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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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lead player. lead. this is d w news live from berlin the new year begins with australia's bush has claimed more lives and made rescues and evacuations these firefighters made it out alive than any other people have not been so lucky 71 has been confirmed dead since monday among them close to stay behind to say that and. also coming up hong kong police fired tear gas to break up a violent anti-government protest this off the 10s of thousands took to the streets in hopes of a peaceful new year. manuka
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mckinnon thanks very much for joining us. the ruins left by wildfires raging in australia a further 7 people have been confirmed dead over the last 2 days and nearly 200 homes destroyed the death toll from this season's blazes now stands at 17 the biggest fires have spread across 2 states in the southeast of australia authorities are now delivering food and water to thousands of people who fled the town of moloch just down there and they took refuge on beaches and the danger is not nearly close to being over with weather conditions expected to deteriorate again this weekend. fueled by searing temperatures and fast moving winds more than 200 fires continue to consume a strain southeastern states of new south wales and victoria. a fire
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fools these rescue volunteers to take shelter in their truck as flames surrounded them. the crew made it out safely we also have a very real challenge at the moment with a couple of loss a lot of communities where we've got reports of injuries and burn injuries to members of the public we haven't been out to get access of our roads or of our aircraft it's been socked in or to digress and we simply can't access nor can the people in those areas get out. in some places the blazes are so intense that the thick smoke turned day to night. the fires a causing dry lightning storms that themselves are starting new fires. is pretty scary that wall of fire that we saw earlier i don't know whether we'd be trying to save the house and you're always worried that it's more important save your family than the actual property itself. some people who've returned home have found
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there's not much left. first so you know it's. they draw on. this is the other you know that i was i'm on the roof now trying to shop but. a stray has been battling huge bushfires for several months mostly on its east coast but every state has back in places that have raised more than 40000 square kilometers of land stranding people and displacing wildlife. so is any help getting through under these conditions let's cross now to journalist roger may not in sydney roger thanks for joining us on what's such a difficult start of the new year for so many in australia are people like the thousands outside malick taking refuge on the beaches are they getting any help at all well a little but not on up the earliest at least burger are without water or or books apart from the brutal in the world food program is being replicated for the north
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in the south coast of new south wales where that thousands of people are still stranded some shops a bit open and of course there's been a run on supplies. and queues forming long queues forming now the supermarket outside supermarkets you know just know that you're going to rise to a minute you know it is a report that running through or on the other hand they can't public at all because there's no power no electricity at the pumps so a real crisis is developing in the government trying to urge people to get out as soon as possible but that of course is easier said than done given that the roads are open and it may be some time before that the before they have the opportunity to get out even if they have enough fuel in their car to do so and this is of course just the start of the fire season in australia is there any idea how long this can continue what what areas might be hit next. well it's impossible to
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predict the scale of this far and where it's going to end we know that this weekend is going to be another danger period today's been fairly cool so quiet as a little bit of a reprieve but by saturday these heat wave temperatures and strong winds are expected to return again and cause even greater problems for the south coast of new south wales and rather parts of the state as well so there's really no indian side and a massive evacuation is now under way by the government who are trying to get as many people out of the area as possible by by friday so that they don't undergo some of the same risks and dangers it gone through over the past 24 hours. may not in any thank you very much and here. one of the biggest news stories of 2019 was the pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong and there's no sign of an
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end to the protests in the new year police say they arrested some 400 people unlawful assembly and carrying offensive weapons after a massive pro-democracy rally hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets for the largely peaceful protest against china's growing influence and the erosion of civil liberties in the territory. correspondent mathias bellinger has been following the protests in hong kong and he sent us this update protestors have made clear that they are planning to continue their protests in 202-2020 is an election year the legislative council will be re elected and the protesters are demanding universal suffrage for these elections among other demands that include an independent investigation into the operetta lease operations during the protest movement today's march started largely peacefully but then at around 6 o'clock
