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the at the back. the as. this is the dabney is coming to you live from by many conflicting claims of the cause of thing it created and came crashing down around their own civil aviation chief says he is certain the plane was not hit by an aside this after canada's prime minister just to do it said multiple intelligence sources indicate that iranian myside mistakenly hit the passenger plane all $176.00 people on board were killed also on the program the looking into everything was on for the clock to be on the up to the old highway going and all the praise on oil it was
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a little kid to find evacuation orders to defend his home against a wall of flames we have a remarkable story of survival amid a street is worsening bushfire crisis. and germany's green party celebrates its 40th anniversary how the former outsiders made it to the mainstream and became the 2nd strongest political force in the country. i don't welcome i'm under touchy my thank you very much for sharing this time with us. u.s. and canadian officials say it's highly likely that an iranian missile a ukrainian passenger jet at the iran earlier this week canada's prime minister just introduces mounting evidence suggests an iranian surface to air missile hit the airliner shortly after takeoff but iran has rejected that claim all $176.00
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people on board most of them iranian and canadian were killed in the crash risk game just hours after iran launch an attack against u.s. targets in neighboring iraq. verified by 2 media outlets appears to show the plane exploding in the sky just seconds before it crashed western leaders say the evidence points towards an iranian missile. scores of canadian nationals were killed in the crash. prime minister justin trudeau attended a vigil in the capital ottawa earlier he announced what he believes brought down the plane. we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a rainy and a surface to air missile. this may well have been unintentional. this
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new information reinforces the need for a thorough investigation into this matter. u.s. officials have told us media they have quote a high degree of certainty that it was a missile that hit the plane president donald trump echoed the theory that it might have been an accident but iran's vehemently denies the theory that the plane was downed by knowing. that the thing that is clear to us and that we can say with certainty is that this plane was not hit by a missile. as i said last night the plane was on fire for one and a half minutes yes. russian a flight shows that the pilot was attempting to return. to the ukrainian international airlines flight was traveling from tehran to kiev with
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176 people on board the boeing 737 crashed in good visibility just minutes after takeoff. most of the victims were from iran many of them dual iranian canadian citizens due to take a connecting flight to canada. western leaders are demanding full transparency from tehran the focus is now on the black box flight recorders they could hold the key to revealing the cost of the crash. joining me now is the quartet he's a senior investigator and belling katz that's an investigative collective welcome make now yellow organizations verified the video clip allegedly showing the airplane being hit by something what exactly were you able to confirm. so we found this video yesterday it appears to show a missile impacting an object in the sky we worked out precisely where that video
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was taken and we noted the else use we believe but we worked out location of the explosion and it's precisely in the flight path of the plane so we believe that the video shows a missile like to hitting the plane. also pitches of myside fragments circulating on the internet what do they show and what do we know about the attend to city of those speeches so there are 2 images showing the heads of tall missiles with missiles. these have not been verified they do not appear to have been posted only has not previously. however we cannot work out precisely where these images were taken so they remain on birthright images ok there are also reports now that bulldozers on being used to clear the crash site what does the investigation show so we 1st started hearing these rumors yesterday.
