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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2020 4:30am-5:01am CET

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to come to germany. got my license to work as a swimming instructor. and now our 2 children wanted us to smile the last time just to. watch your story take heart cherish on info migrants took. place. but. i was thought it was because she had understanding of life of europeans the sort of sort of unspoken agreement but that seems to be crumbling.
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we reporters out traveling to fix the country is way borders have vanished or new ones are about to pop up and what governments foreign thing you can do it in wherever they can but they still take that you use money. players ok ok but wait a minute this is a good example of how europe could why i tell you more about that in a minute they've made in germany it's made in europe. when the bad weather and berlin becomes unbearable remember southern europe does not follow way you can take a cheap flight anyway. it's the e.u.
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i know. he's. a few hours later and i'm on the beach in fargo in the south of portugal i could just stay here for wanted to get a job or start a business but for people who are not you citizens it's much harder the union may be softening internal borders but one is still quite difficult to cross the external border. gazing across the atlantic towards home towards morocco. every child heard that from his dad one day that my thought on the other side of the sea there is europe with spain if for to go you should work really hard in or the computer. to go there. so honest a lot of us has made it at least in the eyes of moroccan fathers. has founded
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a company here in portugal one which helps other non europeans to do the same. i imagine that's incredibly difficult to move to the e.u. and set up a company all the paperwork must be very confusing if you aren't from here. i myself are us knows just how frustrating it can be that's why he developed an online platform that allows others to register a company with a mouse click even if they're currently on another continent. honestly it's very hard to enter a printer in the african continent that europe is bad like europe has its pros and cons as every other continent but still these intrapreneur they want to grow they want to access bigger markers they want also to have a better social life and to gain. international experience. talking
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about international experience certainly has plenty of it he's only 33 years old but his c.v. is longer than many twice his age as a child he traveled a lot with his parents and that left its mark on him to begin with he became a jet pilot for the american army. then he moved to south korea to work in space research. he later headed up large construction projects in japan indonesia qatar and canada before managing business in the middle east for a german company. it's a matter of if you want something badly you. can just have to educate yourself right now like knowledge is everybody has access to the internet even in african countries so you have to have to educate yourself and you have to go after opportunities the best kind of spirit certainly fits well with portugal
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a country that's super startup friendly especially its capitalist where it's raining great. a recent study shows this relatively small city has become europe's 5th largest stop for startups you need to hike. as an entrepreneur and start up lobbyist without the hype and the attention it generates it's hard to build a momentum to do something like this here. she 1st company factory is converting an old military building into a huge office space for tech companies she works closely with the portuguese government which has launched a major push to attract tech companies and start ups a new business fees are makes entering the country easier for non european entrepreneurs that would if they asked me how best to do it so we set up an online application process and did all the administrative stuff and then just let the people come to basically see how it would work other european countries spend far too much to. i'm thinking about something before actually putting it into action.
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so far only around 60 startup founders have used the visa since the program was launched with no. real strong marketing efforts from the government if you want to. like. these youngsters in other countries but we've seen what they are when you have to go and talk to them and help them come here. alice l.r.s. sees that as his task offering others the opportunity to follow in his footsteps because a border shouldn't be an obstacle to a good idea. reporting from portugal has shown me that the advantages of being in the e.u. are basically reserved for those who live in it and those advantages that not arise
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overnight. to make over europe he wrote a beautiful princess in greek mythology carried to crete by a god wearing the form of a bull a figure that stands for the diversity of the continent that bears her name europe's history has been one of bloody wars until free trade helped cement a lasting peace but the european idea is losing support in some quarters. the e.u. is the largest trading bloc in the world in terms of economic output it ranks behind the united states was ahead of china member states share a common currency the euro but not all countries benefit to the same extent from the union germany for example and 3 times as much as italy with intra e.u. exports there are no border controls within most of the block and no custom stairs e.u. citizens can live and work in any country and sell goods and services there but there
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is a huge divergence in income and living standards across the block average wages range from 4 to 43 year old is an hour and solidarity it's crumbling the british want to keep out eastern europeans while hungary the czech republic and poland have refused to take in their share of refugees the e.u. has an image problem many europeans see it as detached technocratic and practically run by lobbyists but much has also improved rules about the shape of cucumbers are long gone the european commission now employs fewer civil servants than the city of munich but europe still gets blamed for things that go wrong for many in britain an argument for leaving the union. europe could dare to be so much more a united states of europe with a common fiscal policy and wage equality. but many want the opposite and are happy
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to see poor europa carried away. with. the. normal t. shirts can easily travel 20000 kilometers before ending up in a shop but it doesn't have to be their way from start to finish my home grown homemade fully european t. shirt on the travel a fraction of that my 1st stop was a new book germany. slender still around the chain of clothing shops but he rejects the basic principles of the
