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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is d w news live from berlin and lebanon's prime minister has resigned saad al hariri becomes the 1st major political casualty after 2 weeks of protests that have paralyzed the country his offer of political reforms were not enough will his departure for the what it takes to restore calm also coming up tonight russia and turkey cease fire in northeastern syria has expired so where are the kurdish militia they had until today to leave the area along the turkish border and the
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u.k. edging closer to an early election after the opposition labor party throws its support behind the pre christmas election but lawmakers are still wrangling at this very hour over the date of the vote. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us tonight lebanon's beleaguered prime minister saad hariri says he is resigning it comes after almost 2 weeks of protests across the country protests demanding political change many lebanese are unhappy with what they see as a corrupt and incompetent political elite the prime minister failed to satisfy demonstrators with his announcement of a series of anti-corruption measures and political reforms and so he headed to the presidential palace on tuesday and submitted his resignation. earlier we
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spoke with our lebanon correspondent and we asked him about the fallout from her mission. action which we we so in the process squares oldish with us today would have beat. the movement. that it's the 1st step then one of the main demands was the government of the nation 2nd you have to. know you want. to call it want to take down the old sectarian so the 1st step that is the government achieve. the new formation of a new government based on technocratic with difficulty members so they can achieve the of the month. hard to talk a little bit more about this i'm joined now by my colleague from a rocket from our arabic department we know that the hariri government has resigned
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but the sick tyrian regime. as our correspondent just said it's still in place so is there any chance of fundamental change coming to the political scene in lebanon i guess there have to be a fundamental change even if it's not a political change it should be an economic chains and their fish i mean the the tools they use to you are just so that they are fired so in lebanon and other countries there have to be a fundamental change so people can feel a little bit comfortable in their lands and in their countries what would you say are the deeper roots here for these protests. then they leave life we are talking about people who feel like they are overwhelmed with the facts those. of many other problems like unemployment and they are feeling like their countries
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are just. ruled by corruptors so the corruption in lebanon for example in the ranks as $138.00 out of $170.00 somethings are so yeah that's so what do you have to wonder to when is the improvement going to come because it's been you know it's been quite some time since the civil war ended in the country we we've seen similar protests in another arab country these days when i'm talking about iraq before we talk about that i want to take a look at what has happened there. protesters in baghdad blocked the bridge leading to the seat of power the heavily fortified international zone is where government buildings are highest and many of rocky's want to change of leaders that really we want a transitional government and a president that will change the constitution we've had enough enough humiliation i'm a teacher i've got a salary and
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a house but young people are unemployed where are they supposed to go. to have all this rush of the constant post the curfew on the people you know that the people are energized to you when you're going about everyone came out last night to liberation square and we didn't care about any curfew or the government just one man shot a shot we want our demands to be met so i want those that cover here that even that . protest is dealing with the usual effects of tear gas fired by security forces but human rights watch says that iraqi security forces fired tear gas canisters into crowds to maim or kill demonstrators the little little girl. videos like this are being shed on social media allegedly showing the casualties. the death toll continues to rise officials confirms that must gunmen shot and killed protesters on monday night after they defied a curfew in the holy city of karbala. i believe this protest
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cuts across all society joining in men and women secular and religious groups. the protesters are angry about what they see us government corruption a lack of basic services and widespread unemployment they want the government to step down and have already rejected a package of reforms over the weekend prime minister abdullah abdullah mahdi said anyone disrupting businesses all schools would be punished but it seems unlikely that this will deter the protesters. are we see the situation there is there a connection far by. tween what we're seeing in iraq and what we're seeing in lebanon you have for sure but with the cleave there is and forth countries some floor allies ation in both countries there is a sectarian code with those and both countries there is a very high rank in corruption and there is a very a very high rank and on employment and both countries are trying to
