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it's available on the web site to all for now thanks for watching. i. love how we were. when we were. in the percentage of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen up. that matters double. binds. you know that 77 percent. are younger than 6 of us. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent to talk about the issues that you this is where you come to. the 77 percent this weekend on g.w. .
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tomatoes they could be goners red gold the soil is ideal and they've been cultivated in the country for decades yet ghana's tomato factories now stand empty and farmers are opting to leave the country. the reason is that tomatoes have become gambling chips in global trade policy as have other products africa is a lucrative market shipments of canned tomatoes milk powder and frozen chicken from industrialized nations promise huge profits. global trade policies are destroying domestic markets and forcing people to leave that countries edward for one no longer harvests tomatoes in ghana but in italy hauling conditions .
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if you gonna build up its tomato industry after gaining independence in 1957 the country was keen to develop its economy and utilize its own natural resources today all of ghana's tomato processing plants have shut down including this one in paulo google there are many reasons unstable power grid unsuitable tomato varieties and a global trade policy it's really china and other countries are dumping canada and
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processed tomatoes on ghana as they look for it because that's where our ground. i'm a security i'm not tired of fresh water i'm counting on you know what i feel better that's very good for you and for everybody i have to do this for every other factor so if that if i destroy the contributive. last year i did 2 months. because. the full got a month if you see do it if the left was wrapped lined on the market and this fucked and it was no way. so i was just crying vincent atween got now grows onions instead of tomatoes he also used to work at the factory he and other former workers still come here they can't bear the thought of giving it up. this factory once
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provided a livelihood to an entire region and knew the good of the factory and mood. of the factory because if these factories working a lot of people are getting to 2 hours it past groups the food is sucked. and everything is weak. there's no in the field this machine is a new vehicle you know all the time that he was having that you have something that grew up tough lives it is there to do it you cannot work it is something that is through force treated. if this factory is workable it is it is going to be the light of the north. trade policies are a global competition and the more powerful players stand
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a better chance at accessing the most lucrative markets it's the people on the ground who lose out. benedict a free fuck is a tomato farmer into a bottle in the middle of one of ghana's main tomato production regions but many day laborers looking to be hired during the harvest season attest to widespread unemployment even at the busiest time of year some work to find while. nearly half of gardeners popular. lives from agriculture a robust tomato growing industry would boost growth in rural areas nowhere is this industry more likely to flourish than here in the countries for the title middle
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belt where you but now the factories are no longer buying locally grown produce farmers are becoming increasingly worried. benedict gross tomatoes on a heck tariff land if you believe. that i want to. ask that and that's why you and your baby also tell you who we have to buy water every day when it doesn't rain or. the gentle water cost $120.00 c.d.'s 20 euro. and that's not even enough for the whole far to be asshole battle we have to buy water every day for about a month and a half until the rain comes if we have a lot of problems which makes it hard to survive in this country and them into milton all my. crops grow in abundance here the families could cultivate even more land and employ more workers yeah but they lack funds if they want to buy seed and
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fertilizer and pay for irrigation water they need to take out loans. it's got to be we don't have money for fertilizer everything's expensive we can't sell our harvest and end up in bad. and i have a life in children to care for. that's why i'll have to head to the desert and try my luck elsewhere is it not. going to. we're all one could do more to make it to europe have better life than we do yes life is hard for us every day we see people struggling and still. we have nothing whatever to do but no how be the museum i already am i related if the chance comes today or tomorrow i'll head to the desert my farm is failing and the
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bank wants its money back i'm just rub it in the sky. and. make. the money. now that the factories are closed farmers such as benedikt to have to sell that produce to the market queens to sell it on in the cities. close there's a surplus of projects during the harvest season so the farmers have to sell at rock bottom prices. exams for my house for 320 césar they offered 270 and said others are getting even last at this price i wonder in anything after reading. that about yeah like you. have 5. tomatoes are
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a food staple in ghana they account for 40 percent of spending on vegetables middle class canadians like their tomatoes canned. ghana could meet at least a portion of it's demand itself but the canned tomatoes here on the market are not domestic ones. come out of china come up even in summer that's been the awful thing i'll be very happy if we have a company here in town that we could use our own tomatoes condé and instead of people going to q what's it and range and serious spending a lot of my movie when big the minute that kind of fills the country to become.
