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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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also the charges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir. literature invites us to see people in particular. find the strength. to work with. books on youtube. a reshuffle at one of the world's most valuable company google's parents' alphabet says goodbye to larry page and sergey brin as top executives and appoint school c.e.o. chart as the new boss we'll tell you what that promotion means for the future of the company. also on the show the global auto industry is on the cusp of
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a colossal transformation yes one of germany's top managers if it's a threat to german automakers. and its role week in amsterdam we sent our reporter called the stand along for a closer with the latest and coolest groener. for business on the w i'm. the founders of google are stepping down as c.e.o. and president of its parent company out of it larry page answered grim famously said of the search engine and california back in 1908 since then they've become 2 of the richest men in the world with a combined net worth of more than $100000000000.00 the remain on the alphabet board google chief char will step up to also be the c.e.o. of the parent company. right let's find out more with the w. financial correspondent here in new york it's good to see you well the google stock
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went up on the news so walk us through what this actually means in terms of changes at google. it does sound a bit like the clocks are getting turned back in 2050 and the holding company alphabet got created and under that roof we had to google on one side by. google with the search ends in pretty much sold for about 99 percent of revenue and then we had the other bets the moon shot projects like driving cars health care projects and. a lot of father venues but all of those have not been profitable so now there is this turn that. is not just head of google but also of the anti are holding company alphabet now some are saying that china has a horrible task ahead why is that. well some people actually call it the worst
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job in silicon valley he has a lot to deal with 1st of all there are. there is political pressure there have been protests from employees and then on top of it he has to decide what's going to happen with those not profitable projects with the other bets will some of those ideas just be vanished or he has to make the decision what to do with it and then at the same time brin and page still have the majority of the voting rights so he also still has to report to the 2 of them even if they said all they're going to give him is some advice and a lot of love so we will see help you child is dealing with wall street in general seem to be pleased with this move the stock was up by almost 2 percent for the year the alphabet stock is up by about 24 percent that is pretty good but underperforms
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the broader technology sector i expect asians there for google thank you very much it's called the new york. and we stay in the united states america's food and drug administration insists it was right to issue warnings about certain cosmetic products by johnson and johnson in october the products including baby powder had tested positive for as best as tests by johnson and johnson were apparently negative for us best us but the f.d.a. says a specified bers are not evenly dispersed throughout a powder product and stands by its findings the dispute comes as reports say the f.d.a. was too cozy with the industry for decades moring repeated warnings about us best as intel. the head of the association of the german automotive industry says the sector must become more competitive and faster on its feet of it wants to survive a difficult moment and not to said in a year and press conference that sales and employment in the german car industry
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will continue to fall in 2020 amid slowing global sales massive technological change in a turbulent trade environment and my colleague stephen beardsley had a chance to talk to matters after the event and asked him if the auto industry is facing an existential challenge you've identified the 3 major challenges you say are facing the german auto industry right now including the declining sales across the globe the technical challenges the massive amounts of vestments that are needed and of course the trade conflict which is really throwing everything off course would you say this is an existential challenge facing your industry at this moment . no it's not existential but it's it's a huge challenge and it's different to what we have seen in the past when we invented new innovations and board to market now is really a structural change in the whole industry and all 3 challenges together at the same time and that makes it really a big management challenge and we are facing that and we are going to make it
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have a bit of breathing room at the moment from the threat of tariffs from the u.s. is of course has been big on your agenda big on the automobile industries agenda is that something that's going to maintain are we going to avoid these tariffs how do you see that right now. our main objective is to avoid those tariffs and the 2nd is to come to a free trade agreement between the us in the e.u. because we have the automotive industry we don't need any tariffs we don't need any protection we are open for competition and we are strong enough to face competition but on the other hand there's no done deal it's not said that this may not come its combine now and we hope that this discussion will not come up again i want to ask you about tesla of course the german auto industry has always said that tesla may be in front in terms of the pioneering for each autos but it wants the weight in the scale the german auto industry was brought to bear that it would be able to
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mainstream iago's but now tesla is actually coming to berlin and it's been successful for almost a year already in terms of producing at mass volume does that mean the german auto industry is still playing catch up and we're welcoming any competitor because competition has always made us very strong globally and therefore if tesla comes to germany and becomes a competitor fine fine with us because as i said we are facing competition across the globe and we are always strong in this competition. now to some of the other business stories we're following for you the race for the supremacy of driverless car technology is heating up in california chinese start of auto xpect by e-commerce giant ali baba has applied to test self driving vehicles without an in-car backup driver in the u.s. state this makes auto x. the 1st challenger to google's autonomous driving adventure.
