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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is really news line from berlin extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures china resorts to curb the spread of a deadly virus cities along down more than 40000000 quarantined airports around the world on alert but the country is struggling to keep the corona from spreading throughout china and beyond also coming up add ons in istanbul german chancellor angela merkel meets with the turkish president ever to want the cheerleaders express different views on how to bring about peace in libya and syria and it is
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the party over for grilling is a legendary night club seat we look at one venue on the verge of closing its doors with thousands fighting to keep it open despite the pressure objectification. thank you so much for your company everyone while we start our broadcast in china that country is taking unprecedented measures to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus imposing quarantines on more than 40000000 people closing major tourist attractions and canceling public events on the drastic or response comes as hundreds of millions of people are on the move for the start of the lunar new year holiday while the spite their efforts authorities say the virus. has not
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been stopped more than 800 cases have been confirmed some of them far beyond china's borders. the coronavirus is on the move. despite an unprecedented lockdown and will hunt and surrounds china hasn't managed to keep the virus contained. the economist chinese region of macau confirmed at 2nd case on friday and is investigating whether they could be more. it's the same story and hong kong these images show hospital patients suffering from pneumonia being taken to an infectious disease center. even at a press briefing protective masks everywhere are solution round the occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very high occupancy and they're trying to mobilize more to over this from a few days. more cases have also been confirmed in singapore thailand
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south korea and japan. the hospital in tokyo carried out a drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. in vietnam a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country. every day it seems the deadly virus is traveling further. doctors in scotland said they were testing a number of suspected cases and a man was briefly hospitalized in london. 2 people literally lighthouse that says kate is sick or. say oh it's eerie seriously. from the u.k. to india to australia countries around the globe are on it and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. all right well with. the situation
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deteriorating the people in china are taking now to social media to share some of their stories and you have a reporter aaron tilton joins me right now what have you see popping up on the socials well we've been following fred's both on chinese social media and international social media and we're seeing many users complain about overfilled hospitals very very crowded waiting rooms and difficulty actually getting treatment and we've seen several videos posted that have come directly out of who have themselves i believe we're seeing them right now and as you can see people are lining up or rather crowding in to hospital waiting rooms attempting to get some type of treatment we've also seen many people actually complain about being turned away having received neither treatment nor actually receiving any test for the coronavirus as well right so under resourced and overwhelmed lot of course ground 0 for this outbreak what are house officials doing except for reverse engineering and trying to find out where it originated well 13 cities so far in the region have been placed under quarantine and that's affecting some 400000400 rather 40000000
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people i mean that's in the size of a major european country some 40000000 people and what the coroner basically means is that they're not being allowed to travel public transportation has been cut we've also seen video of road blocks placed around these 13 different cities preventing people from actually getting access to the road systems now chinese officials has said they will allow some type of travel between the city's emergency cases but so far we're not really hearing about much of that happening you know we've also seen reports of many public events being canceled tourist locations have been closed down parts of the great wall of china have also been closed and of course in a with the new year celebrations slated for the weekend many of those public facilities are public celebrations have been closed off as well to prevent the further spread of the virus and very draconian measures they obviously are taking it very seriously but put this in perspective for us how does this outbreak of this mysterious that corona virus compare to the flu to sars tumors well it's a good question because i really think we've. you need to put this in comparison i
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mean so far we've only seen around $22000.00 suspected cases in china and if you compare that to the flu each year was around the world in fact some 3 to 5000000 people in terms of very very severe cases resulting in as many as half a 1000000 fatalities it's really really quite small the concern is this is a kind of a pandemic virus which means it spreads very very quickly it's not like the flu the flu comes back around the world each year and we've been dealing with that for as long as humanity has existed so it's a known quantity we know how to deal with it when it comes to these unknown emergency emerging pandemic viruses that spread very very quickly the fear is that it could quickly morph into something else i mean the best example is the spanish flu back in just after world war one which you know quickly spread around the world infecting some $500000000.00 people which was a 3rd of the population of the planet at the time and it had a 10 percent mortality rate meaning it killed by some of its estimates up to 50000000 people in a year's time i mean that's the fear with viruses like this if they spread really