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became better and to became a lot off their many years of wars so even though the lebanese war and the like 30 years ago they still have every state every. let's say can sequence after that and that iraq are just starting to feel ok after the war to the war you say you know they're starting to. feel alive if you will after the war we've also seen a massive protests in. we've seen protests in sudan are we looking at if you put all of these together are we looking at a new kind of arab spring taking place. even though many people those that lie the would bring in the report that i would rather saying it's sure over now there is a ball of our of war it's not another i mean is it won't be the
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same people now are more aware what they want they are more aware about how politicians could manipulate them with because they've seen how it's going to go on and about on trees where the arab spring did not produce good outcomes yeah right so now people you can see that in sudan people are staying in the streets they have a civilian government and do you have people with this thing tell now after a month off put the fleet it was ignition so what we are. seeing is another side of the upraising do you think we're going to see a different type of ending to it because the arab spring you know it culminated in chaos in for a lot of countries i mean there aren't really any good storybook indians to it so was that going to be different this time i guess it should be different because
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people are different now and i have like this strong observation about what is happening now in these 4 countries as you just mentioned people in the streets this time are not people who's asking about more freedom these are people asking for a fundamental. changes these are middle class these are the silent majority these are people who is not used to be in the streets so they are more stopper and they are more. knowing what they want they are more mature i will see if the political leadership in the country listens to them this time. from our arabic department for i think if we appreciate your insights. we want to go to syria now where the ceasefire brokered by turkey and russia officially ended hours
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ago with russia's foreign minister declaring that kurdish forces have withdrawn from the border area earlier than planned turkey says it will verify the withdrawals with joint patrols with russian troops but there have already been reports of clashes between syrian government and turkey backed forces the syrian observatory for human rights says it has seen artillery and machine gun fire south of the border town of ross alone kurdish forces there greed to retreat from the area under the deal which was struck by russia in turkey last week. for more now i'm joined by our correspondent dorian jones he's on the story for us tonight in is stamboul good evening to you dorian moscow says kurdish forces have left the syrian border area with turkey why are we hearing so little from the other parties involved here well one has said that if that doesn't accept the statements coming from moscow that's despite talk we should
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fishel is earlier in the day voicing concern things as many as 2000 kurdish militia have not withdrawn beyond the 30 kilometer border agreed in this cease fire agreement and the one that earlier in the week been warning that he would crush the heads of any militia that did not withdraw but following the statements coming from moscow it seems uncle is prepared to give the benefit of the doubt this comes at the same time as we have had these proposed sort of patrol once he came under fire from fire across the turkish side of the boulder and on top of that we've had reports that turkish militias fighting with the turkish forces in heavy fighting with damascus regime full season a number of deaths have been reported but given the spike all these reports moscow at the 9 them in damascus isn't commenting so all sides at the moment at least want this process to work and during we know there's going to be joint turkish russian
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patrols in this newly created border area what game would you say is moscow playing here and is this the more the interest of assad or air to one at the moment. well semi initially this is a win for. the 120 kilometers of syrian territory it is secured in its military operation on top of that it has a guarantee of the syrian kurdish militias now beyond 30 kilometers which was the object of this turkish military operation but he does appear to be the main when they hear what is this operation took his operation has led to is that he is regime forces have taken back control of nearly a 3rd of syrian territory and crucially secured a key border with turkey so many ways assad is seen as maybe the main winner the least for turkey they can claim a win at the moment it's all about simplifying the situation in syria and bringing an end to this conflict step by step. in this equation we've got the kurdish
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militias we've got the syrian army we've got turkey we've got russia and this constellation how do you see it developing moving forward. what is going to be a very delicate balance between these conflicting parties who have been in war. 80 years you can expect to see from the syrian kurdish militia there in a very weak position they're expected to be under pressure to become part of the syrian army although now that the americans again appearing to be back in syria they could be possibly looking for america to give them support and provide leverage in any negotiations with damascus for putin his main objective now is to bring damascus and closer together to cooperate get on crew to recognize the mascot's regime and the need to talk about returning of refugees and security that's the ultimate goal of putin to normalize the situation and improve relations between and damascus. in the story for us in istanbul during thank you.
