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that defines over. 19. big. today since december 23rd. this is d w news live from berlin germany exposed to russian diplomats of an alleged murder. this was the victim a former chechen rebel commander it comes down in broad daylight in the german pop german prosecutors suspect or kitchen state involvement russia will retaliate also coming up. fresh ammunition for u.s.
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democrats in their drive to impeach president trump legal scholars tell us lawmakers the trump committed impeachable offenses by pressuring the french president. and night the latest wrap up by contentious anniversary meeting in london with a show of unity to spend more on defense and they worried that china is the new risk of divisions within the alliance from my own frustrations with the u.s. president with. a math anyhow that thanks for joining us a murder investigation here in berlin is now a full blown diplomatic storm between germany and russia it began with the killing of form a chechen rebel commander identified as zelin khan. he was shot twice in the head as he walked to a mosque a german authorities have now. expelled 2 russian diplomats over the killing
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believing russian intelligence to be responsible moscow denies involvement and says it will retaliate for the expulsions. this decision could mark a new escalation in relations between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's federal prosecutor general said evidence points to russian state involvement in position i'll be meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts not that i can talk to all that up in the. in august to georgia national was shot in berlin in broad daylight soon after the assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved
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in the victim was a formal rebel commander in the early 2000 he fought against russia in the 2nd chechen war the suspected killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody. moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information what relation is this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. germany's interior minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing to them could screw on soon the police have in germany there was a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background i can only thank the attorney general that he has taken it on that say something about the significance of this crime including his political background it was the be told to the users
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of britain's. still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia in the west is getting louder. the journalist who played a cave role in revealing how this murder may have been a political hit job ordered by russia brahman the broadsheet of it or in chief of the russian fact checking website the insider told the w. he has no doubt that russian authorities were involved in this case we have now such. evidence actually russia was involved as a state for example his name. what democratic was deleted from all the databases all these databases and also with so that. you were let free after the previous lauda in moscow. he wasn't in prison for some reason he got great price or travel abroad so all of this all of this was 100 percent that the russian authorities at least helped him and what they believe were the main agonize
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about this and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. iran's president hassan rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in protests last month demonstrations broke out across the country after the government raised petrol prices despite his announcement the president said protesters who used weapons should be dealt with by the. bishop richard malone of buffalo has resigned amid mounting calls for his ouster. handling of allegations of clergy sexual misconduct he was accused of trying to cover up sexual abuse by priests he was replaced by bishop it would shock and. after pope francis accepted the loans resignation and not just a. former n.b.a. basketball star dirk nowitzki has received germany's highest civic award the order of merit for his social engagement german president praised wicki for his work as
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a guinness a fan best and to children's foundations the wicki retired and i pull up to 21 views playing for dallas mavericks. full legal experts have been testifying in a 2nd round of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry in the u.s. president donald trump 3 of the 4 constitutional law experts said trump committed an impeachable offense when he asked the ukraine president to investigate trump's political rival joe biden. was called to testify before the u.s. congress as top democrats try to lay the groundwork for formal charges against him before more let's cross to washington and correspondent all of us sell it all over what have these legal experts been saying. well they've given a pretty damning take on the findings that were presented by the intelligence committee yesterday wrapped up in a report and now handed over to the judiciary committee and one of the scholars nor
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feldman said that he believes that there is enough evidence for impeaching the president he believes that he abused the power off his office another scholar michael hart said that if we're not. if what we're talking about here is not impeachable then probably nothing else is but then of course the republicans also invited one legal scholar to testify here in the judiciary committee and he had a very different take he said although he doesn't believe that the phone call between trump and the ukrainian president the lenski was purrfect he also things that it doesn't deliver enough evidence to move forward in the impeachment inquiry so 2 very differing positions here. and that also reflects the position in the opinion of the american public. and what is the is the exact purpose of they series . or their different phases and the 1st phase that was concluded yesterday was about collecting evidence in the intelligence committee and that
