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this is deja vu news live from berlin russia says it will retaliate after germany expels 2 of its diplomats. german investigators believe russia is linked to the killing of this man a former chechen commander in berlin. machall social discussed the killing with russian president vladimir putin when they meet next week with coming up. as the impeachment inquiry reaches a climax in washington we visit a small town in virginia to find out what ordinary people there think one thing
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they do agree on americans are deeply divided over this issue. and the woman who was to be married to the saudi journalist and dissident. has condemned the international inaction over his brutal killing he's been talking to wu about the dangerous signal to send to other journalists. and sentenced to death in china despite having committed no crime to meet a man wrongly convicted of murder in a country believed to hand out more death sentences than anywhere else on. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us just days before the german chancellor and the russian president are set to meet to discuss the conflict in ukraine a diplomatic dispute. causing tensions between the 2 countries it centers on the
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murder in berlin of a former chechen rebel commander allegedly by russian intelligence now germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats in response moscow denies any involvement. this decision could escalate tensions between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's attorney general said evidence points to russian state involvement in. the meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes and we've taken this measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through bilateral contacts . through all that. in all guest georgian nationalists shot dead in berlin in broad daylight soon after the
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assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved the victim was a former rebel commander in the early 2040 against russia and the 2nd chechen war the suspected killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information relation to this incident have to the russian authorities are absolutely groundless assumptions. gemini's interior minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing. there was a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background i can only think of the attorney general that he has taken it that say something about the significance of this
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crime including his political background the be torn to. pieces. we've moscow still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia and the west is getting around to let's talk more about this with you political correspondent kate brady here in the studio with us and sure we're in moscow good day to both of you keith this investigation is still ongoing but at this point what can you tell us about why a german prosecutors believe moscow was behind this kill well prosecutors have said so far that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that this killing could have been carried out by russia or chechnya and so if we look at just some of the circumstances even though the suspected perpetrator 49 year old russian national and he had actually already previously be wanted in a different mode a case in russia also very similar to a case in which the victim was shot during a drive by shooting which was also carried out by a man on
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a bike and that victim was also shot in the head and then if we look also a little closer as well to some of the circumstances around the victim in this case here in berlin german prosecutors have said that the victim was classified as a terrorist by russian author it is and was persecuted as such the victim had actually tried to seek asylum here after several attempts on his life in georgia he fought as we had there in their reports as a separatist in the 2nd chechen war in the early 2000 and we actually are actually spoke to his ex-wife earlier this year as well who said that we were warned that something like this would happen in the end so there are lots of indicators at the minute to suggest this but as you say the investigation is still going ok and moscow's not going to cooperate in this investigation that says it's innocent in spite of all the indicators we've just been talking about that it hasn't rebutted and moscow says it's going to retaliate what form might that retaliation take.
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well of course we don't actually know yet but russia's strategy with these sort of diplomatic spots has been and with most things in fact has been a kind of tit for tat response and there has been of course a precedent for this kind of case in 2018 the attempted murder of sindh gasquet in the u.k. that was kind of a similar case the u.k. accused russia of being behind that as well and at the time the u.k. expelled 23 diplomats and russia responded by expelling 23 diplomats as well and we've heard from parliamentarians here in russia as well that they that they think that a tit for tat response and an expulsion of that same sort could be a reasonable response but i do think that we're seeing both sides and from the russian side certainly treading kind of carefully because russian german relations have been traditionally very close and they have been traditionally and
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diplomatically this come skims a very bad time the german chancellor is due to meet with the russian president on monday to discuss ways to end the ongoing conflict in ukraine a big issue for both countries could these new diplomatic tensions undermine the push for peace in the region. well i think that the russian side is certainly hoping that they won't undermine those talks on monday and i think we're seeing signals of that for example i'm glad markel did did say that she would discuss the issue with putin putin yesterday at a press conference with his colleague with his. serbian counterpart didn't mention this at all so there seems to be a sense that perhaps the russians aren't even letting this issue get to the presidential level at all the timing is certainly inconvenient and we also heard from the head of the international affairs committee in the parliament he said he
