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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2020 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is the w. news live from the president traveled warns that america will hit back hard and fast if tektronix retaliate for use as a nation of a top military leader in iran is holding a series of funeral processions for a general qassim solomonic 2 days off a u.s. airstrike killed him in baghdad water on mars the rest of the world waits to see how the islamic republic might seek revenge. and the toll from australia's bushfires keeps on rising criticism of the government's handling of the crisis at
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least 24 people have died in the fires and there's no way to instigate. the act. i'm humphrey glad you could join me he was president channel chompers one that his country is targeting 52 a radian sites and will strike very hard and fast if it is attacked now iran has vowed revenge for a u.s. drone strike that killed its top military commander on friday mornings have filled the streets of the southwest in a raid in a city of advise where the remains of comando cassim soliman have been returned from iraq meanwhile more u.s. troops are headed to the region soldiers and equipment left north carolina through kuwait adding to the hundreds who left the 6 week. and in iraq shiite
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muslims have marched in funeral processions to show their grief the prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning. the mourning and anger on the air as the funeral procession for iran's top general cassim celeb money and iraqi commander mohan these arrives at the holy shrine and not just thousands have come to pay their respects here in iraq. on the streets of tehran to hear iranians demanded vengeance after a u.s. strike in baghdad on friday killed soleimani. we will avenge your generals death he was not just an individual but a whole country they did not just kill one person they killed the country. and our all iranians loved him he was the general of our hearts i have been feeling rolls is just a day it's like i've lost my own father the pain or feel will be gone and so we take revenge in turkoman
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a very soleimani was the mastermind behind iran's military engagement in the middle east for the last 2 decades and a close ally of iran's supreme leader and the revenge for his death seems already to have started on saturday iraq it fell inside baghdad's heavily fortified green zone near the u.s. embassy another on an air base housing u.s. troops. it comes after iranian president hassan rouhani vowed during a meeting with so many store that his country will retaliate. mr rouhani when the blood of my father's friends were shot at he would take revenge for them now who is going to take revenge for my father's blood. they will everyone will get revenge for the martyrs blood don't you worry about that meanwhile u.s. president trump warned that the u.s. is ready to respond should iran strike any americans or american assets trump has
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repeatedly claimed that so the money's killing was necessary to protect american lives. to iran has appointed general esmail ghani to replace alemany kill now be responsible for iran's foreign military operations the well journalist i met with our joins me here in the studio for some more analysis now and here we are seeing a huge crowds turn out there's funeral processions in iran how unified do you think is the country behind the regime now i think is some iraqis especially if she looks the role of mr celeb mind that pep bus in the past in the critical way but through that attacking of united states in this way and this time i think they bring more unity of that opinion people talking about brock and of severity of iraqis on iraqi territory and i think there is a lot of anger. industry it within these cities in iraq but we should not forget
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the chords you saw those are still did not choose the direction in which reaction they would like to go with and of course now on the other side we're hearing that warning from u.s. president donald trump that 52 targets have been identified that could be hit in iran how seriously do you think those threats are being taken in the region of the moment i think. they take it serious especially in the gold states spots to go back to the number of 52 it is because this is not productive it's bring more unity against that because they. in 1979 that americans filled to bring hostages freed through operation military operation and this is talking about these 50 hostages exactly exactly that's what if the president should consist on the tweet i think he just didn't send again and again
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not suggest that the diplomatic way could help to go outside from that increasing violence in the region talking about the region of course this is a very complex situation and wondering what all the countries are thinking in the region are they preparing themselves for a conflict to spill out of these spiking tensions i think. it's not far away from that by the way of galveston's could be also a battlefield from iranian reaction through the proxies proxy kuwait and qatar qatar. foreign minister to toronto to try to find a solution for that iranian sent him back without without any solution i think the reaction of iranian the still existing and the beginning of a reaction is already done because of the pictures that we saw from the iranians to trees and to morrow i think we will this is going to see more footage from tehran
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specially into iran there is a holy day the knowledge that from the government of iran to bring the people to able to make the people able to participating in that action to missing that period of mourning 1st and then we'll potentially see what comes after that journalist i mean with so we thank so much for coming in for your analysis. well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of people have marched in hong kong made the border to protest against the traders from mainland china the traders by duty free products in hong kong and resell them in china locals say it pushes up prices hong kong has seen more than 6 months of anti-government protests. or thought he's in a city say that 6 young people believed to be german tourists are dead after a car ran into them at high speed in the german speaking region of south to roll another 11 are injured media say the driver came from the local area on the