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quickly and an unknown quantity we don't know what we're dealing with the fear is it can turn into something else very very quickly if we don't really keep on it now as i said china taking this very very seriously implementing some drastic measures is the sign of them effectively taking charge and containing the contagion or do they know something that we don't well international health experts have said so far that the chinese government is actually taking a very proactive and effective measures when it comes to containing this virus. that might be partially a reaction to some of the criticism that was leveled against china during the sars outbreak in mers always break 2 decades ago where basically they they were criticized for not really sharing information quickly enough with the international community which is part of the reason that sars was able to spread so quickly now it seems they're taking the exact opposite tact right here at least for the international community. they are maintaining
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a more open and transparent information policy and it's part of a reaction to that in general also when it comes to the symptoms of this particular virus both the world health organization and independent observers has said it doesn't appear to be as severe from the symptoms as sars was 2 decades ago so right now it seems like china is actually more testing their reaction to these type of outbreaks more than it is some fear of a more deadly virus comparing to sars i did have a reporter aaron tilton thank you very much like you would like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world german police say 6 people have been killed in a shooting in the southwestern town of. 2 others were seriously injured in the incident the suspect has been arrested and is believed to have known all the think tim's. swarms of locusts are eating their way across large parts of east africa and the worst outbreak some regions have that the region has seen in
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70 years the u.n. has called for aid to prevent to threats to food supplies locusts reproduce rapidly and if left unchecked they could balloon to 500 times their current number by june. thousands of iraqis demonstrated in central baghdad after a prominent cleric called for a 1000000 strong protest against u.s. military presence in the country the cleric saw that opposes all foreign interference in iraq but has recently shown closer ties with neighboring iran. george as an american is in istanbul for bilateral talks with turkish president. on the chancellor began her visit at the opening with the opening ceremony of the new campus of a turkish german university on trying for her background as a scientist as american call for freedom and research saying it was
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a way to maximize achievement while the year 2 leaders also helped talks on the situation in syria and the wider conflict in the mideast. we talked about the humanitarian situation in the it and i'll see how we can best support turkey when it comes to people in syria who live in tents having fled conflict whether we can provide funding to improve the humanitarian situation it has to be said that techie face is a massive problem and i believe every person every child every family that we can get into proper shelter is a positive step. all i want to take you now to istanbul to you leon she is covering the chance there is a visit to istanbul as we just heard there chancellor say she the e.u. has offered to help with syrian refugees what does that concretely mean. well
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she it's a day for the 1st time offer to help for refugees inside north syria as she is responding to fears here that the war in syria is a lip province could cause hundreds of thousands more refugees to flee to cross the border into turkey and possibly into the european union that's the frets and mary scenario that has been brought up repeatedly by president ed on today he said 400000 people are headed towards the turkish border and they need help they need shelter it's winter so merkel offered that help as i said to my knowledge for the 1st time she offered to help for people inside north in syria now this might signal a policy shift it might also signal that the whole migration pact between the e.u. and ankara might be renegotiated any time soon this deal a very controversial deal it has been criticized by human rights activists refugee
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activists for example has been very fragile in recent months in the last year as well but today merkel basically signaled damn might be more financial help for turkey beyond the originally promised says 6 a 1000000000 euros and that's what i don't want it he wants more money he wants more money from the european union he has been pressing for that and today he got that offer from. all right now let's talk about libya we just had that libya conference here in berlin recently in turkey obviously playing a very prominent role now in this north african country at times they seemed like they were talking past each other when they were talking about libya very opposing views about what's happening there. exactly that was my impression too now when macko spoke about libya she was basically saying the situation there has improved in recent months particularly since the libya conference last week in
