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ns it could malaria must on so millions can live. this is g.w. news while i'm from berlin nato leaders wrap up a contentious anniversary meeting and one didn't with a show of unity they agreed to spend more on defense and they agreed that china is now the new major risk but divisions within the military alliance remain in frustrations with u.s. president donald trump well they were there for the world to see we'll go live to
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london also coming up tonight germany expels russian diplomats over the killing of a former chechen commander he was gunned down in broad daylight in a park here in berlin different prosecutors suspect russian or chechen state involvement moscow says that it will retaliate. and fresh ammunition for u.s. democrats in their drive to impeach this president donald trump legal scholars tell us will make news that trump committed impeachable offenses by pressuring ukraine's president for his own political gain. i'm brant goff to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome nato leaders meeting in london have wrapped up
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a contentious summit marking 70 years since the founding of the military alliance they adopted a joint statement today recognizing the challenges posed by. china and they reached agreements on defense spending despite this proceedings have been marked this week by divisions and angry outbursts from the u.s. president at times frustrations with donald trump were painfully on full display. by the end of the meeting today like it's where all smiles we've had a tremendous 2 days i think nato is rather that it ever been a lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries and they're enthusiastic about it trumps calls to members of the alliance to boost their military spending has added $130000000000.00 to nato is budget in just 3 years this is unprecedented it is making nato stronger nate the remains the only platform where north america and europe discuss the saw
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it and take actions to get there every day to protect almost 1000000000 people. at 1st glance the nato leaders seem to be indeed among friends but it wasn't all roses. one especially embarrassing moment was caught by chance on camera in the footage canadian british and french leaders seem to be mocking u.s. president on all trump's long unpredictable press conferences. the nature family is currently going through a rough patch not unlike any regular family ahead of the holiday season tensions have risen over financial contributions and alliances core values 70 years after its founding to $29.00 member pluck is sure to have a long future ahead but as nato leaders depart from diverse 3 celebrations in
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london it seems internal conflicts won't be going away anytime soon. and always remember if there's an open microphone not to let down your guard my colleague our correspondent max often he knows that as well he joins us now from one good evening to you max some of the leaders of nato i mean they put on a unified front following what was a lot of drama with you know these open mikes and cameras did this summit did it in as a happy affair or are the tensions still there under the surface. well they managed to patch things up just remember brant before the summit many thought it would really be a car crash summit and you you know you could be forgiven to believe that when you remember what the french president in money we might call said about the brain death of nato or when. turkish president threatened to block decisions here at
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this leaders' meeting if he didn't get more support for what he was doing in northern syria so given all that it went quite well but of course those problems i just mentioned they're still there under the surface so you could say everybody sort of got it together because it was the 70th anniversary of nato but of course as you said the problems under the surface are still there and need to resolve and this nato summit was the 1st time that china was discussed formally as a challenge for the military alliance what are biggest worries regarding . yeah i would just like to say this before answer on china i mean that the country that is named most frequently in the declaration as being a threat to nato is not china it's russia but china is new right you know just so's
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you that nato is taking its responsibilities its core competencies very seriously also when it comes to cyber space and that's where china is perceived as a challenge that's the way they put it they not only describe china as a challenge but also as an opportunity so very ambivalent here because china of course is a huge trading partner for many of those nato countries if not for all nato countries but they're very aware that china could become a threat especially when they're trying to establish those 5 g. networks as most industrialized countries are trying to do right now because chinese companies are the market leaders for some of that technology who always comes to mind that company that's been so heavily discussed in parts of europe especially in germany and the united states before this leaders' meeting started urged its european partners not to get who away into the boat when they are establishing those 5 g. networks at home. or at
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a correspondent on the story for us in london max as always thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the european union's new commission president of the lion says she expects a thorough and independent investigation into the murder of maltese journalist daphne. was killed in a car bombing in 2017 following her reporting about high level corruption in politics and economics of malta. iran's president hassan rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in protests last month demonstrations broke out across the country after the government raised gas prices despite this announcement the president said that protesters who used weapons should be dealt with by the wall. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill that would pose sanctions on chinese officials for the country's treatment
