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you're watching day w. news up next days i don't film titled like meet the sophie generation there is a more news coming at the top of the al and forget the web site is always there for all the latest that's dot com now but a math and how it thinks watching. it was time to take one step further. and face the. time to search the. find. time to overcome dreams and contact the world. it's time for. coming up ahead.
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of. that. roof. you. scream as loud as you can. pull.
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well i. can take pictures like this. as a clock and i do it like this straight ahead. because i like lists i have a double chin so. when you've got it it's fine if i look straight ahead. and cut. i think that is photo has to be perfect which will
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here i have a bomb here. and a scar. on the honeymoon i can erase it all with a face to nap on the out of the sun and why. in fun instagram the world is perfect that everyone looks perfect like. the perfect selfie. for me to. smooth out. what do you smoothing out my complection. the temples so to speak and by making my eyes greener. that's a scam i know instagram is a scam. it was. his online persona has
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very little in common with his daily life as an apprentice for the swiss retail chain me gross in the social media universe eunice is a model and entertainer tens of thousands of mostly female fans follow him on platforms like instagram snap chat or tick tock the latter is a playback app used mostly by tweens and teens to lip sync to their favorite songs . i just. sits.
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back if you must tell it would like to do it for entertainment and. i'm tired when i wake up the t.v. remote is too far away then but my phone is right here during that so i turn it on and check everything. from english bill if i was sometimes i play a game. it's an addiction so we'll and if the most i'm not just on instagram for 10 minutes or 2 sometimes it's half an hour or an hour. i would be. no hope instagram left an email because i always want to check out what's new. it's interesting who's this so i click on this and that before i know it i've spent an hour on my phone on them and i get up at noon then thinking when i'm through a few. what's
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coming in fans on snap chat. i love you stay the way you are. write them back they thanks. to you through. you have. always i can't live without social media i'm like a smoker who can't kick the habit. exactly. me showing myself and my life to the world. others see what i do in my free time because they're interested in what i do. and what do you get out of the. me me it makes me feel good. why. because people are interested in me.
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i need up to an hour. sometimes i put on more i shot them or put on more make up so it looks better on the photos. sick. so i don't do my eyebrows it looks really bad and it looks a lot better if i do. go everyone on instagram puts makeup on to look better so you try it out looks fabulous. it's. great. she can make a good. the door shut out the parents peroration from the bronze. yeah looks similar doesn't it and. that's what my little brother been up to.
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me that. i his addiction to likes keeps him going you know spends a lot of time taking pictures of himself or getting others to take pictures of him in all types of situations his best friend is used to his selfie obsession. log healing slow like a phone or you know it really. is a bore why does he need so much attention. he are as though. always feel like nathan because he didn't get anyone's undivided attention growing up. he was also bullied and it proves to him people like him you know he's worth something. that is he's cool even walt people talk about him all of that loot it be
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a it be a big call on me that's months it gives him a sense of security wall in this is like it yeah that's it or is that true yeah. yeah. so have i. i. suspect perfect satisfied you know this year you are satisfied it's that good what makes the picture appealing. arrogant air. yeah yeah yeah yeah so much it's got the soul now you're editing it. what are you doing it. in my her making my torso
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thinner. that really that's possible ok yes after everything's possible. that animal and what don't you like about it with everything. that's just going to do you feel fat sometimes. it's kind of this is kylie jenner and often i'd like to look like her a little real that would be great these are my role models. it's none of her fault . sophie queen kylie jenner has made the leap from t.v. starlet to multi-millionaire thanks to the relentless marketing of her life and beauty line on social media. yes hello i
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have a whole drawer full of her make up. media to make of. it so fast so she got what she wanted you bought her stuff it's for me if. i have more all this is by kylie jenner yeah if you know how much did you spend and typically to think more than 3000 swiss francs and who paid for. the moment by mamma mia. finally gender doesn't know the way she does just because she uses make up she's had work done. that doesn't bother me i've had work done to. her on watch us thank now. the nose on when if it makes you feel good you should do it so it looks good my. in those cases but she should
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be a role model isn't that sending the wrong message to young women. maybe for others she does it because she likes it and she feels better if you follow the 6 of base of fear and it was so do i because it makes me feel better and i like the way i look better. michelle also tirelessly posts pictures and videos of herself she has 5000 followers on instagram on the tween platform to talk she's garnered as many as 72000. for to be able to. word my. best buy yes and insolence is
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an influencer who knows what that is meant to people who don't work for a living but here in the money on line i'm not the one who takes pictures of himself and the things he does. not do to them and then he posts them dislikes and makes money off them and most of. them now actually young people have realized they can make money with lots of likes. to make cookout. a school lesson on social media the goal is to raise children's awareness of manipulated images and hidden advertising social media stars frequently cooperate with brands and promote sponsored content yunus is no exception though he can't make a living as a digital influencer brands do invite him to events and give him free clothes and accessories that's because they know that kids copy his style especially what's
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great about eunice why do you follow him for the black. does no idea it's automatic so i don't have a lot you don't even know i just like yeah he'll. yes . this or that like i liked it because he's wearing this sweatshirt and i like the glasses i have the same backpack and blue. you know because it's all good and the real one. with that backpack is pretty pricey as is although mine is a fake my parents will give me the real when i ask you. a question and you have the same one. i did but it broke. given they have an english enemy. i think i look better with a bag. i can put stuff in it your fence. is
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a winner just because eunice another stars wear it i wanted to. help. so. i am. so looking for you watching that you know we build. up and when i'm bored i go on to tick tock i click around and i think wow how cool and i want to do that in the knowledge and on the. good.
