and switches some of the made of clicks of a plastic christopher particularly admires the film and locked up which keeps the doors from popping open on their own in an accident are car tested. says mercedes an engineer. of prevented the principle of passive safety with his car and visually the car was oriented toward the extremely popular american design with a big panorama windshield and at the tail off in front though another stated one in comparison with us cars that think with mercedes the tail fin was not designed for designed seiko noses chrystopher sadie's call this feature the high ost the ghetto
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or my line of orientation and said can help you parallel park well calculated technology. with the big tail fin mercedes head designer carl bildt created a clean wind timelessly elegant standard chassis that was used in 3 series of vehicles. the vertical bar displays pedometer was standard starting in 1962 the 220 s. c.b. offered an optional on a manic transmission that harmonized beautifully with a 120 horsepower engine.
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and the standard under the w $111.00 so it was a 6 cylinder $2.00 leader engine time and only in this model yes he be but there is a well designed mechanical fuel injection system that ensures that each of the 6 cylinders receives a finely atomize mixture of gasoline and air and just the amount it needs at the moment that's much more effective than a normal carburetor engine and which the same amount of fuel is aspirated with every stroke of the piston whether you're for hit or just cruising off the head like a ton. of course that engine can no law. under be considered the fuel by today's standards. if driven aggressively the $120.00 horsepower short stroke engine will burn 14 leaders or more per 100 kilometers but it can do 172 kilometers an hour and has a powerful sonora sound than 220 s. c.b.
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sets high standards technically the sedan was among the best cars of its time it was continually improved and remained in production for 6 years. it might see them receiving stale when really said standard says chrystopher now its safety concept with a crumple zone and a reinforced passenger compartment have become fundamental features of car construction and the almost 300000 of thing you want to leverage were sold 66000 of them as 220 s. c b s with trailblazing fuel injection that's the technological standard today you really find a car that combines so many innovations so the mercedes $220.00 s c b is truly a milestone of automotive history will be. the result of a real automotive engineers car.
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and soon to drive it completely new and now electric the pre-show 208. now comprehensively revised the midst of bishi l $200.00.
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it. was. a chance to live on. for. many years is opening its pavilion and providing a 1000 the perspectives on our world. even. including the w. .
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here francis dear antonio there's a sea of distance opposite us i'm sitting on a terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 trances in germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades and it was my given among your mother was born in 1969 the wall was already 8 years old. my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in a marine unified a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. starts nov 6th on d. w.
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. this is why from berlin the far right alternative for germany storms into 2nd place in a state election in the india. exit polls show the left wing left party of the strongest force to be reckoned with but they'll have a hard time forming a new government will have team coverage should on the election's outcome and what it means for the country also coming up to. the world's most wanted terrorists has died during a u.s. led raid u.s. president donald trump confirms.


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