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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2020 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. and canada say it's likely in a rainy and mrs brought down the ukrainian passenger plane to crash near tehran canada's prime minister justin trudeau says multiple intelligence sources indicate they ran shot down the plane u.s. officials believe it's highly likely iranian air defense systems hit it accidentally killing all 176 people on board. goes to the polls on saturday to choose a new president and parliament relations with china are taking center stage in the
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vote our correspondent visits a taiwanese island just a few kilometers mainland china. and germany's greens celebrate their 40th anniversary we take a look at how the former outsiders have made it into the political mainstream and could even give the country its 1st green chancellor. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. and canadian officials say it's highly likely that an iranian missile brought down a ukrainian passenger jet near tehran earlier this week canada's prime minister justin trudeau says mounting evidence suggests an iranian surface to air missile hit the airliner shortly after takeoff but iran has rejected that scenario all 176 people on board many of them canadian were killed in the crash which came just
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hours after ram launched an attack against u.s. targets in iraq. wreckage from the ukrainian international airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff from tehran leaving the world with lots of questions and few says canadian prime minister justin trudeau was the 1st to publicly announce a possible cause and iranian missile we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a rainy and a surface to air missile. this may well have been unintentional. this new information reinforces the need for a thorough investigation into this matter u.s. officials have told us media that they have quote a high degree of certainty that it was a missile that hit the playing earlier us president donald trump had suggested it
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might have been unintentional i have my suspicions it was very i don't want to say that because other people have those suspicions also. it's a tragic thing when i see that it's a tragic thing. but somebody could have made a mistake on the other kind of could have made a mistake ukrainian officials have also said that they were quote not ruling out a missile attack having sent a team to tear on to investigate at the u.n. ukraine insisted that iran fully cooperate the circumstances of these catastrophic are still unclear it is now up to the arts to use to gaited and to find answers to the questions or what caused the grass to do so all x. mas receive unconditional support for their investigation into the incident. iran has invited the u.s. aviation company boeing to join that probe and said it would provide visas for
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accredited investigators from the countries involved. well for some analysis now let's cross over to steven wright he's professor of aircraft systems at temporary university in finland thanks for joining us professor how strong are the indications that this plane was brought down by a missile good morning i think the indications are very. very telling the video footage this is a night. indicating out of the 2 items have been launched that's freely available on the internet the americans have hinted that spy satellites of also got the in for addresses and followed this video from the satellite up to the point of impact which is also being. hit with the eyewitness video from the ground and then as a result we then have the plane crash happening shortly thereafter so. the
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reality is it appears the missile really has taken this aircraft out in such tragic circumstances that i never thought i'd see again. tell us why were planes allowed to fly out of tehran airport at all just minutes after the country started launching missiles at its neighbor i mean wouldn't that situation to ban the closing their space to civilian aircraft for safety reasons. you know i can understand the thinking here but i think it's worth bearing in mind. where. the launches were likely to be that with an attacking the iraqi bice's they wouldn't necessarily be right next to the capital because terror on is not located on the border it's surrounded by mountains quite some distance from the iraqi and iranian border so therefore it seems plausible that you wouldn't necessarily make south commercial aviation
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a possible missile strike i suspect what's actually happened is. that there's just been a lack of communication if you think logically why would the government 5 not the local level or storage and tell them you're about saying go on a missile attack with united airlines implausible. iranian authorities say they will allow the jets manufacturer boeing to examine the plane's black box earlier they said they wouldn't but now they say they will can the victims' families then be sure that this incident will be properly investigated i think so and it's not just the black boxes that will be telling and it's also all the physical evidence so there is there is demand for a thorough international best that i should and the partners involved here ok i drink leave the writing and definitely the ukrainians and the manufacturers all the airframe and potentially the engines as well so it's going to be
