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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a deadly attack in moscow near russia's intelligence headquarters. gunman opens fire causing people to run for cover a state security officer was shot dead before the gunman is neutralized we'll get an update from moscow also coming up. abuse of power and obstruction u.s. president donald trump faces trial after the house of representatives focus to
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impeach him but when that will happen remains unclear we'll go to washington for the latest. but let's remember the terror attack that happened 3 years ago 12 people died when it is limited to extremist drove a truck into a busy christmas market. i'm told me a lot of both good to have you with us. russia's security service the f.s.b. ses it has neutralized a gunman who opened fire near its headquarters in central moscow the f.s.b. also confirmed that one of its employees was killed in the attack the health ministry said 5 people were injured. the sound of gunfire rips through the moscow night as pedestrians run for cover.
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police then quickly cordoned off the area in one of the most heavily secured parts of the city. stated where you're going through a gunshot so of course i didn't get any closer because i wanted to live. but there's very little police officers ran up to the ambulance and loaded somebody into his quickly but apparently he was already dead through additional certainly asked us to move further away. from. the russian intelligence service says there was only one attacker and that they had neutralized him a term used when an assailant is killed they haven't released the name or information about a motive that happened at about the same time that russian president vladimir putin was giving a speech celebrating the work of security services and calling for more efforts to prevent terrorism or should it be doing this to so i mean that. terrorism is an insidious and dangers and in many ways and the fight against it must continue
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systematically and decisively. but he took out a note saying that this work must be conducted as i've said before with an emphasis on the prevention of terrorism on preventive offensive operations. though putin was nowhere near the scene there's speculation the attack may have been timed to coincide with the speech authorities have opened an investigation. russia correspondent emily show and has been following that attack in moscow for us she sent us this assessment this attack has shaken moscow to its core it took place outside the f.s.b. headquarters and iconic building just a stone's throw away from the kremlin and although the motives behind the attack are not yet known the timing is worth noting it took place just after vladimir putin's nearly press conference and of course the president used to be the director
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of the f.s.b. and it also took place on the eve of a day celebrating the security services and their work a day that has now been marred by tragedy. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in australia 2 firefighters are dead and 3 others seriously injured after their truck crashed into a tree thousands of part of firefighters are battling to contain over 100 blazes raging across new south wales the fires have been fueled by drought and record temperatures. hundreds of thousands of people have marched in cities across the dan to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the uprising that toppled former president omar al bashir the company has promised to continue their program of political reform and the perseus of justice for protesters killed in the uprising. lebanon's political parties have nominated a new prime minister after months of protests in the country university professor
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has and has vowed to enact reforms to help the country out of its economic crisis protesters have already rallied against his appointment. on capitol hill in washington congressional leaders having gauged in a war of words one day after the u.s. house of representatives voted to impeach president donald trump a divided house voted overwhelmingly along party lines 12 articles of impeachment democrats said trump had abused his powers and obstructed congress in relation to the ukraine strike to the u.k. in scandal after the house vote in the senate is due to be tossed with conducting a trial of the president senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who will decide the terms for the trial has reacted by calling the house impeachment process unfair house democrats embark on the most rushed leaf thorough and most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history. this is by far the basis
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for in a house presidential impeachment in american history let's not go to washington where pablo foley and yes it's called covering the story for us hi pablo do mitch mcconnell's statements today show that the dismissal of these impeachment charges by the senate is now a full gone conclusion. hi tell me well i mean mitch mcconnell denouncing the vote there it comes as a salute me no surprise whatsoever we can't forget of course that the senate is controlled by the republicans they have 53 senators compared to the democrats $45.00 and then there are 2 independents so you know we saw with the vote in the house of representatives republican support for president trump is and you know here in the united states it said that in the senate it won't be any different and we're seeing that as well as well from the reaction from many of the senators here who expressed their support for president but we do also have to note that you know
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removing the president from office in the senate works very different to the democrats would need a 2 thirds majority which is a very difficult feat for the democrats now the focus from them is to avoid the senate trial from having absolutely no witnesses because having no witnesses would sort of hinder their chances of perhaps turning the situation around and what we've seen is that the house speaker nancy pelosi has not committed to designating what they're called as the house managers from delivering the impeachment articles to the senate that's a necessary step in order to get this next stage underway. basically you know the trial would begin in january that's what's expected but of course if it's held off you know it could be detrimental to the republicans in some ways because what