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evidence has now moved forward to the judiciary committee and the strategy here seems pretty clear they want now independent legal experts scholars of some of america's most are known universities to take a stance on these findings that's what we heard here today and so in the end again 2 very differing per specked of see are the democrats got what they wanted but they were republicans did so as well so they all will have their sound bites that are now running all of the networks here and presented to the adequate audiences were given by the we have now weeks in today's impeachment hearings what are going to be the next steps in the process. so this was the only hearing taking place in this week but of course within the next week the judiciary committee will focus considering articles off impeachment but it's also worth mentioning that the at the end of this process it's very unlikely that president
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tom will be impeached out of office due to a republican majority in the senate what's more likely is that voters will have a say in the end it's the 1st time in american history that an impeachment inquiry happens that close to a federal election and now the democrats of course of very much hoping for a shift in the public opinion as until now both sides are staying very much behind the party lines of a salad in washington many thanks that her latest meeting in london have wrapped up by contentious summit marking 70 years since the founding of the military alliance they adopted a joint statement recognizing the challenges posed by china and waits to agreements on defense and spending but despite this proceedings have been marked by divisions and angry outbursts from donald trump and at times frustrations with the u.s. president were on full display. by the end of the meeting today like it's where all
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smiles we've had a tremendous 2 days i think nato is roughly that it's ever been a lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries and their enthusiasm about it trumps calls to members of the alliance to boost their military spending has added $130000000000.00 to nato as budgets in just 3 years this is unprecedented it is making nato stronger made to remain still on the platform where north america on europe discuss the saw it and take actions to get there every day to protect almost a 1000000000 people. at 1st glance the need to leaders seem to be among friends but it wasn't all roses. one especially embarrassing moment was caught by chance on camera in the footage canadian british and french leaders seem to be mocking us president on all trump's long unpredictable press conferences. thanks.
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to. the nature family is currently going through a rough patch not unlike any regular family ahead of the holiday season tensions have risen over financial contributions and alliances core values 70 years after its founding to $29.00 member pluck is sure to have a long future ahead but as nato leaders depart from getting verse 3 celebrations in london it seems internal conflicts won't be going away anytime soon. they doubly as max hoffman has been following the conference from london and from there they sent us this assessment so it wasn't the car crash summit that many had feared it would be but that also means that the topics that caused that fear remain unresolved turkey's presence in northern syria unresolved still a problem for nato and also what
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a moderate my call the french president meant with his brain death comments still a problem of course the alliance has made progress militarily speaking many experts will confirm that at least in the last 5 years but politically this is still an alliance that is looking for solutions for many things 1st and foremost what are the values of these alliance can you have turkey in northern syria and have the same values as the european nations that have a completely different strategy in the region the simple answer is no but those problems were patched over for this leaders meeting for the sake of the 70th anniversary of the alliance but at some point nato will have to resolve those issues if it wants to continue being successful. max hoffman in london well it's been billed as the alternative nobel prize this year the right livelihood awards were agenda and age balance and spanned the globe to honor a european teenage environmentalist a chinese lawyer an african protests later and an indigenous brazilian fighting to
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save the amazon rainforest. it may look like many other ceremonies but the right livelihood awards in stockholm sets out to shine a light on noble causes. but 2 of this year's winners were unable to accept their awards in person e. we have related to the swedish teen who has sparked a global environmental movement fridays for future sent in an acceptance video she recorded in lisbon on the way to the climate conference she's attending in madrid and i. play on you want to see if you like it. and. it means a lot. and yes if we continue. to fight continue this and stop thank you so much for the song no reason was given for the absence of 58 year old chinese lawyer jan may some past winners have been unable to come to
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sweden to receive their awards due to travel bans the jury said jan may have done pioneering and persistent work in securing women's rights in china i mean our 2 fighter dubbed the gandy of western sahara accepted her award for her 30 year old peaceful campaign for independence from morocco. and brazilian indigenous activist davi cope and that knowledge the focus the award gave to his cause a member of the yanomami people is campaigning to protect the amazon forest. you people from other countries do not know the current reality of the yanomami people we need support to make sure our native languages and traditional knowledge will not disappear. that is why we the yanomami people are here sharing with you the issues we are facing the brazilian government is threatening our
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territory as. each of the 4 recipients will receive a cash prize worth $100000.00. along with continued support from the organization and a specially designed sculpture made from recycled metal from gun destruction programs in central america. you're watching news up next is adult film titled like me the selfie generation there are more headlines coming at the top of the hour but for now. thanks watch. welcome to the but is the game here for d.w.i. to feel trying to talk about something. less coverage. more. whole we have. let's have a look at some of the other legal so you don't want to. t.w.
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