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a multi tosca event and there will be transparency that's how commercial aviation walks and it's in everybody's interest for transparency here to find out the facts leading up to this tragic loss for us right thank you very much that was steven wright professor of aircraft systems at temper university in finland. well tensions in the middle east remain high following the u.s. killing of iranian general qassam solo many and iran's retaliatory missile strikes that's prompted a rare emergency meeting of european union foreign ministers in brussels later today they're hoping to find a way to guide the u.s. in iran away from further confrontation. was the 1st the assassination a few runs top general. then iranian retaliation. in the deepening conflict between iran and the united states the european union
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seems caught in the middle the country says deeply affects not only the region but all of us and the use of weapons must stop now to give space to dialogue talks seem to be the only feasible option here in brussels at the moment the european kind of dilemma is that they of course want to put additional pressure on iran but at the same time they don't want to side too openly with the united states that's the dilemma that the europeans are in this is what their political looks like you know how do you find the magic formula that you know keeps you in that position that you know satisfies both both needs the e.u. is clinging on to the 2050 nuclear deal signed by e.u. countries france the u.k. and germany among others. the so-called j c p u a is supposed to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons in return for the lifting off u.n. sanctions. however u.s. president trump pulled out in 2018 he since re imposed sanctions. a move
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met with anger in tehran which in response has step by step produced its own commitments to the deal further limiting the use ability to weigh in on the issue. was the only stake the europeans really had in the iran issue that's you know what made them important in the iran context and now that's out of the window plus the situation is escalating and they have no influence now some hope lies in this man mohammed sirleaf the iranian foreign minister he's been invited to back to brussels in an attempt to bring iranians back to the table and negotiate a way out of the crisis. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. house of representatives has voted to limit president trumps ability to engage in military conflict against iran the chamber voted almost completely along party lines to pass the resolution it would become binding if the senate supports it
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trump ordered the killing of a rainy and general counsel of money last week without congressional approval. the internet shut down in the disputed kashmir region of india was deemed unconstitutional by india's supreme court the government imposed a shut down in august an attempt to control unrest in the region in the ruling the supreme court called freedom of internet access a fundamental right. and for ruby and president montane is cholera has pledged to plant $1000000.00 trees around the ancient site much of peach or to protect the area from forest fires and mudslides is the latest measure taken in recent months to safeguard the country's most popular tourist destination as well as the regional planning and wildlife yet. australians are bracing for even more danger from the country's bushfires with higher temperatures and stronger winds set to increase risk levels on friday at least 26 people have
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died in the fires and more than 2000 homes have been destroyed but despite the dangers some australians are choosing to risk their lives and fight the fires themselves. this is how jack spent the new year in a life or death fight against australia's raging bush fires his only weapon a garden hose one man against a mega blaze jack was warned to leave but he was determined to defend his home and he did jack save his house and his life. brian did the same his wife stayed with friends brian wanted to go it alone then the fire came. and everything was on for.
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his neighbors for just in time their house now in ruins brian narrowly made it out alive. to run randi a put before it. and then. and then i had 4 in the verandah. and. you just really have. to be you have to concentrate on what your doing. brian's other neighbor phil also stayed behind the 2 defended their homes side by side. it's one of the i have it you know i mean my short so we may not turn the camera on him. he got told to do much at all that we. know we don't just might. still kick him to the fire burned everything in its path still managed to capture the blaze on his phone as it came rolling towards him he described it as a monster a monster he fought with
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a garden hose. to fix that was to take place but to fake it till he saw the 4. trade now that. i think. of that just put it down to. the australian survived a harrowing feat one that has deeply touched their lives. all right my wife a lot of what tom uren for. and around us are side of the. super bowl. but my friend. phil and brian beat the odds so would they do it again without a doubt they say but they also understand why many chose to flee. now to