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fast fashion industry. faster cheaper ever greater volumes that is not what he is interested in. the most important thing for me is that nobody gets exploited and that we protect the environment we only have this one world and they are going to the end of the earth. in order to reach isn't bush's goal he follows a strict policy. there are many sustainable fashion brands but we differ from most of them in that we try to do things entirely within europe from the raw materials to the finished article we aim to do it all within our region and by that i mean the european union. to. fashion made in europe the single market should make it really easy bright i'm going to check that out for myself. and retrace this production across europe the
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1st stretches shot just a few kilometers to silence headquarters and warehouse. this is where the online shoppers managed collections. and the stances made to print t. shirts. it's also over there stop before my new shirt is delivered. from here on set off with us wendy salute to poland. in which he has his own factory with a staff of 10 there you can set his own standards most mangubat do you really have to ship a piece of clothing 20000 kilometers around the world that is it is of course much
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much cheaper to manufacture in asia you've got over there i can't exert any influence. on its fighters. in terms of body i'm just a low can't compete with a fast fashion produced outside the e.u. but still this location advantages. in an around which there's an entire infrastructure for the textile industry that it takes to make clothes you need more than fabric and thread you also need buttons di works knitting factories all you need lots more as well things like zips it's much as you can get all of that right here this year. this is where my t. shirt takes shape it's cut from dyed fabric song together. i and packaged. nearby is the knitting where threat is turned into fabric.
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then it's tied at the same company producing in poland guarantees at here and you environmental standards and the distance to siren and specter is minimal. retracing my shirts path now takes me to greece that's where the cotton comes from . greece produces 80 percent of the copper grown in the european union but that accounts for less than one percent of global production most of the cotton used in europe. it's imported from far away. the company but that source does things differently the family owned yarn producer uses cotton from local farms but that isn't cheap. much should cost about $20.00 europe's that's a lot more expensive than a comparable t. shirt from fast fashion industry. and credit quality has its price and if we're not prepared to pay for it as european citizens then someone in asia pays
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a price for us namely in the form of work for low pay in accordance with the fast fashion logic of producing more and faster so that we can pay less is a problem the bubble vessels company has to contend with just as the reversal of recent years has to do with high production costs and with the asian community which often is much lower prices yet as we are working on it the idea is to keep our entire production inside europe and be transparent about it out and balances that. more transparency about how close are made and at what cost can help make consumers across europe more aware of the issues and that might inspire them to buy more products made nearby. my new t. shirt demonstrates that things can be done differently. fair fashion made in europe . i got up at 4 30 in the morning.
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flew to london. changed airports there. in order to fly to a place between borders a place full of millionaires. it's jersey u.k. alex spain that asterisk later. literally every single. feed the plane is a refinement. it's what jersey has become famous for financial services lured by the island's tax haven status. to finance industry has made its presence felt everywhere. and. if. not
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all of jersey's 100000 inhabitants are profiting from the island tax haven status but how did it come about in the 1st place. well jersey used to be a quiet island that lived from agriculture and tourism most people had nothing to do with finance. but jersey isn't just any old british island. it's a crown dependency meaning it's under the direct sovereignty of the british crown the union that is everywhere but that doesn't mean jersey is part of the u.k. . confusing rights it means it has its own government and makes its own laws one of them is 0 tax policy on almost all companies and jersey has one company for every 3 people and over 350000000000 euros of funds under
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administration. we save rich people around the world we say that. that's what we did get it that's jeff suppan he's one of the few open critics of jersey's tax policies this is joe morning again he's the chief lobbyist for the finance industry she wouldn't put it that way increasingly international business wants to be based in jurisdictions or wants to use jurisdictions that are well regulated and well respected we we certainly need all those requirements well it's working apple based to have its subsidiaries in jersey from 2015 to 16 allegedly to save billions of euros in tax and nobody knew until the paradise people sprouted to light we exchange information with the authorities that need to know. on what basis should everybody know about. that business and tightened to confidentiality as long as one is is is not breaking the law this system
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attracts wealth and the wealthy people as a result living costs have skyrocketed in the past year. and average terms. about 600000 euros but prices can reach into the millions that average annual wage $44000.00 euros and the tax base also means that the government is slowly running out of money to pay civil servants for example. we've lived through the last. 34 years with austerity policies will stop we've got a tremendous gap between the rich on one hand and the poor. behind the shiny facades of government statistics show that one in 5 islanders find it difficult to cope financially. that's why people like pat lucas are striking. in the last 3 weeks 2 different
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teachers have said that their families are having to help them with money how many banks do you need we certainly need teachers and nurses. police we need people unless they are all considered and treated properly and paid properly they won't be there. the teachers have been holding strikes since january and there's no end in sight. somewhere on the way to becoming an island for the rich jersey seems to have neglected its own average citizens.
