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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the world brings in a new year and a new decade berlin welcoming the 2020s for the fireworks display down at the brandenburg gate celebrations ponder away from new york city to all cleanse also on the show. all this year bring snow and insights to australia's bushfire sweeping
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through coastal towns the navy's preparing to evacuate the stranded at least another 3 lives in the last over the last 24 hours. and the u.s. send $750.00 new troops to iraq after prorating protesters stormed the perimeter of the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. i brought in thomas great to have you with us for this new year people around the world have been ringing in the start of a new year and a new decade here in berlin thousands gathering down at the brandenburg gate to welcome in the new decade and in new york city the crowds in times square said hello to 20 twentieth's one of the world's favorite new year spectacles. and new. here in new york.
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crowds gathered in times square to ring in 2020. in berlin thousands welcomed the new decade at the iconic brandenburg gate with fireworks company by beethoven's 9th symphony. 12 hours earlier auckland new zealand was the 1st major city to see in the new year with pyrotechnics erupting from the city's sky tower and over the water. in australia the fireworks from sydney's harbor bridge went ahead despite calls for the show to be cancelled because of the devastating bushfires the country is
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experiencing. in hong kong the traditional fireworks display was replaced with a toned down light show this year with authorities citing security concerns following months the pro-democracy protests. and already the north koreans were treated to a televised spectacle from the capital pyongyang thousands of people had gathered in kim il sung square to usher in the new year i can do by the world's tallest building the burj khalifa was the center of a display featuring fountains projections and fireworks from the 800 meter tower. london's big band rung in the new year in the british capital the familiar chimes were accompanied by and the labrat pyrotechnic display from the london eye lighting up the river thames and. thousands of revelers celebrating the arrival of 2020.
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more the new year coming on a sober and somber note in australia where a further 3 people have been confirmed dead and least 200 homes have been raised in the states of new south wales and victoria authorities are now delivering food and water to thousands of people taking refuge on beaches and the danger is far from over. field by searing temperatures and fast moving wins more than 200 fires continue to consume australia's south eastern states of new south wales and victoria a fire forced these rescue volunteers to take shelter in their truck as flames surrounded them the crew made it out safely. we also have a very real challenge at the moment with a couple of loss a lot of communities where we've got reports of injuries and burn injuries to
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members of the public we have been out to get access of our roads all of our aircraft it's been socked you know to digress and we simply can't access nor can the people in these areas. and some places the blazes are so intense that they smoke turned day into night the fires are causing dry lightning storms that themselves are starting fires. and it's pretty scary that wall of fire that we saw earlier i don't know whether we'd be trying to save the house and you're always worried that it's more important save your family on that property itself there are. some people who have returned home have found there's not much left. this is the other you know. i'm on the roof trying to stop. us trillion has been battling huge bush fires frisell for a month mostly on the east coast but every state has battled blazes that have
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raised more than 40000 square kilometers of land stranding people and displacing wildlife. so is help getting through to stranded people right now under these conditions. in sydney roger. what's the latest on the thousands of people trapped outside. on the beaches on this very difficult new year's day for australia. well most of them are still there i mean that only couple the roads are closed because the fire so there's nowhere to go basically the same situation in the marshes of the south coast of new south wales to thousands of people remain in small full of the resorts in tiny communities and all of the each and instead of trying to try to find some temporary accommodation until their rescue that might be some days away because the the roads are likely to remain
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close to some time and in the meantime the australian air force and the navy try to get to these people on trial either to evacuate them by sea or to bring them out by helicopter but that is taking some time to organize and it may well be that these people have to stay there until saturday if they can't get out of all are ok you mentioned the australian norm terry roger are they going to be playing a major role now what are they going to be doing to help alleviate the situation in the country. well 2 disorders departed in the past few hours one from sydney and one from jervis claim just south of sydney they're heading down towards the north well as they've toured the border so that they can close a bit don't create these people at macoutes there was a taking supplies as well and supplies it's a very very important at the moment because of these people running short of food and water and the only way to get lots more food supplies in is own up by by
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sea so the of the the the nigger playing important role and also the other the efforts of playing an important role to with 2 or 3 helicopters being sent from new south wales and queensland to you know to bring in these extra supplies and if necessary take people out particularly those people who have been injured or who are suffering from burns ok briefly if you could roger is this unprecedented has the north terry ever been used in australia on a scale to evacuate people well to the us the military is always standing by in the case of a crisis like this in floods and fires and no manner and site and all manner of situations in the military is standing by ready to help so it's not unprecedented but. it's very good they're also playing a very very important role particularly in this case in this particular crisis it's