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benedictus husband has gone to italy hoping to on money to help support the family to pay for the children's school fees and also so they can invest in a house and a well to irrigate that crops. into a year but it's a 2 down here my husband can earn more there than i'm gonna. see. what sort of he sends money every month. for me and our 2 children may now play. she reminds me of my powers. here in the village it's obvious which families have relatives in europe they're the ones whose homes are made of concrete it's. nothing. but despite the problems besetting the industry many have continued to
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grow tomatoes. benedict his house is still under construction for now she still paying rent. and i'd be more serious here not because i do you do in some prefer canned tomatoes because they're more convenient you just add water and they're ready that's it's but i prefer fresh ones. and more importantly she would seem to want to see. it. for the sound that i have for friends who farm tomatoes. and they're all ready to set out to the desert rats and to us with your quote. informal outside one month my husband is in europe and is making money and i'm working here
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that's how we manage marriage and children how to school. almost we also use his money to pay rent and part of it to complete our house. as if you were here and it would be very hard for us i'm always glad to see to believe and try their luck elsewhere quite. hello. it is very. ileana morphy now of the. so yeah well. yes.
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he's in italy he worked on an apple farm later on a tomato plantation and now he herd animals only one. of them but. most canadian migrants live in other west african countries many also live in the u.s. and canada. and in europe. for gun and farmers there's no deagle route to europe most pass through the sahara desert and then cross the mediterranean according to the international organization for migration or i.o.m. 16000 gone they took this past to italy in the last 5 years. many african migrants end up in southern italy but tomatoes grown here are processed and sold in cans including at low prices in ghana with production heavily subsidized italian
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tomatoes have a competitive advantage over local goods in africa. the seasonal workers from africa actually contribute to the problem by working for rock bottom wages which further lowers production costs few of them have reza. it's profits the day laborers are exploited by my field and i sanctions recruited by agents known as chapati piece middlemen pay them to create off today to talk to the commission company in the community but if you feel particularly since you still believe this are difficult for you go for it used to have gone up with little good to come from coca-cola in the interim between users. from one it's moving to quickly look 280. i did. who often just said my we were at
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the helm and you said you know it's. going to go on and yeah i took it to a new clothes on and. off a couple because a big bag with the engine. still never seem to tell them i'm doing this kind of what we know from 40 c. 30 no from all the telly all. from ottawa's no farm tell him what he's telling do work on the machine. i did someone close forgotten and yeah i still don't want those. who are not working like eat anything gonna you pick it 11 with your right and leave the bed. my friend i said pharma my my rice also their farm they used to command post the company collapse. and make me try will cause if you listen and i live in
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a ghetto you. have a team full of both or you see i was bidden to do if south. had were down the other seasonal workers lived in shanty towns dilapidated huts or tents in the middle of fields. there's no water no sanitary facilities electricity or heating. that on no where i'm living there no i didn't know where i'm living. now never there then because if i didn't head then there were watery. want to how you are here you have to fight to take off your family. or you even sometimes causes all of them doubt problem to call you and you can see that you can help them flew off for years fighting like will know our life is like no you sell a life to help all families. in sharing the owner of the p.f.
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try to scuttle co-operative grows organic tomatoes it also hire seasonal workers from africa but they earn a decent wage and are given proper contracts that not day laborers at the mercy of the exploitative couple are allowed to system. the un shy kids from senegal and has worked on many. ations. but he might even need a. loan longer be you or he was only when i began here that i realized what goes on at the other plantations. i used to think it was just the way things worked in italy and now i'm here i understand what's going on all i know that we're being exploited he said you're. not going to. get through what i've got so is ahead of the co-operative he wants to raise awareness of the plight of the seasonal workers . from other n.g.'s you know what i need to tell consumers when i'm there so that
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you could buy a can of tomato puree for $0.40 alex up do it yourself be in antonino were exploring its own studies they were forced to live in terrible conditions with no basic rights no running water no electricity. so do you still want to buy those tomatoes. presence of tomato products are sold for next to nothing even though picking processing packaging and transport all have to be accounted for profit is a poor that matters that's why a kilo of tomatoes often fetches as little as $0.05. as a farmer i'm getting paid just $0.05 per kilo now how am i going to make a living it's impossible i need to buy the seedlings irrigate i need fertilizer i need to rent a tractor. these are not costs the only flexible costs are the wages i pay my workers we mustn't forget the copper a lot of systems is a consequence of that it's a consequence of
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a market that has spiraled completely out of control the fall of the bonds. pietro wants to beat the system his tomatoes are sold through a fair trade organization for 30 instead of $0.05 per kilo. bucking the global system isn't easy it involves restructuring the entire farm to consume a chain. it's not a blue one you when you're being there pietro aims to prove that process tomato products can be made ethically he wants his co-operative to serve as an example a small step to changing the entire production system. because the video does lots of people say we need to help the situation improve garnett so that these people don't come here in the 1st place we've got to make
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global economics and politics make that impossible the economy is no tomato processing industry in ghana which goes to show how sick the system is how utterly crazy but the system i'm allowed to complete i mean they fall. in europe industrial farming subsidies and wage dumping are resulting in surpluses cut price european tomatoes end up exported to international markets today italy is just a minor player in the global tomato industry china is now the world's biggest producer of its exports tomato paste often diluted with cheap filling gradients all over the world $60000000.00 tons per year 10 times more than italy. the most to. porton metric in global exports is profitability and a negative impact on the countries that import the goods is irrelevant because free
