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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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but the cooling tristen on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the middest tent the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter limburg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the time interest and. starts to simmer 19 d w. and romance of protection is good for all including the business sector if you want to know why stay tuned to this special edition of. our meltzer i agree in lagos nigeria welcome to the show and hello from me. here in kampala yes
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indeed grim business is growing not just in africa but in europe too protecting our planet is necessary to secure our future but it also makes good economic sense here's a quick look at what will be coming up shortly. how old brushes are being used to make standby generators and we also show you how traditional recipes are driving on morton business. and why it couldn't tourism could be a role model for green business because. we begin with a clever idea from ghana this west african country takes in the most he wished for . one month wondering if something productive could be made from to make sure he let heels for a buck trees and soon enough these green business idea was full. of.
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between 208000 batteries go into each power tube made by mark penn and his team the batteries are themselves recycled from old laptops with tests and every one of them the same you have to go vote for the good ones growing and gets there with her to work with them into this. mock tang's a regular job is at the university of energy in the true resources in the in west i'm gonna he set up this was 2 years ago he designed the housing for the battery on his laptop and recently began using a 3 d. printer for the high priest. once completed the pilots you can be hooked up to an invite to chat which then subs as an emergency backup generator that's ham tardis it's our and there are $0.04 per hour for this parcel 1st so this misguided the
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whole system got into power ho hos. the power tubes have an operating life of between 2110 years depending on the condition of the batteries then you just replace them with the used batteries. very practical ways to buy creams and try to give them a 2nd chance of course the person i am wearing means so we go around scopes in school and these working circuit and there who are from the system. for most of it mean there's some of them are scrap some of us are. has a thriving used electronics market but in other cities too such as. any people do a lot of take recycling. mark has found suppliers to have used bed trees across the country anthony a call from started repairing electronics goods 13 years ago. his
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store has also become an employee used batteries which he now sells to attain and his team but. to me when i went with them i saw right away that this was a good business opportunity they only scale on time and they're clear about what they want that's why we try to hold a lot in the 20 was there one especially this year and no longer gives them to the scrum to cry not for. 10 power tubes have been sold so far they don't come cheap they can cost between 871500 euros. their customers include both private individuals and public sector institutions such as these health care center if this power outage they just turn on the power tube. we've been using power 2 for several years now
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in fact it wasn't good enough for a tremendous benefit because there's a tradition in crimea especially in the how to so since we stopped it it's given as a more powerful. and i want to go out and that's a cost thanks. to my sins in his quest to provide viable solutions to power shortages. only takes the environment into consideration but these here and there were things to keep them where cars were connected with so recycling them from arab to do more to bark to pollute the environment. the power to invent and he steam and need more financing in order to increase production finding old batteries will be no problem here in. time for doing your bit this week in the suburbs of nigeria's capital abuja to be precise some women were brought together
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off cycle waste last week bags what are you doing with them turning them into beautiful handbags hand-woven and then machine so well guess what they've also turned it into a business owner living for their good and for the good of the environment. why are these women carrying loons through nigeria's capital abouta. tell use them to recycle the plastic trash that clutters the city on contaminates the soil. the easy way your organization supports both environmental protection and female empowerment. they wanted to empower women to be independent how to take care of themselves
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without it depending on the old ones. cleaned and disinfected plastic bags are cut into strips which are then woven into durable fabric to produce a range of attractive vitamins. they fuss but what. fits in on with things they felt they needed a little bats versus so. the idea was well with kyrie this thing this is out of their life it's. a piece of old denim is used to embellish this box. the products sell for between one and a half and 4 euros. the money earned by the women enables them to support their families while also doing their bit for the environment. and how about you. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. visit
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our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your story. and what a wonderful idea plastic waste is a cost all around the what he africa eats certainly. indeed victoria in kenya the millions of people living on big. impact on the environment indeed sandra and waste is not the only problem overfishing has left more than 3 quarters of the fish species unique to africa's largest inland body of water under threat of extinction but new kinds of fish farms who helped on the situation around. this vision took took is arriving in nairobi with the fish delicacy that was never so freshly available here. it's brought a load of 400 kilometers from lake victoria and. a new type of
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cooling box in the cargo hold makes it possible. for what we had if you had to. use the basket kind of basket you would come by and i would get credit and then again we have to look at what happened maybe can be free and i guess am i mad or you are really irrational because you want to get to the fish or the leg you're going to be concerned about the reflective. the fresh the labia comes from these fish cages in lake victoria. 5 years ago just off the island of fun gano brother and sister team gilbert and michel and began to farm fish. they were the 1st to implement cage aquaculture here now they're harvesting some 200 tons of fish annually is the point directly on ice
