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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CET

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moscow claims nato was aggressive a threat as nato turns 70 it continues to see the enemy as russia who's right well consider what just happened right here in germany in a move straight out of the cold war 2 russian diplomats were expelled from germany today in protest over a murder that happened here in berlin earlier this year the german government suspects a political hit job ordered by the kremlin i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day . but we didn't see any support from russia and the investigation into this murder. this is absolutely groundless speculation and this topic is being whipped up by the
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german media. and the stomach please pick these things to be warned that this would happen sooner on 1000. dollars and never thought that something like this could happen here and chandni. the government is still discussing plus the possible consequences could be. should. we need a coordinated european response like we had with the script al case. also coming up with nato when it's family feud in the world's most powerful military alliance loose tongues and open microphones can be a recipe for bad blood. every different leader has teams who every now and then have their jaws drop at unscheduled surprises like a that video itself for example. on to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a murder. here in berlin and a crime trail that may lead all the way to moscow today germany kicked out 2 russian diplomats a shocking move because the investigation of a shooting death here in berlin has quickly moved from the realm of the police to the world of politics earlier this year a former chechen rebel commander was shot in the head in broad daylight in a park right here in berlin and the german government suspects a political hit job possibly ordered by the crim. this decision could mark a new escalation in relations between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's federal prosecutor general said evidence points to russian state involvement in a meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know
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mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts not that i can talk to all that up in the industry. in august the georgia national was shot in berlin in broad daylight soon enough to be assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved in the victim was a formal rebel commander in the early 2000 he fought against russia in the 2nd chechen war the suspected killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody. moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information relation of this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. gemini's interior minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing.
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in germany there was a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background can anything be attorney general that he has taken its toll now that say something about the significance of this crime including his political background it was the be told to. these is. still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia and the west is getting louder. oh the russian government says it had nothing to do with that murder right here in berlin let's bring in now journalist political commentator konstantin. constantine it's good to see you i want to ask you about what we heard today from vladimir putin's spokesperson said that russia knows nothing about this case and had nothing to do with it. what do you think i mean
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that's the i guess that is the explanation we would expect to come from the kremlin isn't. absolutely of course nothing will be admitted anyway but. that is as he said to be expected and although frankly speaking having a russian national at least test of the russian possible detained by the german police is something that is quite serious and that makes sense quite a distinction from the events that happened over the killing of. alexander litvinenko in london in 2000 sake saw an attempt on the life of saddest group parlance all very lost yet so there is a suspect and this suspect will be worked on by the german police by the german less to get it so there may be quite unpleasant surprises for russia in store but of course it's total denial and i'm sure this investigation continues we'll see
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a truly for ration of theories conspiracy theories about who really did it by the kremlin and from and controlled media you know to deflect attention from the only investigation make it as hard as possible as we've seen in many other cases including m.h. 17 the case of malaysian airliner showdown over over ukraine in 2014 you know those are all very good points a lot of people that they have been comparing this case with the screwball case in the u.k. we heard from moscow today that there will be retaliation for these 2 diplomats being expelled i mean what what can that look like do you think. well 1st of all let's face it what the german government did is not comparable tool at all so what the british government did last year over this creep out cases it was massive expulsion which some say is really disrupted at a lot of russia does just gathering across the globe expelling to diplomats is
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basically standard practice and i think that moscow will retaliate bikes expelling 2 germans from the german embassy in moscow but i think it would be that this will be this this will be it for now moscow net steps it can rely on certain degree of understanding both in berlin and in paris to major powers that in the e.u. germany and france are inclined to listen to the ground and as we've seen recently their eyes you rightly said said there is a movement with regard to the nominee talk so over ukraine so i think that mr porter the look be interested now in toto or russia what we'll see next is what happens when the investigation develops constantine's eggert as always constantly we appreciate your analysis thank you. thank you. neda just marked its 70th birthday after 7 decades of protecting the west and the
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global order as we know what what lessons what wisdom can we tap into i'm afraid today we received a reminder of what can happen when a microphone or a camera has nearby and political leaders allow their mouths to let down their guard and all court lesson that the leaders of france canada the netherlands and the u.k. apparently have to learn the hard way take a look. by the end of the meeting today like it's we're all smiles we've had a tremendous 2 days i think nato is ready to ever been a lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries and their enthusiasm about it trumps calls to members of the alliance to boost their military spending has added $130000000000.00 to nature's budget in just 3 years this is unprecedented it is making nato stronger
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nate the remains the only platform where north america and europe discuss the saw it and take actions to get there every day to protect almost 1000000000 people. at 1st glance the nato leaders seemed to be indeed among friends but it wasn't all rose as. one especially embarrassing moment was caught by chance on camera in the footage canadian british and french leaders seem to be mocking us president donald trump's long unpredictable press conferences. the nature family is currently going through a rough patch not unlike any regular family ahead of the holiday season tensions have risen over financial contributions and alliances core values 70 years after its founding to $29.00 member pluck is sure to have