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clashes broke out after protesters vandalized the branch of a bank and police responded with tear gas now the police have made a large number of arrests and 2020 is beginning the same way that 2019 has and do it. today marks a year since brazilian president. was sworn in he has held firm on many of his election promises to break from his leftist predecessors but after last year's devastating fires in the amazon rain forest some of his support may be waning especially abroad his policies on minorities and vajra mentalists and intellectuals continue to divide the country. 3 last august saw an unprecedented disaster in brazil the amazon rain forest in flames the blazes weren't merely a consequence of drought the politics of. also played a role he encouraged large landowners to set fires to convert the land for other
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uses one of the country's best known scientists says 80000 fires were started deliberately that's 90 percent more than the year before most another didn't like this finding so he fired the physicist ricardo carvalho. considers our data to be lars that's very serious because this is scientific data seen jesus could produce a nice j. adelson out of a former parachutist won the presidential election in october 28th with slogans targeting the political left women the gay and indigenous communities and environmentalist. near 0 google today is the day when people can begin to free themselves from socialism false values dominance and political correctness who don't use masako ignore corded together to go out in keeping with his reactionary worldview both recruited 7 military men to his government and know people of color
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of the 2 women he brought on board one of them and agra lobbyist was named minister of agriculture. bosa not his government is effectively shifting the country's legal foundations in a bid to curb violence from drug trafficking he's encouraged brazilians to buy firearms for self defense private courses in target practice are booming and gives feel we have many human rights concerns especially regarding freedom of expression the government's influence in universities and police brutality. a former backbencher who has paid particular attention to people he considers leftist he fired nearly 370 reporters of t.v. as a public broadcasting network for schools sponsored by the education ministry. is that whoever attacks education and culture attacks civilisation on the development
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of humanity both scenario is contributing to this if it goes on another 3 years brazil will be finished what we're doing here today is fighting back tears he. has polarized his country there are no indications that he has any intention of changing course. iraq's army says all protesters have now left the u.s. embassy complex in baghdad after militia leaders called on them to disperse american forces who were guarding the compound fired tear gas to repel demonstrators angered by u.s. air strikes washington deployed more soldiers to guard the embassy off to it was breached by iran backed shia militia men on tuesday. has begun with a fresh political crisis in baghdad more clashes broke out between pro running protesters and u.s. troops after a crowd stormed into the facility last night the anger of protesters at the
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americans the macy's occupies is real and it is raw. this small act is. the martyrs so many of us were killed i will this is not the 1st time that the us has us we were bombed before protests is outraged by the u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria that killed more than 2 dozen his bluff either is the strikes came off to the militia groups killed an american citizen. on wednesday a u.s. rapid response team arrived in baghdad president ronald tromp who choose to run of orchestrating the attacks said the situation was now on the control. well i think it's been handled very well the marines came in we had so much great warriors come in and do a fantastic job and they were there instantaneously as soon as we heard. use the word immediately they came immediately and it's in great shape as you know as you
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say as attack was one of the worst on the u.s. diplomatic mission in years it raises questions about how protesters managed to breach security and the huge heavily guarded facility. now to rest seen at st peter's square away woman who made it through pope francis is close to saying that led to a papal flop under rebuke pope francis had been shaking hands with people in the crowd and was turning to leave when a woman suddenly yanks him from behind the abrupt physicality appeared to cause the 84 year old pope some pain he slapped the hand away and gave her a good scolding before moving away. from this has since to apologized saying he shouldn't have set a bad example. of people around the world are celebrating the 1st day of the new year and a new decade. and thousands
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gathered at the brandenburg gate to ring in 2020 with the german capital's annual fireworks extravaganza and in new york revelers squeezed into times square to join in the countdown to the start of the union. and after the parties and fireworks on the night of the 31st generally the 1st is for many a public holiday the office some welcome relaxation and a chance to think about those resolutions for 2020 he is day also brings its own special traditions many of which involve water. new year's day and for people in northern france the party goes on. 6 some in swimsuits wading into the chilly waters of the north sea. in rome a few hearty souls plunged into the river as part of an annual tradition in the
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italian capital. they say it clears the head. but most people still just prefer to watch. people in japan also agree water's a fine way to usher in the new year but they like it a little bit warmer. bay there isn't a spot west of tokyo took in the morning vista of mt fuji. locals believe making new year's resolutions while watching the 1st sunrise over the mountain will bring good luck. you know what is live from that and we're going to leave you now with some spectacular scenes of 10000 horses galloping 3 snow in north northwest and china has been there let the horses run wild to exercise them and it has become a huge tourist attraction thanks for watching and enjoy. curious
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