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room in time book travel now amazing time. this is deja vu news live from berlin in the u.s. the house impeachment investigation claims as evidence is overwhelming. president donald trump is calling the democrat led investigation and unpatriotic which shocked so what happens next also coming up. nato marks its 70th birthday
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with the french president calling for a dialogue with russia and with president trump pressing allies to pay more for defense will the last day of the nato summit produce a show of unity. and assessing the damage in the philippines typhoon curry weakens and moves on the storm has driven something half a 1000000 people from their homes and left at least a dozen. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today the democrat led house of representatives has approved a report by the intelligence committee that makes the case for impeaching u.s. president donald trump now according to the document the evidence for impeaching the president is quote overwhelming republicans in the house did not back the report and the white house has dismissed that saying it failed to produce any up.
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wrong. the report concludes 2 weeks of public hearings into the president's alleged wrongdoings and the conclusion is damning donald trump placed his own personal and political interests above the national interest he sought to undermine the election process and endangered national security the chairman of the house intelligence committee said the evidence was overwhelming this report chronicles a scheme by the president night states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts a white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver to investigations that he believed would assist his reelection campaign. the report maps out
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a scheme to pressure ukraine into investigating democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his family also allegedly pressured ukrainian president below to me zelinsky to investigate a deep on the conspiracy theory that it was ukraine and not russia that interfered in the 2016 u.s. election the report also accuses trump of obstructing the investigation by refusing to provide documents and blocking government officials from testifying don't know going to where the republican party is going to do so unified this is right now i have never seen. the house intelligence committee approve the report on tuesday it's now up to the judiciary committee to consider the evidence and draft the articles of impeachment against the president democrats and to hold a full house vote on impeachment christmas. to diffuse washington correspondent all over solid has been following the inquiry and has. this on where the impeachment
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process goes from here the impeachment inquiry is moving into its next phase sent to the intelligence committees last action was delivering a 300 page report describing what they believe is overwhelming evidence for president trump's abuse of power so the core investigative work is concluded and now it's on the judiciary committee's turn to discuss the legal ramifications of the findings on wednesday for legal scholars from top universities like harvard and stamped ford will be questioned president trump however stays on message she calls the investigations a sham and refuses to take part in the hearings so the battle for the interpretation of the findings continues and in the end it might be on the voters to decide about the president's fate. there was a brief you know some of the other stories making news today u.s. senator harris is ending her bid for the democratic presidential nomination but she
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says she simply doesn't have the money to continue campaigning 15 contenders remain in the democratic field with 2 months to go until voting begins in iowa. riot police have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the lebanese capital beirut ponens had gathered to protest against outgoing prime minister saad hariri he's backing for a prominent businessman to replace. anti-government demonstrations began 2 months ago. google's parent company has a new chief executive sindar peach i will take the reins of alphabet succeeding larry page this comes as google faces a raft of anti-trust inquiries by congress and the justice department as well as by european authorities. well leaders of nato member states are due to meet near london in a search for unity amidst divisions there hosted by the queen at buckingham palace
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to mark the 70th anniversary of the military alliance is found but it was a brief show of army before a renewed airing of differences between the french and american presidents. continued at a news conference with president trump in his new role as a defender of nato after having long been its main critic. would you like some nice isis fighters you could give them. you could get everyone you want. not quite cordial combative tone pervaded the news conference with u.s. president donald trump and his french counterpart have manual mark hong at the nato meeting in london on tuesday trump sharply rebuked mccraw for saying in an interview with the magazine the economist last month that quote what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato. it's a very tough statement to make when you have such
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a gross. perhaps you're what's happened with the rest of you look at what's going on during certain parts of this exhibit her of the year and you just can't go around making statements like you know it's very disrespectful. micron however did not back down. i knew that from my statement we saw factions shake a little bit a lot of people have done. the 2 leaders seem to have differing visions of the role of nato they don't want to write and frankly one of the benefits really the least is the united states we better believe we're helping your. people. we are. one. and. another of the alliances big players german chancellor angela merkel remains upbeat