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a long future ahead but as nato leaders depart from diverse 3 celebrations in london it seems internal conflicts won't be going away anytime soon. you know let's bring in our brussels bureau chief max hoffman he is in london he's been covering these nato talks good evening to you max so we're you know i said yesterday nato looks like grumpy old members if you will and now we've got snipes and insults that seem to be part and parcel of native summits in the trunk air how divided is the world's most successful military alliance. although to be fair trump really wasn't the driver this time of the division that was more in money with my call and really insults i did not hear but what we had of course was that incident that you just showed in that report that was a little highlight of the nato summit usually has something like that especially
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since some term came came into office so that caused some waves it's not necessarily a sign of the division because the division is not about the tone at the moment the division is political because as a minor in my column the french president pointed out not all nato members have the same values just take this example right here turkey will define a terrorist in a different way than most of the other nato members and just when it comes to the kurdish militia in northern syria those are terrorists for turkey but they're not terrorists for the us for example because they were allies of the united states of america and if you're in a military alliance those definitions matter and that's the core problem of nato at the moment not necessarily that somebody caught on tape that it appeared the canadian prime minister was poking a little fun at the us president but you're not we've talked many times you're in
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a european union summit so you know how it is that the dynamics are when leaders get together like they did this week in london. aren't you surprised though that you know you have heads of states standing around in a whole circle talking about another head of state in the middle of a commemoration a vent i mean it's it's seems more than then careless doesn't it. it's human say they are together at so many different events and you know you mentioned insults earlier i wouldn't define that as an insult and it did cause some waves as i said but it was not a diplomatic incident i mean the real surprise of the summit was that we talked to diplomats who were part of those discussions here and who mention that off the record towards us the real surprise is that it went so peacefully and so smoothly because nobody would have been to supported that beforehand after we had brain
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death comment by a minor in my call the french president a couple of weeks ago in an interview when we had the turkish president in this case. saying that he would block nato decisions here if you didn't get more help in northern syria all of this did not materialize so it went quite well from a nato standpoint yeah don't forget we heard yesterday. we heard or we heard today say that the canadian prime minister was 2 faced because of this video and we heard trump say that my friends language about brain death and nato was nasty i mean how divided can we save the next 70 years for nato are going to be ones where we have more civility and solidarity in the alliance than the past 70 years and even possible to predict that after what we've seen this week. well you're right about one thing brant had these that were just mentioned for example that the nasty
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in the 2 face had that occurred before the trump era it would have been huge news but we sort of got accustomed to this and it's not the worst thing that or the worst of depending on your standpoint you know the most. controversial thing that. at a nato summit actually most of the nato member states here were quite relieved that he didn't call nato obsolete anymore because that how he started off as a u.s. president he seemed to get behind the idea of nato which is all that the other nato members are asking of him these days and the division is like i said not about tone at the moment the division is on a political level the division is because we have a very complicated geopolitical situation nato was founded on its opposition to the soviet union that was a very simple recipe and kept everybody together today's world is much more complicated yeah like they say it's ok when in london as always max thank you.
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aren't here to be taken with me. he is the co-founder and director of the global public policy institute berlin based the focus is on peace and security issues good to have you back here the big table we heard the last couple of days russia that was mentioned the most it remains the nemesis for nato but china was discussed this time officially for the 1st time is china the 21st century nemesis for nato that's unclear it's important for nato countries to start a debate on what the rise of china actually. started is doing there a little late but i think this summit is a big success for president monochrome because he changed the dynamic without his somewhat blueish intervention on brain this nato this would have been another trump
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show exclusively everybody around the table and asking them have you paid up already this would have been that i make right now because of cause intervention was totally different on the one hand he got trump to actually say i like nato is because. just to be in opposition to mark on the other hand because i got his wish is to actually have a political debate what what what are nato as antagonists what about russia what about china what about terrorism what about a plan b. if the u.s. decided to abandon the alliance or reduce its commitment what capabilities do we need to build and very much push this debate and in the end if you look at the summit declaration he got as well there will be a high level reflection group hopefully not composed of brain dead individuals that will go 'd through these. words to the crown has succeeded where almost everyone else has failed in getting into the mind of donald trump knows what buttons to push
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to get to at least he pushed a button and i mean what comes out is mostly raw. d.c. got some interesting outcomes and but more importantly beyond the facade i think the alliance is now starting a political debate not just a debate on the 2 percent goal that's important countries like germany they need to kind of shape up but it's the quality of the contribution that counts and also us dziedzic debate what was. said in his final press conference i think we need to ask how can we strengthen the european. what are the in tag and antagonists of nato and where do we win invest in our capabilities i remember when the berlin wall fell when the soviet union collapsed there was this period where everyone a native was was being asked you know what your purpose now there was this existential question it comes with like human wave is that just maybe part and parcel of having an alliance like nato is it is is it actually
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a sign of help within the alliance that it's always in a somewhat of an identity crisis this is dealing it's asking fundamental questions and pushed this and i think that's vital because just reaffirming that nato is important for us what. america for example did is not the answer we need to we need to think strategically also in terms of what is a plan b. if american extended deterrence for example would no longer be sufficient for it to also cover to cover europe and to us but it was always with time and your insights thank you that. story which we find ourselves today set in motion by president trump. president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors this is not an impeachment this is just a simple railroad job but hey we got law professors here so i'm insulted by the