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taiwan which is preparing to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on saturday the poll set the course for relations between the democratic self ruled island and its autocratic neighbor china which claims taiwan as its territory relations with china have been a major campaign issue so how do people in taiwan view their neighboring superpower . peavy kong sent us this report from the taiwanese island of can men just off the coast of china. this is the border of taiwan but the chinese flat plus is here we are in cayman island where you ok tional only see the flats of political rivals china and taiwan flying side by side. one cooperative project is to specify or which stores water pumps from china that helps fill some of needs in 2018 cumin turned the china to resolve persistent what a shot is just. close it manages to waterworks here for him prostrate interaction
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it's more than just the policy shapes his everyday life if you want to. visit chinese idiom says a close neighbor is more helpful than distant family you're the pipeline is groundbreaking eases cross straight hostility and sets a precedent to connect our electricity grids or even build a bridge in the future we want friends instead of enemies many on the island. push much likely not the majority of taiwanese. the parliamentary candidate is from the pro independence party is skeptical his opposition to china has raisen beijing's influence has been the central issue ahead of this weekend's elections the whole says it was only 100 counties send in the political turmoil that he made up his my. our leaflets feature the hong kong protests because we trigger a strong sense of national doom looking at the tragic outcome for taiwanese have to
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think about whether we should still see closer ties with your thora tell you in regime behind hong kong. this is taiwan's closest place to china which is only around 5 kilometers away used to be the frontline in conflicts that case ago that military very case were left but nowadays china is trying to narrow this taiwan not only comically but also politically how when this authorities see this threat and has been in this so saying yourself on china over the past 4 years. china a friend or foe. has vowed to unify self-loading taiwan and the one country 2 systems of china. if necessary by force but these idea was rejected by taiwan's president who is seeking action. because china friendly rival hungary or you has a different response to beijing's intimidation tactics. ties economic cooperation which one and his friends also support they largely rely on china for
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a living. but we are used to see china as a threat but not now i saw a gradual progress when i got in touch with the chinese and we want a peaceful and prosperous lives instead of constructing a so-called threat i don't care whether there will be unification or infiltration this is not what my generation will encounter. taiwan and china to interact with we must be treated fairly i mean state to state relations what kind of price are we willing to pay for that taiwan should be more aware of china's sharp elbows than anywhere else in the world because we are on the front line we have the only place where china wants to take control of. decades ago because inside this iconic mark used to broadcast into china propaganda to the mainland it's now a tourist destination but the message of freedom and democracy is the most distinctive difference across the strait remains just as timely as ever.
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in other. news suspected islamist militants have attacked a military camp in western new on thursday night killing at least 31 soldiers authorities say more than 80 of the attackers were killed in the assault is the most terrorist groups are especially active in western new share close to its border with mali. colombia has destroyed a record number of coca leaf plantations last year its president says cocoa is the main ingredient in cocaine and colombia is the world's largest producer of the drug the country's army helped manually rip off the crops as part of efforts to crack down on illegal trade. and impaired route around 2000 people have marched in support of cock and bull fighting the country's constitutional court is currently considering whether to ban the activity over $500.00 bullfights take
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place in peru every year the highest figure in latin america. germany's greens are marking their 40th anniversary and they have a lot to celebrate the party which began as a collective promoting animal rights and women's empowerment is now more than just a fixture in germany's political landscape according to recent opinion polls the green party is the strongest political force in the country now. the greens were an exotic creation in the conservative germany of 1980 environmentalists and animal rights activists peaceniks and feminists the slogan strident and she knew clear pro peace and pro women. just 3 years later in the greens had a presence in parliament their culture well it's apart from the other parties.
