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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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970 the big music today starts to seem to try to. do. this is g.w. news live from berlin germany expels 2 russian diplomats over an alleged murder plot this was the victim a former chechen rebel commander gunned down in broad daylight and they berlin park german prosecutors suspect russian or church and state involvement moscow says it plans to retaliate also coming up nato leaders wrap up
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a contentious anniversary meeting in london with a show of unity they agreed to spend more on the fence and they agree that china is the new major risk but the divisions within the military alliance remain and frustrations with u.s. president donald trump they were laid bare for the world to see also coming up the death of a 3rd k. pop star in 3 months sparks a debate about the pressures facing south korean pop celebrity. i'm brant goff it's good to have you with us a murder investigation here in berlin is now a full blown diplomatic storm between germany and russia it began with the killing of a former chechen rebel commander shot twice in the head as he walked through a park here in berlin on his way to a mosque german authorities have now expelled 2 russian diplomats over the killing
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believing that russian intelligence may be responsible has denied any involvement and says that it will retaliate for the expulsion. this decision could mark a new escalation in relations between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's federal prosecutor general said evidence points to russian state involvement. i'll be meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts. that. in august a georgian national was shot in berlin in broad daylight soon after the assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved the victim
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was a formal rebel commander in the early 2000 he fought against russia in the 2nd chechen war this is back to the killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody. moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information relation to this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. germany's interior minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing. in germany there was a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background i can anything to be attorney general that he has taken it on that say something about the significance of this crime including his political background it was the be totally.
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for britain's. moscow still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia in the west is getting louder. well the journalist who played a key role in revealing how this murder may have been a political hit job possibly ordered by russia joins me now roman to talk of the is the editor in chief of the russian fact checking website the insider roman it's good to have you on the program so this is what we heard today vladimir putin's spokesperson says that russia knows nothing about this case had nothing to do with it of course russia would say that has russia offered any evidence to support its innocence. not yet the only one statement we so is from russian interfax edge and see where this source from authorities say is that. they
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killed no worries that they were raised here but a suspected in terror attacks in that 2004. exit it doesn't look like they claim not to be guilty it looks like they want to explain why they did it so this is not the best defense. so so we have now such. evidence that actually russia was involved as a state for example he had his name on. what democratic go was deleted from all the databases police databases and also with so that. it was let free after the previous in order in moscow in 2013 so he wasn't in prison for some reason he got great by sport and could travel abroad so all of this all of this group was 100 percent and that the russian authorities at least helped him and portably were the main agonize over this is the solution and i want to be clear about this you helped establish the the link between the murder suspect
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and russia's military secret service the g.r.u. correct i mean are you saying that he was possibly sent to berlin to commit this crime is not that clear cut. no we don't claim that he isn't with gerry woodward just claimed that russian authorities russian secret services cover him because no one except russian authorities could delete name the ones in christ from all that data bases it was impossible also he got fake passports and could travel abroad with it without any problems and the press sport itself was issued by the russian government so it wasn't really fake it was just one fake identity so that means that russian secret services we don't know would it be gerry you or fs there are obvious we know that they helped him but she himself we think that he was
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actually a mock at guys because he was a killer in another assignation in moscow so he looks like just them. gangster who were. recruited by russian secret services yes journalist roman broke it off joining us tonight helping us connect the dots in this murder case that's become a diplomatic row now thank you rym thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iran's president hassan rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in protests last month demonstrations for count across the country after the government raised gas prices despite this announcement the president says that protesters who used weapons should be dealt with by the want one. impeachment experts are testifying in a 2nd round of public hearings in the u.s. house of representatives the house judiciary committee is considering the evidence for possible grounds to impeach u.s.
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president donald trump it comes a day after the inquiry into the president's alleged abuse of power in his dealings with ukraine released its 5. nato leaders meeting in london the wrapped up a contentious summit marking 70 years since the founding of the military alliance they adopted a joint statement recognizing the challenges posed by china and they reached agreement on defense spending despite this proceedings have been marked by divisions an angry outburst from donald trump at times frustrations with the u.s. president were painfully on full display. by the end of the meeting the delegates were all smiles we've had a tremendous 2 days i think nato is rather that ever been a lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries and their enthusiasm about it trumps calls to members of the alliance to boost their military spending has added $130000000000.00 to nature's budget in just 3 years this is president and it is making nato stronger.