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and this morning a news crew much to get to the scene and appears the crash site has been cleared needless to say that would not be beneficial for any kind of investigation that was carried out ok not the best on your evidence that you're going to as issue has a very defined uncollected what do you think happened to that plane. so currently the information makes me lean towards believing that this plane was in fact hit by a missile. we cannot confirm to any level of. us but i think it's also important to note that you or any authorities can be certain . that it was a technical malfunction. yes so we have basically saying it is not not possible to say but it was definitively a missile strike nad look and it can go so they do not that the iranian version that it was a mechanical failure so we suddenly have
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a video that shows an explosion on the flight path of this plane which appears to be caused by a missile. of course no one can be certain and so the investigation is complete however the information that we have that's available to us indicates this plane was a missile this new quote is from the investigative journalism collective that in cats thank you very much for that. and of course for the families of victims it's really important to find out the cause of the crash that we now do and aviation expert stephen stephen the focus right now is on the blacks in black box inside the court is recovered from the crash site do we know it's in a condition to be analyzed properly and if so what kind of information can we get from them. the black boxes have been recovered by the iranians already so there are photos of both of these devices. being removed and then presented to the
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maid typically what happens is that they're right by accident investigation all sources with the hardware specialization to be able to download all the promises will they be able to read the riot absolutely the material the way that they work is that they use effectively computer chips inside. i stainless steel box is pretty much indestructible and it's a case of then taking these boxes to realistically a 3rd country so maybe somewhere like france where it can be plugged into a computer and then everything is downloaded. and see what the debris now if this plane was brought down by a missile surely there would be signs of explosive material on the debris of the plane exactly and these were some of the things that came to light off to the mh 17 shoot down which is the malaysian air line that was
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shot down over the ukraine a few years ago and the dodge accident investigation authorities were able to pinpoint where the missile flew up to where it detonated how it damages the aircraft and then how the aircraft was then brought down before it crashed so the physical evidence is what the ukrainian crash investigation tell you will be looking to secure and to then light as much information as possible during these early stages so i guess we just have to wait to see what the investigation reveals stephen wright an aviation expert thank you very much for that. meanwhile in the u.s. the house of representatives has voted to limit president donald trump's ability to engage in military conflict against iran the chamber voted almost completely along party lines to pass a resolution it would become
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a binding if the senate or to supports it truong ordered the killing of the iranian gendron sincerely money last week without congressional approval the rising tensions in the middle east has prompted an emergency meeting of european union foreign ministers in brussels later today they're hoping to find a way to guide the u.s. and iran away from for the confrontation. was 1st the assassination a few iran's top general. then iranian retaliation. in the deepening conflict between iran and the united states the european union seems caught in the middle the country says deeply affects not only the region but all of us and the use of weapons must stop now to give space to dialogue talks seem to be the only feasible option here in brussels at the moment the european kind of dilemma is that they of course want to put additional pressure
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on iran but at the same time they don't want to side too openly with the united states that's the dilemma that the europeans are in this is what their politics looks like you know how do you find the magic formula that you know keeps you in that position that you know satisfies both both needs the e.u. is clinging on to the 2050 nuclear deal signed by e.u. countries france the u.k. and germany among others. the so-called j c p u a is supposed to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons in return for the lifting of un sanctions. however u.s. president trump pulled out in 2018 he since re imposed sanctions. a move met with anger in tehran which in response has step by step produced its own commitments to the deal further limiting the use ability to weigh in on the issue. was the only stake the europeans really had in the iran issue that's you know what made them important in the iran context and now that's out of the window plus the
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situation is escalating and they have no influence now so hope lies in this man mohamed sirleaf the iranian foreign minister he's been invited back to brussels in an attempt to bring iranians back to the table and negotiate a way out of the crisis. now to some other stories making news around the world the russian military says a ceasefire has come into effect in syria's liberation situated in north western syria it leaves the country's last rebel stronghold the syrian government's push to retake the city has forced hundreds of thousands to flee towards the turkish border the ceasefire follows talks between turkey and russia earlier this week. the internet shut down an indian administered kashmir has been ruled unconstitutional by the country's supreme court the government imposed the shutdown in august following its controversial move to abrogate the territories special constitutional
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status in the ruling the supreme court core the freedom off internet access a fundamental right. the leader of thailand's opposition says he's been charged over an anti-government rally he staged last month he founded the progressive future forward party and has denied the charges saying they're politically motivated because of breaching a no on public gatherings find out registering the rally at least 24 hours in advance. turning now to australia where people are bracing for more danger from the country's bushfires with higher temperatures and stronger winds set to increase risk levels and. at least 2060 of them have died in the fires and more than 2000 homes have been destroyed despite this some toughest religions are choosing to risk their lives and fight the fires themselves. this is how jack last come spend the new year in a life or death fight against australia's raging bushfires his only weapon
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a garden hose one man against a mega blank. jack was born to leave but he was determined to defend his home and he did jack save his house and his life. brian did the same his wife stayed with friends brian wanted to go it alone then the fire came. and everything was on for the tractor. and all the trees around for every one of the. course of. his neighbors fled just in time the house now in ruins brian narrowly made it out alive the real they put before it right in the face laurel and then i can remember from brother in the front and then i had a foreign the veranda. for the truck to really put that up and you sit back and forwards all over it. you just really had to kick the guy you didn't have time to
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to be scared or a lot that you had to concentrate on what you were doing brian's other neighbor phil also stayed behind the 2 defended their homes side by side. and one that really i mean in my short story you know tony coming over here. did not talk to do much at all which. is why you're. still kicking. the fire burned everything in its path phil managed to capture the blaze on his phone as it came rolling towards him. he described as a monster a monster he fought with a garden hose. to externalize that took place about 2 thirds yes i thought that for. trade now this. i think. that this is where.
