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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 4:00pm-4:29pm CET

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this is day that we years live from germany expelled to russian diplomats alleged this was the victim of children gunned down in broad daylight in a van in pa german prosecutors suspect russian involvement moscow says it will retaliate also on the program dividing nato searches for unity in london leaders of the military alliance a common ground of best 70th anniversary meeting and decree that china presents the organization with new challenges we'll take you back a lot. john dragon is brought in through the streets of the french city of caliber
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don't worry it's just fear on the move. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program a suspected murder case is renewing tensions between germany and russia expelled 2 russian diplomats over the killing of a georgian citizen in the city last august the victim has been named as for my chechen rebel commander said the infanta ghosh village i he was shot dead in broad daylight in a public park in august a suspect named only as 40 m. has been taken into custody prosecutors suspect a russian or chechen state involvement russia denies any involvement and says it will retaliate against the expulsions. all german chancellor angela merkel has defended a different action at the nato meeting in london reporters asked if she discussed
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the matter with her nato allies. i'll be meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts. in kentucky so why don't you just call it up in that you know. well let's go to let's get more on this from data because of all the maximally on the close each in front of the russian embassy and then the end of the show with the moscow welcome both so with maximilian the killing was 3 months ago was it taken so long for germany to expel these diplomats. now the decision comes after months of continuous efforts here by
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a bird in authorities to investigate the killing of the victim in august this year and the foreign ministry here in berlin has giving the decision to expel or to russian diplomats declaring them because their own uncross and therefore asking them to leave the country after the german authorities have been having both a russian embassy to help in the investigation and not being given any help as they say and also founding our like considering some evidence to be found that there has been some involvement from either russian or to cheney and side so both the fact is of the refusal of cooperation by the russian embassy but also hints of evidence to russian involvement in the killing of the cheney and man made this decision happen and now the general prosecutor here in germany has taken over the case which only happens if there is a danger to the security of the german states involved and also as we heard the
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decision by the foreign ministry to expel 2 russian diplomats to tell us about the suspects in custody. so the victim still in hong kong was killed this august new full from here in the center of palin in a small park old declined. and he was killed in close distance by several shots by a man approaching him with the boy and this is later of surfed that the man on the bike then later tried to dump the boy and a bag containing a gun in a park pond and the victim's a far as we know has been fighting an anti russian side in the 2nd to cheney and war in the late 2000 times and then later moved to germany seeking for asylum here but was later refused asylum and us to w.
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spoke to his wife after the killing she said in her own words that they knew something like this could happen as for the suspect currently named as vadim k. he is currently detained by german authorities and as far as we know he had already been suspected of murder in russia itself and he is now a key witness as well as a key sort of suspects and figure indeed current investigation by the general federal prosecutor i'm going to show it in moscow what good reaction has there been from the kremlin. while the kremlin has repeatedly denied that there could have been any russian state involvement in this whole case and we heard a similar denial today as well from the kremlin spokesperson and then after the expulsion of those 2 diplomats we heard from the foreign ministry they called the expulsions an unfriendly and unfounded step and they also accuse the german side of
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basically politicizing this investigation they also said that they would be taking reciprocal measures so it certainly feels like it could be a kind of growing scandal so watch for the action can we expect. well of course we don't know yet at the moment in similar cases russia usually takes a kind of tit for tat approach you might remember one precedent which was kind of similar which was the screwball case the attempted murder of serug a screw fall in in 2018 the u.k. accused russia of being involved in trying to kill him and at the time the u.k. expelled 23 diplomats and russia responded in kind so it's a similar case we could see a similar to receptive for tat response but here we've seen only 2 expulsions and i think we're seeing even now that both sides both the german side and the russian side are kind of tiptoeing around this case a little bit we've heard on state t.v.
