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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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i see despite my job to confront floods he does on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most congo food security oppression martian isolation. a notch has been achieved with so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on mcclatchy box and i wanted to tell you. china racers to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus cities are in lockdown more than 40000000 people have been quarantined and airports around the world are on alert i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day.
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it's been emergency in china and it is a serious situation we don't know the source of this virus we don't understand how easily it spreads that many people are very sick and hospital right now that more may die in the coming days we have decided that there is a need to step up i will overall false and we are enhancing our border checks trying to contain a city. of 11000000 people is the aim of this audience mission is to prevent any threat to the community we are working at least 2 thirds of them to do something you know whatever is new in this world we need. to contain it as soon as possible. also coming up nationwide strikes against pension reforms in france and to their 7th week strikers say they're fighting for their futures but business analysts say the paralysis is affecting their bottom line. we've lost income and will recover it by
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investing less in hiring fewer people the strikers shouldn't forget that their action has serious consequences for the economy it's really exasperating that they don't seem to get that. but are they going to. china is taking unprecedented measures to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus imposing quarantines on more than $40000000.00 people closing major tourist attractions and canceling public events the drastic response comes as hundreds of millions of people are on the move for the start of the. new year holiday this by their efforts or thora to say the virus has not been stopped or than 800 cases have been confirmed some of them beyond china's borders as far away as france and the united states. the coronavirus is on the move. despite an unprecedented lockdown and rouhani and surrounds china hasn't
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managed to keep the virus contained. the autonomy's chinese region of macau confirmed at 2nd case on friday and is investigating whether they could be more. it's the same story and hong kong these images are hospital patients suffering from pneumonia being taken to an infectious disease center. even at a press briefing protective masks everywhere are isolation room the occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very high occupancy and they are trying to mobilize mortar over these from a few days. more cases have also been confirmed in singapore thailand south korea and japan. the hospital in tokyo carried out a drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. and they had
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a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country. every day it seems the deadly virus is traveling further. doctors in scotland said they were testing a number of suspected cases and a man who was briefly hospitalized in london. 2 people literally like house says katie couric what. seo experience seriously. from the u.k. to india to australia countries around the globe are on it. and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. well of course is in china where the outbreak began have imposed strict measures to contain it but have they got it under control here's more from a correspondent fabien in beijing the health crisis concerning the corona virus has become more severe the numbers of infections have gone up and also the number of
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deaths has also gone up we know that in where the virus originated from the situation is dire the hospitals are overcrowded they even had to reject some patients and couldn't treat them anymore also some supermarkets are empty we know that the food inflation is quite high there nowadays the authorities are building because spittle to treat all the coronavirus cases and that hospital has 1000 beds and it should be in operation as early as next week. however if you read the official party newspaper the people's daily they didn't even mention the coronavirus on their front page and also the evening news is more concerned about the new year's festivities rather than the virus but this chinese new year will not be a normal one here in beijing the situation is calm but all the public events for tomorrow have been canceled and also all the troops attractions are closed because there will be dangers of people gather in the virus could spread more easily.