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instagram says new users now have to provide their birthdates so far they normally only have to say they are at least 13 years old the move could stab child safety legislation lawmakers and family groups in the u.s. britain and elsewhere say the aff exposes children to inappropriate material. from u.s. treasury secretary steven the new chin wants countries like france to suspend new taxes on the global tech giants he prefers an agreement on international taxation via the organization for economic cooperation and development or deep u.s. as threatened 100 percent tariffs and reprisal for francis digital tax on companies like amazon and google. and wanda has signed a deal with french soccer club. to show visit want a logo on their banners and shirts how much want to pay for the 3 year deal has not been disclosed english club arsenal already have
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a similar arrangement with the rwandan government. and before we go from small and nimble to large and powerful there are multiple uses for drones as you know unfortunately not all of them are safe now at the amsterdam drone week the industry meets to show off the latest innovations and discuss how to tackle the security issues as more and more robots take to the skies a reporter told christiane but it's went to check it out. the science fiction feeling continues as drones explore new areas even on the ground this inspection drone feels at home in our city's sewage pipes for example protected by a carbon fiber cage the majority of applications lies in the open sky however this drone as built to drop 8 boxes in hard to reach areas like the himalayas without putting a pilot in danger but commercial drones are now pushing into our cities research
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company gartner expects over a half 1000000 commercial drones that work globally in 2020 a rise of 50 percent we are busy with fire fighting so if you have a big fire and you have a drone and you can see what happens and you can be much more effective in fighting this fire the other field for example is when it comes to eventing you have to control my sis of people and then it comes in very handy if you have a drone safety is the number one topic at drone week provided by drones but also safety from drones this radar detects approaching drones near airports hoping to prevent collisions with planes what we are missing mostly is the use space which is the navigation system that will allow drones to operate in complex environments and also several drones to operate in the same bit of as space we need to have a a digital system that allows them to talk to each other avoid them colliding many cities have pretty much banned citizens from using drones because they are only
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just figuring out how to make unmanned flying vehicles work in the urban environment. it really is the small version of man's dream to fly but not everyone has a professional trainer with them like i do right now and a reckless private drone use has already put limitations on where a drone is allowed to take off. taking off with this right now in an urban area would be breaking the law but next year as the e.u. introduces a pilot licenses that may change because a license does come with certain rights and they may also mean more rights for private citizens to use the airspace. and that's all for business i'm taking off but you can see next time or when a real like on the dot com slash business week watch this and all of our shows thank you very much she likes.
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to send you up at its most major and its most exciting. most creative. taste. and charming. thank you.
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and your resistible. on t.w. . i'm not laughing at the dead i just sometimes i am but i stand up and whip that piece of german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a question that is simply for the country that i now know i'm. needed seems perfect for this drama. it's all about. i my job to join me to make a judgment on the w. post and nothing to get me a fictional agent but as affectionately as you can. be mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 but documentary was filmed for russian television to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled
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a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instructional. featuring top supporting roles. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the mere fact of marriage to the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . classical concert called music mixed with techno caused by d.j. rum boy we'll have more on him later in the show. hello welcome to news from the world of culture also coming up today. our
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europe correspondent gail motss continues his quest to bake bread from every e.u. member country today he's making rumanian bread bowl. bots we begin with winners of the town a prize they highest accolade for contemporary artists in britain it's named after the country's greatest landscape painter jam. and is awarded annually to an artist all based in britain established in 1984 it has been criticised in the past for its competitive selection process no problem this year as for the 1st time all 4 nominees preempted the jury's decision the artists wanted to use the occasion of a ton a prize to make a strong statement of community and solid.


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