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of its minority. muslims the bill says that keeping more than a 1000000 weaker than what beijing calls reeducation camps violates their human rights china's foreign ministry criticize the u.s. bill calling it a smear. when the u.s. house of representatives is considering the evidence for possible impeachment of u.s. president daum trial for impeachment and constitutional experts are testifying in a 2nd round of public hearings on this comes a day after the inquiry into the president's dealings with ukraine released its findings house democrats are investigating whether president truong abused his power by urging a foreign leader ukraine's president presumed open an investigation into one of trump's political or personal lives corrupt. when he never used publicly in the house has been following these hearings closely on capitol hill i am one of the he
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talked with one of the legal experts and i asked him what they've been saying in today's here well they're starkly different those called in the legal experts called budget democrats obviously differing very differently at the legal expert told by the republicans i'll start with the republican expert now he separate fessor jonathan turley and he said clearly he's not a trump supporter but he said if you rush this impeachment you're going to leave the country behind this is not an impulse buy item and he also said that it's moving at a record. fast pace in talking about this ongoing impeachment inquiry and he also said that trump's actions towards ukraine do not represent a clear case of bribery and also you had pretty strong words and he said that it was a narrow 5. mph winds have failed and that was very different to what the democrats have to say democrats also focused on their experts basically saying that there
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were grounds for an impeachment to take place that even outlined what exactly the articles might even be it's important to know before we get on to what their legal experts said one of the 3 professor michael gary hart said that if what we're talking about is not impeachable then nothing is so strong words as well from him in public it's good that we're learning all of this from these witnesses but are they basically telling congress things that lawmakers should know if they're already proceeding with impeachment proceedings. yeah basically what they're trying to do is i would line exactly what has happened already the investigations that have taken place what the witnesses have said and like i said you know the democrats have lined or at least hinted very obviously out what those potential at each moment articles might be and they're very clear and
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very easy to understand and very easy to understand for you know an american public which is pretty jaded in many respects with this ongoing impeachment inquiry they said that it be use of power and bribery is one of them obstruction of congress and obstruction of justice might be those in pietschmann to articles so you know it's going to be a busy day and several hours left of this taking place here in washington remains to be seen if it will bridge any of the political divide in the united states of a. force in washington public thank you. and now to china and capital punishment china hands down more death sentences than the rest of the world combined that's at least what human rights organizations suspect you see the official numbers will beijing keeps them secret death sentences are a way for authorities to show their commitment to law and order as what beijing would tell you oftentimes when
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a crime is particularly violent the public cries out for someone to be punished and their pressure can lead to innocent people being sentenced to death our reporter marty is a group of men who had their death sentences overturned at the end of a traumatic ordeal. the foreman didn't expect anything when police showed up at their homes one evening in 20022 years earlier a gruesome murder had happened near their village. to the new woman i think they suspected the culprits lived in our village they came and just arbitrarily took people from there we weren't even hanging out together at the time you were with the devil another would take you on. on missiles and they didn't say much they just said immediately you're the one who did it. the 4 were ultimately found guilty of killing a young man and raping and killing a young woman her body was found cut into pieces and wrapped in
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a plastic bag today nothing reminds one of the crimes of the good even though you didn't this is the place where it happened inside this compound. so this was a rice paddy at the time. don't you know. the double murders shocked many in the region chung fog an n.t.i. this was sentenced to death they had confessed but under torture china is thought to have the highest number of executions in the world although the exact figure is a state secret once police have identified the suspect that person will nearly always be punished the conviction rate in china is 99.9 percent. what we didn't call us a bit of it really we were prepared for everything 1st we wrote our will then we told our relatives they should appeal the sentence we were hoping we could clear our names but all the time i was scared that the communist party might suddenly take us to be executed. all of them were married and had young children or
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well farmers later chins wife and as a repair ins with as rickshaw drivers to pay for the lawyers and the kids' education his daughter was 7 when he was arrested you know ok found she had my classmates would go home after school and have dinner with their parents these ordinary things were not possible for us. the little color t.v. a novelist or other people this was something normal but to me it seemed like the biggest luxury i was so jealous of my classmates. it would be 14 years until she could eat with her father again then in 2016 the men's convictions were finally returned. the story was widely reported in china one of a handful of cases. says were revoked in recent years. and
