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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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it was always in total control of. their lives to the. rising star in january still dealing. with. the at. the end. the as. this is d w news live from but lead to anger and frustration mount as deadly wildfires ravaging australia with tens of thousands scrambling by land down the sea to escape the flames the prime minister confronts a growing outrage over his government's response to the crisis also coming out textural rakers voted to send troops to withdraw to libya ankara says it's
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protecting its own interests and that many fear the move could escalate the conflict in the country. and 3 people come forward following a deadly foreigner just to use authorities believe their illegal skylon to stop the plays that killed dozens of animals in the town of safed out on new year's eve. i'm kind of a home for a client you could join me australian author of these are taking drastic measures to save the lives of some of the worst wildfires on record as they ravaged the country now officials have declared emergencies and ordered mass evacuations in the hard hit states of new south wales and victoria there is orders are likely to last for days as forecasters warn of high temperatures and strong. wins which are
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expected to return this weekend the flames have already killed 18 people and destroyed thousands of homes. this is what firefighters in australia have been dealing with for months in some cases and this is an example of the aftermath the town of moloch or what was the town a blaze tore through here on new year's eve. since then thousands have been awaiting rescue relief anything the plan is for the navy to use ships and helicopters to bring them to melbourne about a 17 hour journey by water. and destruction devastation and this is just one of so many towns in the southeastern states of new south wales and victoria that have felt the fury of the latest wave of bushfires. side anybody diets tied to scout demise and ahead of tyrants just.
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people have died but a final count hasn't been challenged yet some are still listed as missing one of the dead is fireman jeff keaton who passed away battling a blaze just before christmas and his funeral on thursday his young son received an award for bravery on behalf of his dead father the forecasters say it'll be the end of the month before there's any significant rain and a possible and to the crisis the next catastrophic conditions are forecast for this coming weekend with temperatures expected to top 40 degrees celsius. and as you just heard there with australia's bush didn't see again for costa was and anger is growing at politicians' response to what is now months of devastating blazes a prime minister scott morrison is the focus of much of that anger he was forced to cut short a visit to one of the was 2 regions south of sydney after residents confronted him
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. one of the bible belt that was. getting close enough to the bank downtown now that sam doesn't have a lot of money but we have the don't meet i mean it's not you know welcome you're quite. well that was 5 victims in the village of cobol go in at the south east of new south wales confronting australian prime minister there scott morrison tearing his visit there on thursday 2 people are reported dead in the village whose historic sent a bone to the ground on new year's eve this is how the prime minister responded to the residents and. i understand the very strong feelings people have that i've lost everything and there's still you know some very dangerous days ahead we understand that that's what we're going to do everything we can to ensure that i have every every support but by removing. now the response and i was not an isolated incident
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a firestorm of anger is raging across the country with many. citizens fed up with what they say is a lack of leadership from the australian government. many here in the studio with more call we just saw that much of that anger was directed at the australian prime minister scott morrison that yeah that's right i mean and much of this really comes from missteps on his part of and you probably remember just a couple of weeks ago morrison was on vacation in hawaii i mean this was during a high point of the crisis there's now been a similar incident this was during new year's eve morrison accused of ringing in 2020 with a party at his residence many australians not so happy about that you can see one of them here is actually a business owner and a member of the rival labor party he says look australia is burning there are 4000 australians stranded on the beach at all this happens australia's prime minister sipped champagne while watching fireworks and you can see there at the end his opinion of morrison's labor party spokesman we have to mention deny that morrison
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held a party he says quote the prime minister had a few close friends and family members over for dinner either way i mean the optics not good here especially as he and his government are under increasing pressure there on the nightly not good but i mean i suppose percent extent this is more than just optics it seems that people are angry about more than that yeah i mean this is about a lack of action many many fire victims say the response by the federal government simply hasn't been good enough has been fast enough especially in these rural areas where we just saw they've been so hard hit by these blazes this is one example a person facebook has been posting updates from his mother who lives in a small coastal town in new south wales he writes there's no power no mobile services no internet or utilities the town is out of fuel and food there's no open roads even get out of there the water catchment service is on fire why isn't the government doing more to bring in food water drops bringing in generators to the
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harbor where is our defense force so this really illustrates i mean people. are lashing out the federal governments and state governments as well as important understand state governments are actually in charge of emergency services morrison's liberal party also in government in new south wales that's a state has been hit the hardest the party they're being criticized for actually cutting the budget for fire management services in this latest budget and it turns out the minister for emergency services in new south wales is also on vacation currently on holiday with his wife about to follow not the best look there in europe they say now they will cut that trip short we're turning now on friday to get back to work to launch a damning assessment mostly over around what has the government done morrison has been getting the military involved now navy ships an army aircraft being used to fight the fires help with evacuations bring in supplies he says he can only do that when states request the help despite the welcome we saw earlier he has been