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and german chancellor angela merkel has held talks with turkish president directly tied to one in istanbul relations between the 2 countries have been strained over recent years but turkey is key to the success of balance plan to return libya to stability the issue of migration is also high on the agenda turkey is currently sheltering more than 3000000 syrian refugees and is looking for more help from germany and its european partners as continued violence in syria pushes the hundreds of thousands more people towards the turkish border. the german chancellor and turkish president met at this ottoman palace in istanbul to rebuild trust and resolve some key issues such as the refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. turkey says it has yet to receive most of the 6000000000 euros it was promised for building new refugee camps the e.u. denies this ankara says it needs further funding because of the worsening situation
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in syria. around 400000 migrants are making their way to was from the city of italy we have to work out how we can provide these people with humanitarian aid especially. ankara wants to build solid houses in turkish controlled parts of syria experts warn international law could hinder germany from providing further financial support that chancellor merkel suggested it could be in the offing. i will consider how we can help turkey when it comes to people in syria who are living in tents because they have fled the conflicts and determine whether we can supply more funding to improve the humanitarian situation that. the migration is she represents a key political challenge for both leaders both within their own countries as well as abroad. let's take a closer look at this with a who's
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a turkey analyst at the german institute for international and security for has it been a welcome to d w. let's start with the the out flow from today's meeting so president obama says he wants to build hundreds of thousands he wants to place hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees in these newly built houses. chancellor merkel has promised to help for she called this humanitarian action why what's in it for germany. well. so turkey the turkish syrian border has been close so turkey started building a wall at the syrian border in 2015 and the border of us the wall was complete i think in 2017 so basically turkey already has your sect already hosts almost 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees in addition 260-0000 refugees so it has reached its official capacity to hosts effigies so. i think
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it no longer wants. anymore see refugees and of course europe is also ups interest also a line that turkey's interest in not having or if you're just swartz europe so that's kind of why they are interests align in keeping a refugee is not crossing the border from syria to turkey so that's 5 germany's willing to provide more humanitarian assistance to turkey to keep effigies from it live in syria so that additional humanitarian assistance builds on the deal that was done between turkey and the e.u. in 2016 that attracts something like 6000000 euros in grammes pretty much since it was signed president has been complaining about the money is not coming through and it's not enough for the e.u. turns around and says well it is coming through who should we believe it's
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a good question i think that the say greenland is more about the timing and faces off basically how the money is state and about it is paid so actually e.u. has already contracted it all off the 2 tranches $6000000000.00 euros. 4.7000000000 off than 6000000000 euros are committed 4700000000 euros are already contracted and 3200000000 euros are already dispersed but the way the e.u. functions in terms of transferring the funds so there are different stages in the payments so there's that define us in period and there is basically payments than the project this completed and the payment is done on the project basis so that's. that's kind of causes the disagreement so it doesn't the money is not basic given to the turkish government in a lump sum and it funds brothers. so when president as he has many times threatens to open the floodgates for migrants into europe unless he gets more money
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to help to get this this just this just sounds like extortion. yeah i mean i think. so if you look at very carefully to the interview that the foreign minister gave to built yesterday and maybe this isn't his paper a german newspaper yes so there he starts of it's complaining that you hasn't fulfilled its promises may need incomplete financial aid modernizing a customs union and not opening new exhibition chapters and then you basically quanta news and ses well we could have open the borders and let there if you just flocked to europe but we didn't do that and actually our interests lie in continuing the agreement so i think this fight all the threats that gives to the e.u. to open the borders i don't think that i'm quite as interest is in opening the borders but more so in continuing the agreement so do is interests so i think their
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interests are we should we can they can shout as much as they like but it's in no one's interest for this this deal to fall through let's just look briefly at the relationship between germany and because it has been fraught over recent years i wonder how much last sunday's apparently successful international conference on libya the germany hosted how has that affected president view of chancellor merkel . i'm not sure about how it's affected fears of them gone severe of medicare but it definitely allowed to turkey to buy time and it comes to its involvement in libya because turkey if you think of it is more or less along in its and there were 6 in libya even though it's obviously partners with russia but they're basically they support different parties in libya so and also action to eastern mediterranean turkey is more or less alone so in a way that burdensome it some it's a lot of turkey to buy time so you have