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trade is the principle that opens the african market to exports after independence african countries introduced customs duties in order to protect domestic farmers and a matching industries but now these restrictions are being lifted despite the fact that most african nations still struggle to compete on the international market gonna came under international pressure when it tried to increase import tariffs on tomato products to 40 percent of that now at 10 percent and containers full of cut price tomatoes continue to arrive in the country. economist call but now it too is familiar with the problem and as an academic he can speak more freely than the gun and government which has to take into account international investors yeah
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a fresh one in my child not you. know not all said yet kind of wow. so this one child was the. only touch of her son to america. about 70 percent fox. the problem with this product. is god. they're more or less technological must've. been mocked up for dramatic. push him out. the mess to please us. so you know how a large number of tomato fathers who put most of those tomato paste on rice are not the only products jet. dicing african markets and threatening the livelihoods of farmers in 21000 for example maybe you also exported milk powder
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concentrate and me to west africa. at this market in accra it's easy to see how imports are driving out domestic products translates into job losses only translates destruction of my view. it translates into profits. and it translates into cash tradition values young people want to get out of this country. we do not have a capacity to change is this across the top most going to cause you're a while back about 3 years ago and plucked off sick on food from the us and us could run out of africa and work on a fortune which is. what i call the shows goes on stuff if you try to
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change policy to get by. on. prepositional not destroy a life. without smith massage some time for the plan to fund the photos on a profit but if you. don't loose us amen. to marty up here is an agricultural advisor in northern gonna be at the tomato factory in pa lugo that's gone out of business. as a result local farmers are desperate many of them leave the region others are experimenting with alternative crops so. i'm still do grow tomatoes but just for their own families with a bit more left of my own i like to let you know i have it in my to call now you
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tube i know little of. it about a man obama your people not the one. i love my mother. but all the police rescue was all done by 2 months of my new public factor was incessant they used to make a lot of money even. though it did it told me that they were making plenty money because do it in fact in needed it and in the market it was we needed it's. one of the more left you know. how long will now know what it. cost so much so we have to continue to put in much effort as we come. to. the stratosphere in the 2 months or 3 did very well mel
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it came to market new market so every 10 workers in the field know how there is no where people are not coming to buy and it lead to say. they come to take their lives because you don't think their lives thereby will come after them they don't have to want to pick. up. many people have left to try their luck elsewhere most of them go to the cities. to. sally for went 1st to kumasi then to accra now he's planning to make the journey to europe. or to america my you have neither of my children go to school even though i'm not happy about that too to the i know they should go to school in them
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but i can't afford the fees. sometimes we don't even have money to eat at night. just. a lot telling me as we've seen the images of dead migrants in the mediterranean sea. and he says my wife is praying for my safe boy it's to me you know abort are coming you know she knows i'm going to give our children a better future and i'm going to him aboard are going to change something awful tonight. i mean i was a bit of the cause i would pray to god how long the voyage and i love him what god wants us to pray last and to trust in him whatever happens you know all about for today as i cannot. move.
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this house is being built by my brother who lives in our house and this one's by my brother and this is my dad was my when i was. i would like to tear it down and build a concrete one and also one from my mother. who. was trying to draw from under the law of god when they hear the truth you would think that one might get a good gun gun gun gun. you . know what. people like sally full contest apply for a visa board a plane and fly to europe their only option is to save as much money as they can and try to make their own way that. anyone who can afford it and lists the help of
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someone known in the village as a travel agent. who is getting some advice before he leaves. we're going to go to the gods. are good. enough. for you to be. so. sort. of numb said i never was high up. for a number of the long ones and i can. now walk. every
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. minute down town. that's what a walk in the water. i am fond of number. did it. i am damn can i stop him i am going to join you you had all it about us and the. rhythm of the one some person was about at the time. and i thought when you know how i got to see i've been laughing. i'm to see you be laughing when did i'm best you can after me and when i live it through and then it's going to be a very bad guy. when i'm mistaken you know find. out ahead of me you know my mountain. song for made below when love to form below wind but i got
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a vision that you're going on for me. to hear you the burning we have no choice but it lar situation here forces us to take this risk even if i die my children can be proud of doing that i want them to that because i won't have died stealing or robbing that someone but because i wanted to give them a better future but it simply wasn't god's will for someone from i wonder. if. it's hard to tell if someone is on that way to the market or on their way to europe some who decide to make the journey don't tell their families until they've already
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left. many young men in the region are tired of waiting for life to improve they get to a point where leaving feels like their only option. the man who hoped to work on one of italy's tomato plantations have only one way to reach europe across the sahara desert and the mediterranean it's a journey that will cost some of them their lives. to lose.