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visiting other stricken communities for months the big topic though in australian terms of politics is climate change that was what the last big election there was all about opinion polls say that a large majority of australians want more action on climate change they think it's a big issue there but morrison has been reluctant to link these fires to climate change even helps to derail the recent climate talks in madrid so under pressure as well to do more about climate change as these fires continue to rage absolutely he's called osman thanks and appreciate him. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world authorities in indonesia say at least 30 people have been killed in severe flooding tens of thousands were evacuated in and around the capital jakarta what is being called the worst rainfall in decades hit the region when state schools rivest overflowing buildings to collapse. taiwan's military chief of staff has been killed in a helicopter crash shani meeting was aboard
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a blackhawk chopper when it went down in mountains north of the capital taipei officials said 7 others have been also died the air force general was in command of the island's defenses against china. belgium has suspended the extradition of catalan separatist leader connors preach to mount official cited his immunity as a european or maker preachment was elected to the european parliament last may but has so far been unable to take a seat he's wanted in spain for his role in catalonia as a legal 2017 secession it. lebanon has received an international want to notice from interpol for carla scorn requesting his arrest now the former new sound boss skipped bail in japan early this week and fled to lebanon he was awaiting trial in japan for financial misconduct japanese prosecutors have raided goans tokyo home of forcibly looking for information on how he managed to escape the country. turkish filmmakers have passed
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a bill allowing the country to deploy troops to war torn libya the move is aimed at shoring up the un recognized government in its tripoli against rebel leader. and his so-called libyan national army now the bill passed despite objections from turkey's main opposition groups there are fears a turkish troop deployment could further destabilize the country. could ruin it if it was expected to pass through parliament and eventually it did giving the government a green light for a one year military deployment but not before heavy debate in the house with opposition parties arguing vigorously against it. libya's internationally recognized government the government of national accord based in tripoli is a regional ally to turkey last friday turkish president regift type one confirmed had received a request for military assistance from the un backed administration for months on
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the outskirts of the capital the government has been facing off against the forces of rebel leader general khalifa haftar he leads a rival administration to the east of the country and is said to be preparing an assault to take the capital. the general has already taken control of some of its outer suburbs and is also said to have support internationally from egypt and russia the fighting has threatened to plunge libya and to violent chaos not seen since the 2011 ousting of longtime dictator moammar gadhafi some 2000 people have been killed in the conflict so far. ankara says by intervening it wants to reduce the risk of further instability in the region and protect its cultural and commercial ties there meanwhile nations on the other side of the mediterranean are concerned any foreign interference could lead to more civilian deaths and a new wave of refugees making their way to europe.
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a woman and her 2 adult daughters have turned themselves into authorities in western germany following a fire that devastated as killing dozens of animals that many say that the women admitted to ordering paper sky lanterns on the internet apparently unaware that they are illegal here in germany it's believed flames from the candles course the blaze on the se. flowers and candles a crayfish zoo more than 30 animals were burned to death here after a fire broke out at the 8 house. among the dead animals are highly endangered apes like around the tans from borneo lower than gorillas from central africa and chimpanzees from west africa. a total of 8 apes were killed amongst them massah europe's oldest gorilla he was 48 years old the fire in the house broke out shortly after midnight the house was also home to
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fruit bats and birds they were all killed in the blaze but 2 chimpanzees survived. police say the fire was caused by a sky lantern launch of a new year a mother and her 2 daughters handed themselves into earth or 2 soon after the fire reportedly unaware that the sky lantern's a band across germany. because. the people wanted to set off these lanterns with good wishes and of course they didn't think that could lead to what happened here. i must say i think it's courageous of them to go to the police and say yes we're responsible i finally stream a decent and they have my respect money was picked while cray films do now remains closed investigations into how the fire spread far and away.
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football now one star striker is latin even to move it has touched down in italy ahead of his return to ac milan after 18 months playing in the u.s. for l.a. galaxy the 38 year old struck a new deal with the italian side that he previously paid for from 2010 to 2012 and he remains a found favorite they're greeted by chanting supporters at the airport he's expected to start training on friday with the club currently struggling stuck in 11th place in the a tally in league. now following share made international headlines last month after becoming the 1st woman to beat a man at the p d c darts while championship she's now been named as one of 9 challenges to compete alongside the top 9 players in this year's premier league darts competition the 25 year old became an overnight celebrity after making it to the 3rd round of the world championship and it's all the more impressive given sherrick is
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a former hairdresser who only started playing darts and her team mates. ria. well stay tuned for business news no you need to know about 4 minutes and see your college school in spectacular escape from japanese or dorothy's don't forget you can always get the latest news on our website that is d w dot com on how free and by their own behalf of the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching. coming. from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to soon the great clicks on the phone modes from 250. barking on a for each of discovery. expedition boy on dino.


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