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this is deja news live from berlin a deadly typhoon batters the central philippines typhoon fan phone tore across a number of popular holiday islands destroying property killing at least 16 people we'll bring you the latest on the devastation also coming up. remembering the 2004 indian ocean tsunami which killed more than 200000 people 15 years on we meet one woman who lost almost her entire family. a ring of fire blazes across middle eastern nations scott will have everything you need to know about the late last
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solar eclipse of the decade and whether you can see it where you are. welcome to the program. a deadly typhoon has stricken the central philippines at least 16 people have been killed and the fear is that more people may have died many buildings were destroyed and large areas are still without internet or electricity a tropical storm at 1st found phone was upgraded to a typhoon when it made landfall on christmas eve it brought pounding rain and wind speeds up to 195 kilometers an hour on christmas day and as you can see it's moving towards vietnam. the extent of the damage caused by the typhoon is beginning to emerge. fun phone destroyed many homes leaving families to spend christmas
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sheltering in the open air both or she's evacuated tens of thousands of people ahead of the storm's arrival as a precaution. severe rain caused major flooding forcing people to wade through the deluge of these are seeking need to deal with the typhoons aftermath. toiletries whatever items that can be useful and helpful to us that's what we're appealing for i hope we receive help. on phones powerful winds ric's have a conservative provinces in central philippines the same part of the country where thousands of people died when it was hit by typhoon haiyan 96 years ago. damage from fon fon blocked roads and cut communication lines there are reports of people taking shelter in the region's airports. now that the storm has passed for those who are returning home the job of cleaning up and rebuilding their lives has
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begun although the philippines is hit by storms several times a year typhoon fan phone has made this christmas one that will be remembered. and earlier we spoke to richard gordon of the red cross in the philippines he told us about the aftermath of the storm so far and how those affected by the typhoon are dealing. that people are beginning to go back to their all. and after the onslaught of the typhoon last night and the other night but really lot of people have lost their homes. the people in the coastal areas they really got walloped their houses their ramshackle homes with those of the destroyed their hoosier blown away their walls or blown away and so a lot of people would have to do without and that's why we're addressing that by providing artfully innocent children kids to the folks out there also they would
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need food because everything that they have their clothes. sundry i don't like cooking utensils. there without them so that person makes an impact with their questions be provided. trucks that provide the ready made meals so again this is going to be a recurring problem but we don't have enough corruption right the way we're trying to bring in all the food stuffs that we can bring including i'm sure a sleeping kids imagine your home being blown away you need your blankets you need a mosquito match and that's what they need right now apart from the fact that they would need. if anyone was advertised as not an american don't want i myself was told is not going to be strong adult the moment during the philippine area of responsibility for a major typhoon commended for it all should be and that was richard gordon of the red cross in the philippines. communities across asia are marking the 15th
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anniversary of the indian ocean tsunami on the morning of december 26th 2004 a 9 point one magnitude earthquake triggered a powerful ocean wave that hit coastlines over a vast area the disaster killed more than 200000 people in thailand people that candles on a beach to remember the victims around 8000 are estimated to have lost their lives in the country although many bodies were never recovered. some 2000 kilometers away sri lanka's eastern coast was it especially hard more than 10000 people died in the southern and par region. can diet. looks out over the indian ocean nearly every day get up and deter life 15 years ago when she lost almost her entire family to the massive tsunami. only a little bit did not good all 9 of us lived near the beach so many tonight when i
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think about the children i get very sad i only managed to save one little co that i never saw the us again when i got back at my house was destroyed. i can die and now shares her home with the one granddaughter she rescued and her small child the waters forced their way some one and a half kilometers inland the town of power in sri lanka south was worst affected thousands of children were among the victims. has helped many survivors back then he was the only psychiatrist in the worst affected area of southern sri lanka he treated adults and children alike. children as you know will have a huge amount of loose indians and they have got the thing that's trying to come out of these things and that depends on the adults at them. if you don't send control and competence to begin with the problems the children's
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anxiety and stress it's much much less. after the tsunami sri lankan psychiatrist formed a network with the help of the world health organization today elementary school teachers are being taught how to recognize signs of trauma in children but talking about the effects of trauma is still to do. the country has installed an early warning system for tsunamis the fear of another giant wave has never gone away nor has the memory of the victims of 2004. found out to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. turkish president president red chip type n o one says he intends to send troops to libya chris says the internationally recognized government in tripoli has requested the measure to help stabilize the country libya has been torn by civil war since 2014 and has no effective central government. turkey's top court has ruled that a long running ban on wiki pedia is