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dentist now and then you're proud of yourself wow i get that out of them and i want my. new sure they need english. and i need a hole so my parents tell me i'm pretty the way i am and it has had to be but if i try to be pretty and make a video and don't get any likes then i think why is this other person getting 50 likes in my day and i've tried really hard and just got 20000 tons of likes you like to show pistorius will like my legs are great because you could tell the others like what you've done. is look i left then i look at the way those who get a lot of lights make their videos or they dance and i ask my friends how they do theirs. and then you copy them yes remember top league 3 because you want to get a lot of likes.
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thank you it's got me here and they really put a lot of effort into this they have creative ideas. of the national. eunice doesn't just capture hearts in the form of like so even his mother is surprised at the number of fans swooning for her son. heart's in love they're writing books to you it's easy to fear it will india why is he so popular can you explain his appeal you know so only evaluate does i love him so much too he's good at it had worked. up about it what does he do so well a lot of the you have it he has charisma everybody come over well with them so you
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know and you market yourself well how often for food and cakes actually offer. albo thought there are ups and downs. in the doing so so it's not always happy and if you can't be happy all the time and i know that i know there's another side to it he's not always the sunny boy i but i don't show it. what's the other side like. my son meaning there are days that i say days that what i did for 5 days when it's all too much. all the social media. well just so you retreat. i don't post anything for a long time. but then i do again. thank you eunice grew up without a father he lives with his mother her new husband and his young half brother.
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who will say what is he lacking what is he trying to compensate for through life. a lack of love. for way from home. probably from his dad. so you know when you were always moving on i tried everything maybe i gave him too much everything. approval on me. and be met you know maybe i got a lot of love through money. so i always got everything i wanted to. have. and also from your mother yes from my mother. and you would rather have had something else maybe even though i
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was actually content to be home with you see and then they asked me if i was young and had to work hard a few 13 hour days room and i saw him when he woke up and went to bed. because often. i may have. i was at work a single mom. i was stressed out with. the food in that. i couldn't take time out for him the way i do with his little brother now i draw with him or make crafts. push them or usually you know i was pretty fat see i think he was ashamed of his body was recovered and. i was really like this you're exaggerating
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i mean swarthy yeah i was this is i weighed 75 kilos when i was 12. and how much do you weigh now it's $56.00 appearances everything for me was for me . so if some abrasion mike eunice michelle finds reassurance on social media anyone chasing likes and followers needs to stand out from the crowd provocative poses are a sure fire recipe for success until clay the whole world can see you in a bikini you know about that it's no different than on the beach there is no difference between instagram and the beach when you go there see me in a bikini bikini i was afraid to ask the 3rd so it's not like i'm posting pictures
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of my butt or breasts past their posts i've sold for good looks good. they get the sex of not because sex sells but because it's famine and i've read made fun of his reply get replies like you whore. but i'm like what have i done on your club i'm just posting pictures like you and you send me abuse you on. this does that give me a little. local i'll show you my tattoo dog you know my name not my story you so many people will judge you even though they don't know you. but why don't you quit so you're done all right so you all are going to go where the builder but i don't want to stop and be boring i need my phone apps so i have something to do i've never ditched them i need them for my soul for us the only thing left.