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also pointed out the timing of the normandy meeting on monday to discuss ukraine and he said that this whole diplomatic spat this whole murder would have no effect on that meeting. you know voices have been growing inside michael's own coalition especially within the part of the c.d.u. for a new approach to russia with this killing is any new initiative to restart relations with russia. on hold right now i wouldn't go so far as to say that they're on hold but certainly as emily mentioned the timing for these allegations couldn't be much worse right now of course we've also just seen the tail end of the nato leaders meeting in london as well where the nato leaders were discussing how they as a group of 29 would move forward in the in how they deal with with russia and what kind of relationship nato could have with russia or in the future and of course there are also calls not only within the government for new relations
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and improved relations with russia but also from neighboring friends of president mccoy for example but of course as this case develops germany will be looking on its neighbors for support in the same way that the u.k. did after the killing as are the poisoning should i say of. the form. double agent and his daughter in the u.k. say germany will be looking for its neighbors to its neighbors for some support as well within the e.u. and also long. nato allies move closer we will have to see how this develops exactly how russia now will react so far we've had that they will react with most likely take the tact sanctions so we are expecting to see another couple of german diplomats expelled from russia but for now it seems that thing that these talks at least about ukraine about the ukraine peace process planned for next week those will go ahead and merkel has already said however that she will be raising this
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issue about this killing with president putin once again kate brady thanks very much for that and emily sure women in moscow thanks so much to you as well thanks to both of you. preview now on some of the other stories making news this hour france is bracing for its biggest strike in decades over proposed pension reforms transportation networks schools hospitals all will be affected as the public sector protest against plans to overhaul the retirement system take place the strikes are open and did which means it could last for days. at least 57 people have died after a boat carrying migrants capsized off the coast of mauretania this according to the international organization for migration it says the vessel departed from gambia in late november headed for europe the i.o.m. says some 80 people did survive that wreck. 2 people have died one is injured after a shooting at the u.s. military base in pearl harbor why military officials say a u.s.
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sailor opened fire on several people before killing himself the names of the victims and the shooter have not been made public. and staying in the u.s. for legal experts have testified in the 2nd round of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into us president donald trump 3 of the 4 constitutional law experts said trump did commit an impeachable offense when he asked the korean president to investigate his political rival joe biden i don't think the group was called to testify before congress as top democrats tried to lay out the grain groundwork for a formal charges against from the other law expert called by republicans defended the president but said he did make mistakes. so what are potential voters saying as the impeachment hearings reach a climax we visited the town in virginia a state president trump failed to win in the 2016 election. blackstone
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is about a 3 hour drive south of washington and the impeachment hearings going on there the residents here are proud to say that part of the south. mack osborne runs a wholesale beverage company in blackstone the trump supporter says he's doing its best to keep up to speed on what's happening in the capital and he's definitely not happy about the hearings. i don't think americans want this to go on for days and weeks and weeks and this witness and that witness and it is just seems this millions of dollars being wasted and we have so many issues national issues we need to solve as a country and this just about just the family business man doesn't believe president trump did anything wrong with regard to ukraine. i think a lot of this is just good politics and good business you know where your money should go 'd and you want to make sure the things you're doing right before you
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help somebody. around 4000 people lived in blackstone roughly half a white the other half hour african-american the region is traditionally conservative but in the last congressional elections a democrat won the district. most african-americans we meet on the street don't want to comment on the impeachment proceedings thomas tyler is an exception he says he'd rather see president trump's political fight decided at the ballot box next year we've got. to go 20 did this saddle so either the people all over the place. if you replace you get rid of the man to go to the country i. mean the people who voted for. him in a local baba shop money black occasionally chats with customers about the impeachment proceedings she says she doesn't personally follow the hearings she will remain a trump supporter regardless of what's said in washington. everybody has
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their pros and cuts there's things that make a good president good and bad president bad but look at the economy now there's no reason no reason to kick it. no reason for the impeachment's st paul. and how they got a great job with a figure of special counsel robert miller looking on the proprietors of a nearby bed and breakfast their hot. bed democrats and i believe the impeachment hearings are justified but i don't think the result will play a role in the upcoming elections. we go to work for clinton he says the economy stupid and basically it sounds like it's going to be now they're going to take a look real hard and see how the economy is going that will be the advantage to you know to the current administration. republicans and democrats and blacks don't seem to agree on this point they also agree that the united states is currently deeply divided but they differ on who's to blame. this is d.w.i.
