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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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this is deja news live from berlin tensions between the u.s. and iran. american forces hit and iraqi airport with a rocket attack killing 7 people including prominent iranian general custom solid money ron says the u.s. base responsibility for the consequences also coming up scrambling to escape the flames mass evacuations are on the way in a strategy was people flee deadly wildfires thousands are on the road to be ferried to safety and the hot dry and windy conditions are expected to get worse. plus
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a new year's ritual with a difference in peru and i believe love is put on hold for a day in the n.t. and city of cusco will and i mention festivals things local disputes settled with old fashion and. i'm anthony howard welcome to the program u.s. officials have confirmed that american forces have carried out strikes against 2 targets in iraq early friday morning several missiles hit an area near baghdad international airport killing 7 people including a top iranian general among the dead is general kasim sala money one of the most powerful men in iran so the money was head of iran's a likud force and had a key role in fighting in syria and iraq also killed was the deputy leader of iraqi militia group xabi
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a militia backed by iran the incident occurred amid tensions with the u.s. after a rocky protesters and members of hotshot be attacked the u.s. embassy in baghdad. well the news of the monies death has sent shock waves across the world a w reporter i mean to see if is with me to discuss those reaction. price and condemnation what are they saying the u.s. officials at this stage where there are divisions within the u.s. even among the government sent. chris murphy he's a democrat from connecticut he's also on the senate committee for foreign relations he was one of the 1st u.s. officials to respond to this and we can take a look at what he said not nice words for what happened here he said he was an enemy of the united states that's not a question the question is this as reports suggested america just assassinate without any congressional authorization the 2nd most powerful person in iran
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knowingly setting off a potential massive regional war so using the word assassination there to talk about strikes and here's senator marco rubio he's a republican and a supporter of donald trump so the defensive actions the u.s. has taken against iran and its proxies are consistent with clear warnings they have received though they chose to ignore these warnings because they believe the president united states was constrained from acting by our domestic political divisions they badly miscalculated so sending a warning there and backing up donald trump so there are divided opinions because middle east analysts are warning that this could trigger a massive consequences why is that well i think endless and journalists were taken off guard by this and there are some fears that we haven't seen we've only seen the beginning here's a couple of reactions i found on twitter we have. an analyst and journalist yosh or ali he writes for the new yorker magazine saying i can't under state how major this is not just a moment in u.s. iran relations but
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a major global event people comparing this to killing osama bin laden don't know what they're talking about this is way more significant equipment to another country killing u.s. vice president i might be contentious there but here's another take from the new york times journalist max max fisher saying assassinating iran soleimani would represent a major overt act of war functionally and legally it's not a risk of war or tantamount to war it is war outright and against a country that has invested years of preparation into the dirt and during just that so calling it an act of war there is some strong. in words of course this is the 1st reactions a lot of panic will have to and see what really happens is they that want a sense from or even happy together among the public that there is a fear that this could lead to well these are very complicated issues and a lot of people on twitter are uninformed but just getting a general sense you can see that world war 3 is actually trending just behind me on twitter and a lot of people are making jokes sending out means that world war 3 is going to
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break out and there's a light atmosphere out there but i think that it's hiding a darker sense of fear especially among americans that we might get dragged into another war like the iraq war of course panic at the forefront of this as a new still coming in but it's definitely there i mean it's if as always thanks for your time. in australia authorities have declared emergencies and ordered mass evacuations in new south wales and victoria the states hit hardest by some of the worst wildfires on record evacuation orders to last for days as focused as one that high temperatures and strong winds are expected to return this weekend i think people have died in the crisis and thousands of homes have been destroyed. this is what firefighters in australia have been dealing with for months in some cases and this is an example of the aftermath the town of. or what was
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the town a play store through here on new year's eve. since then thousands have been awaiting rescue relief anything. the plan is for the navy to use ships and helicopters to bring them to melbourne about a 17 hour journey by water. and destruction devastation and this is just one of so many talents in the southeastern states of new south wales and victoria that have felt the fury of the latest wave of bushfires. and for a bit odd sight anybody die and start to scout demise and i had parents tried to scare it to scare. people have died but a final count hasn't been tallied yet some are still listed as missing one of the dead is fireman jeff keaton who passed away battling a blaze just before christmas at his funeral on thursday his young son received an award for bravery on behalf of his dead father. forecasters say it'll be the end of
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the month before there's any significant rain and a possible end to the crisis the next catastrophic conditions are forecast for this coming weekend with temperatures expected to top 40 degrees celsius. well let's go straight to journalist roger man out in sydney where strivings have been working up to yet another difficult day to give us an update on the mass evacuation of thousands stranded in mallika is that on the y. yet it could under way. there are some people it's the end of molecules us and about $800.00 of them both managed to be incurred out to the naval vessel at this stage. 17 hours that it certainly goes to the to school then the book written as it were turns to malibu i think and then more taken off the problem is in there is no way to get out of the city the town is