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the keratitis relief organization has built a chapel near the tomato field in a pool there are showers here and the workers can also seek advice and free medical treatment edward survive the journey from africa but he had an accident in the van on the way to the tomato fields under normal circumstances this would be covered by workers compensation and edward would be paid sick leave but on a pulley as tomato plantations ed wood is only paid for the crates he fills so he needs to get back on his feet as quickly as possible you know i mean if they don't work they don't earn anything with that too there we should be providing them with support them and. i think we need to be given food something to eat or we. have
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been at work around about that and when they go back to work at it they're back at square one and refuse. to talk about. the nanny into an issue they have nothing and. no one who can help them will really give me. pretty. migrants contribute a substantial share of financial aid took on a that would send remittances home every month even though he done so little he works as hard as he can and it's still never enough he lives not only with his way to his family's expectations but also with the hostility of many locals i said i was only 31 of the people many italians were useless using this to give me cowardly sassafras they're afraid of us because we're black almost last month and
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almost when. they still need to a case and we are not that ngo coming to walk for them is very bad holiday knowing what they are doing. doing our very close with him for the money for so fucking. his goofiness in both. my scene and it's not just against me. ok something of a person have the responsibility to put. on your. well. now without money to time to enough and so far as whether i get it down after supply than i did but i feature.
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well. good afternoon. now market. you know. i can't get rid. of it. being better one that well there are a lot more than doubling up with the law to hold your breath that all of you are mobile. but. i just had to go back. and do something for myself. nice now. i'm good. i'm glad i
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am but when you have an. appointment. to fast high you have to walk on your phone and you know call. one prefer something and then having your heart can you want to know how my family came on the night when and how many. times i mentioned her name. and. yeah we are coming back for more and a snake yeah it is now 7 takes now being with me as we were in the canoe column will. be on you might get you for your me if you'd like will turn up the guy you get it from there is thank you yes. the 1st move is not many years someone. yeah it's that embankment.
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on how doing this bum thing why does the number of only cause my mother used to doing this in. just going to go back to move and go go back to africa like a fool like you left africa possibilities go out and you grew up with i just like to know that there's a wife and example but. how many years i spent in this country and i'll go back to my country. to me i knew that one day one day one week this guy was on my period and i thought you might live. near the town of techy man one man has made it his mission to revitalize the local tomato industry when he returned home to ghana some years ago with apollo or for it
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was shocked by what he saw defunct factories desperate farmers and tons of imported tomatoes after studying and working in the u.s. he wants to invest in his own country. and tomatoes could be a gold mine read to gold but he's also aware of his social responsibility. is going to change. the landscape because once we start broad produce and on a lot of very large scale in 510 years we want to see their whole aska changing into producing quality. so matters. many attempts have been made to revive the canadian tomato industry a factory was opened here in touch man in 2007 but it's been closed for years perhaps it's about to get a 2nd chance. barbara and i think it's gonna burst gonna provide
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run feel they are clean because this is home we are. was the youth have to go and see it off work then they would go after them. my guess is that there's that one to the military man where they will die. if the government wants to make sure that the industry surviving the house to be aware of proof took to the industrious office like reducing the reports from outside into the country but if the government does not provide that comfort zone then the competition i brought up before us unfortunately. if the tomato factory was given a fat chance it might help boost the region's fortunes. trade policies could support development in struggling countries rather than hinder it.
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then benedictus family might be able to and a living from tomato farming her husband could remain at home. and if he did decide to work in europe for a while he might be able to travel vast safely and live and work in fact conditions . for. surely. their landlord knows with. me yes or no if he. were to. live here look every morning we talk and every evening we talk feel on certain days
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just for young men with backpacks walking with 10 but you know that they're going to the desert 4 or 5 i would still feel someone left a week ago but i haven't heard if he's arrived or not. and yes far as the danger goes we humans can die we can live in this journey and just like our life you might win or you might lose that's why they make this journey what if.
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making babies we all know how that works. but do we also know what effect extreme stress has on having children. what can be done to improve male fertility or in these in everything works the best known. find out on the miracle of life and tomorrow today in 30 minutes on d
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w. climate change the challenge. for filmmaking. in architecture or in music. the arts consume one thing above all else. energy. down has got to change. can art become climate friendly. 60 minutes on d w. can i am bacon. stick closest place to hell just one evening can you. nice cheese and do you think. i wanted our story nico is a. must. is what starts in january 27th on
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d w. the to. play. this is do you don't mean news live from berlin china's deadly coronavirus continues to spread beyond its borders reaching australia and europe in china where the outbreak began the number of confirmed infections has jumped authorities as quarantined more than 14000000 people to stop the virus spreading also coming up a powerful earthquake strikes the east of turkey killing at least 18 people and injuring hundreds more emergency services have begun to search for survivors still
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