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choice is this card because giving away 2 times. and. this is date of the news a show of coming up virus with a lockdown in china is virtually quarantined as china fights to contain a new strain of coral virus we get the inside view from the city of $11000000.00 plus. it's a lockdown in the midst of a festival china is all to preparing to celebrate the god of the rat we find out the rats admirable qualities and rather your want to.
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welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us major public events cancelled cities in lockdown and hospitals in overdrive china has taken unprecedented measures to control a coronavirus outbreak that has killed at least 26 people so far the number of cases exceeds 800 the virus originated in the city of homs in central china in late december over the past week the city has been placed virtually important teen with public transport shut down and people are advised to neither leave nor enter the city the same fate has befallen that least 7 of its neighbor was egil hong kong chibi jun jang. and millions in effective quarantine in addition one is building a new 1000 bed hospital to treat increasing numbers of cases in the city but the virus is already making its presence felt in large parts now resemble
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a ghost town. a city of 11000000 people with almost no one on the streets trains planes buses cars almost nothing leave so enters with han. hospitals and the epicenter of the outbreak are overwhelmed with patients so overwhelmed that authorities have now decided to build a new dedicated hospital from scratch hoping to complete construction in just 6 days. in existing hospitals health workers are working tirelessly against the virus. knows. of course we're worried and so are our relatives. but we're nurses and will do our job as long as we wear the uniform just by the rising number of cases the world health organization has refrained from declaring a global health emergency. to d.g.
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which is provided by the emergency committee is that. china isn't taking any chances transport links within them to a number of nearby cities have been cut and the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at physio airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was confined to a quarantine container. they locked down now have a small then 30000000 people and it's putting a serious damper on the union your holiday. are joined now by attorney lin ryan in. the city of the heart of the art brick of the virus god thank you so much for speaking to us are just like to start with you just how are you coping with what is virtually a cordon team of your city. well i guess stay at home
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and. you know me and my little girl had to stay at home for. 5 days. no place for fresh air we don't visit friends and also nobody come to us either. it doesn't. especially. but i just wonder. is it the same story yes i think most people just. go out. and they want to buy. or. market except except where they get their home. everything a very. get what they need items of living essentially. pharmacy i have no idea where i
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have been. so will market is available. now it's albany 10 pm 10 i am your wife. julie or opening. my am like 10 pm actually my house. this morning and had. our. home. people. receive treatment and that the hospitals will be overwhelmed. no actually there are not enough. patients and many doctors and nurses are all working overloaded and.
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they are also. and our actions border medical. there are new. patients and. very well hopefully that is done in time and it brings some response to the people of channeling ron speaking to us from day one thank you so much for your time thank you. just one more day to go and with it begin official celebrations of chinese new year it falls on a saturday this time and people will be celebrating with fireworks well into the night it can also log the start of the rat the rat being the 1st animal of the chinese o.d.i. comprised of 12 animals we'll have more on that in a bit but if you'll bawn on any of the d.z.
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behind me the old chinese zodiac animal is the rat in which case according to chinese astrology 2020 is meant to be a significant year for you that's down to the many special got a distinct people born under this animal sign supposedly possess but rats also represent fertility in chinese culture and paintings depicting them with fruit such as melons and grapes meant to be auspicious these are from an exhibit in a university art museum in hong kong. that's the way to do it for more i'm joined by did a good reporter. with me in the studio on true and welcome what makes a rat so special of rats ranked the 1st to fall so dyke animals so important so it represents wisdom and wealth in the chinese tradition and its people born in the year of the red are very small but they are cautious organized and they are very strong and have strong adaptability to environments but just like any other so dyke
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animals they have some shortcomings so they can only go if. they do complain a lot and some so dyke animals can actually cope with that very well oxen for example they can really cope with that well i don't know if that's true in the reality but said yeah that's what's been said and horses on the other hand they aren't they are not very compatible with threats are you or no i'm not i will tell you that lately it's ok for the rats not part of the 12 the family of provender molds that make up the chinese. why do we have animals in the chinese zodiac do you want to have a straightforward and so on wolf and simple word for this will be. one of a i'll tell you the straightforward ones 1st so i think we can see this as a byproduct of the chinese calendar system just like many other civilizations to chinese needed a system to calculate a measure time accurately and the system consists of
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a 12 year cycle so how can you make how do ordinary people understand it so i think putting animals assigning animals for each year is to easiest way to go and now more fanciful one that's what i mean yeah whatever the legend says that prehistoric times the jape amphora the rule of haven't decided to assign any will for each year so a group of animals took part in it including the rat so the brad was very small but it was very smart so it made its way to become. the 1st and there are animals as well for example the pig i actually didn't intend to join but it's all oh maybe i could have something to eat so it came and accidentally became the last of all animal of the animals and i think the poorest competitors' of all was probably the cat the cat wanted to join but it was tricked by the rat so i missed the race i love the fans for oh yeah them all but very quickly what's on so i know you're sorry zodiacs i know you i am i'm
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a whore so before 7 in the race and it's chinese new year begins on saturday what do you like most about chinese new year well i like that it's red because bread is my favorite color and it's the color of celebration so i'm right today. and i also like that it's very colorful so we see that those fireworks fake fireworks everywhere and i used to watch that with my family every year when i was small and starting a family. new year is the time for relatives to get together and have very good food like food is very important it was your 1st sentence or here and last but not least you get red packets from all from all the people and they're wrapped in money and what sorry wrapped with the money and it should bring blessings to receive us so. it's a money tree windfall for us i would say our family thanks very much for coming into the studio and explaining that to us. and keeping with the spirit of the but
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using the opportunity to try and dispel some fears of misconceptions about the rodents untrimmed by this report for us. on a mission as always. ahead of the lunar new year these ferry creech is a task with something special becoming embassadors to build understanding for rodents among human beings. the animals that we see around the scenes they're obviously quite exotic quite majestic and we want to inspire them to appreciate all the animals not just the radical ones. who says rudin's come because the majestic look at these cappy paris sitting like a lion king. and to food it was one of them away. it still works quite elegantly though. unlike these little squid lists they can't
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help but read on each other. it's a new use special treat. but the seuss says these rats are otherwise very good pets. should be clean because he never get what. toilet to give each other treated like any. pets and they are also. easy to be trained. like what we have you considered yeah pretty badly and cute. except that they might nibble at everything you have. but that would be forgiven for it's the year of the reps. and all that's left to do now is to wish your chimney i'm quite happy trying when see you on monday.
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every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their home. the consequences of the disastrous our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people but i actually thought hey i'm in a hammock people feel for their cars and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course to stay behind and simply battle my husband went to
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peru because of the crisis that i wonder if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger one of them. displaced this week. will coronavirus bring business life in china to a standstill chinese authorities are rapidly expanding and not mouth warrant an effort aimed at containing the deadly virus will go to our correspondent in beijing for the latest. also coming up as the davos meeting comes to a close we look at what's this year's forum achieved in terms of the big and powerful taking responsibility and tackling climate change. we'll talk to a nobel prize winning economist who believes business in the u.s.
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must change its obsession with shareholder value. welcome to the business asia i want to get john's a bill in good to have you with us. china has quarantined cities and shut major tourist attractions from disneyland to the forbidden city and a section of the great wall as it scrambles to stop corona virus from spreading further public transport has been stopped in more than 10 cities with train station shot events canceled and see it is closed this asia's biggest economy prepares for the new new year festivities normally a crucial time for business many chinese citizens are rushing to the supermarkets to buy food and daily items and book shelves stocking staples such as meat vegetable.


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