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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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the be. the big. this is you know we news live from berlin outrage on the streets of india the death toll reaches 25 in clashes between protesters and police hundreds of thousands of people continue to rally across the country against this is a ship law they say discriminates against muslims also coming up the morial services are being held across asia to commemorate one of the deadliest natural
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disasters the tsunami that hit the indian ocean the day after christmas in 2014 killed more than 200000 people 50 years on we meet one woman who lost almost part entire family and a ring of fire glazes across the sky in the middle east village that will have everything you need to know about the last solar eclipse of the decade. great to have you along on lila her rock we begin this broadcast in india the world's largest democracy is in the grip of widespread protests as a result of a new bill that grants amnesty to undocumented migrants from 3 neighboring countries provided they are not muslim while india's prime minister narendra modi said it was a way to bring refugees. out of the shadows but his proposed path to citizenship
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has provoked outrage across the nation at least 25 people have been killed in protests against what many are calling an outrage to india's secular constitution. a sea of defiance it is the biggest challenge to the since he came to power in 24th for this i was in it is a bottle for india's constitution. what we are saying is if you're not seeing and through is different if you're against and was never also argues the hindraf if this is implemented in the rest of the country what people said of you know this is rick there. for weeks protests have raged against a law that would grant citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries but not muslims some see it as lama for big all those are worried it will lead to white
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scale emigration. the backlash has provoked a heavy handed response a new delhi dozens were arrested for protesting. about a live thousands of people have been detained we are protesting against that people who have been detained for no reason must be released immediately. and amid heightened fears in muslim communities of revenge attacks police were caught breaking c.c.t.v. cameras. and the government. to the ira say a militaristic group of hindu hardliners marching in the capital beating the drum for rent a movie and his national list government. journalists are feeling the heat a vigil at the moment by the press club they say they are being targeted by police i try to cover these to mulch missive and so. that when you actually. both
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communication and when you're doing that all people good report when you got off the internet you increase room honoring you increase bureau and you increase riots and this is what something which the establishment should understand india finds itself in a standoff and still far no signs of even a flicker of greek conciliation. want to so now about some of the other stories making news around the world. russian police have raided the offices of kremlin critic alexina volley in moscow is anti-corruption foundation publishes exposé zone state corruption but now authorities are investigating it as colleague of muslin nasha chavez enough a seen here in the middle with a volley has just been sent for military service to the arctic. u.k. authorities say they have risk you'd at least 28 migrants on the country's south east coast well they are believed to have sailed from france and many are from of ghana stunned iran and iraq the home office says an increasing number of people are
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risking their lives by trying to cross the channel in small boats. an avalanche has swept across a ski trail near the swiss town of under much injuring at least 2 people police and rescuers are now searching for anyone who might be buried underneath a local media report heavy snowfall in recent days has considerably increased the danger of avalanches. a deadly typhoon has battered central philippines at least 16 people have been killed and the fear is that more people may have died many buildings were destroyed and large areas are still without internet electricity well a tropical storm at 1st found phone was a breeder to a thai food when it made landfall on christmas eve it brought pounding rain and wind speeds of up to 190 kilometers an hour on christmas day devastating celebrations in this predicament. minutely catholic nation the superstorm is now
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barreling towards it now. the extent of the damage caused by the typhoon is beginning to emerge. fun phone destroyed many homes leaving families to spend christmas sheltering in the open air authorities evacuated tens of thousands of people ahead of the storm's arrival as a precaution. severe rain caused major flooding forcing people to wade through the deluge authours user seeking aid to deal with the typhoons aftermath that would lank its toiletries whatever items that can be useful and helpful to us and that's what we're appealing for i hope we receive help and i'm up on no one call me. on phones powerful winds ripped have a conservative provinces in central philippines the same part of the country where thousands of people died when it was hit by typhoon haiyan 96 years ago.
