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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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also coming up today. our europe correspondent gail masses continues his quest to break bread from every e.u. member country today he's making rumanian bread. bots we begin with winners of the turner prize the highest accolade for contemporary artists in britain it's named after the country's greatest landscape painter jam. and is awarded election process no problem this year as for the 1st time all 4 nominees preempted the jury's decision the artists wanted to use the location of the turner prize to make a strong statement of community and solidarity and have themselves into a collective. and the jury unanimously agreed to the new arts collective swish
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. over 4 nominees are receiving this year's turner prize jointly. their works are also on display at the turn the contemporary gallery in mark 8. colombian british artist oscar movie owes work features life sized figures resembling a church congregation looking out to sea he had been favorites to take the prize. on camera work celebrates the role of women in northern ireland civil rights movement. chinese installation represents a post patriarchal city built by women. and lawrence our hammond downs work uses sound effects and survivor testimony to recreate a syrian prison in which an estimated $13000.00 inmates were killed. here working in completely different ways we have completely contrasting installations i think
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what they have in common is they all have something quite. to say to reflect on the way i mean they're working as a visual artist. and i reference is a very broad so they reference thing. and i think from sort of theater and opera using devices from journalism. from mainstream media. and they all have a kind of a desire to highlight inequalities in the world so despite their different methods the artists found a common purpose and a common message and there is already so much that divides people we feel strongly motivated to use the occasion of the price to make a collective statement in the name of commonality multiplicity in solidarity in ut as in society of the interesting ever since techno was invented in the 1980s german d.j.'s have been the forefront of spreading
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this music around the globe initially playing famous techno clubs here in berlin people are pulled from. dyke of west became internationally famous this trend continues today with german d.j.'s still much in demand one of them is mark rhomboid who is now getting well known for his crossover projects mixing classical music with techno beats. he's a key player on the techno scene produce a label head and d.j. . sets get the dance floor masses moving he's been a slow floating d.j. for the past 20 years but he still has a sense of wonder about $100.00. touring for such a long time already to stand and see it as a big big pleasure and privilege. to waive all over the world when you
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see that people are causing and dancing and there with them so it's a wonderful if you're doing. the right d.j. makes his home in the back in western germany. resembles a museum for the devices that might use it history he's a fan of analog technology. and over there also have their roles of course and this is something which makes it special exciting and to where we say the russians have something i just saw. likes to experiment not only in his studio at the planetarium with his interstellar being. with the chamber and of a rock music composer henry personal dance floor mates track cicle.
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because. music is. what we are doing. it's a part of the music history which is a very important. treatment in a reasonable moment away. from boy meets the techno d.j. he is also a master. softer chimes with the cologne in the morning featuring his friend violinist and composer. and it's an electronic classical crossover and an experiment in sound. of the song very secret insurance when you close your eyes and listen to his music
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you sometimes have the impression. you. boy has big plans next year beethoven will follow on the heels and a series of planned and famous. in the techno scene beilin and germany are always. deejays see themselves as global citizens. whether you are i was. in a club or out of 1st of all brings to your nights them and nobody asks what their religion is. the follows a few years. mixes contrasting elements always on the lookout for
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something new along the electronic sound spectrum. commission. news. now man in brussels is your correspondent dear old masses has been finding out more about the various cultures of every e.u. member state on baking then national bread and a mix says it all with a lot haunted look at each country's politics today it's the turn of rumania and the bread that is the basis for a whole meal. to make rumanian bread balls start by preparing a sour dough mix 150 millimeters of lukewarm water 150 grams of plain flour and 50 grams of wheat sourdough starter leave it to rise overnight. the loaves are pretty colossal at least for just long posts like remain years patterns of the parliament to not just minister to building in the world besides the pentagon. built for
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a long time communist dictator nicolae ceausescu this be him most took 13 years 700 architects and 1000000 cubic meters of transylvania marble to construct. and like the palace our loaf is entirely made in romania using the country's favorite crop. weeds. until recently are quick ultra form the backbone of the remaining economy and the country still contains thought of all the farms in the european union fortunately for this both you only need 600 grams of plain flour mills from just one metre square of wheat mix $540.00 millimeters of water with 4 grams of feast then add to a 600 grams of plain flour plus 250 grams of brown bread flour and 200 grams of rye flour. you also meat 10 grams of baking mold and of course your sourdough.
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mix well and leave it all to stand for 30 minutes. now at 24 grams of salt and read for 11 minutes in a stand mixer. than that the dough proof for 80 minutes until it stops old insides. 30 minutes in really quick falls. next shaped the dough into 4 small pieces and 4 large ones. place the smaller ones on top of the big ones and let your loaves rise for about an hour then brush the goal with that white. now score the notes you can choose any pattern you like i've gone for a traditional design based on sheets of wheat. bake it at
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250 degrees celsius for 25 minutes if after 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 210 degrees celsius. just before the bread is done brushes with hot water to give it a beautiful sheen allow the bread to cool down completely then. cut out a lid. close your highness is the 1st romanian president to come from an ethnic minority he's a transylvanian saxon speaks german and says he's determined to lift the lid on corruption but that won't be easy in a state where politicians have been hollowing out the rule of law for years now it's your turn to do some scoop and you need to remove the soft part of the brat to make room for your suit but don't take out too much of painted broth. let's find
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out how this one standout. while looks like this spread story not. just the. romanian in that operation on your money hand made flags rustic suits and wrap. everything together after all the best way to the heart of a country is through its stomach. now it's time to break out the dry martinis shaken but not because yes the trade of the new bond film has arrived is a taste of what will be daniel craig's last stand. if they're looking for a new bond i am available. play real last play just to get to the 2nd
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place. place . clean. cut.
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cleaning ladies by day thanks. celebrated d.j. at a popular moscow club by night. he is 57 years old and her play list has almost exclusively electronic tracks how did it all start 4 years ago she tells her story on. tuesday through the ministry d.w.t. . to the conflict zone victims of abuse gentler place is just 3 months since india has decided that it will have to change in kashmir my guess this week here in the book is james caan the national vice president and one of the chief spokesman of the ruling b j t obviously also the charges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir.
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in the. climate change. christmas if. you still. want to use today how for the future. keep local news dot com traffic and lego city. get. click.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin russia says it will retaliate after germany expels 2 of its diplomats. german investigators believe russia is linked to the killing of this man a former chechen commander in berlin. because of machall social discussed the killing with russian president vladimir putin when they meet next week also coming up. as the impeachment inquiry reaches a climax in washington we visit a small town in virginia to find out what ordinary people.


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