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. we want to make sure that less species listed as right now almost 60 percent 40 to 60 percent of all fish that is quote. lost because if. so what we're doing is we're creating a coaching for fish and unbroken cold chain stretching all the way from boat to consumer all right so that. this way it's it's going to be. lakeview fisheries uses the latest technology. like this transportable cooler made by a finnish startup. it has a cooling mechanism which is patented we're using our technology partners. that keeps the box cool. able to detect when the box is open and when it's closed. send messages to the tempest
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the whole time so at any time very aware of the freshness of the fish. the tilapia are hatched and grown in ponds on the island before being transferred to their floating cages. most of the people on am func are no rely on fishing for their livelihood. yet. during the 1980 s. lake victoria perch exports were booming. sustainability wasn't a widely known concept back then and the lake was fished clean. thanks michelle and gilbert umberto turn a profit with their farms and want to expand their operation. with support from germany's g.r.i.z. development agency they're building a new sustainably operating refrigerated warehouse to freeze their fish and. the
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sun is very abundant over here so what really makes sense is to be able to power the cauldron using using the sun and so we do not be affected by the politicians so quite excited that mean you will be able to buy and we're not too dependent on the unknown good electricity. the embryos want to turn their fish farm into africa's biggest and they're hoping to win the people of them over to fish farming. the next report is about a young entrepreneur who established a business when she was still a teenager rafael one produces not to also be a camel discover it's all your own day she is a recipe handed down from a grandmother but how business model is anything but old fashioned she sells. online and he's already looking into ways to expand markets. every morning roughly one goes out to collect leaves from the been known
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a big old pizza leaf land commonly known as unduly here in cameroon. the leaves are a basic ingredient in her 100 percent natural cosmetic products received over files business idea was planted by her grandmother the dollar is widely used in cameroon in cooking but the elder generation also uses it to make soap. of. everything they've done with my maternal grandmother who passed almost. everything she plans to my mother who then passed it on to us. in addition to running her business which she started at the age of 19 the young entrepreneur who is studying management an accountant at university she began the project with technical help from a startup academy. and of course in 04 i was out once you've collected out plans like they do lives the next thing we did is waltz them and then leave them to
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moderate us you don't really see here after the tsunami a little this the must raise it is then must say the plug can be easily stead into the tray some mixture. older sister michelle shares her passion for plants and helps out with the business so how do they know when the soap trace is ready and very soon the class just before more duce you assume forms on top of the put a lot next to one a lot of them foams and top because that's when you know it's ready for them oh yeah us to do that but yeah of course a complete. after being poured into the molds the bottles are left to cure for 3 weeks but if a lot of orders need to be filled refrigeration can help the seller rates to process a bar of the organic soap cost the equivalent of one euro 50. for
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the time being rafael ingo and takes the soap home where she markets and sells the items through an online platform the 2 sisters also deliver their products to some of their clients themselves. today they have an appointment with a regular customer who owns a beauty paulo. in the east. it's very gentle that's why. it's a. refined go and has partnered with a center the association of ingenious of africa a spot of a scheme to promote sustainable business in cameroon. she and her family hope that before too long they will be able to open a shop and in the long run market their product internationally.
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every flush of a toilet in any of these homes behind me uses an average of 6 liters of water i mean many cases that's water that could be used for drinking or washing up is that it's quite literally going down the drain 2 sisters in the german city of frankfurt thought that was a waste so they decided to develop portable toilets function without chemicals oist single drop of water it's a business model that could be of interest elsewhere in the world like many of africa's big cities. they're loading portable toilets onto trailers for each it's hard work. they're not standard sanitary facilities these are compost or no water troilus novato for short and that's the name of this company that's based in frankfurt germany and the only water needed is for washing
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your hands. we're preparing for a corporate event tomorrow friday night they need 3 wash basins a toilets and 3 or and also. sisters 79 elizabeth felt set up novato 8 years ago they're both former i t professionals. who are looking for a career change that. we wanted to do something that involves natural cycles and isn't too monotonous. we decided to give it a go so we built our 1st toilets we took them to music festivals to see if this was what we really wanted to be doing. both the answer turned out to be yes and the company is still going strong. one of their clients is a camp for school students. the whole idea behind the camp is to be climate neutral and eco friendly so of course we wanted eco friendly toilets
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meaning ones that don't use water if possible. and these ones don't use any at all and no chemicals either what remains is biomass that's in no way harmful. and with mr watson. for big events and long term rentals the company stops by regularly to maintain the toilets exchanging the containers and cleaning the surfaces the company also sells its toilets to homeowners and somewhat larger models for public spaces to local authorities. the principle is always the same. you have been doing here we have the container there's a layer of wood shavings in the toilet already well after each use you throw your paper into the toilet. it's also can possible it contains organic material that's so that goes in. and then you take some more shavings and throw them in. that's
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your that's what it looks clean and that binds the odor so it doesn't smell or rather it smells like wood shavings. and that's it. look at you nellie runs a cafe in frankfurt. a compost trial that was the answer to all his problems because the cafe isn't connected to the sewage system he's been renting a toilet for 18 months. we once saw one at a festival in downtown frankfurt and thought that could be really useful under certain conditions interesting approach to waste management it's great and people seem to like it and. what they retrieved from the various rental toilets ends up in a big container on the company premises which is taking to the composting plant every 2 weeks 17 says this system makes much more sense than flush toilets. the problem with flush toilets is that they use water to transport the waste that's