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nate the remains still the platform where north america on europe discuss the saw it and take actions to get there every day to protect almost a woman 1000000000 people. at 1st glance the nato leaders seem to be indeed among friends but it wasn't all roses. one especially embarrassing moment was caught by chance on camera in the footage canadian british and french leaders seem to be mocking us president donald trump's long unpredictable press conferences. are the nature of families currently going through a rough patch not unlike any regular family ahead of the holiday season tensions
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have risen over financial contributions and alliances core values 70 years after its founding to $29.00 member pluck is sure to have a long future ahead but as nato leaders depart from their diverse 3 celebrations in london it seems internal conflicts won't be going away anytime soon. k. pop is one of south korea's the biggest cultural exports and the 3rd death of a young celebrity in recent months it has highlighted the intense pressures that can pop stars face the latest actor cha in hall who started his career as a k. pop performer the cause of his death is still not known but 2 other performers coo hora and susie are believed to have taken their own lives earlier this year the deaths of expose the dark underbelly of south korea's entertainment industry with cyber bullying and video pornography right.
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cool haro in happier times take a pop star popular face of the band karo. but a few years later at just $28.00 she was dead suicide only a way out from the constant stream of vicious cyber bullying. normally when you were injured from physical violence you can go to a hospital to get treated and recover but online violence is a bigger problem because it can't be treated that way and sometimes it can even lead to death. this led to the death of solely one of 2 harras friends a vocal critic of south korea's rigid ideals on how women should behave the social media backlash was cruel member of parliament parks and soak wants to address the issue through legislation her bill aims to make it possible for anyone to ask web
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portals to take down malicious or false comments. i am proposing defines hate discrimination as illegal information and allows anyone not just the victim to request comments to be taken down celebrities who are engaged in pop culture especially those who are young are defenseless lee exposed to cyber violence now it is time for the law and society to protect. the laws still hasn't been passed meanwhile the crimes continue but there is some forward movement as former boyfriend and another man both k. pop stars were recently handed in jail term for raping a woman and sharing videos of the ordeal the case exposed to toxic culture of illicit video sharing in the industry. which i am very sorry. i committed an inexcusable. i'm i admit all my charges will be relieved.
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but such admissions are rare meanwhile women are left to shoulder the burden of hate and vicious online attacks and for some it is too much sports news now former basketball star dirk nowitzki if retired in april after 21 incredible years at the dallas mavericks but he still wrecking up awards and it's you received germany's highest civic honor on tuesday at a ceremony here in berlin. dirk nowitzki is imposing skills and hard work helped catapult the former basketball player into superstardom but his impact has extended far past the sports world to fix he was awarded the german order of merit the country's highest civic honor by president fun fall to steinmeyer in berlin the award celebrates the 41 year old's athletic career and commitment to community service if it is a unicef ambassador and launched
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a foundation supporting children dealing with poverty in illness in 2001 thing after the awards ceremony and it made it clear he's enjoying himself after 21 years in the pros. it's a full on fungus i said from the start that when my career was over i would need a year or 2 to take a step back and enjoy my family they played 2nd fiddle long enough. the wicki is no stranger to accolades he led the dallas mavericks to the 2011 n.b.a. title and was the 1st ever european to win the league m.v.p. award in 2007 his larger than life play in the u.s. helped elevate the previously rarely played game back home. though he's accomplished enough for a lifetime germany's record point getter is already thinking of the next step. off a souped up i listen i've always tried to give everything for my sport with passion and heart. but now i want to different perspective and would like to enter the
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business world is in the business which i'm too however he follows up is a western his playing career there's no doubt if it's he will continue to stand out in the crowd. and i'm sure no one has ever called him short if you're watching t w news coming up next your business was popular stick around for that. the bus and it's as if they don't need to keep up the availability of the boats both for over that's on the 4th time for the whole lot of those missing and i think in the words of others the bottom of the valley is that the last dragons in this water as you call the hard to. deal with are not. the past.


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