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kyar also posts pictures of herself in a bikini on her instagram account what are you checking. for tomorrow i'm checking my stomach is flat. as i though i don't really think you always need to have a flat stomach you shouldn't fall into that trap just because that miss models try to make you believe you're only beautiful if you have a flat stomach. of the would you pay attention to it yes i can though it doesn't really make sense i do it because people like it for what are its losses good are computed that the stick you pose sideways so. almost always
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i don't like front facing pictures so why not. do you know i feel more comfortable i look better from this side than from the friends. and one can see your backside better. can touch. me you get more likes that's the way it is nowadays socks of. taking her cue from her instagram role models show is getting her lips filled again the procedure requires parental consent for teens over 16 for michele the $350.00 swiss francs lip augmentation is free of charge in exchange she promotes the beauty clinic on her social media accounts. to see how are your thoughts on. you know one of the i'm about to start my apprenticeship when it's a few days ok are you excited this year and. well you're getting
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fabulous lipsey how much does she help your business or you exactly a lot of marketing used to be limited to word of mouth but nowadays it's the influencers who are spreading right word secrets. sharing it and getting it out there equally it's not like me could ever be since it isn't you very young young followers until you this is generation instagram kylie jenner a new trend there's no age gap. and it's reversible so i think if she regrets it will be gone in 6 months so it's not like breast augmentation that is permanent so it's a natural product that breaks down over time but what it's about the money is lost . money lost experience gained. and so he so there's
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a little left in here here on the sides there's almost nothing left to dismantle show you in a 2nd so you can feel it yourself and this is of no there's nothing left here. but that's normal because i use very little on the sides. and the. question of interest i work at all if i want to emphasize the curve. here i'll show you a picture. to like listen she has perfect lips yes that's what i was talking about a bit more contour her shape wouldn't suit you her cupid's bow is much wider so it's easy to emphasize. when you don't need to use your phone you have a mirror here. so from here so we'll start here in the corner like always move along up here into your cupid's
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bow now open your mouth a little bit ok hold that breathe deeply. here we go. keep your mouth open. who is home. and how do you like it perfect perfect. play this well it will go down.
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chiar as been active on instagram for 5 years documenting her body's transition from a 25 kilo patient to a well tone student of physical education she posts before and after images as proof that it's possible to overcome the disorder but the platform also gives back with more than $53000.00 followers she receives a steady stream of instagram hearts and virtual approval each image garners between one and a half to $4000.00 likes. i can decently scheinfeld it's a virtual world but it still makes you happy. and why is the question that i have
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explained it. clearly times i have very little self-confidence normally i'm very reserved but not on instagram. there i can overcome my inhibitions because i can help others head for a couple i'm very critical of myself and have low self esteem. it helps to get positive feedback when you put it if you comment on. you. likes for looks the internet's body image obsession harbors dangers hash tag body goal or hash tag want to be thin a company posts encouraging young women to lose weight or even starve themselves with fatal consequences going on this issue as a wreck is affectively a type of suicide you feel vindicated to achieving something others can't.
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it's about recognition on the kinnick anorexia is a competition to see who is thin or who sick or at least that it was going directly it was a method of self destruction. i couldn't accept myself and certain aspects of my life. by not eating by losing weight these things disappeared. and it was my goal to slowly vanish until i wasn't here at all anymore. so i said how could. i go over dallas 1st really this is the one i was happiest to see me again. seems like. these that i go to sleep alone gets yeah yeah yeah yeah were you there was another round of torture
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talk to torture there's. a ticket or it's on i'm from the local anesthetic it's what you're doing now leave now i need to follow up once a month every month why i feel because it breaks down. of course it does look nice. with the. we're going to have to talk 'd about a likeness criticism no parades are you disappointed oh yes it is why the 4 say they can't say anything positive only negative. no that's not true and still you know so many do that's just if you're sure the fullness will recede then it's all good. you can go to school and everything as if you just have to bury. as long as i'm sure it'll go back to normal it is here in the news you had to grant your consent and still he knows he views it is always
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a she would have done it anyway when she turned 18. personally it's not my thing i've read up about the active ingredient. hyaluronic acid it breaks down and disappears so the speeds up i always go. so cool and. it's a pleasure. i'm exceedingly fond of my granddaughter is me and i think she's a very beautiful young lady. i simply don't understand why she's of the opinion that she isn't very pretty sure otherwise she wouldn't even do these things oh you look lovely without make up to. social media has fueled the trend of the gym honed buttocks and jumped on the bandwagon the reward for hardcore workouts extreme likes for her backside
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the phenomenon of snapping one's own derriere has a name bellfield a combination of butt and selfie. but she says she's the belfry queen she invented it flew under. the ocean vent and i want her to see he's been felt he is. also free housing with your bottom to the cameras to hype to to the hype to top of you give us the enough english to fight so it's no longer the best like it used to be now it's the rear of the dance to it to me mostly dance it's a hit in netanya and if you see it all over the place the same thing called it seared into your brain. if you do yours too and it's inefficiently all over yes naturally yes but if you're influencing yes. that's then did you experience an addiction transfer from anorexia to an exercise
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addiction yes for years i had a rigid routine that i had to stick to the tiny and if i didn't i felt bad about myself and it's not like that anymore funny to me it's not compulsive but it was recently buganda on dished i like exercise again be a kick. i. it's been a week since michelle had her lips done today she's at the hairdressers. you are you satisfied with your lips. so you always want isn't that i think they're perfect . sure i wish they were even fuller thought but they look natural that began a little with. this i'm happy with the result people at school think so too they've
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said nice lips and they didn't even notice their fake visit because they look so natural order. did they say anything even if i told them they're fake and they're like what really been exactly with the selfie feel that's it's real clear. the show's extensions need to come out she's wished for about parting with the fake strands her blonde mane helped boost her likes one video clocked up 210-7000 heart to the fish that went like this one's got the most clicks. really good television oh. i. totally with them this show.
