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here. to talk about. 3 more cool. people we have. let's have a look at some of them. still shaking in their boots the green. d.w. . this is. coming off a death sentence for committing no crime. spent 14 years on death row wrongly convicted of murder he was eventually freed but. languishing in secretive prison system plus. side of. cyberbullying in south korea is pushing the country. to take their own
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lives. and the foot soldiers of. the prime minister. says. into a theocracy. welcome to. it's good to have you with us china has done more death sentences than the rest of the world combined that is a human rights organization suspect the official numbers are kept secret that sentence is a way fault of these to show their commitment to law and order often times suspects in violent or disturbing crimes have a high risk of being sentenced to death even if they are innocent. met a group of men who have been through this. the foreman didn't
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expect anything when police showed up at their homes one evening in 2002 and 2 years earlier a gruesome murder had happened near their village. i think they suspected the culprits lived in our village they came and just arbitrarily took people from there we weren't even hanging out together at the time you are the devil in other words i see one promises and they didn't say much they just said immediately you're the one who did it. this poor ultimately found guilty of killing a young man and raping and killing a young woman her body was found cut into pieces and wrapped in a plastic bag that today nothing reminds one of the crimes. to get even though you did this is the place where it happened inside this compound. so this was a rice paddy at the time. don't you know. the double murders shocked many in the
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region chung fog and the others was sentenced to death they had confessed but under torture china is thought to have the highest number of executions in the world although the exact figure is a state secret once police have identified a suspect that person will nearly always be punished the conviction rate in china is 99.9 percent. when we didn't call us a bit of it we were prepared for everything 1st we wrote our will then we told our relatives they should appeal the sentence we were hoping we could clear our names but all the time i was scared that the communist party might suddenly take us to be executed. all of them were married and had young children or will farmers later jim's wife and as a repair ins with his rickshaw drivers to pay for the lawyers and the kids' education his daughter was 7 when he was arrested you know ok if i should have my classmates would go home after school and have dinner with their parents these
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ordinary things were not possible for us. to the color t.v. a novelist or other people this was something normal but to me it seemed like the biggest luxury i was so jealous of my classmates. it would be 14 years until she could eat with her father again then in 2016 the men's convictions were finally overturned. the story was widely reported in china one of a handful of cases but this says were revoked in recent years. and the others were compensated with 300000 euros each junge used the money to build a new house for his family. if we could have worked all these years we might have been able to make the same amount of money our reputation has been damaged our psyche our children and families have suffered we have mental
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health problems how can this money compensate us. it's not been several years since their release but they still struggle with getting through the day their ordeal traumatized. people used to talk with each other there was a lively atmosphere at home it's different now we spend most of our time in silence . says he has only one for his future to live a life as ordinary as possible. in highly connected south korea cyber bullying has emerged as a major issue just last year nearly $150000.00 cases were filed with the police that's more than $400.00 cases filed each day and it affects everyone from school
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kids to big stars to take the case of 25 year old sunni and 28 year old. both stars of korea's k. pop music industry both committed suicide after facing bullying online for taking a stand in the case of sally it was for describing herself as a feminist addressing older male colleagues by their 1st name telling fans to be confident with their bodies in the case of. it 1st for filing a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend over a revenge porn video. both women broke the mold of what it means to be a woman in maine dominated south korean society and the need for it with their lives. cool haro in happier times like a pop star a popular face of the band karo. but a few years later at just $28.00 she was dead suicide the only way out from the
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constant stream of vicious cyber bullying. normally when you were injured from physical violence you can go to a hospital to get treated and recover but online violence is a bigger problem because it can't be treated that way and sometimes it can even lead to death or. this led to the death of sally one of 2 harras friends a vocal critic of south korea's rigid ideals on how women should behave the social media backlash was cruel member of parliament parks and soak wants to address the issue through legislation her bill aims to make it possible for anyone to ask web portals to take down malicious or false comments. i am proposing defines a discrimination as illegal information and allows anyone not just the victim to request comments to be taken down celebrities who are engaged in pop culture