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up next in the show we meet 2 men who are fighting bricks and on a sometimes giants to help bring a touch of departed schumer to britain's serious election campaign. but 1st the turkish fiance of the murdered saudi journalist and dissidents jamal khashoggi has condemned the international in action towards saudi arabia over the crime. washington post contributor and u.s. resident was killed in october of $20000.00 by saudi agents while at saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul he'd gone there to obtain paperwork ahead of his wedding to how to change changes she waited for him outside but he never emerged from that building. in an exclusive interview w.'s alexander matthews spoke to change about the unanswered questions surrounding the shock she's killing. on less u.s.
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citizen goes to the embassy of his own country to hand over a paper to allow him to get married it's a completely normal situation and then he is in via. only murdered don't you think that the human side of it counts more than the political side of it this is how i see it not to the fault of the men but all however the political side has started to get more attention as there has been no real outcome of the investigation for 14 months. but if the legal process continued under normal circumstances if there had been an independent judiciary if the criminals were punished and if they shared what happened with the public. none of this would happen. to them all but if you can go will you sum up my this is so so the lack of justice made it more political with issues see as a loss of the heart of. all the indications were that the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammad the fellow was behind the order for the assassination but nothing
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really internationally has happened how do you feel about that is that a source of frustration for you. the coalition of. the 2 it is significant that only evidence leans to the crown prince and the officials of saudi arabia. because it's a focus is the attention on one person. however when you consider the investigation in general that the there has been no improvement of if you vote you've got the cut you can just walk out we still don't know what happened there at the time i had. the whole world ancestors on learning more about how this complex murder happened. his death is very disturbing for me personally will be me well i don't know how the world sees saudi arabia because of the money however personally i'm astonished and upset by the situation. it's about the it. is
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short of. what's your heart that will come out of this what would you like to see happen next. to see or to know. we should not forget the horrendous murder that has happened and should prevent it happening to anyone else ever again . because that there won't be any justice because gemma won't come back i want you to go to a lot of local however in the future people like. people who share his values those who have been jailed for those values to contribute to efforts to release them and raising awareness about them so she is important to me personally. i've been trying to come up with. some other headlines making the news this hour nato leaders have wrapped up an at times contentious meeting in london after reaffirming their commitment to the alliance as mutual defense calls they agreed to spend more on defense and work together against that's russia terrorism we also recognize the
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challenge of a rising china. to custom agents have been charged after australia's biggest ever seizure of methamphetamines police think the drug known as crystal meth had a street value above for over 700000000 euros and the sound smuggled in stereo speakers from thailand a 3rd person has also been arrested. or u.s. roman catholic bishop richard malone of the city of buffalo has resigned after being accused of trying to cover up sexual abuse by priests a bishop from a nearby city of albany has been appointed by pope francis to replacing. our human rights groups often criticized china for handing down more death sentences than the rest of the world combined now because official numbers are kept secret the actual count could be far higher innocent people are often executed there a reporter met a group of men sentenced to death but whose convictions were later overturned.
