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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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really really just. shows. the way to where you're going. to go blow to. everybody w. . planes. a young girl suddenly turns over that's why you know marilyn monroe transforms into al that i know. how to flip it just works in painting stay tuned and find out
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and with that very well welcome to a new edition of your i'm max today we have the following topics in store for you. the latest food trends in 2020 you like the connection to texas and. maggie in the least tips for a perfect weekend in. the soup so let's. his office is the ocean german marine biologist wally corns is not only a diver he's also a nature photographer and has been exploring the underwater world for over 20 years he dives into caves swims with orcas and keeps his calm as sharks fly past we tagged along on his latest expedition to norway to watch as he gets close to massive back whales. underwater photography
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dives bryson to deep roots is getting close to sea life and swimming through ice caves. the marine biologist and research diver is known internationally through his photos early cons has little trouble with extreme temperatures in fact he prefers icy waters. it's been in gloucester faired for i'm a big fan of cold bodies of water because it's always surprising what you can find . as it tells you dive in the water seems gray or black all around. but in many places you'll find creatures you won't see anywhere else on earth little worms snails many kinds of jellyfish and polyps. and if you're lucky you might find yourself in the midst of a vast school of herring and humpback whales and orcas plunge right in their bellies and it's fascinating to find such a wealth of creatures in these cold waters and give evidence of it i see the future
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if. it's not always certain whether or not feeling count of them sometimes on these expeditions has to wait for hours in the cold here in northern norway winter temperatures can drop to minus 25 degrees celsius but that was it can stay at about 4 degrees it's physically demanding. for the kid to shoot the drysuit like the one i'm wearing now protect me against the cold at the foot of mine called but i keep the water from touching my body underneath is a thick fleece so i can last a while in the water i don't know where near preen gloves and a new york hurt but after 30 to 45 minutes in the water i still get cold. sometimes the photographer goes for days without encountering any animals but then when the whales greet the cold and the way suffer garson it's an adrenaline rush well it only has seconds to react if he's lucky they might post
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a feat. that gives them an opportunity to get up close. in the winter months the chances of spotting whales are good that's when they swim into the anfield from the northern atlantic in vast parts chasing after herring. back on land he goes through the fire. and. if it turns out well a good underwater image always tells a story. for example where does the creature live what behavior does it show is it at home in extreme habitats that are at hospitable to us a fence that has been unfettered safaris in norway 4 times the one from the
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1st my loved $120.00 q. is around to be prepared for anything. now take along much less. you don't need incredibly sophisticated equipment you just have to be quick and at the right place at the right time so fortunately i don't need all the stuff that i did 4 years ago . but i couldn't suppose that travels light when he goes looking for the northern lights another natural phenomenon in the high north. when they appear in the sky long exposure times can produce mental images. not least it's a photograph you're photographing the northern lights has something extremely relaxing about it all you find a spot in beautiful surroundings with a good view and then you need lots of time to do patients and like look then you can make something of it. the photographer from hamburg gives talks to audiences of
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every age around the world it's important to him to give as many people as he can an understanding of nature still about a bit as many of my images are static i enjoy taking beautiful pictures but to depict reality and raise consciousness i have to take photos of images that are always pretty show overfishing pollution and damage to the ocean so people see what's happening out there. working in cold water regions is exhausting but the fascination with it keep. must mention beyond not many people would expect norwegian fjords to harbor so much life in winter i want to show that too in my photos and presentations with their teeming with life in its purest form and i feel so lucky that i can experience this support in. another year and of a trend what colors hot which clothes are cool what holiday spots are in but there
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is also more to know what out of food trends in 2028 have you heard of eating art and neck if you know well once a year fruit trend research ahead of you puts it all down in her annual food report so let's find out what we are munching on this year. helpings of food enough on the plate for 2 meals that is definitely out says honey ritz letters food reports small portions quick but healthy beds in the austrian food trends researcher is checking out the whole new restaurant in vienna. this is the dish that may well be trending in 2020 poke a bowl is a staple of hawaiian cuisine it's usually made with fish but can also be made with tofu chicken out or that combined with the various dressings.
