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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2020 1:00am-1:03am CET

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i. know. this is news and these are top stories france has announced 3 cases of the deadly coronavirus from china the 1st to be reported in europe at least 2 of the patients have traveled from china where the virus has killed at least 26 people and infected more than 800. turkey says at least 18 people have
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died in a powerful earthquake hundreds of people have been injured the epicenter was near the town of sea bridge a in the east of the country but tremors were felt across the region. germany's chancellor angela merkel has met with turkish president to one of the leaders agreed to do what they could to uphold the 2016 refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. under the deal and agreed to stop refugees travelling on to europe in return for about 6000000000 euros. german police say 6 people have been killed in a shooting in the southwestern town of wrote on say a suspect related to the victims has been arrested of a motive is still unknown. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at news of visit our website e.w. dot com.
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china races to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus cities are in lockdown more than 40000000 people have been quarantined and airports around the world are on alert i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day. that emergency in china and it is a serious situation we don't know the source of this virus we don't understand how these leave it spreads many people are very sick in hospital right now that more may die in the coming days that we have decided there is a need to step up our overall cost share of the. border checks trying to contain a city. of 11000000 people is new. this.
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is to prevent any threat to the community we have. to think that's. something you whatever is new in this world we need to look at.


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