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the foreman didn't expect anything when police showed up at their homes one evening in 20022 years earlier a gruesome murder had happened near their village. i think they suspected the culprits lived in our village they came and just arbitrarily took people from there we weren't even hanging out together at the time you were the devil another would take you under communism they didn't say much they just said immediately you're the one who did it. the poor were ultimately found guilty of killing a young man and raping and killing a young woman her body was found cut into pieces and wrapped in a plastic bag or today nothing reminds one of the crimes. to get even though you did this is the place where it happened inside this compound she began to this was a rice paddy at the time. don't you know. the double murders shocked many in the
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region chung fog and the others were sentenced to death they had confessed but under torture china is thought to have the highest number of executions in the word although the exact figure is a state secret once police have identified the suspect that person will nearly always be punished the conviction rate in china is 99.9 percent. when we didn't call us a bit of it we were prepared for everything 1st we wrote our will then we told our relatives they should appeal the sentence we were hoping we could clear our names but all the time i was scared that the communist party might suddenly take us to be executed. all of them were married and had young children or will farmers later chins wife and as a repair ins with his rickshaw drivers to pay for the lawyers and the kids' education his daughter was 7 when he was arrested you know ok if my classmates
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would go home after school and have dinner with their parents these ordinary things were not possible for us. the color t.v. of us or other people this was something normal but to me it seemed like the biggest luxury i was so jealous of my classmates. it would be 14 years until she could eat with her father again then 2016 the men's convictions were finally which are. the story was widely reported in china one of a handful of cases where their sentences were revoked in recent years. and the others were compensated with 300000 euros each junge used the money to build a new house for his family. you know if we could have worked all these years we might have been able to make the same amount of money our reputation has
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been damaged our psyche our children and families have suffered we have mental health problems how can this money compensate this. it's now been several years since their release but they still struggle with getting through the day their ordeal traumatized them. people used to talk a lot with each other there was a lively atmosphere at home it's different now we spend most of our time in silence . says he has only one call for his future to live a life as ordinary as possible. now there's just one week to go before voters in britain hit the polls for a general election aimed at ending the deadlock over prime minister boris johnson hopes to win a majority that can push through his divorce deal with the e.u. some opponents abraxane are not giving up so they're trying to win over voters by
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making them smile. these 2 chaps know a thing or 2 about billboards and this one in the north london district of stoke newington is particularly close to their hearts it was here that ben and all the began their post a campaign back then the latter was to show to passers by loft at them but now hundreds of thousands of people appreciate their political pranks especially those opposed to breaks it meet led by don't keys the pressure group tackling a few of the contradictions peddled by british rex it publications. like this post which points out how the money being spent on no deal breaks it plans could be used to fund $4000.00 nurses. now their messages aren't just restricted to billboards following a crowd funding campaign they edged michael gove's face the minister in charge of preparing for a hot bricks it into the sand on
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a beach quoting what he said before his new job. you see in these quotes this. is perfect coming together sort of. an ideology and her brothers and i think against the reality these quotes you know they sort of speak for selves when we were sold back allies as with many things in life the idea for their project came to them in the pub and they've stuck with it. you couldn't miss their message at a recent munch in london for a 2nd referendum. and this series of clips from interviews with boris johnson ends with a stark warning about how he's lied to those closest to him. which brings us to the current u.k. election campaign and led by donkey's billboard presence around parliament then
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name alludes to the popular 1st. told wolf raise lions led by don't case when brave pushy streets for like my ends but have done keys phonied as. going to be out every day trying to get the message out the people the boss. and that's important because they say most of the polls showed that the majority of brits would now prefer to stay in the us. let's get reminder now of our top story this hour german chancellor only machall says she'll confront the russian president vladimir putin over the killing in berlin of a former chechen commander last summer germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats over the issue moscow says it will retaliate. and 4 legal experts have testified in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump 3 of the 4 saying he committed an impeachable offense when he asked the ukrainian president to investigate his political rival joe biden this
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is news live from berlin up next we have focus on europe and don't forget you can always get the latest at our website as well d.w. dot com i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being here.
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the 4. cleaning ladies by j. fox. celebrated d.j. at a popular. ring that is 57 years old and her playlist has almost exclusively electronic tracks how did it all starts 4 years ago she tells her story on.
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the conflict zone misty and sebastian. is just 3 months since india decided that it all has to change in kashmir my guess is we here in the uk is j. comes up national vice-president on one of the chief spokesman of the. how does he answer the charges of widespread human rights violations in the trash we're. told. that 77 percent blockage are younger than 6. that's me and me and you. do know what time your voice is what. the 77 percent talk about the issues. from
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politics to fashion from causing a good time this is where it was. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable oh it's nice to have you with us a mother killed while holding her baby a 15 year old shot in a busy square alliance has shaken sweden bomb attacks have become commonplace they're happening nearly every 3 days well a violent is mostly related to street gangs and drug.


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