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it's around the world. music country when it comes to green energy solutions and the 1st station. interactive content teaching the next generation of the fundamental to check ship. using the channels available to inspiring people to take action and we're determined to do something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global 3000 on d w and online. this is the news africa coming up on the program. and it's time to take a stab at a troubling going to war discussions not to mention that to nominate enough recall . has been to citroen violence inductances and most of them so i'm living inside those under the wing really to kill them slowly but true. nobel peace
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prize when i get talks to do that if i stay thing impact of violence against a woman and i'll bet you she was effect in his troubled home country the democratic republic of congo also coming out. boiling it with great which we hear from woman in sudan through years of the way the have been treated by the media mill authorities. on was there ever a doubt kenya's el you'd keep chugging has been named men's uglies of the year after recently being the 1st man to run in mark on the 2 hour. i. feel welcome to the program it's one of the most take on widespread human rights violations of our time violence against women today we take
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a closer look at the un's international day for the elimination of violence against women. is staggering one in 3 women around the world experienced some kind of physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime in africa the numbers are particularly high according to the world health organization 2 thirds of women in parts of sub-saharan africa that is 65 percent of women suffer from violence inflicted on them by their partners last year's the world peace prize laureates that is from the democratic republic of congo to the spotlight on sexual violence against women as the weapon of war runs a clinic in east india see is again ecologist and surgeon and has saved tens of thousands of women's lives would be constructive said then it is currently in germany showcasing his web for the global survivors fund an initiative that will provide the survivors of conflict to believe that sexual violence when reparations and other forms of redressed my colleague christine wound up with him she asked him
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about this and that you choose. today is the international day of the elimination of violence against women violence against women is something that you know and understand all too all you've you've helped women who've been raped in conflict in your country the democratic republic of congo i wanted to ask you if you think that the world has done enough is doing enough for women who are being raped in conflicts in single country and around the world. of course no i think that we can do more and there is a really possibility to do more i got the possibility to travel around the world and visiting women who were victims of sexual violence in their country and i can say is not released the world will do more for sexual violence in conflict it's not only a problem of call traveling around the world i discovered that in asia in latin
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america enough in europe we have victim of sexual violence and i can say that most of them so are living in silence and the silence is a way really to kill them slowly but sure so i think that you can do more in supporting them to break silos supporting them to access to medical treatment treatment to help them to integrate their communities and of course to support them to justice because without justice we can't really balance is use of rape as a weapon of foreign conflict the ducks as we speak in your country in the in the past hours rebels are attacking the city off penny you are in the german capital and you will be having a petition of it and you are talking to phone manufacturers and you are saying to them to stop working with rebel groups what exactly is your message my message is
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clear i think that all of us we need all the same in the 20th. and we need our. cell phone we need really to use it but the big problem is how are you are using. the materials are using in this telephone is coming from this area where rebels are . raping women killing people just to get his. or free of charge or using the local population as slaves especially children and i think that this is not acceptable there is a way really to get this done without killing and raping raping. so local population this is our message was have to get it cheap and use the local population as slaves while we can't get companies who can come in congo and exports is colton without killing and raping. you have always spoken about
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bad governance in your country you have said for the last century there's been bad governance in your country at president felix just like eddie is just about complete one year in office and i wanted to ask you if you felt that the his presidency the bit that we've seen there's hope for congo is he different to the others. i think is that i'm waiting to see i can't really give my judgment now because i think that the government have only i think 3 months and this is not enough really to get a good position about what is happening in congo but what you are asking to security to do is really to try to get another way to lead the country and don't really lead it is the former president did in the cold war this is a terrible way to lead the country and i think that's before one year it's really