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folks any good i know i need to change sides to me so why i don't know my better side is will continue to make the hunger humble to be stripped of their lives their lives are ok. no nice little lights no good either is head is out of the picture then with our mind sync up up to the mean copy shop to the t.v.'s. to frack about why do you post pictures of the 2 year the boy by the polls that you're because i like him but you like on. the cd and i want everyone to know you're not obliged to show it though if you are open for 5 shows things happening in my life i don't need to hide it when you 1st meet the us photos of us together always perform well before it's with the same one i don't take that many because theoretically their life yes that was once there was it was you don't rush.
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to. meet up with something maybe because they're different from the rest of the little 7 people so it's cute. this had to change. to. the rich. so you could. go the route he said he was. going to school for the. way. this. guy did. you know. this is my. the obligatory party selfie hours but instagram celebrities know they have to serve both a regularly varying menu to hold their fans attention. you have shown you
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to know what you'll do next. and ask the next stand on. their own name when i decide on the fly i haven't given it any thought they have been in the right place it was similar but i did ignite a scandal once right now 100 pounds to call him out of it and what was that all about no i don't know how you did it. the sex scandal was. to widen his reach eunice simulated a sex scene during a live stream thousands tuned in and liked it. afterward eunice was forced to publicly acknowledge that the whole thing was just a p.r. stunt gone chocolate peanut it was embarrassing no idea why did it tell us. this is after this the start of the business of the then headed there if at that moment i
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was like i want success more and more management you just get hungry for people to be talking about you thought i wouldn't do anything like that again. and then he would. go. read with fans i the kids are beside themselves and seize the chance to snap a symphony with their idol or lasso him into a playback video for their own feet. now 18 eunice is debuting a new look with tintin chains and freshly filled lips he's not getting paid for this appearance but it's certain to increase his following. i. lent him and then
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came in don't cry. i want more you need to smile for the picture that says ok we're full days off you want one of these so. that if there was i'm afraid. i'm out i said let out he's only doing photos or tick tocks what good is that for you. know celebrities are stars and you want to see them it's not like you can see them every day so it's worth all the fun and what does he do better than the others everything kind of moves and of it i'm just not and on photos what he's gorgeous he's good at editing is that cool style and the guy who has nothing to hide that i mean us any mechanized let. us leave it
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at that. point of it was there a family life it doesn't matter he wouldn't need. you know like i said i did i was. asked was do you think you'll change anything else pushed really my breasts why are we still here really quick of a new home because mine are so small. i don't want them oversized by kylie jenner i mean that's not attractive so no but normal ones like a size c. just normal is what i'd like to have when they go until. you know. if i see it when the moment than when called on i don't and then you'll be satisfied with your loves. in with it i don't know what i'll look like in 10 years
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time as if nothing the moment done things could change at the moment i don't want to do any more work on my face so breasts and then you're done. unbounded approval and affection eunice's fans give him now what he lacked in his childhood. to say if you're 18 now what will happen if you're successful actors and you lose your fans. say i've asked myself what the future holds. for the kids who get older and develop different interests so will i do folks but i haven't given it too much thought it over the last lot for both of us and what would happen if you no longer got my. you made me crap as i said. but i don't think about it.
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cleaning lady by day. celebrated d.j. at a popular moscow club. that is 57 years old and her play list has almost exclusively electronic tracks how did it all start 4 years ago she tells her story on. t. v w. . welcome to the but is the game here for d.l. . we have plenty to talk about some. place else our coverage.
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for you. so we have. let's have a look at some of the other police books so you don't want to miss. w. . lisa bloom. book travel not a mainstream type. this
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is v.w. news live from berlin moscow says it will retaliate after germany expels 2 russian diplomats expelled expulsions came as russian investigators alleged german investigators rather alleged russia is linked to the killing in berlin of a former chechen commander just a machall says she'll be discussing the murder with a russian.


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