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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 11:30am-11:46am CET

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flirtation is a strength in states of emergency. things into chaos. john the 2nd visit. to the people threatens the old order. and. the start of an era that defines over. 1900 the big meeting today since december 23rd. trade deal with china and wait until after the us election president double trump seems to be suggesting just markets. taiwan's future may be green if it can kick it said diction so-called.
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business i. welcome the tariff wars continue with no end in sight just a few weeks ago marcus was celebrating what looked like an end to the trade conflict between the u.s. and china but trump has changed his tune now the us president is saying he's no rush to get rid of tariffs quite the opposite now trump wants to pose a whole new raft of them and china markets were hoping for a different end to 2019. peace and joyful tidings while the white house was showing videos of the 1st lady in a winter wonderland u.s. president donald trump was bringing tidings of continued and even higher punitive tariffs to the nato summit in london putting to rest any hopes that a trade deal will happen any time soon he said i have no deadline no in some ways i think it's better to wait until after the election with china. shares and companies like apple and caterpillar which have. auction based in china lost value in
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response to that message. the threat of more tit for tat style tariffs from the u.s. continues to loom in other parts of the world too in france there's concern over a possible 100 percent levy on goods including cheese wine and handbags. trump made that threat in response to france's new digital tax which will hit u.s. companies like google facebook amazon and apple. so china isn't alone when it comes to translate its tidings those who were previously settling down for the holidays are sitting at the edge of their seats again. the only peace and joyful tidings this christmas season may be hidden somewhere in millennia trumps magic forest. joined by andrew day's a low in political advisor in berlin andrew. thomas suggested he could sort of keep the trade will going until. the u.s. presidential election in how far is that in his interest well yeah that the
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president election is a year from now the straight war has been going on for about 18 months so i think it's one thing is important to focus on though is we're all focused on this so-called phase one deal so no one out there including the markets is thinking that a big transformational deal is in the cards we were looking at that back in march that you know a really big deal that included a lot of chinese reforms would happen so what we're really focused on is can there can they stop the bleeding and. it's true that trump did delay this last tranche of tariffs to december 15th to prevent the pain from happening right around christmas gift giving time but. at this point we're already so deep into it that it's going to keep on going what do you think is more likely that he wins the election all that he wins the trade war. my base case is that he is
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going to have a hard time winning the next election now he does have a lot of advantages of course he's the president he's the incumbent he has the public and party behind him which he didn't have in 2016. but he's got a lot of political problems he's got a low approval ratings and now foresees and in this impeachment mess in the congress so he's in trouble with the election. with the trade war it depends on how you define victory in that with china if his if his goal is to force a lot of big reforms out of china that's not going to happen in the next year could it be that he has met his match in the e.u. on one side and china on the other is it doesn't taking on too much well it's an issue in point if you look at the way his trade strategy and relight hazaras the architect of the strategy is been to pick off smaller countries so look at canada look at mexico and you know that they went in last year and they got
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a lot of big concessions out of those 2 countries they now have a deal that's pending in congress but with china and europe those 2 commies are roughly the same size as the united states they're not going to move nearly as easily you know the e.u. has made very clear. or came to washington last year they came to a sort of a framework on what they wanted to achieve together they're actually working on that now and this new digital tax that you just described could blow that up so. both of those economies are not going to move quickly to in the same way that the smaller countries do how do americans see the trade war drums before and it. you know the most interesting group has been the tribes base which is you know the the farmers and they're the ones who are suffering the most yet they're the ones who have stood by him so. however public of public
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opinion data shows that trump is losing some steam in terms of the way the public views the effectiveness of the trade war so i think americans are skeptical but i think the next year is going to be critical of course in the run to the election 100 i think you very much thank you the founders of google stepping down a c.e.o. and president of its parent company out of it larry page and sergey brin famously set up the search engine in a garage in california back in 1990 that since then they've become 2 of the richest men in the world with a combined net worth of more than $100000000000.00 remain on the alphabet board google chiefs on the pitch will step up to the to also be c.e.o. of the parent company. as bring in financial correspondent shell to do it in frankfurt chelsea how important were the google phone biz for the business up to