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well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a u.s. army officer is testifying before congressional investigators in the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump lieutenant colonel alexander vin men appeared despite white house orders not to an advanced copy of his testimony says that he raised concerns about trump's disputed phone call with the president of ukraine he's. a mountain climber in nepal has broken the speed record for conquering the world's 14 highest peaks near mo persia climbed the mountains over 6 months and 6 days the previous record was about 8 years all 14 are at least 8000 meters high amaze. now after the wildfires in southern california the blazes have driven some of ellie's wealthy as residents from their homes including basketball star le bron james and
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even the terminator himself arnold schwarzenegger several fires are burning out of control in the state the biggest in wine country beyond san francisco has spread and firefighters are struggling to contain it the local electricity supplier says one of its power lines may have started the blaze despite shutting off electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers to prevent downed lines from doing just that . heading into an inferno san francisco firefighters on their way to battle the biggest and most destructive blaze taking kate fire. so the south in california is motoring remains of several homes in los angeles. finest swept through the tinder dry hills here prompting this warning from authorities if you're in the mandatory evacuation zone and you're still there watching this hear an idiot get the hell out it's way too dangerous
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people that stay behind are just a danger in themselves and not helping and i think that time is of the essence there's been a short respite in the winds fanning the flames but set to pick up again. what we started to get ready for there was another red flag event all right now it looks like that's going to start sometime mid day tuesday and push us into wednesday morning so we've got a kind of a quiet 24 hour window right now and then we're going to go into another critical period tuesday night into wednesday it remains a race against time. against the blazes before the next critical period begins. critical period it could begin sometime today for the latest let's go now to jason capability he's a reporter with n.b.c. news radio he's in los angeles for us this evening jason hello to you there are 12 fires burning in the state we understand we can tell by your tie that it's windy
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there in l.a. where you are what about these santa ana winds that are supposed to pick up today is that the biggest threat now in terms of fighting these blazes. yes yes it is so firefighters a strong everything they have it right now here in south south california if we get a fire that erupted yesterday is holding at about 650 acres but as you can tell it is windy wind gusts are about 10 to 15 miles an hour right now officials say that by 11 o'clock tonight those gusts are going to get into where between 60 to 70 miles per hour and that's what's happening in northern california as we speak those high winds are already getting that area and hitting that kincaid fire which is already at 75000 acres yeah those do ya boy winds i think is what they're called there in northern california what about in l.a. we were hearing a lot of private homes are threatened and even celebrities have been forced to
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evacuated what have you been hearing. that's right in in the getty fire footprint that's $650.00 acres or so you've got well tying $1000000.00 homes i'm talking $10.00 to $15000000.00 homes you mention the bron james and arnold schwarzenegger and some other celebrities and live in the area have also had to get back the way they're sharing their stories on social media and it's kind of it's scary thing when you have that kind of money and you're forced to leave everything behind him and we're seeing celebrities now making a donation toward the california firefighters on john scene of the wrestler chris pratt the actor these guys are stepping up and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and what about the cause of these fires are we any closer to knowing how these fires started. not exactly. p.g. and e. if it gets an electric in northern california they believe one of their transmission lines was broke in a wind you know a 100 miles an hour or so and it went and it landed on the vegetation below that
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one doesn't maintain and that energize line was able to ignite that vegetation and then spread quickly due to the wind down here in southern california we had a tree branch that a power line and that really is the start of the getting fire right reporter jason garrett only with the latest from los angeles in a windy los angeles jason thank you. think you are here in europe's the u.k. is a step closer to a snap election tonight which could be held as early as december its prime minister boris johnson's 4th attempt at trying to secure a new poll his election bill has cleared its 1st parliamentary hurdle after opposition m.p.'s backed his proposal but they are still debating on what day if any an election could be held on it comes after the european union agreed to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union for a 3rd time to january 31st. are the get more now from our very
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own show out of parts she is in london good evening to you show us and so is it certain that we're going to get an election in the u.k. right before christmas. well it does look like christmas election is now in the cards you've mentioned it boris johnson it's johnson's 4th attempt now and finally now the labor opposition party the biggest opposition party has come around to it so now the question is really on when this election will happen and we're talking a matter of days there any time between the 9th and the 12th of december but yes it looks very likely that we'll look at a general election here in the u.k. . to. look into your crystal ball. well at the moment the conservatives polling very high and they are ahead in the
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polls so it could be that boris johnson gets ahead of everybody else in this election he is a very professional complainer we know that from the referendum in 2016 where he complained for leaf also the labor opposition party has not been very clear on this . in the past so they will be in trouble in this election if we believe the polls but we also have to remember when former prime minister to resign may called a snap election in 2017 she was ahead far ahead in the polls and. that didn't look so good and we ended up with a parliament that we have right now so in 6 weeks times a lot of things can change here in british politics. just. yes definitely the deal is so far that will be discussed after the general election again and but it what it really means is that this standstill that we've been looking at for the past year or so here in the u.k.