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especially those who are young are defenseless lee exposed to cyber violence now it is time for the law and society to protect them. the law still hasn't been passed meanwhile the crimes continue but there is some forward movement as former boyfriend and another man both k. pop stars were recently had in jail terms for raping a woman and sharing videos of the ordeal the case exposed to toxic culture. of illicit video sharing in the industry. which is the one i am very sorry. i committed an inexcusable crime i had made all my charges for them were very rude . but such admissions are rare meanwhile women are left to shoulder the burden of hate and vicious online attacks and for some it is too much
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he's been called india's divided in chief and critics argue it's for good reason since many of the more they became prime minister of india for the 1st time in 2014 india's muslims have faced lynchings beatings and assaults often times of the hands of those connected to his hindu nationalist b j p party but the ideological roots of the party lie in another organization that russia just whimsy of a song or author says as a vision of india as primarily a hindu mission a mission where other religions do exist but within a larger hindu context he has a closer look at an organization merely a century old and with membership across the country. it's shortly after sunrise and then munching india's r.s.s. has more than 4000000 members all of the men. it's the largest volunteer organization in the world and. they're the foot soldiers of hindu nationalism for them india is
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a holy fatherland and all indians must recognise the predominance of hinduism in it . there are cultural. traditions in the. us a lot of what even though they are the ones that are differences in practices of belief system of government the what. gord you're looking border thread of unity is there that what does this what bits of award that the goodness. in his speeches are as as president mohammed bhagwat seeks to tone down the rhetoric he's a close associate of prime minister narendra modi who's been j.-p. party is intertwined with the r.s.s. . images such as these are reminiscent of the fascist marches of early 20th century europe critics say this is no coincidence but the r.s.s. rejects such comparisons since the hindu nationalists came to power in india the
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organization has sought to rid itself of its image as a right wing extremist group. when i am trying to make myself visibly in when i am crying myself strong and how it is in demand it in others they are also as quick to do the rest of our duty to make them strong that is out of those guns. but the political climate has changed since hindu nationalists came to power in 24 tane incidents like these are on the rise hindu gangs beating up and lynching muslims because they allegedly slaughter. it counts and outrage the hindus. the r.s.s. distances itself from such acts but liberal voices accuse the organization of being as dangerous as islam ism or fascism in other countries. we've seen great is they cannot this is we've seen pakistan and the scene in germany
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in its dark. period or. i see india passing through a mormon pretty much similar to the 1930s india and yet such criticism of hindu nationalism is rare meanwhile the r.s.s. has popularity continues to grow they want to create a new india confident strong and hindu for many indians this seems a tempting prospect. devastating effect of the thank you thank you very much as we live in now with a jolly underwater christmas celebration of the 4 x. aquarium. santa has recruited sting rays and even my mates to help make the season bright that's a direct answer next time. what
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word can cause the coaxing germany to such. why not learn with him. to snuff it simple our mind on your mobile and free. p.w. zealand in course speak german made easy. the food. in the privacy of half a 1000000000 teenagers at risk u.s. lawsuit accuses video outtake talk of sending user data to china will take a closer look. also on the show the u.s. remains vague about a possible trade deal with china u.s. lawmakers are meanwhile cooking up new sanctions against the country. and taiwan's future maybe crain if they can kick its fictions of coal and nuclear power. welcome
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to business asia i'm stephen beard's in berlin thanks for watching. u.s. class action lawsuit claims that chinese video sharing app tick-tock secretly transferred vast amounts of user data to chinese servers the lawsuit filed in california accuses tech talk of collecting the information without user content consent rather saying it could be used to identify profile and track customers. has become hugely popular with teenagers since it launched 2 years ago last month to hit 1500000000 downloads that's already more than instagram. and for more on this let's bring in rob watts he's been looking into this rob 1st off remind us again what is tic toc so take talk is the international version of a chinese dollar yen and it's a simple concept uses post 15 2nd video up to 50.


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