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the australian survived a harrowing feat one that is deeply touched their lives during the war from what i know what tom. 'd and i ran around us or so i think yes yeah. so for. that my 1st. brian and phil beat the odds but they do it again without a doubt they say but they also understand why many chose to flee. joining me now is obviously now business editor benford sooner who's just returned from the street leah welcome ben such courage and resilience we saw there from those men in that report how common are these stories and people just stay back and defend their homes despite evacuation warnings you do hear from time to time people who stayed back and people who stayed back and died i mean it's an extremely dangerous situation and as you know you've done the fire training the rule fire training in
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australia as a journalist base there so did i when you get the orders to leave you've got to get out of there it's a really dangerous situation to decide to stay home and to try to fend off a fire with a garden hose exactly in the training suggest to defend your home and if not grab now this these fires have taken such a huge toll on people this man is the country but what about the wives life this is the interesting part i mean we occasionally see these cute and cuddly videos that are going viral of kangaroos hugging people and koalas climbing up cyclists bikes for a drink of water but the reality is. it's like opening the doors to hell one person told me a wildlife rescue of these animals a scared or aggressive cleaning the life in clambering and trying to do everything they can to get away from the fires and this one rescuer told me he could hear koalas screaming trying to rip out his eyes cloran at him snakes writhing on the
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ground because they inhofe buns. kangaroos buds with singed fed is running around on the ground because they can't fly with their own feet and it's an absolutely horrible situation and sure we're talking about a couple dozen people who died which is horrible but the atta mills the wildlife we're talking about a 1000000000 a 1000000000 which is an astonishing figure and you know for the tourists who want to come to australia to see a cute cuddly koala they're going to really have to search for what gosh this is such a tragedy that to me at the moment the 1000. sophistry loons have come out on the streets and they've been protesting and making the link between these bushfires and climate change what do people that make off the government's handling of these specially the prime minister who's come in for a lot of criticism well they're making that link between the fire as and climate change because the government isn't and the government is in a difficult position it's trying to defend jobs in the coal industry which is one
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of its most important industries and its 2nd biggest export it is what has made a straight affluent but think about all those cop emissions from from coal. a stranger is a huge polluter per capita and a strange don't want to know that the government doesn't want to do that and the government does not want to change its policies on climate change so it's going to be a real struggle here and people are getting extremely emotional about this and taking to the streets the government has been trying to ban climate protests but unsuccessfully. benches it is just back from the sort of thank you very much for sharing your personal insights with us. here watching the dia the news coming up ahead why we're not be allowed at this 2020 in them pick games until kill we have details on the i.o.c. in new rooms on political protests buttressed until me is greens
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are marking their 40th anniversary in they've a have a not to sell a bit the potty which began as a smaller tortoise movement is now bought of jail news political mainstream infact recent opinion polls show the green party is a 2nd strongest political force in the country let's take a look at how the greens got here to greens were an exotic creation in the conservative germany of 9980 environmentalist's and animal rights activists peaceniks and feminists the slogan strident and g. new clear pro peace and pro wimmin just 3 years later in the grains had a presence in parliament their culture worlds apart from the other parties yasht your fisher the 1st green environment minister in the strait of hessen took office wearing trainers the greens were a provocative force in parliament where there would need will this stop missed
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parties but the grains cook the spirit of the age needy 20 years after their foundation they entered the federal government for the 1st time in coalition with the search will democrats of fishers foreign minister packed involvement of german troops in the war in kosovo a controversial move for the passivist greens and he was pelted at the party conference spite their a unilateral and indefinite suspension of the bombing at this time would send completely the wrong message why you should take nod the party went along with their mood some reluctance the greens greatest trick trick came the decision to phase out nuclear power in germany then in 2011 another breakthrough the greens ousted the christian democrats in the deeply conservative states of pardon version books been freed christian man becoming the 1st green state crimea the current
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party leader of a target is one of germany's most popular politicians even a green chancellor no longer seems inconceivable. fridays for a future climate movement has also given the greens a boost a party that once seemed exotic is now part of the mainstream it's also like. new guidelines from the international olympic committee prove this athletes from needing in protest or taking a knee as this in a medical or display any kind of political messages at the 2020 summit games in tokyo the committee says those who break protest rules will face disciplinary action that athlete support groups have kicked back saying athletes should not be silenced. over 50 years ago american sprinters tommie smith and john carlos famously did the black power salute at the olympic games in 1968 bringing attention to the then plight of african-americans in the u.s.