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might finally be broken and if we look at the parties they all have a pretty much a very clear stand the conservatives want to push it through the labor party not so clear but the liberal democrats for example say. they want to remain and the european union and i think what this general election boils down to is that the british voters will finally have a say i say again on breck's it and whether they support boris johnson's hotline breaks it costs all whether they don't want breaks at all you know to be interesting to see the signs the in the choosing. to all the parts in london to thank you. are in the fight against doping in sports will soon be led by a man from poland witold will become the new president of the world anti-doping agency water this coming january now his most pressing concern will be the russian doping scandal and in an exclusive interview with witold banca told us his thoughts
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on the challenges that lie ahead this is the man charged with solving sports doping crises vetoed banquette takes over as president of the world anti-doping agency at the start of 2020 with a lengthy to do list we need to increase the controls of calls and we need then to doping playing sports we have state countries without antidoping policy without controls and africa we have only won a critical laboratory in salt africa however what have budgets of about 36000000 euros leaves little room for building new laboratories. they propose this. default to engage the private companies the public companies to finance the console sporty car enough that proposal may set off alarm bells for some observers after the contriver see surrounding the oregon project run by
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a sports clothing brand nike several athletes involved in the project led by coach alberto salazar one gold medals before he was banned from athletics this year over doping violations i don't want to read the concrete company because it's very important for me to engage some. companies to increase the budget for and to open controls 35 banks will become the youngest ever what a president incumbent craig really is 78 bank of favors a modern approach to communication where there should change to communication with its environment and also with the with the media we need to explain our policy and i want to be more open to relationship with with the media this is the difference you know the between maybe me and in the past but when it comes to russia's alleged manipulation of lab data bank you refuses to be drawn on what action should take this is the sensitive topic i am not actually the president and if of
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course. we discover some possible money. should be tough and the possible sanctions is obvious now banking and water may soon have to rule on whether russia should be banned from next year's olympic games with such a controversial issue already on the agenda banker faces a baptism of fire when he takes the reins in january. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories the lebanese prime minister mr hariri has resigned after 2 weeks of protests against the country's governing elite team took this step as the largely peaceful protests turned violent hezbollah supporters storms protest sites in the capital beirut today. the ceasefire brokered by turkey and russia in northern syria has ended turkey says it will join patrols with russian troops to verify that kurdish forces have withdrawn
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there's been some reports of clashes between turkish and syrian government units. tens of thousands of protesters have filled the central baghdad demanding iraq's government step down demonstrations have also taken place in other cities around the country at least $230.00 people have been killed in a month of protests against corruption and mismanagement. the u.k. is a step closer to a snap election infuser still debating on what date an election could be held on monday the european union agreed for a 3rd time to delay the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. to january 31st. this is news from berlin for more you can always follow us on twitter at g.w. news you can also visit our website at d.w. dot com. you're watching news wife from berlin coming up next kick off that's our
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round roundup of the latest books league a german soccer action i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day tonight the wildfires in california is this the beginning of a global age of fire. i'm going to.
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be. going to a. kickoffs the unhappy dance hall piracy i mentioned the finding nothing special now talk of the bonus meet up with the women at home against i'm top from. the summit is not so great that by an often unconvincing when it comes on the globes going on about now and just placement true champions look like. the.
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