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they're democrats are hoping is that if they hold off from the beginning of the trial and then perhaps the witnesses are actually brought in the republicans may lose the support for president trump amongst the american public. ok briefly just away from capitol hill how americans reacting to this impeachment vote. well tell me this is an incredibly divided country i mean polls after polls are showing how divided in fact on thursday one poll that was released just briefly give you some of the figures 42 percent said the should the senate should remove president trump 29 percent said the senate should dismiss charges against president trump and then in 6 polls that were carried out in the beginning of this month over about a 10 day period 46 percent said they favored impeachment and the removal of president term compared to 49 percent who didn't so tell me as i said before that
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this is a very divided country all right pablo foley alias in washington as always thank you. in india at least 3 people have died in protests against a controversial new citizenship law authorities banned the protests after a previous rallies became violent but crowds defied the ban and police made hundreds of arrests the new law office citizenship to immigrants from pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan who are escaping religious persecution but it excludes muslims. widespread anger and not everyone is holding back in northeastern india violence fled outraged protests is defying the ban on demonstrations they said the government's new law discriminates against muslims and threatens india's secular democracy body and you'll see aired this citizenship amendment act is against the indian constitution
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has a legal it is against the spirit of independence of our country. my get up and leave it on twitter condemnation of the police man handling of one of our most prolific and influential public intellectuals and scholar as ramit chandra guha he says he was engaged in nonviolent protest when he was arrested. the government says it was forced to act in the interest of public safety after many protests turned violent last wake. in the capital delhi more than a dozen train stations were close. roads blocked traffic congested. authorities also shut down mobile phone networks and the internet in several rage and. a very difficult situation and a very bad situation we're facing a lot of problems the red still so have a lot of traffic jams and some of them abrupt so it's
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a pathetic situation. and there might be even more disruption on its why there are few signs prime minister narendra modi is going to back down over the law and many here are determined to make him change his mind whatever the consequences . 3 years ago and islamist extremists round a truck into a busy christmas market and central berlin the attack of killed 12 people and injured dozens many of whom continued to suffer from their injuries of the 3rd anniversary of the incident but gathered at the site of the attack to remember the victims. the church bells toll 12 times in memory of the victims of the worst islamist terror attack in german history. a long golden crack runs through the christmas market throughout the day mourners
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have come to light candles. business once a top dead she was our daughter and she's still with us not a single day goes by without me thinking about her. for me there is no christmas anymore came by and after. what happened 3 years ago just after 8 in the evening a man in a stolen truck careened into a christmas market packed with hundreds of people the perpetrator. at unity and had converted to radical islam in germany scaped a few days later he was shot and killed by police initially for some time various german security services had known about the danger this man posed but they didn't share their knowledge the failure of the police and other authorities to prevent this attack is the subject of political inquiries many questions remain open the attack has brought changes security at the christmas market has been increased traffic barriers installed does this make people feel safer it's been mcdonald's
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through here with very bad feelings or. i imagine the chaos here 3 years ago and i didn't feel happy at all ports and really of course. because of the barriers and the police that are there you feel pretty safe and i think maybe that's also a reason why you can move around a bit more freely here at the christmas market lived i don't necessarily feel secure because of the police i think. accidents like this make it more. it's more of a thing where people become more united. correspondent simon young was at the commemorations of the christmas market where the terrorist attack happened 3 years ago and he sent us this assessment 3 years on this christmas market feels safe and happy but the wounds inflicted by and it's still
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painful for some tonight the families of the victims came here to remember their loved ones remains in candles were laid on the steps of the church where the names are also engraved on the church bells were sounded 12 times to mark the number of the dead with those families as well as the dozens of seriously injured and emergency workers dealing with their trauma and still working through their pain and they're asking questions how was unknown islamist able to carry out this attack and is enough being done to help those left behind to finland now where tourists are braving the winter temperatures to catch a glimpse of the northern lights these incredible green patterns can be seen in the night sky overlap land the home of santa claus there caused by particles from the sun colliding with particles from the earth's atmosphere because of the short days and lapland the lights can eliminate the sky for up to 9 hours.
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i'm told me all of it well thanks for watching and up next the documentary examining the rise of russian president vladimir putin. welcome to the book is the game here for d.w.i. . we have plenty to talk about some. place else our coverage. 3 more. asshole we have. let's have a look at some of the other legal so you don't want to miss. we get to w.


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