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just bush leon president it and you know it's becoming almost a humanitarian disaster roger maynard for us in sydney roger thanks very much thank you. let's get you briefed down some of the other stories making in the news at this hour in hong kong thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets for a peaceful new year's day antigovernment march this fall's violent clashes between protesters and riot police on new year's eve the pro-democracy protests began in june of 2019 and response to a controversy over extradition bill that has sense been withdrawn. north korean leader kim jong un says the world will soon see what he calls a new strategic weapon he says his country is no longer bound by a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing but he left the door open to further talks with the united states. british police have charged a man with criminal damage for slashing
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a painting by the spanish master pablo picasso the incident happening at the tate modern over the weekend the damage work is worth more than 23000000 euros. also to iraq now where crowds of protesters and shia militia men have attacked the u.s. embassy compound in the iraqi capital baghdad that in response to recent u.s. airstrikes targeting an iran backed iraqi militia u.s. president trump has accused iran of orchestrating these protests washington says all u.s. personnel at the embassy are now safe and that it will deploy more than $750.00 additional troops to iraq. the hezbollah brigade supporters crossed the river tigris in the morning and marched toward the u.s. embassy to demonstrate. their protest began after a funeral service for fighters killed in u.s. airstrikes on sunday. the militia officers had previously killed a u.s.
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citizen. the demonstrators broke through the embassies external security barriers and made it as far as the last security wall of the embassy building in baghdad among the demonstrators shiite clergy and a radical militia leader. the other look on the unit this is the command center for the destructive operations it was from here that iraq's sovereignty was violated all of that was the demonstrators managed to force their way into the compound in the afternoon they remained there until security personnel deployed tear gas to disperse them. washington says it's confident it knows who's backing the shiite militia as president donald trump tweeted earlier. iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq they will be held fully responsible. it was only after several hours that iraqi security forces arrived to protect the embassy grounds. we have
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some sports now in l.a. had to stun the world this year by running the 1st non-official marathon distance under 2 hours as performances focused attention though on a new running shoe. use the show it's under investigation by authorities to have used talk to some experts and if the show itself around. the secret to the success of the shoe nike markets is vapor fly lies in the soul the technology appears to help one as breakthrough previously insurmountable band breeze elliott get chill day wore them in october when he made marathon history that he is the man to run under 2 hours you know that inspired him at many people to tell people that they're no human is limited in the same type of shoe and a day later to get cost i brought the women's willed recalled jeffrey come were previously run a world best in the half marathon critics say the high tech shoes make too much of
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a difference for all 3 the governing body of world athletics has launched an investigation it's not rocket science this use but the you notice that the really. fast this in the amount of alone in all of them is a no more soup but the person although this is a human being that sounds beyond gustafson sees it differently the sports scientist an expert in motion analysis has been testing running shoes for 20 years the nike vapor fly he says is a game changer. but it won't. above all the difference is this carbon plate which runs through the saw here to take the roll back more from the point of the big toe joint under the front toe area. and then to gain a distance of 2 centimeters. smites centimeter. that
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means a shoe helps lengthen every stride by the length of the big toll that minute stuff when i was so if you assume that could choke it takes 21000 steps with this effect he gains 420 meters and distance stands does the favor fly work for every runner d w reporter peter viles is an active marathon runner and attempted a 20 kilometer test but he weighs 25 kilograms more than keep and says he's running technique is different to professionals on the test run his feet in tendon started to hurt early on after 10 kilometers he had to give up because he can't even drive here from can i can see doing 345 kilometer runs with the shoes but i recommend that amateurs who want to do a marathon train sufficiently. and explicitly train with the shooter prepare. because the shoe affects the legs calf muscles very differently.
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if you want to keep up even as an amateur you may need to really learn how to run nike's competitors are announcing models similar to the vapor fly the big money athletic apparel firms are betting that the rule makers of track and field will side with them and allow the new shoe technology. to defend his life from one of back stock fell with a look at the dooring affection for all for save us from the world for all of us here at g.w. avenue you're. in charge of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate alexander from the boards 250th birthday remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .


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