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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm CET

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also the challenges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir. and 16. take it personally. with. make the dream so special. that all truth. is. more than foot long line. africa coming up on the program they have promised to kill instead telling every year fake medicines killed thousands across africa or hear from. a pharmacist me. also coming up. uganda's president was 70 against corruption but your position called it. will get to the bottom of what's
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going on. in south africa. is. trying to prove. i could you know you're welcome to the program africa big drug problem and it's killing hundreds of thousands every year we're looking at the suffering this multimillion dollar business courses and what can be done to stop it now the world health organization africa accounts for 42 percent of the global consumption of. fake medicines their results. 250000 drug related that are report. every year children are dying every year from malaria
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or pneumonia due to fake drugs flooding the market cartels free on developing countries with little or no regulatory oversight like in kenya where our correspondent. has been investigating it's been a year since below 18 month old son passed away memories of her baby boy are still vivid so are the nightmares of losing him when he got sick the law took a son to a local chemist for help he was given an injection his skin color changed soon after in a public hospital he died in his mother's arms. one of the doctors pulled me aside and said your child has been injected with fake drugs fake drugs. they did blood tests which revealed that the drug was fake.
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into this is. also interesting. says she is just one of many here in the slum of mathematics who have been affected by counterfeit medicine her friend millicent is convinced her son was also treated with fake medicine as she calls it rather than helping him the drugs ended up paralyzing her once playful boy she says 7. from the moment he received an injection he stopped talking. to stop walking when his old body stopped working properly still today that's why he's this way with 2 women share their grief they say they don't only blame the counterfeit medicine for the fate of their sons but also the people of ministering and distributing it. on 1st impression access to medicine
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doesn't seem to be an issue here in south ossetia pharmacies lined the streets the problem is none of them is licensed the individual prescribing medicine has not been trained as a pharmacist and the medicine itself legally speaking could not have been purchased legitimately through a regulated wholesaler so where's this medicine coming from. we met the owner of one of his illicit drug outlets who wanted to stay anonymous for fear of repercussions he admits to occasionally buying drugs from illegal briefcase sellers a major source of dangerous substandard medicines. they were selling it very close to. the. lower price the drugs they are selling are not but it is sort of that may be. from
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a certain sauce. yet the real difficulty isn't barry find the quantity of medicines sold in unregulated pharmacies like this one in kenya the issue is widespread out of 20000 drug shops we have 5000 registered pharmacies so 15000 of them are outright quacks but are putting the public at harm. once a government to step up their response. some of these are recent on the c.s. that sell fake drugs should be shut down these fake docs has to get justice. i would attest to this. she hopes that someday soon it will be faith to buy medicines and how community so that others won't have to endure the same heartbreak that she still carries with pat today.
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joining me now is frank bures a faith cameroonian pharmacist who came up with the solution to fake drax i know frank welcome to the program so tell us what is the solution you came up with and how does it work. the solution is called true spirit so 3 basic words a horse might use as a shock to know that you out of the hospital. while she conscious and so to know that we opposition ask us do you use and it sounds and you are done cyclones so are you just a person don't just shoot you how did you guys and. you make it and i says the size and you have the weasels on my ass and so you can use it online. you can you get all this is. in god's eyes the law was you guys that can be really
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helpful so african continent ok that sounds very interesting but many patches think drax because they out less expensive than the original ones so how do we address this. theme that that's not really true 1st is known as an illusion because you know i'm just treat. the myths in us all and it was by treatments of ours i'll just treat my get at a simple as you know you know and you know how much he says. unless you have to be on the ballot so. it doesn't bias so frank what role kind of authority simply in all of this. not want to repeat and reach the little man on a log or salute they brought you into. another line the composition of the joint force for example close as you guys that are usually. that are
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usually day to analyze. oratory i really expensive stick cause why don't you meet up that i'm not. just in $1000.00 so you look was a little gee i like that suit their economy. and i think i'm going also trying to do me a book originally to me to bush and between previous this week and. the previous 6 or an earth. ok frank vesa face found true speck africa thank you for your time i think you're. now the fight against corruption is one we can all get behind. right well that's not the case in uganda and anti-corruption march led by preston 70 well then the
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stake here raise eyebrows a government organized walk is managed to show commitments to fighting corruption but the opposition believes that to be. ahead of presidential elections next year at least a lot of position countermarch. for a quick look into this report. joins us from kampala uganda hello julia tell us how the events unfolded during the day. now according to the organizers which is the government anyways they've been very successful prison jory must have invited it was a radio and the road welcome with thousands of people until they made it to the independence grounds all of them he told them that corruption was a very big problem when you good point 986. the problem is to the problem of corruption he say he is
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a rich man but he has most any chord from anyone but you cues as his ministers and several government officials are being very corrupt and this is with this kind of awareness and having all your guns but it's become finally a fight corruption and you got. the opposition clearly had a problem with this than they about the police stopped them from. much then into. that suddenly hoping we so for a time presidential candidate opposition figure. to move from his home. where we understand to his office and the police bloke who was actually towed back to his home and now these opposition figures see that this is the more kerry. who is now an opposition politician said the prison show where you must have been cannot fight corruption. team in power how then can you fight it several other people. contributed to. their position they said this is
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a mockery the government is not serious to be aware of the problem of corruption including even within some fun the members of the prison have been accused by a position to guess they say what happened today is just a walk things will go to no more. to talk about the corruption that has been happening for the party as they don't see anything from today's world but the government insists they are appointed to fight corruption ok. thank you. now what do mean to you represent. all that comes with the stigma that divided opinion in south africa's townships to . enthusiasts to establish an event to celebrate the. in south africa's townships touch use art to boo getting into comes with negative
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perceptions like gang affiliation or even demonic activity but now to 2 artists are attempting to change the image their festivals are not just for enthusiasts but to promote to too culture throughout society. that i'd like to think that i got it so it bit by bit and i think people coming to my you know i think. he became chief executive in. never mind that anything even if people do decide to go under the needle not many can afford the services of a professional tattoo parlor so education about potential risks is important health and safety that's a major problem because people still tattoo in the back room they don't have proper substances no spaces that's what we're trying to introduce to the people and educate the people how to get the proper certification and how they should dispose the waste they shouldn't just like put it in the dust and stuff like that it's the
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small things that they still not aware about this still behind this convention also provides a platform for beginners and black tattoo artists who are struggling to get access to bigger festivals as the art form grows the hope is that only the ink and not the stigma last forever. not sure if this will make you dead maybe i will stop the fun off of the wus africa goodbye. post and now completely affectionately but as affectionately as you can. put him in the middle of his election campaign in 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled
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a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. because of the mere fact a marriage to the ends justify the means. cujus witnesses starts december 13th on w. . classical hans a cool music mixed with techno caused by d.j. mock rhomboids will have more on him later in the show. hello welcome to news from the world of culture also coming up today. our
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europe correspondent gail motss continues his quest to bake bread from every e.u. member country today he's making rumanian bread. bots we begin with winners of the town a prize the highest accolade for contemporary artists in britain it's named after the country's greatest landscape painter. and is awarded annually to an artist all based in britain established in 1984 it has been criticised in the past for its competitive selection process no problem this year as for the 1st time all 4 nominees preempted the jury's decision the artist wants it to use the occasion of a ton of prize to make a strong statement of community and so.


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