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a key government of national accord intact so in that sense i would imagine that. it's quite happy about. the bargain summit and just to define a word than turkey's long game we see turkey playing an increased military role in northern syria we see it in libya as well we see it buying russian military systems rather the nature of military systems is this part of a coherent turkish strategy. if so what it is. i wouldn't call it i will rephrase the question and i would rather think of it more in terms of turkey's changing foreign policy in parallel to turkey changing power configurations within the turkish states so it's kind of like a deflection off. different kind of configuration of different activist within the state especially within the military following the coup attempt in 2016 so
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that's means the following since the coup attempt in 2016 turkish nation security has adopted the more if you will agnes it and want more kind of like pushing an approach so that's i think both the military incursions in order and syria and now the engagement in libya as well as in is some mediterranean that the guests are feeling in cyprus all i think reflections off this changing national security approach off off off off off the rolling it's very interesting facet thank you for joining us a duffer the german institute for international and security thank you. the french government has taken the 1st step towards passing its controversial pensions reform plan president emanuel mccrone wants to unify more than 40 different state pension schemes into warm in the biggest reform of the pension
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system since the 2nd world war but the plans have sparked a battle with the unions who brought thousands of protesters onto the streets on friday in the 7th week of nationwide union action leaders say they will continue with protests of the dust through action for months the opposition has already caused president macro to drop plans to brace the pension age to over 64 striking workers say they're ensuring their futures but many businesses in paris have been hit hard by the strikes and say that road futures are looking pretty bleak lisa lewis reports from the capital. the neighborhood around the gondolas train station in paris he's usually full of bustling restaurants but the strikes have turned the popular location into a burden for business. now makes 80 percent less turnover than a year ago. with all this chaos people can't take time to go out and eat they have
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to get to work and back home again some customers come from the outskirts by train but there are hardly any trains these days so the strike has hit us hard. he's taken some steps to limit the damage but he's calling for government help to compensate for his main losses. we have short term contracts which we haven't renewed but the problem is the high charges the government should wave them will have trouble the strikes have impacted french hotels too especially during the holiday season with tourists staying away this owner of 4 paris hotels has seen his earnings fall by a 3rd compared with last year. we've lost income and will recover it by investing less in hiring fewer people the strikers shouldn't forget that their action has serious consequences for the economy it's really exasperating that they don't seem to get that. strikes
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are expected to dampen france's economic growth by 0 point one percent the french railway s.n.c.f. and the paris metro have lost more than 800000000 euros businesses in and around the french capital have suffered huge losses says this economist. with the clothing sector has been hit by the strike we forecast a drop of 30 percent for retailers many sectors may not be able to make up the losses especially in the case of one off purchases like christmas presents or in leisure activities like cinemas in theaters. not only have the lengthy work stoppages been a problem there are also the frequent protests that forced many shops to close down the union say it's worth it. the strikers are the 1st to suffer they have to do without their wages besides when there's a strike people realize and that's good that the employees are the ones who produce
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this strike is so important the proposed reform would completely rupture the social contract. that this is. restaurant owner must said been easy doesn't agree with that position he worries about france's image. and the tourists say they may not want to come anymore because there's always some problems little about but as the number of strikers wings maybe then must be uneasy as restaurant will be full again for lunch. that's about this affair with pascal a t.-bo from who's brought in a correspondent for a rather false international a welcome to d.w. how radical the reforms the president macross looking for this reform is quite radical it's probably the main important reform of my coerr it was an important player in made during a campaign 2017 it's probably maybe the most important social reform in france in
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$0.14 since the end of the 2nd world war because it seems it means to break with the very complicated system with 42 pension frons to build a unique one a universal reform pension phone where in which everybody we'll in the future on a point they. will. pay in so if we see the headlines receive the pictures we see all these people taking to the streets in cities across paris do we presume that then there is popular disagreement with these reforms or robie just seeing the people who are most vocal. and it's interesting because the polls show all showed that and the jury of the french people of french people is in favor or are in favor of these reforms but they don't trust this government because the unpopularity of michael is so important they they have the impression. some
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measures are not clear they are afraid of losing. being monday in the future with this reform and all the. all the frustrations which have been accumulated in the last years maybe decades our play also a role in these demonstrations now because this is what so many of us from our side can understand you you elect a president from no where on the basis that i am going to change things and then he starts to change things and then the french people say what is your self. yeah that's true because and that's what i said a lot of people are in favor of this reform because they think it's too complicated blah blah blah and some some workers especially working for public enterprise do have advantages all privileges depend how you how you look at that and that on