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i'm off to hungary in southeast europe that has been a member of the e.u. since 2004. it's both cosmopolitan and inward looking. the mood is volatile but nobody really wanted to talk about it with me. i'm not going to talk about the politics well i don't really like to talk about politics because it's not and i thought here. hungary is also facing a serious brain drain young people are keen to leave disheartened and unwilling to endure the political situation and corruption.
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you know the fire problems and the current government but they. want some hunger ariens tried to get out people from outside the european union are keen to come in to find work and have a better life. on the up to the one to try to motivate myself every day. i have a dream because things that i want to achieve. are going to go together and that's why i'm here. to i just want to regular life. for someone with m.t.v. . and generally 2019 down here called smart bid farewell to his home country serbia and headed straight for the e.u. he felt he had no choice at all he wanted was to earn more than 250 euros a month
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a temporary employment agency brought him to hungary as a search he's allowed to work here for 2 years he got a job with a german car parts supplier b.o.'s assembling roofs for audi companies here are desperate for people like daniel. going there i think it would be quite easy to find another job there's a lot of work in hungary and not only here but in the rest of the e.u. as well but. hungary's labor shortage runs through all sectors the us fields it is specially developing new product ranges is a complex task and impossible without foreign labor. at the same time wages are climbing rapidly. to keep working at the company even for a few months managing director gad fish bar has to offer
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a pretty good deal. we had to pay 30 percent more in 2017 this year we also saw a double digit percentage jump if you don't keep up with the going rate you don't get any workers b.o.'s employs over 2000 people in hungary some 300 of whom are temporary workers either from inside the country or abroad despite the generous pay hikes only 3 out of 10 workers stay with the company for long many hung guerin's consider their wages too low and move over to austria but they'd rather not say so on camera when we talk a lot to our employees and hear how dissatisfied they are with the various health care systems and schools and so on it's clearly got worse over the years there's been a lot. down your cause my has decided to stick around he'll try to keep moving up the ladder to send more money to his family in serbia $450.00 euros
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a month is all he keeps for himself. cosmo lives in the outskirts of marshawn my yard over not far from the austrian border although he is not an e.u. citizen he still could move on and earn higher wages if he got a job offer elsewhere he shares a 15 square meter room with 2 friends from serbia but 3 of them came to hungary together. instant coffee and cigarettes other small luxuries they allowed themselves. to go to many of their conversations revolve around the home they left behind. it's hard to be here when everyone else is back home. that's just the 3 of us here . we've made some new friends but all my old friends my brothers and sisters the entire family they're all in serbia and weighs on our hearts. daniel's brothers
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will soon be joining him here in hungary they too are willing to make the change for higher wages. a lot of the time i really do feel like an outsider here and that makes it pretty tough i mean you know. might i guess that i'll just have to get used to it. marginalized but with more money in his pocket for 10 years. at least for now. i feel it's incredible what people are prepared to do to get into the. place so much we haven't shown you we should set off again straight away.
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eco africa. bigger animals attract a lot of attention but don't overlook these little flowers very endangered. you can do something to protect them. we presume free success stories from south africa. identifying rare plants and preplanning them creating an urban oasis eco account for. 30 minutes.
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because primitive. they could. never the power up. on the power. over the. africa. 75. w. . 50 years of religions for peace if you consume many different things working together toward a common goal a peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now all female members of religions for peace from the middle east are demanding the larger. own common ground is
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empowering women giving them the rule making them agents of change. the female peacemakers storage journey where we sit on. the power of courts. where i come from i never saw the sun the way to. heaven on earth and brazil in the sun was always a man since the portuguese word for sun it's masculine when i moved to germany as a 10 year old i watched the doing on t.v. that would change how i see the world because in germany the son his family. came in now but the side of a good listener on their side with the pony tail instead of a deep voice exterminate the guy seemed absolutely incredible. i realized how language shapes and thinking how definitions far not only mental image just put our
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whole perception of the world. inside save my life and was one of the reasons i became a journalist i'm a storyteller and i use my words to help with intercultural understanding my name in the end i'm afraid and i would like to tell people. this is the doubly news and these are top stories were destroyed the navy has begun an operation to evacuate by sea hundreds of people in coastal communities as bush fires raged across the country they've already claimed the lives of at least 18 people ships and aircraft are delivering food and water to thousands who've taken refuge on the beaches. turkey's parliament has authorized sending troops to support libya's un to back government.


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