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if you come in and see the counter and then you pick what grabs a mango tempt you with its warm yellow color or a green cucumber salmon is definitely a topic for salmon and avocado are in fact a longstanding favorites. more and more patrons are taking their lunches away to eat at work the day used to be divided into working hours and meal times no more. nowadays our work determines our meal times we eat when we have time or when we feel like it or when our work allows. slow calls this is not the case mealtimes become shorter but more frequent. ringback food report part 2 eating art designer teresa baerga has created a set of tableware that provides every course with its very own stage. what we see
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and feel influences what we taste. darker and more angular shapes are associated with bitter salty food well rounded line shapes evokes we. have a point. served on these plates a dessert requires less sugar but doesn't taste any less sweet. and the smoked red beads seem more flavorful if the smoke is still visible. to reset barabar is not simply trying to amaze her audience eating more consciously means eating and consuming less. of time 5 i think it's important we preserve our feeling for nutrition but in fact we're losing it and i think the climate change dilemma is responsible for that. that's why i wanted to focus on that aspect with the series. with. this same basic idea
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backstab urban food the challenge is to find ways to feed over 9000000000 people within 30 years is one answer simply to grow more crops within the cities. this part next farm is actually in vienna. vegetable farmer with fish production this is a farm for african catfish. fertiliser for their tomatoes cucumbers and bell peppers not one drop of water goes to waste. the. fish water comes through the drip are here and rich with nitrogen and the fish extremist . groups go in here nuff water oxygen and nutrients to grow strong. businesses going strong to the farms own store sells fish and other products but most of the produce goes to the restaurant and when we think of food production we
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think of farmers out in the field but we'd also like to have fresh produce close to the city with shorter transport distances many people don't realize just how much can be done right here. one example is vertical farming the lettuce grows higher and higher that same base and yields bigger harve this smaller area. the concept is not at all new this tower went up in vienna in 1974 the plants are put on a kind of dumb waiter to get more light but the system never really took hold. starting in the 1960 s. grocery prices plummeted to such an extent a certain product simply became unprofitable. now perhaps the time is right the tower will soon be turning green again. this year the food report is looking at how resources can be used economically and made sustainable. but there's
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certainly always the nuff time. you remember these from your childhood flicka cuts d.m.s. changed when you took the card back and forth when spanish art. 30 she got the and as was a child she would always eat a certain candy just so he could get the flip work image card inside the bag later as a grown up he transported the idea into his paintings it took him a long time to figure out how and now he told us his secret technique. a woman. suddenly cries out as if in pain a smiling girl. becomes a frowning boy. to fully appreciate sounds he could a man's work the viewer has to look at them from different angles the spanish painter loves double meanings. when i was little we had these cards flip
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images and they gave me the idea for my technique for oil painting is a bit different and always surprised the viewers of. the painting a studio is in his house in a small village near sharona in catalonia. he's a self-taught arsonist and this current he's working on a portrait of a girl who changes into an old woman as the perspective of the feeling changes. he asks friends neighbors and family to serve as models so she could dana's starts with a photograph to paint from it takes him about a month to complete her work. how does he create the illusion of the transformation is not just i use a special painting paste to make the relief from my footprints. his secret tool
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and i sing back. my neighbor gave me this he was a pastry chef and watching him work gave me the idea to use these old fashioned utensils. not. the paste has to dry for 2 days. then he cleans it up with a trial. i smoothed over all the little flaws right at the start to achieve a perfect surface to work with. i need 2 surfaces to make the 2 images. one on this side one on the other side. then he makes a sketch. but. i create the transformation during the painting process trying is to coordinate the lines for both images and finished the old woman will have wrinkles that the younger one doesn't. but the whole area of the cheek for instance is the same for both women.
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as the oil paints at a constant angle of $45.00 degrees to the canvas. from here i see one image otherwise it's the same as painting on a flat surface. you have to get used to the lines being broken and not continuous on the canvas. first i finish one image and then i go over and finish the other one look at this before i fill out a lot of. surgical danus finds inspiration at the film museum into rona. there he studies the optical illusions from the 1800s. the moment it was in the past these things inspired an amazed people now it's the magic the surprise the fact that i like best to look at me was the mother of. his
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books having private collections around the world now museums have begun to purchase some of this painting is marilyn monroe changes into. it einstein. century katrina's plans to keep painting his optical illusions in future but his latest idea is all who painting for viewing with 3 d. glasses. one see here a small winter sports resort and switzerland becomes the focus of world interest that's when politicians and business leaders meet in warsaw for a world economic forum right before the small town became a high security zone my colleague megha lead traveled there she wanted to find out what you can experience there over one weekend this time she had a little more luggage along why because you can go through with the lens you can go to switzerland without go in scheme. this is what it looks like in the
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swiss alps in winter at an altitude of 2600 meters. and walk into my perfect weekend in davos. early in the morning i set off for the percent ski area together with my skiing instructor big. winter sports date back to the 1800s in this part of switzerland and the 12 kilometer downhill run is the legendary. that you got to see this every day this is an amazing landscape tell me a little bit more about what makes it so unique and special i'd be are. all here and all of the. they are the foot that the way the best trade to be able to figure. and that's able to. let. me give me some tips on how to ski a bit more gracefully but of course this is my activity check for