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suggestion that as a law professor i don't care about those facts i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence in an abundance of anger the president has shown as his pattern of conduct if we do not act to hold him in check now president trouble though most certainly try again. it was just a few choice moments in the u.s. congress today as the house judicial committee kicked off the next phase in president donald trump's impeachment inquiry today for legal experts constitutional scholars 3 field by the democrats won by the republicans argue the merits of the case against the president and like the committee like congress like the american public they were divided along partisan lines over whether dollars committed and the peach bowl offense so what was the point of these lofty legal arguments anyway
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the w.'s public poll in the us he was at the hearings yeah basically what they're trying to do is i would line exactly what has happened already the investigations that have taken place what the witnesses have said and like i said you know the democrats have lined or at least hinted very obviously i want those potential and ph meant articles might be and they're very clear and very easy to understand and very easy to understand for you know an american public which is pretty jaded in many respects with this ongoing impeachment inquiry that said that it be use of power and bribery is one of them obstruction of congress and obstruction of justice might be those in peach mint articles. we want to focus now on people working to make the world that we live in a better place the winners of this year's white livelihood awards have been announced as years on the merry go board goes to
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a pro democracy activists from western so hard so you're right there i mean not to her daughter she spent 30 years campaigning for her homeland independence from morocco and she is often referred to as the gandhi of western. the 2nd prize winner is. on may she is a chinese human rights activists who set up the country's 1st legal advocacy group for women the 3rd prize winner has become a familiar face. i'm talking about the climate activists credits whom bear the 16 year old has galvanized a protest movement calling on governments to do more to combat climate change and the final prize winner is an amazonian tribal shema davi cope with no campaigns to protect the amazon and his tribe way of lot of diverse picture just like the diverse picture of the world we live in i want to pull in now julian cronin she's a jury member for the right livelihood award she's also the director of in
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a and nonprofit organization redirecting retail waste to charities it's good to have you on the program so let's just talk about what we what happened today and i want to talk about gratitude bear because. everyone a lot of people expected her to win the nobel peace prize and she did not win it when you the jurors were talking about the prize tonight was there this feeling that she had to win the right livelihood award well of course she's very much right livelihood i mean ship what the topic of climate change on the top of the political agenda and is able and still able to mobilize tremendous number of people around the globe i mean she is not the 1st one speaking out about this topic but certainly the most effective and one of the reasons why she got the award is so tapper and to the network of war it's been working on the topic for a long time and has solutions but we make out as independent of the
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piece about cannot say and they don't make the decisions. the right livelihood award is celebrating its 40th anniversary this is the biggest award ceremony you've ever held talk to me about why the world needs the right livelihood award. well i found i. had the idea 40 years ago that the line of classic nobel prizes at that time what not be enough to result the complex issues on this planet so he approached the nobel committee and proposed to donate the money for a few more words on human rights and the environment because and he said the issues of those times are so complex and so interdisciplinary. at the foundation the nobel committee turned it down and said no thank you we have fixed on awards but he felt so encouraging he felt that very practical solutions out there which need
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a platform so he started sometime days and that was the idea and we see actually we don't give awards in certain categories but we see that most of our laureates work across disciplines across topics that we like covers you know at some point in the past 40 years people started referring to the right livelihood award as the alternative nobel prize and a lot of people give you that i'm guilty of using that are we doing though are we doing this award the right livelihood award a disservice by suggesting that that it's it maybe it's not as genuine or as established as the nobel prize. well you know the right livelihood concept is very familiar to people in asia to people in india. it's hard to convey in the western world. and we don't feel that being dumped the alternative nobel prize sets us apart from from good laureates yes.
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there are a lot of differences everybody on this planet can propose everybody i think that's a very strong difference and for us the award is just the beginning i mean we work with the laureates and support the basically until the end of their lives so that quite a few institutional differences but again we don't mind being called the attendant of nobel prizes we're both swedish institutions and once in a while we have to say i'm laureates as one very much i or dentist last year so i think that touch points well you certainly doing or not alternative good work you're doing 1st rate good work julie on a grand jury member for the right livelihood award joining us tonight is crown and we appreciate your time and your work thank you thanks for having me by. the day's almost done the conversation continues online and remember the matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see that everybody.
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cut. into the conflict zone incident as jim. is just 3 months to see india decided that it will have to change in kashmir my guess this week here in london is james caan the national vice president and one of the chief spokesman of the ruling b j t obviously also the charges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir
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conflict so for. doubling. its own cars on what they're after the more opposed to gets the better. the so-called selfie generation is breaking taboos and taking part in a surge challenges for likes. to believe only those last online make it in real life like me. could be 5 minutes of. people. the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult the speech but clearly interest on just summer 19989.
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shortly after the final of the rest of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the mid east tense the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter limbo because it's a scene. 30 years later he looks back on the time interest and starts to simmer 19 d w. e. 0 information silence it's hard not to see this is a blatant cover of why the silence by the media in general in kashmir we are facing an undeclared war from across the western border is just 3 months since india decided that it all had to change in kashmir it tore up the region special status and imposed direct route from delhi thousands of.


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