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about nato with all of the differences here but of course we'll have to discuss them we have to talk about the future of nato and the strategic partnership i'm fairly optimistic about this meeting mr. optimism alone however it will not be enough to bridge the divide within the alliance. well another point of contention at that nato summit is member state turkey's military intervention in northern syria a 2 months ago turkish troops moved into syria to clear out kurdish fighters from the border area there girl wants to resettle syrian refugees living inside turkey in that region in syria. a turkish patrol unit in the northern syrian city of. on the border with turkey this is where our wants to resettle syrian refugees from turkey in a so-called safe zone as quickly as possible. the safe zone would stretch about 100 kilometers westward from rahsaan line to. but the area lacks housing hospitals and
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schools so is seeking money from the european union to fund construction work something the representative of president karen o. wants a k.p. party in the turkish border town of jail on peanut are this keen to emphasize this they should support turkey so that all the refugees can return to their homeland and live a good life through an invasion piece but there have been repeated explosions within the plant safe zone several people have been killed blames the kurdish y.p. jean militia others say the so-called islamic state is responsible. kurds in the region are deeply skeptical about whether that zone should be regarded as safe. as we should with the current situation the united nations should really intervene. many kurds make it clear that turkish troops are not welcome here greeting their tanks with a barrage of stones. well nato member turkey launched that offensive into syria in
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coordination with nato is adversary russia and how far is moscow willing to go to weaken nato by bringing turkey into its sphere of influence let's cross over now and talk about that would be sure one in moscow good morning. nato leaders have sharply criticized turkey for deepening its cooperation with moscow what's the kremlin saying about that. well the kremlin spokesperson to meet his coach was actually asked about the deepening partnership yesterday and he kind of said that countries should be able to be partners with whichever countries they want to be partners with and that that partnership with russia shouldn't get in the way of a partnership with nato for turkey so essentially anyone can be friends that's kind of what he was saying but i think in this case actions speak much louder than words in the signals that we're getting in terms of russia and turkey's behavior
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certainly don't seem to signal that this partnership will stop you mentioned syria in syria the 2 countries have been conducting joint patrols despite the fact that they're on opposing sides in that war there in syria with turkey turkey supporting the opposition and russia supporting president assad and economically as well we've seen a lot of actions there between the 2 countries they're very close partners with there's going to be a launch of a new gas pipeline turk stream very soon which runs between the 2 countries directly so i think you know we can see that partnership isn't going to stop anytime soon rather than was on all of you strategic energy poles we were seeing between the 2 countries but turkey is also buying advanced weapons systems we're talking about the missile system yes 400 from russia can you tell us about that. well absolutely i think that the partnership that we're seeing between turkey and
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russia is kind of a strategic partnership in defiance of the west in many ways and i think the s. 400 missile system is a perfect example for that that's the myself system that russia has been selling to turkey many of the deliveries have actually already the raw arrive to turkey and that has been much to the dismay of nato they've basically been saying you can't buy weapons from our adversary but actually the 2 countries have gone even further in a meeting in august between aired on and putin we even saw the 2 leaders saying that they wanted to cooperate much more when it comes to the military that they might even build weapons together and said that he might consider buying fighter jets from russia so this certainly seems to be a kind of. you know showing showing off their defiance and showing off that they can do whatever they want despite what the west wants and despite what nato wants
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emily thanks so much for looking into this deepening relationship between turkey and russia thanks very much from moscow. well here in germany authorities now believe that russian intelligence services were involved in the murder of a former chechen rebel commander here in berlin. really was shot twice in the head in broad daylight in a berlin park now if this connection is confirmed the murder could have wider implications for german and your relations with russia soon after the murder in berlin suspicion of rumors that the russian intelligence services were involved victim of georgia national fault in the chechen war against the russian government . this is affected killers of 49 year old russian currently in custody reports say germany's federal prosecutor now also suspects the involvement of russian intelligence and is planning to take over the investigation is funded through the phone and there's a lot of evidence including the fact that the suspect was already wanted for murder