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a perfect weekend skiing in person. we take a break and a mountain restaurant where they serve up a lunch of special teams from the region to see. what do we have here it's. a brood mare plant yes one of their famous meat smiths and the cheese. from that. they could they sing here in this lake this is my color married to for a perfect weekend in davos they really. after lunch we head to an hotel that is rebuilt every winter the motto for this season is bella italia about 2000 hours of labor went into constructing this hotel of snow and ice oh wow. look what we have
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a gondola. i'm not going to spend the night here but i want to take a look at some of the rooms such as the tuscany suite with the leaning tower of pisa it's freezing cold here so a couple of mulled wine hits the spot. today i'm leaving the skis behind and i'm going to go on a small discovery tour of. the town with a population of roughly 11000 lives mainly from towards them every winter davos hosts the world's political and economic elites who gather at the congress center to discuss the issues of the day as you can see devils is in the midst of preparations for the world economic forum when many famous names are going to descend on this town but over 100 years ago one famous painter left his mark here. and that was german expressionist and. who came to live in davos in 1918 this
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museum houses an extensive collection of his work. why did he come here in the 1st place he was very he was depressed see if he was searching for a new life in the mountains very close to the knee. and lived in davos for 20 years he completed many of his paintings during that time renderings of the countryside and the people the museum also has the world's largest collection of his sketch books now fully digitized. curator wasn't the only one to enjoy the benefits of davos as fresh mountain air. during the 1800s many patients with tuberculosis came here the famous shots of the hotel actually started out as a senatorial. one author in particular helped make this place famous that is thomas
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mann he wrote about the shots in his book the magic mountain would you agree that he helped boost the reputation of the spice think it helped a lot the town and of course this building and shots to stay like it is and keep these 3 alive so it's just a jump back in time when you enter this place is here this is my excursion to head up to the shots and enjoy some wild night cake. for the return to the valley i rented a sledge. and the rest of my good health. and until next time is happy travels. and if you want to find out how to spend a perfect weekend in
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a european cities just go to our you tube channel you will find maglis tips for athens reykjavik and proc plus more as far as i'm concerned a chair consists of 4 legs feet and back rest but the exhibition tanith and designs to prove that a chair is not just a chair to want to use a chair design our own show with a select examples from the famous german furniture manufacturer among them classics. share designed in 836. and another one from 2018. munich's pina could take down more down a museum is dedicating an entire exhibition to the last 200 years of chair design. the show is entitled to an ad and design one of the curators. one of her favorites is this chair from 859 it's sold over 50000000 times entirely
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new at the time was the use of bentwood. that's us i believe this is an iconic piece of design after how this so-called coffee house chair also simply known as number 14 is characterized by the unity of technology and design it's a simple piece of furniture and consists of just 6 parts and 10 screws and 2 nuts say that's all i want that is. the exhibition looks ahead as well as back. munich designer stephan callow created the show's concept and contributed a study of his own for a new chair and a stool. as a human from this is an early prototype of a very narrow chair this here is a study on active sitting and about finding the tipping point this is our 1st chair made from wood and this our latest design from today.
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stephan callas studio the designer and his team have been working on this project since 2018 and it's still ongoing. the d n s chair as they call it is intended for volume production. there i thought are all chairs are pieces of furniture that surround us constantly just on them for extended periods there might. the accessories the foster. back to the exhibition it shows how furniture design radically changed in the 1920 s. through the introduction of new materials like tubular steel major designers such as mass said boyer of the bauhaus school developed a radical new look. in the 1950 s. styles underwent another change with curvaceous forms and bright colors designers
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like van up one tonne of denmark brought pop into people's homes. and start then a punt on kick started a new design era that turned away from the perpendicular functionalists they're sick. in the form of the new era was about a more emotional approach and what's in the island and what's in that is for her fans. even today designers such as lord norman foster are still finding innovative approaches to the chair often through new materials and production methods. many people see the chair as just a place to sit down but 200 years of sheer design proved it can be much more. and that was all for this week from europe max check us out online and take part in our viewer draw we have lots of great prizes for you for me and the whole team did
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bowl and thank you for watching and fear again soon.
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good. good. good. and exclusive interview with imran khan dhaka stands prime minister speaks with the editor in chief in a school. that is const prospective on the kashmir crisis and the present what does
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he hope results from the peace negotiations are going to get us down. why has he remained silent about the plight of the week or so in china and what our interview with iran khan on january 20th starts at 730 u.t.c. on d w. here i am going to get. to closest place to hello just. instead new q. . and gangstas a camp. all planes came in. nice news and keeping. mom. well established story. because a. must. starts january 27th on d w. 100 small fierce in my cuts. where
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i come from roger your remains an important moon soft transmitting new and for mission and when i was young my country was drawing money and confidence the war throb enough to keep most people want because of our own project to see if. it was my choice to tour in one off the lot of just say it's sold out to everyone in the town for missing toes up days. nothing has been from inside my own coffee at enjoy a month or more design so long even thought i caught us i was a twit and made. my choice to be scottish because given their way toward transplants the strongest. men in the gosh mom much and i will.
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get up you. look at. the big big. this is t w news live from berlin where a major international conference aimed at reaching a peace deal in libya will soon get underway german chancellor angela merkel has begun welcoming dignitaries to the talks but on the ground in libya tensions are escalating government forces have seized oil fields and shut off the board in a move that could choke expletives.


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