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a violation of freedom of expression the decision is a blow to the government in 2017 turkey blocked access to the online encyclopedia in response to an article that accused the country of supporting terror groups. israel's right wing likud party is voting for a new leader today ahead of a general election in march former interior minister gideon starr is expected to present a strong challenge to an incumbent benjamin netanyahu israel's current prime minister but polls suggest the challenge will be successful. burkean a fossil is reeling after a pair of jihadist attacks which killed dozens of people the deadliest violence there in years both attacks took place in the sunni region in the north militants 1st launched an assault on a military base earlier this week killing 35 civilians the army leaders that 80 assailants were killed in that operation then last night a dozen soldiers died in a time ambush the country is observing
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a 2 day mourning period. and for more the situation in burkina faso in the waters of hell region i'm joined in the studio now by. thanks for joining us 2 attacks in 2 days how significant is this well it's very significant and not because of the number of attacks but the quality of the attacks especially that region in the region in the sunni area. these types of attacks have actually build been building up since june and each time it's being it's increasing and since august we're talking about large scale attacks so 405-0600 fighters attacking specific areas by . and so following the attack 2 weeks ago in new zealand a region where over nearly 100 people were killed. you have this attack now large scale attack and now been done and so we're seeing pretty much the culmination of a process that's been going on for a year a bit longer and so it's very significant why isn't the government working with us or equipped for this kind of incident well it's not being equipped it's more being
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able to react to i think there are so many factors that it's 1st of all we're doing with a great deal so in terms of smuggling crime terrorism i think everything is mixed so you'll have people wearing different hats and this including with the security services which affects how the intelligence how the information is gathered how it's protected to come to the end she ality of it that creates a lot of problems but also we are talking about if we can state especially since the few years ago a state that us failed to or is failing to restore and strengthen security structure that creates off problems and that's not just book now fassel that's mali that's nice yeah that's chad and we're seeing a lot of spillover and yet the conflicts and everywhere else is acting as a catalyst for booking office which in turn affects its security structure. as you know is of course part of an organization called the g 5 say hell which includes some of the countries you mentioned. mauritania they're also getting help from the
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united states military help you drone observation and from some european union countries why can't they get on top of this jihadist insurgency well they did to help that's provided is actually more on paper than on the ground so the money that's been pledged by france by the u.s. in different g 5 conferences over the last 2 years has not really been given that includes germany the military help is essentially confined to back and that's the french operation there that's a french operation it's not a multinational operation that affects the role the u.s. and support has been. slightly financial bit more technology but that's for me so everyone right now is trying to get everybody's help coordinated to be able to affect the situation in the tri border area so. the. region in mali so that area that's been most affected to make sure that it works properly but too many interests involved especially national interest creates a disturbance in the coming dynamic to protect the area ok security expert thanks
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for the insight thank you. people across the middle east and asia have been witnessing a rare solar eclipse what's known as an annular eclipse of provided spectacular views to people from saudi arabia to india to singapore many had special goggles so they could look straight at the sun without endangering their eyesight. or ring of fire in the sky seen by lucky viewers along a narrow path of visibility in saudi arabia sun chasers from around the world started preparing in darkness. live on the eclipse they not specifically came. to see the they knew little eclipse didn't sunrise for me and my family would live in london and would come to saudi arabia especially to see this event because it's very rare you know we're missing here we have to wait for another 30. more sun watchers travelled to a remote desert area of abu dhabi for the best view.
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iting i wanted to come you only do this once in a lifetime moment and it looks so amazing why you see it it's like it's gone completely. as the path of visibility moved eastward people in western indonesia set up gear to watch. hand to record. i singaporeans who are amongst the last to be able to see it. and the next one is going to be when i'm in the last 60 years so i might as well take my youth and look at this lovely ring of fire but only 2 minutes but it's so intense that you talk about it with your friends and family for the next month. the eclipse then moved out over the ocean and disappeared. coming back to
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earth now no holiday season is complete without brave swimmers taking their annual plunge into icy waters in northwest china 200 people from around the world did the ice bucket challenge in minus 20 degree weather before hitting the outdoor pool in london's hyde park the serpentine swimming club swam its annual christmas day race . and here in berlin revelers in santa outfits jumps into a lake at the city's edge but some complain that 5 degrees the water was really just. calm. down and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. typhoon fan phone batters
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the central philippines the storm tore across a number of popular holiday islands destroying property and killing at least 60 people. through our forest watching good news live from berlin we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour all the latest news on our web site that's stupid people dot com. painful. language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w's.


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