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the others were compensated with 300000 euros each junge used the money to build a new house for his family. if we could have worked all these years we might have been able to make the same amount of money our reputation has been damaged our psyche our children and families have suffered we have mental health problems how can this money compensate this money. it's not been several years since their release but they still struggle with getting through the day their ordeal traumatized them. people used to talk a lot with each other there was a lively atmosphere at home it's different now we spend most of our time in silence . it's young says he has only one goal for his future to live a life as ordinary as possible. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines
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a well known japanese doctor has been killed in an attack in afghanistan ted soon not come your devoted his life to helping the afghan people he and 5 others were killed when gunmen attacked his vehicle in the city of jalalabad in october dr knot and was awarded honorary afghan citizenship. well the founders of google larry page and sergey brin are stepping down as heads of the internet giant parent company alphabet they will be replaced by current google chief sundar pichai google is facing growing criticism in europe and the united states over its privacy policies . a murder investigation here in berlin is now a full blown diplomatic storm between germany and russia it began with the killing of former chechen rebel commander earlier this year shot twice in the head as he walked through a park on his way to a mosque german authorities have now expelled 2 russian diplomats over the killing
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believing that russian intelligence may be responsible moscow denies any involvement in says it will retaliate this decision could mark a new escalation in relations between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's federal prosecutor general said evidence points to russian state involvement in a meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts not that i can talk about it is all that up in the national you know in august a georgian national was shot in berlin in broad daylight soon enough to be assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved
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the victim was a formal rebel commander in the early 2000 he fought against russia in the 2nd chechen war the suspected killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody. moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information relation of this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. germany's interior minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing. in germany there is a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background i can only thank the attorney general that he has taken it on that say something about the significance of this crime including his political background the be told. these are.
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still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia and the west is getting louder. i'm joined now here at the table by our political correspondent months in the young and cozy studio see you again and we have to tell people that this that this crime is very unusual for berlin or for germany this former chechen commander who was shot twice in the head broad daylight in a park that almost never happens here and now 3 months later we've got diplomats being expelled why so the reasoning that the foreign office and the general federal prosecutor have given for these steps is that of course investigation has been taking a while and one of the reasons for the foreign office declaring that to russian diplomats position in iraq to which is diplomats speak for them being effectively that spelled out of the country is that they've been saying that russian authorities have been repeatedly asked to cooperate in this investigation and have
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done so so that is the reason the foreign office gets gifts for the explicit expelling bus on the same side of the general federal prosecutor handelman he was the highest investigative authority have been taken on the investigation they're calling it now a murder investigation and they've been saying that there is indication that russian forces may have been involved in this killing and therefore these cases are only being taken by the federal prosecutor if the security of the states so the state of germany is at 'd risk and that is another reason why they've taken this from measure i mean it's a big deal when the police are told you know we're going to take over you know it's now a federal investigation what is this going to do do you think to relations between germany and russia i mean we've been talking about the problems with russia at nato this week for example of course they've since they're already in their reaction from the kremlin that they didn't take this measure of this diplomatic measure well
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they have been calling it. kind of not having great faith and russian relations but the relations of germany and russia. always have been a tie it's fork in the sense that there's always been some tension and germany especially is trying to handle the us in very diverse cases on the one hand for example for the uk back in 2014 the annexation of crimea by russia germany has been leading the sanctions again russia at the time but also in the same time when the ukraine crisis happened germany was the country who took russia and ukraine back on the table to to get to the table with france and forwards the minsk agreement so germany knows how to kind of trying to be both tough at the same time be conciliatory and i think this kind of tactic we're going to see also in this case and we hope that's going to uk maximillian kosha as always we appreciate your reporting thank you well the journalist who played