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in recent years there has been a rise in political activism by athletes most notably call them kapur nick and megan rapinoe last august 2 u.s. athletes were placed on probation for 12 months for evidence that the pan american games in peru considered by some to be a warning ahead of the tokyo olympics international olympic committee president thomas bach said previous protests had no effect and the mission of the olympic games is to unite and not to divide box cautioned athletes any kind of boycott for whatever reason is against the submission of the olympic games and i asked them to respect the serb neutrality or the olympic games and by not seeing them. or their state for. political purposes potential
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violations of the new guidelines according to the i.o.c. would be evaluated by the athletes national olympic committee and the respective international sport federation disciplinary action will be taken on a case by case basis athletes however will be free to express themselves during interviews and on platforms like twitter and instagram some ethnic groups have criticized the new rules calling it a violation of human rights and a double standard they point to the i.o.c. president jacques support of a joint north and south korean team at the 2018 winter olympics as an example of pushing politics at the games amid rising political tensions ruled why will athletes abide by the new policy set by the i.o.c. we'll have our answer when the games start in. tokyo on the 24th of july. i think time for a bit of art then margarita and salvador dalí were 2 of the greatest icons of the serialist movement in the early 20th century now the 1st time they've been brought
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face to face in a major exhibition at the fine arts museum in brussels they didn't like each other but they did respect each other's work and then more than 100 works on show in the belgian capital. dreamlike artworks defying reality the 2 grand masters of surrealism salvador dali and give it up brought together at brussels royal fine arts museum the exhibition shows the different interpretations of surrealist idea spanish artist dali is known for his subconscious imagery as depiction of morphing and melting bodies and objects his belgian counterpart painted realistic objects like doors or windows and arrange them in a fantastic and surreal manner. the exhibition highlights differences as well as parallels and mutual influences for example might be it's an act of violence as referenced by dali in the temptation of antony dali my cleats iconic female torso
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and placed it inside a dome. their ideas backgrounds were going different they belong to different worlds but they should common ground the way they looked at things how they patrol the infinite invents paintings deconstruction of language. the 2 painters met twice in 1029 but never became friends. there was a distance between them because they had a different person know it so use the we've drawn side to make a great image of the little boy who simply with his wife georgette darley has a ball rock. he plays with and darling gauged in self promotion found insufferable. dolly and marketed to great creative minds who shaped the surrealist movement of the 20th century and whose artworks still fascinate today.
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it will be news coming up next on the news is here the china question and its impact on taiwan's presidential election did you visits a taiwan. yes i'm in luck an awful some concept. that's on duty of the music coming up shortly.
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all channels available to inspire people to take action and was a turning to doing some thinking for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global 3000 on t w and online. this is data. coming up to be our not to be with china that is that's the central question our star wanted to the polls to elect a new leader up to speed up to visit a taiwanese island that lives in the shadow of my few china must. live in the fruits you can have on your plate full in your body defines for you.


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