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in russia then he disappeared before reappearing under a new identity that's one of the key factors here. the murder in berlin could be similar to the poison gas attack carried out in britain on double agent. and his daughter in march 27 scene and that prompted many western countries to impose sanctions on russia conservative foreign affairs expert odorless keys of eta says the german government will also need to respond so dizzy should it become clear that indeed russian government agencies were involved in this contract killing we must respond this specially with sanctions and we need a cool ordinated european response as we had in the screen case. the russian government denies any involvement in the murder and is so far refusing to cooperate in the investigation. as the philippines now typhoon comerica has moved away from the philippines and weakened into
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a tropical storm it's left at least 11 people dead plane up efforts and repairs are now under way some half a 1000000 people were driven from their homes by the typhoon more than 500 flights were canceled at the no international airport was shut down operations authorities are now working on getting operations back to normal there. let's bring in now from the no ah good morning to you and you know now that the storm has moved on can you give us an idea of just how bad the situation is where your. as you can see the sun is. rising we are so this has a government official to go visit the affected communities and start doing a more detail damage assessment of you know that dental destruction on income very. now the other thing that's also happening because the weather has improved is those who were preemptively evacuated as the thinking that there are now being
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allowed to go home so while these 2 things are happening we'll be able to gather a better picture of really that down to the structures that i think that's just getting in the way is that there are lines and communication lines that are still down so coordination and all the data of those efforts and it'll take you know getting it that's getting in the brain but with this we can expect that possibly there are in your report the number of casualties and damage it may go up once we get a better and now picture coming in from the ground ok it's already is there i'm still getting it getting an assessment of how bad things are how long is it going to take for the worst hit parts of the country to recover. that's really going to be too early to tell right now while we're doing i guess testament they have done it i can tell you though that a local government official told me that in his locality there's about 10000 people will tell not go home because their homes were going to be destroyed and their
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livelihood throughput be destroyed as well so that's going to be a priority for the government 1st to get those people who are ready to go out and get a minimal damage to their homes get them up on their feet assume the possible but it will have the fair a more long term and sustainable plan for those who would form for completely destroy the sun so thanks very much for the from bill. well europe needs to step up its game to prevent biodiversity loss and to counter climate change in 2020 and beyond. that is the conclusion of the. european environment agency which said the situation is worse than previous report 5 years ago meanwhile climate activists. in the portuguese capital lisbon after sailing from the us by. the final moments of a nearly 3 week journey across the atlantic ocean from the united states to lisbon
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portugal. look tired and happy to be back on dry land the 16 year old swede said she took the transatlantic voyage by boat to prove a point. i'm not travelling like this because i want everyone to do so i'm doing this to sort of send a message that it is. even. thank the it is impossible to live sustainable today and that means saying these become much easier to europe as the un's cup 25 climate summit is in full swing representatives and delegates from some 200 countries have got the spain to try and find a way to reduce the world's emissions of greenhouse gases her rival also coincided with the release of a bleak report from the world meteorological organization predicting that the past
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decade will most likely be the hottest in recorded history. says many don't realize the power of the popular movement this may be unleashed. i think people are underestimating the force of angry kids. to invoke says she'll be meeting with activists in lisbon before making her way to the climate summit on friday. it's to kenya now where one of the world's largest species of zebra is under threat the number of zebras has plummeted by 83 percent since the 1970 s. poaching and regional conflicts are largely to blame but severe weather and drought are also making things worse. the dry northern plains of kenya used to be a safe haven for the iconic. the species as well suited to the arid conditions but
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loss of habitat intense drought and the land degradation is pushing these embryos to the brink this is many. religions and. diseases like anthrax have also diminished does evra but the severe droughts have been especially deadly for the younger animals in particular the population structure is skewed many adults and few smaller younger individuals it basically means that the babies may be getting born but they're not surviving to i don't the situation has become so drastic that conservationists are now being forced to intervene the main problem is they're literally starving to death the grammys eba trust another organizations that are trying to save the servers actually have been feeding them during the dry season and bringing them hay conservationists say creating nature conservancy is in kenya it will secure the gravies everest
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heartland and replanting grasses will rehabilitate the land but until that happens the survival of gravity is not guaranteed. well here in europe the u.s largest ethnic minority this indian the roma have faced centuries of discrimination remain marginalized today no e.u. country can claim that it's since the roma population has achieved equality a reporter because their cover went to the north macedonia capital of scopa where she met an activist who wants to improve health care for young roma mothers. sunny a bank here halim is often the only hope for many women and sculp quarter she and her assistant advise women on reproductive health issues the activist often finds herself counseling pregnant women as well because few of them are able to visit a polish find gynecologist think of course it will both of them women who have no