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the other hand if it comes to the reform everybody is concerned and is afraid oh maybe i could be concerning a negative way and. you you also should you also shouldn't forget that the electoral basis of my comb 2017 was not that important of course easy victory against the ban was was huge was 66 percent of the voters but because of these special of these there are some stances and electing ok so how do you we saw today that a lot has been passed in france to introduce these changes so it doesn't look like the strikes are going to stop it. i think the strikes won't stop there is there will be some some order actions next week and now the
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after woods the low we'll have to be discussed in the parliament probably it would be a very difficult and left his body he will try all they can to not to stop the law but to. to make it more difficult for the government to pass it true but we see that the number of the people taking part to the strikes are less important than they where last month after $51.00 days it's of course it's becoming quite difficult for some people also in a matter your point of view and some reformist trade unions are willing to discuss to divestment some orders not they want they just want these lo these these proposals to be withdrew and the government won't accept that is easy already did some compromises maybe you will you will do some more because he needs these reform or wise my call would be to lend till the next election 2022 want to
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talk about about the results of the last point. of the just over 2 years as you say to get to his reelection is if he gets his way and he pushes this through. is anger at those changes is likely to last for 2 years and is he likely to be punished in 2 years. that's a possibility of the opposite possibility is maybe that people see that the concrete consequences of these reform i don't know it's so dramatic some people say maybe the government will be able more than in the past to communicate better and to underline that there are also some. positive aspect for some categories with these reform and ok and generally speaking the economy will situation in front of us in france is better than it was in the past you have to
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wait and see t.-bo from a ready force international thank you. the. united nations has called for international help to battle a massive outbreak of locusts in east africa somalia ethiopia and kenya are the worst affected and uganda is preparing for an invasion researchers say the insects produce an unprecedented threat to food security in some of the world's most vulnerable regions. they eat and destroy everything on their way. once warm message 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide hundreds of thousands of acres of crops destroyed. people fight back with whatever means they have. we are more than 200 head is here and we all depend on this land for grazing.
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now it will be disastrous if we all perish without getting any help. came from yemen then down from the sea to the horn of africa. temperatures off the coast are partly to blame the recent heavy rainfall has created the perfect breeding conditions the greenery that has sprung up is now fueling them it has almost become a desperate battle. but. look at. that this one can be used. in 6th the guys that are destroying. agriculture is big business in the region here the kenyan national government is now increasing the efforts and spraying from the yeah this one's a spreading fast up to 150 kilometers a day the un's food and agriculture organization is raising the alarm now calling
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for. international assistance it's the worst that we've seen in ethiopia and somalia in 25 years and the worst that we've seen in kenya and so over 70 years the fear is that the locust numbers could increase 500 times in the next few months. well that is maybe done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter i've acted up use all outfield i have a good day. to
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the point of strong opinions clear positions from international perspectives. can germany succeed where others have failed in brokering a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speak out
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a chance find out onto the floor above to. point of view 90 minutes on the issue pretty skeptical. every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences to sastra so our documentary series displaced depicts traumatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need and i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone to get my and if i don't they'll kill me. she can't feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of us crew stay behind and simply our capital my husband went to peru because of the crisis that new mom wanted that if he hadn't gone there we
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would have died of hunger and on down because. just this week to double. the world population is increasing the climate is changing it's getting warmer and there are going to be more and more places where you cannot grow critics no problem we have to fix that so the white to do that is to use the modern kinetic modification methods to make better crawl it is a who looks safer than anything we've done by traditional dramatic modification you take one journey you know exactly what it is you put it into another plant to make a map exactly where it's gone i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by 2050 if we can make crops that will grow under 70 arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment.
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this is t. w.'s life from china's deadly coronavirus reaches your of france announces that 2 cases the 1st confirmed donors conference in china where the outbreak began the forces of locked down citizen quarantined more than 40000000 people. also on the program german chancellor i'm going to machall meets with turkey's president said.
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the leaders find common ground on migration for a difference on how to bring about peace in libya and syria. concept 5 years after the liberation of iraq.


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