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damage from fan phone blocked roads and cut communication lines there are reports of people taking shelter in the region's airports. now that the storm has passed for those who are returning home the job of cleaning up and rebuilding their lives has begun although the philippines is hit by storms several times a year typhoon found phone has made this christmas one that will be remembered. well earlier we spoke to richard gordon of the philippine red cross he told us about the aftermath of the storm so far and how those affected by the powerful typhoon are dealing with it people are beginning to go back to their own. and after the parks a lot of the guys who were last night. but really are there are a lot of people that were up there. we were in the coastal areas they really got well up there you know i was just there ramshackle of all sorts go to this. the
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hoosier gone away there was no blown away so a lot of people would have to do without and that's why we're addressing that by providing our polling children kids to the folks out there also they would be pulled because everything that they have their coach. signs the identify cooking utensils. there without that so the person makes an impact with their questions because right. trucks that provide the ready made meals so again this is going to be a recurring problem of these but we don't have enough corruption right the way we're trying to bring in all the foodstuffs that we can bring including i'm sure it's creeping kinch imagine your home being blown away you need your blankets you need a mosquito match and that's what they need right now. apart from the fact that they would need to prevent the. event was advertised as not an american don't want i myself much the world is not going to be strong results but the moment is as they really believe in the area of responsibility. for my major title commanders for all
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should be. and that was the richard gordon of the red cross and his people in the philippines are coming to grips with the catastrophic damage a leased by typhoon phantom phone communities across asia are marking the 15th anniversary of the indian ocean tsunami the day after christmas in 2004 a 9 point one magnitude earthquake triggered a powerful ocean waves that hit coastlines across a vast area the disaster killed more than 200000 people in thailand people that candles on a beach to remember the victims around 8000 are estimated to have lost their lives in the country although many bodies were never recovered and some 200 or 2000 i should say kilometers away so long because eastern coast was it especially hard more than 10000 people died in the southern and power region.
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can die a solvent i g it looks out over the indian ocean nearly every day get up and deter life 15 years ago when she lost almost her entire family to the massive tsunami. only a little bit did not bid all 9 of us lived near the beach on but so many tonight when i think about the children i get very sad i only managed to save one little girl that i never saw the of as again when i got back at my house was destroyed a little bit and we. can die and now shares her home with the one granddaughter she rescued and her small child. the waters forced their way some one and a half kilometers inland from the town of power in sri lanka south was worst affected thousands of children were among the victims as i'm going to as i'm his help many survivors back then he was the only psychiatrist in the worst affected areas southern sri lanka he treated adults and children alike. children
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as you would know all have a huge amount often simians and they have a lot of the mess trying to come out of these things and that be pens on the adults at all them. if. you don't send control and complete then steuben with the problems the children's anxiety and stress that much much less. after the tsunami sri lankan psychiatrist formed a network with the help of the world health organization today elementary school teachers are being taught how to recognize signs of trauma in children but talking about the effects of trauma is still to do. what the country has installed an early warning system for tsunamis the fear of another giant wave has never gone away nor has the memory of the victims of 2004. when so i know about some of the other stories are grabbing the headlines this hour. turkey's president richard tie and
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heir to one says he intends to send troops to libya on crisis the internationally recognized government in tripoli as a course of the intervention to help stabilize the country has been torn by a civil war since 2014 and has no effect of central government. public transport workers have rallied in paris as real say continues to cause major disruptions across france the protesters are demanding that the french government drop a controversial with time and reform plan that would simplify the current system that's in place and increase the retirement age to 64. people across the middle east in asia have been witnessing a rare solar eclipse what's known as an annular eclipse provided stick tackler views to people from saudi arabia to india and singapore on many at special goggles so they could look straight at the sun without damaging their eyesight. or ring on
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fire in the sky seen by lucky viewers along a narrow path of visibility in saudi arabia sun chasers from around the world started preparing in darkness i'm a glimpse through so it's my 11 eclipse and i specifically came to saudi arabia to see is a genuine soul eclipse students on that are just me and my family we're living longer now we're come to sounds are right especially to see this event because this brave face very rare they were missing and we have to wait for another 30 years more sun watchers travelled to a remote desert area of abu dhabi for the best view. i ding i wanted to come here only to victim is a once in a lifetime moment and it looks so amazing why you see it it's like it's gone completely go. as the path of visibility moved eastward people in western indonesia set up gear to watch. and to record.
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any. singaporeans were amongst the last to be able to see it. and the next one is going to be when i'm in the my sixty's so i might as well take my youth and look at this lovely ring of fire it's only 2 minutes but it's so intense that you talk a ball that was to friends and family for the next months. the eclipse then moved out over the ocean and disappeared. it's beautiful now cyclocross is a form of bike racing that tests a writers and durrance and handling skills on challenging largely off for terrain while the 7th of the cyclocross world cups 9 events was held in belgium on wednesday the cyclists paddled and pushed their way around the muddy course even carry their bike when they needed to the winner of the women's elite division is
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a listen the browns of the netherlands completing a deaf suite might see from their cool one the men's elites. congratulations to them you are singing every news from below and we'll have lots more news coming up at the top of the hour up next is our documentary series doc film with a look at angels and the rock and really see you at the top of the. to interest of the famous naturalist and explorer. juice in the bridge alex on the phone box 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition.


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