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fischer the 1st green environment minister in the state of hessen took office wearing trainers as the greens were provoked to force in parliament where they would need to have the established parties but the greens cool the spirit of the age navy 20 years off to their foundation they entered the federal government for the 1st time in coalition with the social democrats fissures foreign minister backed in. involvement of german troops in the war in kosovo a controversial move for the pacifist greens and he was pelted at the party conference. by. a unilateral and indefinite suspension of the bombing at this time would send completely wrong message why should think not. the party went along with him with some reluctance the greens greatest victory came with a decision to phase out nuclear power in germany then in 2011 another breakthrough the greens ousted the christian democrats in the deeply conservative state of
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version books in free christian man becoming the 1st green state crimea the current party leader of a target is one of germany's most popular politicians even a green chancellor no longer seems inconceivable. the fridays for future climate movement has also given the greens a boost the party that once seemed exotic is now part of the mainstream this also could not be well for more we're joined from our parliamentary studios by line her booty call for a former leader of germany's green party and mel a member of the european parliament good morning mr they call forth. your party started out as anti establishment now you're very much part of the mainstream how did you manage to do that. well obviously the party has been capable of bringing along an ever increasing number of
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citizens who now is share ideas that would have been considered outlandish when our party was founded 50 years ago 40 years ago the issues have been mentioned partly in your piece that you just showed anti-nuclear. overwhelming support we have support on feminist issues on industrial issues even where we advocate that the. future of german and european industry can only be safeguarded if we combine sustainability and competitiveness i think the party has been capable of changing the mainstream for the better the country. you say is the main impact your party has had on germany during these last 40 years i would say the main
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impact is and this is borne out by. all kinds of evidence from polling but also from practical politics that we have steadfastly. pushed the agenda of. a code transformation. inside to climate climate policy renewable energy so the green transformation of the green future that's probably what gives us. ok mr cover let's give a snapshot of where your party stands in germany right now as a whole the latest opinion polls show that the green party is at 23 percent nationally that's twice as much as you got in the last national election but when it comes to issues the concern the issues that concern german voters it's
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a very mixed picture only 11 percent of germans think that the greens are the best party to deal with immigration for example when it comes to climate policy and protecting the environment however a whopping 53 percent of voters think the green party has the best approach bearing out what you just said so that's clearly a green party selling point but on the traditional issue of education policy it's a different story only 10 percent of german voters believe that the green party has convincing policy proposals on education. given those numbers but what do you have to say. well the i've been looking at such numbers for years. i draw the conclusion whenever you are in the double digits that's already pretty good because this is not an age where every citizen when they wake up in the morning say 1st of all oh i do trust political parties so that's that's good
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numbers but. clearly and my mental responsibility and climate change is not a single issue that that would be an extremely narrow point of view it cuts across so many sectors it includes industrial policy it includes agriculture it includes transport so if you're a strong there that extends to very different mentions. and i think having that much trust is a particularly promising. fact that can be leveraged to really attain affects that that will state ok there's a lot of attention on your party right now there's a federal election coming up next year your party is riding very high in the polls right now some even think you could lead the next government do you think your party will be in the next government. well predictions about the future are always
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particularly difficult but we will do whatever we can to really become a governing party after the next election we see the need to to move forward more ambitiously than the present government is capable of doing we see an urge we can't lose time so we will certainly shoulder the responsibility as citizens granted to us it's become a thank you very much that was not help it called a former green party leader and now a member of the european parliament thank you. just reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on day 8 of the news canada's prime minister justin trudeau says multiple intelligence sources indicate that an iranian michelle brought down a ukrainian passenger plane near tehran u.s. officials also said they believe it's likely that
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a radiant carried defense systems hit the plane by accident killing all $176.00 people. you're watching g.w. news from berlin coming up at the top of the next hour we've got more news for you i'm terry martin thanks for being with us. the from.
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the point strong opinions clear losers. international perspective such. months of saber rattling have culminated in a targeted killing by the u.s. and a missile attack by iran are the 2 sides on the brink of war or ready to stand down
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find out on to the point. to the point. that next time on top of a slap in the face. clara night is the coffee bomb from the imus in the communities has led to its name to brazil's most populous country now it's really not enough scale with lots of chemicals. intuitionism is come to know the traditional way of sustainably and free of pesticides but they are struggling to survive in the face of mass production of the 2060 minutes on d w. n b r e of climate change. his name is susan. lucci
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soon to be. 90 years to become the father future of. g.w. dot com which they're distributed to give us a clear cut or. months of saber rattling culminated over the past week in the u.s. 1st targeted killing of a high ranking foreign military official since world war 2 and in an unprecedented direct attack by iran on u.s. bases in iraq are the 2 sides now ready to the back down or could iran's thirst for retail e a chanst.


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