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surrounded by earth is closed and look bustling trees are dangerous to the issue so they have militancy but 2 of the state or. roger people have also been ordered to leave many holiday town south of sydney ahead of the next think wife what progress like on that front well it's certainly been underway now for the past 12 hours a lot the police have left them in no doubt they got to get out and get out quickly about 50000 people stranded in the south because of new south wales many of them of course are residents and some of them may well decide to stay behind and try to protect their own or the vast majority of tourists cert the busiest time of year for all is in january and a lot of them are trying to get out of town and get back to their homes in camber and sitting in other parts of australia well that's proving to go to because there's a lack of fuel and those petrol stations that do have fuel marlen queues to get
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into those to get to the house and then once they get the fuel they face a long long cruel home is a massive tell that could cause. a little a few roads that remain open but it is happening and by any luck by the end of today most of those who want to leave will have left with that in mind roger they are more catastrophic conditions that are forecast for this coming weekend what will that be in maine for those evacuations. well the evacuations will continue it needs it but there would come a time when if the fire service is correct it would be impossible to deal with any more getting more people out because they fear that more fires will break out those existing files will get even worse the temperatures expected to be in the mid forty's centigrade and that's going to be accompanied by a very strong winds so they fear not only a repeat of what happened
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a few days ago but a far worse situation developing not only on the south coast of new south wales but inland use in parts of india new south wales as well to be truthful nobody really knows how extensive this fire is going to be but it's obviously going to be extremely dangerous. journals roger may not in sydney many thanks. now to some of the other stories making news around the world people in the indonesian capital jakarta have begun returning to their homes after severe flooding forced tens of thousands to evacuate at least 30 people were killed others are still missing on certain runs and rising rivers inundated thousands of homes and cut off electricity to a wide area. if you can't land separatist party has agreed to help break the deadlock in spanish politics and abstain in a confidence vote in parliament next week allowing spanish prime minister pedro sanchez to win sanchez the socialist party reached
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a coalition deal last month with of and with another left wing party of parliament still needs to confirm him as prime minister. who is in paris have used tear gas to disperse protesters from a memo party headquarters as the standoff over the president's planned pension reform continues trade unions have called on the public to step up their protests national train services had been disrupted by a strike action for 29 days now making it the country's longest since 960. mike is passed a bill allowing the country to deploy troops to war torn libya the movies i aimed at shoring up the u.n. recognize government in tripoli against rebel leader khalifa haftar and he so-called libyan national army the bill passed despite objections from to opposition groups and there are fears that the turkish troop deployment could further destabilize live. but let's work through and that is the bill was expected
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to pass through parliament and eventually it did giving the government a green light for a one year military deployment. but not before heavy debate in the house with opposition parties arguing vigorously against it and that is libya's internationally recognized government the government of national accord based in tripoli is a regional ally to turkey last friday turkish president regift type one confirmed had received a request for military assistance from the un backed administration for months on the outskirts of the capital the government has been facing off against the forces of rebel leader general khalifa haftar. he leads a rival administration to the east of the country and is said to be preparing an assault to take the capital. the general has already taken control of its outer suburbs and has support internationally from egypt and russia. the fighting is threatening to plunge libya into violent chaos not seen since the 2011 al sting of
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long time dictator moammar gadhafi some 2000 people have been killed in the conflict so far ankara says by intervening it wants to reduce the risk of further instability in the region and protect its cultural and commercial ties there meanwhile nations on the other side of the mediterranean are concerned any foreign interference could lead to more civilian deaths and a new wave of refugees making their way to europe. now while you may have rung in the new year with a glass of champagne and some good tod ings residents of the andean city of cusco have a different more brutal tradition and 1000 festival known as and then a quickie says' neighbors say goodbye to their troubles of last year with a bit of friendly fisticuffs. fighting for a fresh start. disputes over land or love played out in front of their neighbors. and always ending in a hug. they resolve their problems this way until one falls to the ground and it
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ends there then they leave like good friends who have overcome their problems and life continues. to kamakura translates roughly to 2 people hitting each other and the tradition can be traced back at least to peruse colonial period over 200 years ago i got to take on a quiz changing but it hasn't lost its essence of the most famous. men and women of all ages are allowed to step into the ring. and everyone survives to live another year. except a few unfortunate animals who end their days as decoration. when it's done the fighters drink and dance away their pain ready to heal up for the year ahead. before we go a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you he was struck at baghdad international airport till 7 in what the pentagon describes as defensive action
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prominent iranian general qassim so the money is among the. you're watching news from pearl then coming up a documentary film africa rising looks at african pop culture for now and the half of the whole thing thanks for watching. it's all happening dutch of it coming. into our lives top news from africa to the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions genuine low comes the day of his african program tonight from the un jimmy come on use of easy to our website do deputed come smash africa join us on facebook at d.f.w. africa.


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