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now. well certainly brad and larry appear to are obviously very important symbolically as a as you said of this company from a garage to one of the most important companies in the world but they have really stepped back over the past couple of years especially since they reorganized alphabet and google and 2015 and since then larry page has really been publicly facing at all he hasn't really attended congressional hearings he hasn't been on shareholder calls his into an employee meeting that's all sort of fallen to the chives so they've really been setting him up to sort of take on this role so it's not completely unexpected and i think investors are happy to see a more streamlined and streamlined structure alfabet at the same time brennan and paige are are saying you know we're stepping back but we're still going to be parents sort of proud parents but not nagging so they still do plan to be involved in the company and they still do were 10 about 50 percent of voting rights shares
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so they're still going to be involved in decision making as well. livingstone's is a big choice facing it's he's going to be facing a lot of a lot of challenges it's a difficult situation for alpha that they've been growing their stock is up a lot over the past couple of years but they are facing really an unprecedented regulatory assault from all over the world here in the e.u. several antitrust investigations in the e.u. and the u.s. they're facing and best a geisha is from congress from the justice department all over antitrust behavior but also. data privacy and things like that and they're also struggling right now with discontent within the workforce so a lot of questions over corporate culture as well so here's a lot of a lot of challenges so it's really me i'm friends with thank you. tesla's c.e.o. elon musk has appeared in court to face charges of defamation case centers on
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a message he posted on twitter in which he labeled a british diver who helped rescue 12 boys trapped in a cave in ireland last year a pedophile must said he did not mean the comment to be taken literally and was responding to an insult tech entrepreneurs offer to create a mini submarine to assist in the rescue has previously been declined. authorities in taiwan are stepping up efforts to clean up the energy sector c o 2 emissions high to 10 tonnes per person per year significantly higher than the average of 7 tons in europe the next report takes a look at how efforts to switch to renewables are going down here in taiwan electricity is very cheap but most of us is still generation in coal and gas powered plants that's despite the fact that the government offer subsidies for solar panels. chan hooping is the co-creator of
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a green energy crowdfunding platform called sunny finder she was determined to make use of the state's support for solar but there were challenges the most difficult. place. because no one. and though i wonder if anyone will ever believe us of. even joining us. i thought of myself and i thought of to myself. if you don't actually you will have no answer to you paying his champion the range of renewable energy projects here she is talking to residents in a long term care center where sonny find her helped install solar panels on the roof the center receives renewable energy certificates for the green power it produces this is by far the largest. charity project we have
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cough on date and this part is sponsor was sponsored by taiwan mobile company and come by in the donation effort with. a very mean in individual environmentalist say taiwan still needs to do a lot of work to improve its share of renewable energy there are plans to set up a number of offshore wind farms. but nuclear energy which accounts for about 15 percent of taiwan's alec tricity remains a contentious issue. the government wants to phase it out though last year a majority of voters said they wanted to keep this in a referendum organized by this man. we operate nuclear week because it is printing and cites the high level ways that are going to. spend for you is all story in nuclear power plant inside corner so. it doesn't effect.
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people's living a wrong or nuclear pop right. communities living near the nuclear power plant receive subsidies and officials don't appear to be too concerned about the risk of earthquakes. all from me and the business team yeah for a more business news features and lots of back story. business and also recommend you follow us on facebook twitter if you don't already do so. here's a quick check of global markets. seem
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to. be affectionately but as affectionately as you can. tell me in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly
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chronicled a power grab. actually everything was precisely planned introduction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. for the mere fetter marriage to the ends justify the means. continues witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . hello and a very warm welcome to news from world culture now this is just one of the art installations on a florida beach heralding the contemporary art. basel in miami beach also coming up in the next quarter of an hour. the architect of benetton creates buildings high up
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in the mountains more like sculptures. and a giant dragon is marauding through the streets of cali in france but don't worry it's just on the move. is one of the leading contemporary art fairs in the world originating in the swiss city back in 1970 it has expanded so much of it now holds in hong kong for the asian markets and in miami to attract of course american bias this year in miami there's more for sale than ever before and also more public installations for all to see like this one at the beach. a traffic jam sinking into a world famous speech miami beach this is one of the public installations at this year's miami art basel it's made completely of sand in the 60 cars are already hit
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with visitors who like to snap selfies with a freakish a beautiful sculptor stumbled upon.


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