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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2019 6:45pm-7:00pm CET

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new exhibition of art from the democratic republic of congo looks at that country's traditions both past and present. and in our series 100 german must reads we feature your hot i don't yon's extraordinary memoir an exclusive love in which she tries to ravel the history behind her grandparents' suicide. we start with the superstar of german composers and beethoven who will be in the spotlight in 2020 as we celebrate his 250th birthday and that means that his music will of course be everywhere as concerts and new recordings abound and in his hometown of ball on the board of quince talent is getting a jump on things with a new exhibition that correlates his musical works with key events in his life. germany has never celebrated a composer this way before to 250th anniversary of libby from beatles birth
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starting one year ahead of the actual date and nowhere more than in born germany the composer's hometown. he's director of the anniversary society and the b. to open house and we have a funding for more than 40000000 euros to celebrate beethoven german germany why. i think it gives the national attention and it's shows that we look at it as a festival of national importance to live you can be has long been the world's most often performed classical composer and never more than no need to win mania is widespread an easier in africa to its has melted because there are gaps that still need to be filled in because only little of this composer's music is familiar to most people we invited people in germany to open their houses to private beethoven related concerts and events to celebrate it's often in their
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living rooms or in their kitchens and it's a big birthday bash. and it brings them back to all comes from the house concerts the chamber music was written not for the concert halls but for the private homes on the big beethoven weekend a special exhibition opens at the buddhist the national art gallery in bonn in. historic instruments. peering into a hall one can look back into betokens time. there's a plaster cast of the composer's face and a bust me when he was 42 years old. symbolizing be told in his gradual hearing loss his ear horn is on display but the composer was nearly always ill leading to his death of cirrhosis of the liver at age 56. he always had various remedies on hand the exhibition opens with usually on tuesday but on the weekend before
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visitors were already getting in the mood for the big year. down the road from the national art gallery the beach open house museum is reopening after getting a complete facelift museum head nicola kempton explains a new approach. and the old house we have fun stuff checked in it's own one issue for example. his daily routine and what he did what he edits for to do and when he worked so this the whole time to every office day and also we're in the ones over there his networks his friends this spawns us the people whom we laugh on this play with over a $100000.00 visitors a year the big open house is germany's most often visited museum dedicated to a musician after 3 years of restoration work and at a cost of $3800000.00 euros the house can be expected to attract many more visitors
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in the coming anniversary year. would blood between have been satisfied i hope you would really like it because it makes him really more person that he wanted to be understood and that's what we try to make him understand there for everybody for the whole road was coming here. $800.00 concerts nationwide a new exhibition the beatles and house reopened and the official opening on monday in the hall in opera the beat of an anniversary year is off to a big start. for exciting stuff well our next exhibition gets its appeal from a juxtaposition of all historic artifacts and photographs with new works by contemporary artists the democratic republic of congo in west central africa is famous for its vibrant art scene and now a new exhibition in zurich aims to get beyond that one sided western view of traditional african art by focusing on the congolese artists perspective. these
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power figures called monk garko were created to protect a village communities in 1903 congo. the metal pieces were hammered in to seal agreements between tribe members. nearby a contemporary power figure it's decorated with electronic scrap symbolizing the destructive mining of coal town a mineral used in manufacturing smartphones it's a reference to the new imperialist role of china in congo. unfun and these what's interesting about this juxtaposition is that it updates the historical art and demonstrates that it still has relevance for the present day. vaterland curator michelle yellow obo who far invited contemporary artists from the democratic republic of the congo to take part in the exhibition they created works that responds to the historical objects and photographs from the museum barracks
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collection. the starting point for the exhibition is the archive of german ethnologist hunts him and he. traveled to the congo in 1938 on an art expedition commissioned in part by the ethnological museums in geneva and basel him a hero purchased hundreds of sculptures masks and other art objects on these trips . and he documented his transactions with local residents in his diary which has survived to this day. like of the artists what techniques they you have what their process was their aesthetic concepts and what was truly new for the time is that he documented their name document. mask made from calorie shells and textile. initiation mask porn's combined the mask of a woman's face all produced before 939. today the artworks that him here are