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bed and where word leaders agreed to up hold an arms embargo and not get involved further militarily add on on the other hand accused general half who's trying to take power in tripoli of launching further attacks of being unwilling to sign a peace deal we know turkey is supporting the internationally recognized government there in tripoli so have to his rival and he said as long as the man doesn't sign any kind of peace deal turkey is ready to further to send further military support in terms of training you hunger porting for you from istanbul thank you you're watching the news still to come. is known for its legendary nightlife but is the party over we take
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a look at the reasons that some clubs in the german capital are closing their doors . but 1st with each passing year there are fewer holocaust survivors left to give their personal accounts of the horrors of the nazi regime all this raises the question of how germany should keep its culture of remembrance alive such as the national holocaust memorial that you see right here behind me that is in central berlin well how should future generations of germans be made aware of this darkest chapter of their country's past why didn't you news commissioned a survey to find out what people today think about this issue these are the findings. the horrors of the holocaust and the nazi terror have had a lasting impact on the german national psyche. death camps like auschwitz are seared into memory. a vast holocaust memorial
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stands in the very center of berlin within view of the german parliament. he sent we must never forget the holocaust this is a fundamental principle not only for the state but also for society what happened then was an unprecedented collapse of civilization and we must always remember what anti-semitism social exclusion and delusional racism lead to in our countries was and even. according to a new survey almost 40 percent of germans say it's time to stop discussing the nazi era 60 percent disagree. with the movie we must always invoke his memory is it because if i forgotten vis aim things could happen again it from for a it's me saying of the i was just in israel and as at the memorial it was terribly depressing and we must never forget every rise got of everybody here and could
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present and when you see what's going on in other parts of the world you see how important it is to keep alive the lessons and memories of what happened there especially given what's happening in parts of germany and outside which were. so how much attention to memory is appropriate. 25 percent of germans surveyed think that there's too much discussion of nazi crimes 55 percent think that there is an appropriate amount of discussion and 17 percent say there's not enough. there are fewer holocaust survivors left to tell their stories but the number of books exhibitions and memorial sites is growing. 75 percent of germans polled say school field trips to holocaust related memorial site should be mandatory over 60 percent support obligatory research into personal family history
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and over 40 percent say asylum seekers should be educated about germany's nazi past 55 percent disagree. over all the surveys suggest the history of nazi crimes is still firmly anchored in germany's collective memory and that a majority of society does not want to forget. now what happens when you train for an occupation but can't find a job in the field afterward well look for work in another country perhaps especially one where your skills are and high demand while here in germany there is a shortage of nurses so clinics and we're crippling companies are increasingly looking for staff abroad they've now set their sights on the movie out but could this be a blessing or a curse for the country our correspondent if you increase she has more. slightly nervous. she's only been learning german for 5 months and is about to
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do her 1st job interview in the language staff members from the university hospital just a day off in germany f. travel to numb me be a for it. as my name is yet to occur on 23 years old. i'm not married and have new children. after i graduated there were new jobs. so i don't have much working experience. with. yellow i studied nursing at university but has not found a job since it's a story many of her fellow students share. namibia's economy is in crisis at the moment yeah lives with a cousin but she hopes that someone a job in germany will support her family financially.
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i freely said good opportunity for my personal. development. for my career as whom and for me for the things i want to do in the future. to exploit beat and to work with what class and facility engage in more professionally experienced ones she has safety enough money she hopes to study more or richard to namibia. graduates like he couldn't see it as an opportunity to work for some time in germany they can gain experience but also they leave behind the possibility of unemployment at home a few years back it was easy to find a job as a nurse right after graduation but now this has changed. the head of the number of young nurses union demands small government investment he says most hospitals are understaffed and that qualified personnel might not come back.