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very area of opinion about. his way to lead the country. and lastly my last question here is if you could just tell us about the moment when you found out that you were and nobel laureate what at that point here. for me a really. pretty ones this is the day i was a minute and. when i saw how women at the hospital we were very happy to get this news i just felt that it was a victory and for me nobel peace prize was really kind of recognition of the suffering of victim of such from violence in congo and today a thing that is a burden for me because i think that the hopes that this noble peace prize created then we need to really to my terribly as this hope and bring on women of color to
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feel that this have to stop in congo we can't go now in 20 years more than 20 years women are suffering and this must stop what fighting now to try to get not only isn't a national community but also the national community to understand that we can't build a country without justice we can to build a country with a parish and all the women need really to get a position top democrat thank you thank you. and have a country where the rights of women are often violated that. activists say in the past women there have been unfairly targeted using harsh interpretations of sharia law the new prime minister has vowed to strengthen women's rights as the nation plots in new course following the ouster of dictator. but as he reports still a long way to go. this drink in the sudanese capital khartoum is
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boiling with anger. her name is our dear mahmoud kuku and she's a campaigner for the rights of female t.v. and is. she says please target women business owners like her harassing them for no reason and this must stop like that up until now there's been a crackdown on women we've complained the prime minister and the president of the ministry council the police are still chasing women and why. we are also a 1000000000 why is this still happening you know all these problems are deep rooted and have to be completely uprooted so to have a commitment. the authorities in sudan are promising to improve the situation for all women their rights were severely restricted after former leader omar al bashir came to power in a coup backed by islamists in 1989. so limit shareef
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has a government committee set up to combat violence against women. in the. us when we have a lot of systemic violence against women aimed at limiting their participation in political and social life. and we have laws that encourage violence against women. you're in forces commit violence against women and not criminals. but whatever the new sydney's government decides to cook up to rectify past wrongs it's already too late for some women. holy mob donna was flogged 9 years ago for allegedly drinking alcohol she still too afraid to reveal her real identity . and was going to see the judge had a pair snow problem with being shipped with the way i leapt. he even said we have
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been in paris for more than 20 years and there are still girls who like this. abdullah is still traumatized by her experience. she's now a feminist activist and as such she's trying to redress the balance between the sexes and she hopes to make women's life less difficult in future. this man kenya's. loves to run and now there's another reason for him to smile he's been the men's athlete of the year for the 2nd time the highlight of his season was of course this moment when he became the 1st man to run a marathon. in october. brag about here in the history books at least the man himself was not other ceremony and we're not going south today about here's how he responded to the news of his award so you know how he remembers that
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golden moment. it was really special that gave us really cool i am happy to be the 1st human being transmitted to us i hope fighters well that's it for now from new south africa you can catch all our stories on our website facebook page we're going to leave you now with the dog on the giraffe yes you had me right. well the farm on unlikely relationship baby giraffe was found in the state after being abandoned by its mother and sons one alternate in south africa jasper that's a giraffe name is not recovering by the side of his friend tom protect up on top dog fingers crossed i'm wishing jobs be speedy recovery i'll see you again soon but until that you buy.
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some. old favorites. and it's no wonder spectacular goals. plenty of emotion.
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plans to gameday. w. h a bit. early. for. your link to exception the stories of discussion from our use of easy to our website be deputed comes next week join or something school. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to arts and culture and a dramatic start to the week as burglars broke into one of europe's largest collections of baroque treasure in eastern germany making off with diamonds and jewels and so we'll have more on that and also on these stories. the one and only
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tina turner revered by many as the queen of rock n roll turns 80 on tuesday so we'll pay tribute. and we dive into the impressionistic 1st novel of turkish german author in. about the lives of girls and women in rural turkey in our continuing series 100 german must read. all the green volts in the german city of dresden is the historic treasure chamber all of the saxon kings it got its name thanks to the molokai green painted columns in some of its rooms and it houses some $3000.00 precious objects made of gold silver ivory and gems and after world war 2 the russians carried much of it off to moscow but the saxons worked very hard to bring the entire collection home and now after a break in early on monday some pieces have gone missing again.


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