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here one politician talking about how yes there has to be a kind of tit for tat response potential expulsions and so on but this won't affect our very good relations with germany let's go to the maximum. how is this likely to affect the relations between the 2 countries. well germany has always walked very much of a tightrope walk when it came to russian relations so on the one hand off the enix ation of the crimea in 2014 germany has led the sanctions against russia but then of the same time it also in regards to the ukraine conflict has been take bringing russia and the ukraine to the table together with france to make the minsk agreement happen and this kind of tightrope is very much at the heart of the german government so we have on the one hand the german chancellor angela merkel is very skeptical on russia and has been very skeptical for example the french approach is
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trying to bring russia back to the european table and on the other hand merkel's coalition partner the s.p.d. is very russia friendly in tradition and so we're going to probably see also within germany a lot of debates how to act on this case further. that i must ask each nomination with boston thank you both. take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world starting in the united states where the house judiciary committee is considering the evidence for possible grounds to impeach the president this comes a day after findings were released from being president from alleged abuse of power in his davids with ukraine the chairman of the house intelligence committee said the evidence was overwhelming experts enough having to testify in the 2nd round of public hearings. he use new commission president joseph on the line that says she
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expects a fair and independent investigation into the night of multis journalist daphne kind of want to galatea was kind of wanting to let serious killed in a car bomb and 2017 following her reporting on high level corruption in the country's politics and economy. right police in lebanon her fire tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital beirut people gathered to protest against the nomination of prominent a businessman samir to replace the country's outgoing prime minister and to government demonstrations began 2 months ago. and nato leaders have started talks on the 2nd day of a meeting to mark the military alliance the 70th anniversary divisions over a number of issues have surfaced but today national leaders adopted a joint statement that so to play down fears of disunity it said the organization had to look to the future together and that knowledge the challenges posed by
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china's growing economic and military power the 1st day of the gathering tuesday so friction was a sharp differences emerged between the american and french leaders later secretary general stoltenberg said members had recommitted to be alliances core defense goals and agreed to share defense spending more evenly. were there we stand together all for $1.00 and $1.00 for all all we meant to article 5 the collective defense clause or our alliance is our unplanned our law is further recognized the unprecedented progress we are making to achieve fairer burden sharing this is the 5th year of rising defense investment. in fact you did p. in canada and the 100 on $38000000000.00 us dollars and by the end though $10.00
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to $24.00 that figure rise to $400000000000.00 us dollars this is president to. get more on this from v.w. got correspondent hoffman who joins us from london welcome us why did the secretary general necessary say rio optical 5 the hots of the nato alliance up until donald trump the u.s. president took office a couple years ago 3 years ago this was just a ritual because as you say it's the heart of nato article 5 so you always recommit these leaders meetings or as at the nato summit as they are sometimes called as well but when donald trump called the alliance obsolete that's when everybody started getting nervous and more importance was giving to the affirmation of article of this article but this time you know it was a little different phil because it seems that dull child has a refiled or fallen for the 1st time interest really in nato defending the alliance
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saying that it was a very good thing so it's getting back to sort of a sort of a ritual and even what you mentioned you know the increased spending which was very important to the secretary general back that also increased significantly the u.s. president who was never shy of criticizing his european allies for not spending enough even said this time that everything was on the right track the problems really were in different areas this time right now that this meeting was the 1st time china was discussed formally as a challenge one of the latest concerns. that's true that's really the only new thing in this declaration everything else is this stuff we already know reaffirmation of plans that had already been made and. the stance they have taken towards china is ambivalent because they describe china as being a country of huge opportunities but also
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a few challenges and when they talk about challenges they mean the challenges in cyberspace pacifically the 5 g. network that is under development in many european countries and it's because it has something to do with china because some of the world's leading companies in establishing those networks are from china mainly who away and the americans specifically are warning their european partners not to employ you away because they're worried that china will take advantage of it stealing data stealing information and what have you had to the nato leaders reach a unified position on is incursion into northern syria. that was probably the point where we all thought here close to london that there would be you know that the most discussions and the most trouble because president after one of turkey had announced he would block for example the plans or the strategic plan to defend eastern europe if he didn't get more help in northern syria but the rest of the
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partners believe that he has invaded northern syria and don't agree with that move but the diplomats we talked to here off the record were surprised by saying this all went much more smoothly much more peacefully than we anticipated and even everyone agreed like i said with those plans we don't know if you've got something in anything in return that's something where the secretary general you back kept quiet about. the nato meeting thank you. now to the united states where the house of representatives has passed a bill calling for targeted sanctions against members of the chinese government over the over china's crackdown on wego muslims more than a 1000000 wiggers and and other muslim minorities have been detained in what beijing says are reeducation camps the u.s. legislation calls for an end to what it describes as arbitrary detention torture and harrison and china says the bill is a smear that the camps provide
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a vocational training but many weak as have fled abroad to avoid chinese persecution. it's even small expressions of identity can result in arrests one of the victims this program's father the editor of a weaker newspaper even small expressions of identity can result in arrests one of the victims this program's father the editor of a weaker newspaper he was detained and put in a cab his son has not heard from him since. he died in camp so i have to fight back if i choose silence in the a could collect so many pain in my are if i face fight back i could feel a little bit better his father's fate means programs fight for weaker rights his personal. now to some more of the day's top stories iran's president hassan