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collected are important historical documents the fact that the art dealer was able to acquire them so inexpensively reflects the clear balance of power during the colonial era artists such as soon from the g.r. congo addressed these power structures in their work. star idea was really to have these multiple perspectives we have a specific way of looking at these objects and photographs a certain perspective but there are these very different voices from the individual artists and what we wanted to show was this wide range of voices you fight for. the exhibition at zurich's museum puts the fiber and art scene of the d.r. congo center stage and gives a fresh perspective on colonial collections. $100.00 german must reads as our series about german books in the english translation and
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one of the merits of this list is that it affords readers a more nuanced view of major events that marked the last century like world war 2 like the holocaust where time distance and memory have affected how stories are perceived and interpreted while a questioning a younger generation has also had quite an impact like in your house searching memoir of her own grandparents what if you started the day knowing it was going. today and we're going to overdose on pills and life. would you treat this last day like any other or would you have one final wish. on october 13th 1991 my grandparents killed themselves that's the start of your honner i don't yon's memoir an exclusive love. over the next 180 pages
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utterly on tries to reconstruct her grandparents lives and their last day she tries to understand what drove them to suicide so many decades after they survived the holocaust. the death announcement printed in the danish newspaper which might well raise questions in the minds of outsiders because of their identical day of death said the cancer is their great love that is the gentlest way of referring to the double suicide but is it the whole truth does not their death of love all suggest fear a woman's fear of being unloved alone a burden on others perhaps sick and frail herself some day and was there not also a considerable amount of aggression and behaving so far as her own children were concerned as if she were entirely alone in the world around the grandparents were somewhat of a mystery even to her she tries to imagine what it was
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a light in 1040 when they met in budapest when her grandfather came home from the concentration camp and when her family fled communism to make a new start in denmark but again and again she comes back to the moment when they dissolve those pills put on fresh pajamas and go to sleep hand in hand for africa was it love and why did they keep so many secrets your how do you on connects the dots between the memory of her grandparents and her own life her own dormant jewish identity which suddenly becomes very important. and exclusive love is a tale of the 20th century sad sometimes funny and completely captivated. and finally late last week you know asco added to its list of in. tangible cultural
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heritage so things that have typically been handed down over generations like the art of neapolitan pizza making or the brazilian carnival dance flavor and its last session in colombia you know added 7 musical traditions to the list including the irish harp and the good now our culture from morocco. and that's a centuries old practice rooted in music african rituals and sufi traditions in our artists often very colorfully dressed play the gangrene type of lute with 3 strings and cast and that's called caught cabs and they do this that all night ceremonies of rhythm and trance that are considered therapeutic ritual in music is especially popular in the southern port city of s. how we needa where i could now out in the world music festival attracts fans from all over the globe so lots of celebrations going on there. and on that rhythmic
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note it's time for us to sign off we will be back tomorrow same time same place with more music more beethoven more culture going or and of course you can always go to our website should you need a quick fix so to see you then until then just from us here in berlin and buy for now.
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since a. a d w exclusive. years ago 3 prominent members of the bella roost you know opposition disappeared without a trace now a key witness has come forward to reveal what he knows admitting in the process that he was an accessory to murder because information leaves little doubt the orders to kill came from the highest authorities a close a big source of 90 minutes on d w. d q you know that 77 percent. are younger than 60 ah. that's me and me. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent speech obama beat issues. this is where you cut. 77 percent this weekend on d w. cutting through the noise. where i come from people are
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known for being tough but fair new york times a lot of people tell it like it it was they call it the concrete jungle the melting pot the city that never sleeps is this energy that makes it feel like old but amid the hustle it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices who move to be heard we all have a story to tell but i see it as my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious now i'm based in europe and my work takes me around the world but my instincts for me in the state to tell me and. to cut through the noise to get to the truth. my name is sarah kelly and i wanted to double. down.
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there's a d.-w. news line from a boy living revealing the truth about state's death squads in the former soviet republic of. exclusive report we hear from this man who says he was part of a team order to kill opposition politicians also on the program. hong kong's chief executive carried gets beijing's full backing president sheikh tells her she has his unwavering support despite the demands of pro-democracy protesters that she resides.


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