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strength. in croatia voters are going to the polls in the 2nd round of the presidential election the vote is a runoff between the former prime minister is 1000000 or bitchin social democrat and the conservative incumbent get up to keep the kids out of it. the death toll has risen sharply in the collapse of a hotel under construction in southern cambodia with ortiz in the city of kep pulled another dozen bodies from the rubble bringing the total to at least $36.00 they did manage to rescue a puppy raising hopes of finding other savalas. well australia's bushfires are being described as a national catastrophe and just take a look at these orange skies behind me now they are turned orange from the smoke and now think they're not in australia at all they are over all clicked in new zealand that is some 2000 kilometers away now at least 24 people have now died in
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the blazes thousands have lost their homes and experts calculate that more than half a 1000000000 animals have been killed australian prime minister scott morrison is facing strong criticism for his handling of the crisis and emergency services are hoping that cooler temperatures will bring some a rest fight on sunday but it's not expected to last. another costly and deadly day in this month's one catastrophe on. saturday soaring temperatures and strong winds fans hundreds of blazes across 3 states. the source of fire fight is powerless to halt the destruction. the flames consumed hundreds of properties leaving local communities shocked. they told us they have. people in the court much their heads in the quarter. all they say as i see it on the. steps of. battling the worst bushfires in
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living memory a strain leaders admit they're in uncharted territory we can't pretend that this is something we've experienced before it's not because the weather activity we're saying the extent and spread of the faas the speed at which they're going the way in which they're attacking communities who've never seen fabi full is unprecedented . satellite images show the scale of the far as long as the southeast coast the severity of the crisis has prompted prime minister scott morrison to mobilize up to 3000 military reservists to assist exhausted volunteer firefighters marson has faced intense criticism for his response to the disaster. but you know it's agreed that to much we enjoy it might mean a lot of risk by doing more like unity new hampshire milligan and the local destroyer that's what i do but i do you still more in order to fix
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a government anything. cooler conditions are expected to give some relief to fighting efforts but officials warn the reprieve won't be enough to get farzana control little and put them out well for more on this we're joined by james morris he is a spokesman for the new south wales rural fire service thank you so much for being with us james taking some time to talk to us at a stressful time we've seen already thousands of people evacuated what is the latest where you are where are you and your operations. good afternoon to you look still a lot of people affected right across new south wales particularly in the south eastern quadrant of the state unfortunately we've saying are a number of times last week significant losses in the past 24 hours a number of times especially on the southeast coast sent me from nowra down all the white to the victorian border i have to be impacted system crews are still learning
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the very early stages of starting to identify properties in the locks at this stage we've got 60 homes we believe that have been lost but we know that's well and truly going to bake into the hundreds just due to access issues of the moment so we'll continue to work overtime and dies once we get access and to identify those on the properties the whole structure is that has been damaged but the the next biggest thing is obviously a recovery phase and trying to get people back into their hinds that they're still standing might those areas saif strong restore what normality we can into these very much on president to situations that we've got going on he james what's the big picture for cost here i mean i know it's a tough question right now but any idea when these wildfires might be under some kind of control. the only thing in our we've said it in a number of interviews that we've done now but until we get significant ryan here in new south wales we will see in time and they lodge fawaz in the last 24 hours
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they say fraud is a very much spread into very rural rugged the remark trying similar to what we say not the last 2 to 3 months which means that we now need you can time and months and then we have a lot of work that's going to need to be done to contain these flaws in the army why we will be a containment on all of these flaws he's when we see a number of days if not weeks of constant and consistent bryant they are down i doubt these lines when you talk about those rugged rural areas i mean firefighters have been seeing the environmental impact of these fires firsthand i mean just paint a picture for us of the toll that wildlife has taken all that we know obviously saying a lot of 40 just freshly coming out of those far as we had light last year he said october november and coleman quarry where we saw the koala have an absolutely decimated by far wall part of which was true that we are still continuing to work
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with those areas thankfully the toll off day was not as significant as what we thought we obviously didn't see a lot of losses there but at this stage are we still have those crews down there not bent on still a number of koalas not the wall off the needs that was indeed sustained their loss through those toys and obviously you know we've we've got over 4200000 activists of bush when that happens they've been town but animals that they were east mark reaches a very intellectual you know they are somewhat used to walt far as and they talk of incidents that this sometime he's enough time to make his way out of the 5 of which are really into those i don't like patients all right james morris thanks for your time and all the best to you and your teens out there thanks very much for ya. american football is best known apparel in the world may have played his last game quarterback tom brady was unable to rally his team to victory in the 1st round of
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the n.f.l. playoffs brady's new england contrast loss to the tennessee titans brady helped the patreus win 6 super bowl championships but he and the cup will likely part ways. or news from berlin i'm havin a home free plenty more news coming up at the top of the hour do join me that he can find out. earth home or saving googling julius tells stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to his being born series of global 3000 on d. w. and online.


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