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the government in the say i will from there and they have to be also. because. sometimes we are losing a lot of money. which was supposed to be utilized. by the senior medical people to scan. the health minister wants to employ an additional $4000.00 nurses but there isn't enough money to hire more now maybe as $1.00 of the very few african countries that trains more nursing staff than it can employ he believes unemployed skilled workers going abroad for a while is a good solution a country like germany. you know. and they have different approaches to different clinicians so it is also good for them to get exposed. and then come back to the country. the meantime the nurses and into
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a waiting for the results of the job use. it was the. incentives we have to file united every one of you and i can tell you that we have decided that we want all of you to come and work for us. just. really think it's very exciting that can. express how i'm feeling that i was not a very very very say they've got the job now the news is just have to pass that leg which tests then they'll be off to do slid off in a pool. was done in other news. strikers have been out on the streets of paris in their 7 we campaign against pension reforms planned by french president. despite concessions by the government to the public sector unions leading the strike seemed determined not to allow the
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reforms to go ahead. mr going to what is have detained 800 people from central america who entered illegally from guatemala they had intended to reach the border with united states soko is under intense pressure from the u.s. a president to donald trump to contain mass movements of migrants. here in berlin some worry that he might soon be the end of an era for one of the city's mainstays its legendary night clubs while the german capital has always been known for its rather wild club scene but with international investors and property developers driving rents up my clubs are feeling the pressure hundreds of people turned out to protest against the closure of one berlin venue. it's 1 30 in the morning a grease mill in berlin district one of the city's most popular techno clubs the
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parsee is just getting started on the line outside is growing and these groups say the greaseman there is known throughout europe and even the world many people come just for certain d.j.'s. we also have lots of regulars who live nearby here in the can live in quotes but in the new. book the clubs lease runs out of the end of january investors want to do something else with the former industrial size and that means closing the venue more than $40000.00 people have signed a petition to save us several 100 turned out to protest the decline of berlin's nightlife. skipping trips looks a dying out the city has lost about a 100 of them in the past 10 years but of course. we're seeing a decline in the quality of clubs caused by a growing city that's getting more expensive clubs in mitta that used to be of on guard now have to sew champagne and play lots of pop music to make money the list
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of clubs that have already closed or risk doing so is long but the stories are often the same places that once hosted wild parties like the original tres or have been turned into shopping malls not only is there an outcry from the music scene other creatives have written an open letter to demand action. for them the only ones that we've had very diverse projects are crowded out for techno clubs alternative living spaces for the social cultural centers. thus the city's lifeblood is being drained start to make way for some boring office buildings instead groceries a good boat the berlin city government is mediating between landlords and club owners but this has little power when it comes to tenants rights. he would need stronger regulations for commercial rental was and has brought in
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a federal council initiative that has wide support of the federal government hasn't done anything debating whether to classify clubs as couture venues that would have legal consequences for construction planning. the public outcry seems to have made a difference for greece the city has now offered the proprietors a new venue but it has become emblematic of concerns that serious measures are needed to save berlin's legendary club scene. now or some soccer news for you versatile runs a new teenage sensation there airily. that will make his home debut on friday night to mark the start of match day 19 of the us legal the 19 year old made headlines across the sporting world last week when he scored a match winning hat trick at augsburg now home fans get their chance to see the
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wonder kids in flesh as dortmund host cologne whilst trying to stay in touch with the league leaders like city hall and is again expected to start the match on the bench. and a run of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour china has started building a hospital a sewer treat people infected with a deadly new virus all they hope to have it ready in 6 days $30000000.00 people are now under lockdown in hopes of containing it's spread and german chancellor angela merkel is in istanbul for talks with turkish president richard tayyip erdogan want they are expected to focus on the future of a migration deal between turkey and the e.u. to help her close of migrants to europe. objects indeed every news asia a closer look at the extreme measures taken in china as the government imposes a lockdown standard on who hard to control the spread of a deadly mysterious corona virus all that comes in the midst of
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a lunar year preparations in the year of the racks some say it's time to stop giving the world and the bad wrap. it up next to the reviews is there with british banner g m we love rock and roll and all. however the gets higher team thank you so much for speaking this part of it is also going to tell the our audience.
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grappling with such an. expressive felix i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives want to work and not be replenished basically be a camera doing things differently to. come to
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a place where we reflect on society. march 20 more on w. . here i am. sick closest place to hell i'm just not in. standing key an. entrance to the camp. all trains keamy long wolf when you. nice news and keeping. a list of all story. becomes a. must. in. stunts january 27th on t w. this
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is due to other news a shelf coming up virus lockdown one in china is virtually quarantined as china fights to contain a new strain of coral by it as we get the inside view from the city of $11000000.00 plus. it's a lockdown in the midst of a festival china is also preparing to celebrate the yard of the rats we'll find out of the ruts admirable qualities and rather you'll want to.


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