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a key role in revealing how this murder may have been a political hit job possibly ordered by russia joins me now roman double talk is the editor in chief of the russian fact checking website the insider or when it's good to have you on the program so this is what we heard today of what amir putin's spokesperson says that russia knows nothing about this case had nothing to do with it of course russia would say that it has rocher all for any evidence to support its innocence. not yet the only one statement we so is from russian interfax edge and see where this source from authorities say is that. they were killed no worries that there are a few but a suspected in terror attacks in that 2004 which actually doesn't look like they claim not to be guilty it looks like they want to explain why they did it so this
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is not the best defense. so so we have now such. evidence that actually russia was involved as a state for example you know his name i. liked him a practical it was deleted from all the databases police databases and also with so that. it was let's free up to the previous model in moscow in 2013 so he wasn't in prison for some reason he got raped by sport and could travel abroad so all of this all of this proves 100 percent that the russian authorities at least helped him and portably were the main agonize over this incident and want to be clear about this you helped establish the link between the murder suspect and russia's military secret service the g.r.u. correct i mean are you saying that he was possibly sent to berlin to commit this
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crime is not that clear cut. no we don't claim that she isn't with gerry woodward just claimed that russian authorities russian secret services cover him because no one except russian authorities could delete name what's impressive from all that databases it was impossible also he got fake passports and could travel abroad with it doubt any problems and the press court itself was issued by the russian government so it wasn't really fake it was just on fake identity so that means that russian secret services we don't know would it be gerry you all efforts bear this we know that they helped him but she himself we think that he was actually a market guys because he was a killer in another assignation you must go so he looks like just them. gangster who were. recruited by russian secret services yes journalist roman to prove
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himself joining us tonight helping us connect the dots in this murder case that's become a diplomatic row now thank you rym thank you well one of the contemporary art world's most prestigious awards the turner prize has been shared between the shortlisted artist helen cameco oscar maria time shani and laurence avraham don will split the 47000 euro prize between themselves the artists form the collective and asked the judges not to choose just one winner there and aim is to show solidarity at a time when there is plenty of division around the world. sports former basketball star different minsky may have retired in april after 21 incredible years at the dallas mavericks but he's still wrecking up awards and it's he received germany's highest civic honor on tuesday at
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a ceremony here in berlin. dirk nowitzki is imposing skills and hard work to help catapult the former basketball player into superstardom but his impact has extended far past the sports world to fix he was awarded the german order of merit the country's highest civic honor by president funk focus steinmeyer in berlin. via word celebrates the 41 year old's athletic career and commitment to community service if it is a unicef ambassador and launched a foundation supporting children dealing with poverty and illness in 2001 pivots he is no stranger to academics he led the dallas mavericks to the 2011 n.b.a. title and was the 1st ever european to win the league m.v.p. award in 2007 his larger than life play in the u.s. helped elevate the previously rarely played game back home to wicki is also his national team's record point getter with a career unlikely to be replicated any time soon. he's
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a tall one aren't his remind of the top story that we're following for. leaders of adopting a joint statement that seeks to play down fears of disunity within the military alliance on the 2nd thing of summit talks member states acknowledge the challenges posed by china's growing influence the 1st days all sharp differences between the american and french presidents. you're watching the w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that we'll be right back.
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i'm not often kept the gem well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and went to heaven the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes
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clad in ears think the siege of the country that i not. needed to be picked for this gramma down to me it's all that they know i'm a joke join me from the gemini on the w. . post so close and now i'm looking at a section of me which was affectionately as you can. hear putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture and much more than that which didn't turn the camera back on should the number of course we're going to the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned in structure. featuring tom supporting roles. growing woman of the cross and visitors to the freedom of russia
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. band featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary to people to simply understand that. if they are fed a mirror image to the ends justify the means. true to its witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . claims nato was aggressive a threat as nato turns 70 it continues to see the enemy as russia who's right well consider what just happened right here in germany in a move straight out of the cold war 2 russian diplomats were expelled from germany today in protest over a murder that happened here in berlin earlier this year the german government suspects a political.


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