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a very bad idea the water becomes permanently polluted and the treatment plants can't fully purify it again that's why the. novato still operates on a small scale compost trial that's in other water free alternatives don't get work in dense urban settings 17 thanks and that's very unfortunate. well mornin medical hormones and drug residues end up in our rivers and lakes along with plant nutrients this is that's a problem because resources like phosphates are needed for agriculture. even if all that goes into the sewage plants in the residue gets burned it's gone forever. it's expensive to recover phosphates from waste water in sewage treatment plants novato is one of several small companies in germany that manufacture compost toilets they might not yet be able to compete with conventional toilets but 17 feds
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is certain that we won't be able to use drinking water to flush toilets forever. and now let's head to the children national park in northern botswana also known as the land of the giants it's home to the largest elephant populations in africa but that's just one reason why it's extremely popular to the taurus that's right and unloads in the park once visit as way of life in oz not sure possible that is why it's become something of a pioneer in. the hopes this could be a role model for businesses across africa. that show b. rivers in northern botswana forms the country's natural border with namibia while fishing and agriculture dominate on the namibian side botswana has put its side of the river under protection but was 50 years ago and make chhobi botswana's 1st national park. early morning is perfect for watching wildlife.
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that might live on the south. 70000 jobs in botswana depend on the tourists who visit the country's wildlife reserves but for goby much easy working as a park ranger is much more than just a way to earn money. their nation are pike together with that i mean los means everything it means everything to what some of us told so close everything is the most important thing we have to level and you have to protect the environment and i'm happy to be one of those people that do that in our country. the high pitched whine of an electric motor this game viewer is one of the 1st electric safari vehicles on the african continent and besides e cars show became large also boasts a fleet of silent solar powered boats and besides that it's also managed
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to cut down on 95 percent of its waste and garbage. running it or tourism and focusing on it. is going to be paramount you're traveling these days are becoming also more responsible and they would like to make sure that if they do go on holiday that they do support sustainable holiday destinations and operators. with $2000000.00 visitors every year botswana's tourist industry ranks 2nd after diamond mining conservationists around the world commend its complete ban on hunting and fierce stance against poaching across africa hunting and the growing human population of forcing wildlife out of their natural habitats many of the most fabled species have been driven to the brink of extinction. conservationist robert sutcliffe who collaborates with the
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chhobi game lodge is worried. even in botswana road construction poses a serious threat to wildlife. one of the main reasons is habitat loss. i don't have elements around whether there is being. an. area there for farming and development like this and cosigning and pushing these animals out of the areas that have. been 2012 chhobi river and its national park became the center of the curve on those m d c trans from t. a conservation area this is the home of one quarter of the global population of endangered african wild dogs. it's africa's largest reserve and spans 5 countries. the aim to enable animals to migrate naturally and freely. if it is paid off while giraffe numbers are dwindling in other parts of africa here
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but still numerous. that it's important that we work to try to concerts that this population that this could be is the stronghold for for. its lazing to see them moving into zimbabwe moving back into the outside. there's no barrier to the movement which is it's wonderful to see. that roughly 5 percent of g.d.p. eco tourism is still in its early stages in botswana but the sector is growing fast providing a steadily increasing contribution to the wellbeing of the country and its people. how rich is but when an email is on the environment unprotected and a bit of money can be made on the site that's all for these special edition of offical on green business is time for me to sign off one else from kampala in uganda. and buy
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a buy from me to here in lagos nigeria i do hope you join us again next week so damned stairwell and be sure to write to us on our social media platforms to see you sit down. to feel.
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because and now you look at me affectionately which was affectionately as you can. slightly mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture is much more of the determining about guns and the number of course you're
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going to the film secretly kroner gold a power grab actually everything was precisely planned and structured. featuring top supporting roles. to go in the rest of the jury to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before you go let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary to people who just simply understand that. you can play or let a mirror image to the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on t.w. . they don't want it. yes you know i mean you're monotonous incline us. closer than i was
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was into kamiya. us all with all of our. vision again and what it but on wood. this you know i mean you may not in a single i know what an uppercase one among women are. what i'm focused on in the studio but i'm with what an organizer i know but it's a term of. this you know i mean in your mind not a single line you are getting and when you carry on i don't want to. me number one and unanimous. the show could go because as you've heard us have said. i should. point out i've only said what i thought when i muttered a frantic. can see it because as if to say i said. i am.
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the boy. this is the job billions coming to you live from bali and jaylen exposed to russian diplomats or when alleged nada just one of the victims a georgian man gunned down in broad daylight in a glen park jail as prosecutors suspect a russian or chechen involvement in the assassination moscow says it will retaliate .


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