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identity papers are often turned away from the health services when they get pregnant they don't get the medical care that they should be entitled to even during childbirth or be running it that's one consequence of north message only as marginalization of the roma and it's why halim aspiring for better access to health care for local women. she visits a woman who urgently needs help. this mother already has several children and has just given birth to twins but she isn't producing enough milk to nurse her babies. well because the children often go hungry we've already been to several aid organizations we've even been to the neighborhood administration but no one has helped us. do you know. how lame and her team are now assisting the family. but i've been
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a woman since the birth of the twins we've contacted various organizations that donate food and milk for new born it's. doing. there are many similar cases here about 8000 roma women of childbearing age live in the district and until recently there was not a single gynecologist but how many in has helped change that she went all the way to the u.n. in geneva and got local authorities to set up a mobile gynecology clinic we're not allowed to film inside but it's clear that there is high demand for it services. all mostly movement i have seen all kinds of problems for example when new born babies or mothers suddenly die as the result of home births. babies have even been born on the street that motivated me to set the clinic up here. was murdered in the summer.
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the activist and her team work across the street from the clinic and people come by every day seeking advice today for example a young couple asking about medicine. patience and stamina are needed for this work despite the successes there are still many unresolved issues such as doctors who demand illegal fees from romany women. but how many in doesn't let that discourage her. but it's you know still been in those i'm very happy each time i can help my neighbors or especially when i see babies growing in pregnant woman's badly seventy's through and of course seeing a healthy baby being born here thanks to the advice i've given to the mother that i will the infant mortality rate among the burma is about 10 times higher than in the rest of the north macedonian population some the epicure halim and her initiative
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have a long struggle ahead to improve health care for women and mothers it's to the world of contemporary art now and one of that world's most prestigious awards the term prizes the shared between the shortlist and artist or finalist themselves decided to split the prize money worth an estimated 47000 people the artist formed a collective after being nominated they asked the judges to break with the past and not select just one when her guard said awarding the prize to all of them would show solidarity at a time of global division. this is deja vu news and these are our top stories. the democrat led u.s. house of representatives has approved a report that makes a quote overwhelming case for impeaching president trump republicans in the house did not back the report and the white house dismissed it saying it failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing. leaders of nato member states are due to meet near london for
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a 2 day summit the build up of the gathering has been overshadowed by another spot between the french and american presence. in the philippines typhoon camry has left at least 11 people dead and caused almost half a 1000000 residents to flee their homes. cleanup efforts and repair works under way more than $500.00 flights were canceled that monella international airport. investigators in germany suspect that russian intelligence services were involved in the murder of a former chechen rebel commander in berlin. was shot twice in the head in broad daylight in a public park. this is the news from berlin for more you can always follow or twitter feed or go to our website w dot com up next is our business news and it's one of the most energy intensive societies in the world but one small taiwan maybe looking for
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a greener future. problems as that story coming up i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being. the food.
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which. are for the resistance. it plays a central role for the demonstrators in hong kong. artists immortalized the heroes and victims of the protests in their work which keeps the stock of the uprising alive but what price. and freedom in hong kong. close up in 60 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans well
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i guess sometimes i am but most end up in one of the 7 the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype clad anywhere think the future of the country that i don't blame. the mafia needed to be built for this drama they are the new boss it's all about a new i'm rachel join me for me the gem from d.w. . post tsunami anonymously a fictional agent but as affectionately as you can. coach him in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and
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featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. polygamy or fetter marriage to the ends justify the means. to jin's witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . gonna trade deal with china wait until after the u.s. election president trump is now suggesting just that send markets a not so happy it will bring you the latest also on the program the war in syria is pushing people further into poverty the national currency is a new record.


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