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rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in protests last month that instructions broke out across the country after the government raised petrol prices despite the announcement the president said the protesters who used weapons should be dealt with by the law. and well known japanese doctor has been killed in an attack in afghanistan a tad soon after mora devoted his life to helping the afghan people in 5 others were killed when gunmen attacked his vehicle in the city of jalalabad in october dr knacker more who was awarded honorary afghan citizenship. google founders larry page and sergey brin a stepping down as heads of the internet giants parent company alphabet they'll be replaced by current google chief assumed the china google's facing growing criticism in europe and the united states over its previous policies. if you know the nigerian city of lagos then you probably also be familiar with the
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slum city of chicago known as the world's biggest floating city it's home to about $300000.00 people but despite its size macaca has never appeared on any city planning documents all maps but that's about to change. welcome to my cocoa a floating slum in the nigerian mega city of lagos officially this part of the city does not exist you won't find these dingy canals and ramshackle house indicated on any city maps but john and his team are trying to change that on to their location tracking smartphones they crisscross the old ways with the aim of pushing my cocoa and it's approximately 300000 inhabitants on the map where i was a mere made up of girls from. actually. collected went of interest within the neighborhood within the houses to put these on the map so we can have more. points of interest on this in my city streets and
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have is enough to get. all of this going to be under market for free. john works for south africa based ngo kota africa the organization behind this drive to map out the slums and improve the lives of those who live here every point of interest is carefully entered into the system like what the floating barbershop. grew up with in your 100 miles. to be part of the point of regional food she wanted to come and model whom are those who want someone who without property deeds or in many cases even illegal existence the inhabitants of makoto live with the permanent threat of addiction for this local traditional leader appearing on a map for the 1st time is a step towards cementing his people's place here. nancy before in marco corps we were in the dark but now with the work you have done we traditional chiefs can see that you have done a good job we are only fisherman we didn't know how to market the different
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neighborhoods as you can you know we are very happy. john believes that inhabitants of this part of the city should have access to the same knowledge of the neighborhood enjoyed by those who live elsewhere in lagos. all of these we have to walk in on the hour we are gone if we look like the rest proper because you know you cross the street you see different. the public will not be able to see this neighborhood differently as the map is ready to go online. now to the turner prize one of a contemporary art world's most prestigious awards it has been shared between the shortlisted artists and helen kamaka scum the rhythm a tie shiny and lawrence abu hamza will split the 47000 euro crisis between the the artist form the collective and asked the judges notes to choose just one winner the aim was to show solidarity at a time of global divisions. and the creator of the
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machines you're about to see likes to call the living architecture and i suppose this dragon behind me is the kind of architecture but moves this big beast is currently roaming the streets of cali in france but the locals aren't worried it's been built to entertain and a stand by a theater company called la machine and it looks like becoming quite the tourist attraction. such a huge dragon is rampaging through the streets a cowling hissing breathing fire and it's here to stay so it's out to get a good look at its new layer and the people who live there but they need to be on the lookout for this dragon is a tricky one. the dragon is great. she saw 1st and also i had quite a shout with my son from the dragon and wet from the rain for years but it's
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alright. the $72.00 ton dragon is 10 meters tall and 25 meters long after the show it'll be on display in cali starting in the december it will make its rounds at the french port every 20 minutes carrying up to 16 brave souls on its back. it was built by the french theater group and a machine which specializes in creatures like this from. the dragon was built from iron and wood a few months earlier in the city of known to western france the project took some 2 years from the 1st sketches to the finished creation. it was designed by france waddell locals yeah the founder of the machine some 80 people work together to bring the dragon to life metal workers carpenters artists and software programmers true god 1st i made a sketch sculpture used it to complete this wooden model so simply served as the
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prototype for the dragon of calais. then i had to be rendered digital as. the dragon skin is made up of some 200 individually crafted wooden components. through. the loss of that blue is a bit more vivid than the last one. i am. the symbol of the art. istook ensemble is a giant elephant regularly takes a stroll around la machines exhibition grounds and no. visitors there can see and experience it along with several other mobile creatures that have been created over the past 20 years. back in cali it takes a crew of 17 people to execute and synchronize the dragons movements.
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on the beach as it is you stay in line. look out never let up. farther never really get a with the metallic goes the jaw is perfect. it's a pilot sits inside the head and controls the heads movements and the dragons facial expressions. are 2 more people who control the jaws the tongue is the eyes and ears back as pierre is responsible for special effects like the water fire and steam even doesn't there's another for the wings and one of the tail there was you know there's one person for talon one who drives the vehicle and one in charge of overall coordination for every minute that even though you call them up with you so . when night falls the dragon really comes into its own.
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and by the next morning some people may not be quite sure if what they saw really happened or if it was all just a dream. this is news is raw top stories germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats over the killing of a georgian citizen and then form a chechen rebel commander. believe he was shot dead in broad daylight in a. park in august the suspect is in custody russia denies any involvement. nato leaders have adopted a joint statement that seeks to play down fears of disunity within the alliance on a 2nd day of talks member states and knowledge the challenges posed by china's growing influence the 1st day so shop differences between the american and french presidents. the u.s. house of representatives has angered the beijing by passing the bill imposing
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sanctions on members of the chinese government china's crackdown on we go muslims the bill says keeping more than a 1000000 we goes in what china says are reeducation camps violates their human rights. and american lawmakers on the house judiciary committee are considering the evidence for possible grounds to impeach president donald trump this follows the release of findings from the choir into the president's alleged abuse of power in his dealings with. the chairman of the house intelligence committee described the evidence as overwhelming. this is d.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at the w. news or visit our website the w dot com. the w. news asia is next with bishop publishing and on have more world news of the top of it out with the.
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light can carry information. zite can help feed people. still people can be happy without light. how much lines do we really meet. we've seen the light on made in germany next. double talk show. strong the clear positions from international perspectives.
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