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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage $316.00 get the map now. this is deja vu news live from berlin a deadly virus puts life on lockdown for millions in china. last week these are shots of encouragement that going out to move on as people there try to boost their spirits at the epicenter of the epidemic now that is
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beijing calls on people to delay foreign travel plans to curb infections abroad. landslides and flooding follow a heavy storms in southeast brazil killing dozens of people and the danger looks set to continue forecasters warn more rain is on the way. also on the show witnessing so the world will never forget 75 years after the liberation of the auschwitz death camp the last survivors warned that despite the past anti semitism is on the rise again. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today global concerns over china's deadly coronavirus are mounting as more cases are identified abroad germany has now can. it's 1st case of the more than
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a dozen other countries are also reporting infections now in china itself the death toll has jumped to $100.00 with more than $4500.00 confirmed cases domestic travel bans are already in place and now the government has asked people to delay their foreign travel plans for millions life has come to a complete standstill. the love and support that's most needed in china right now the news popping up on their phones is mostly to worrying so are the scenes in some cities and the virus is at peace and to woo hun checkpoints everywhere with a lockdown in place streets of completely emptied out if you're a woman. when we face a new type of virus of which a lot is still unknown a lot of people may feel anxious when. psychologists have been deployed in hospitals to treat patients yet hi-lo and experts are there to instruct people on
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how to protect themselves. and now the new commission here on her own or her going func or beijing says it has the situation under control images released by the state media show that supermarkets have sufficient supplies and prices are stable but some dismissed those images as propaganda if this student from thailand in holland has had a different experience it's very difficult to find out if you want to buy it right now because this is a shortage everyone wants. but it's already too late people paid let's raise the interest said looking at one leader shirt while jacket and one. well really jack it's related isn't it mass and that you're. trapped at home some people have followed an online call chanting who hum do your best from the windows.
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small gestures to lift people's spirits like this light show in han flushing words of encouragement everyone here is waiting and hoping that life in the city can soon return to normal let's get the very latest now with our correspondent mathias berlingo joining us from beijing good morning to you i'm a ts can you bring us up to date on date on what authorities are doing to get this epidemic in check. yeah the authorities have gone from 0 practically 0 response to everything they can throw in within one week now as we have seen one and almost the entire province is locked and everywhere people are warned not to go out as you can see here behind me this is a fever clinic some people are queuing up there but it's not a lot i think here in beijing the number of cases is not that high yet but people
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feel very uncertain about what that means the number of infected cases the or fishel number is now 4500 that might not sound like a lot for a country of 1400000000 people but it is double of what it was yesterday and we still do not know whether this numbers are accurate at all we have lots of reports that people have not been reported by oath or at least death have not been reported and people have been quickly buried without registering them as linked to this epidemic all of this is very hard to verify but people are very anxious now and one woman i just spoke to told me that she sings that the citizens are probably better prepared for this epidemic then the government and they are now doing everything to avoid contact with other people to stay at home ok staying at home is one form of
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advice the government is giving beijing the government's also come out and told citizens to delay all travel abroad what's behind that what is the directive exactly. well it's the same same that is behind. the locking down of the at the center of this epidemic the government thinks the less people travel the less that the disease can spread but what we know is that this comes did all these measures they came after the new year's holiday the busiest travel season in china had already started and on sunday the mail for one said just prior to the lockdown 5000000 people had left this city so what is needed now and this is what experts criticize is a lot of transparency is to identify cases asked soon as possible because the
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people have already traveled they are already out and the government is now trying to identify people who have traveled to 100 before trying to lock them down some people have been placed under house arrest after their travel we don't know how systematic this is but it looks a lot like a panic reaction that is going on with the latest for us from beijing thanks very much for now. always a coronavirus continuing to spread scientists and pharmaceutical companies are racing to find a way to medically contain this virus lessons learned from the sars epidemic dili 2 decades ago may help them in developing a vaccine but it's a race against time before this virus has a chance to mutate china has begun testing in nature i.v. drug to fight the new corona virus that is spreading rapidly the medication known as aloof. prevents the virus from reproducing in effect slowing down the spread of
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the infection chinese health authorities requested the drug according to a spokeswoman for us from us who deals company effie. scientists around the world are racing to develop a vaccine against the disease chinese research as well able to quickly identify and share the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus allowing scientific research teams to get to work right away they hope to build on the dots and research get the curing to 2003 outbreak of the sivia acute respiratory syndrome all sauce the disease is also caused by a form of the corona virus. the research teams are pursuing several different approaches with global health agencies hoping at least one treatment will be ready for human trials within a few month. the new virus is not as deadly as most all sauce but scientists fia it could mutate into an even deadlier and more contagious variant which. states
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are briefed on some of the other stories making the news today iran has announced it is preparing a series of rocket launchers to deliver civilian satellites into orbit satellite imagery capturing activity at iran's mom commenee spaceport appears to substantiate that claim but washington says it believes iran is using the launch to advance its military ballistic missile program. now these ilands prime minister use in our dern has called a general election for september should grab global attention for a response to turbo tax in the country last year but she's taken a hit in the opinion polls as the country's economy struggles why friday after. u.s. prosecutors say britain's prince andrew has been dodging their requests for help in their investigations into the late sex offender jeffrey epstein and sociopaths the british royal had promised to assist investigation into epstein's alleged sex
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trafficking of minors in a number of countries. in brazil at least 54 people have died in flooding and landslides caused by heavy storms across the southeast entire buildings washed away some 30000 people of the displaced and authorities are warning that more rain is expected over the coming days. first came the rain then came the mud and took everything they had it sent houses tumbling down hillsides bury them under landslides some were unable to flee. yet many houses were hit here but the main ones are those where the victims are it was 2 different families one with 4 people and the other with 3 kids from thursday to friday the metropolitan area off batteries on to the highest rainfall in over 102 years 3 states in the southeastern part of prison are affected meanest darius aspire to santo and rio de janeiro but those who did not get out on time scramble
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to safety on higher ground. on monday the rain subsided as residents return to their homes they find what the flood didn't wash away now covered in mud. everything is trashed and can't use it i have to throw it all the way closet while cabinet my washing machine was also destroyed. very severe here they affected everyone pressed all the way into our house people have no place to live we're dependent on other us for food clothes. and one. a state of emergency has been declared in over 100 towns and districts and more rain is forecast for the coming days. the last survivors of the outfits have been gathering
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at the former nazi death camp and what was once occupied poland now their numbers are growing ever fewer and some have been returning there to bear witness they were joined by world leaders to mark 75 years since auschwitz was liberated in january of 1905 the final months of world war 2. reliving the horrors of auschwitz. the agony edged over his face. and yet despite the pain these holocaust survivors have returned to this film a death camp to remind the world where anti semitism and racism can lead.
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in front of the gates of auschwitz known as the gates of death a commemoration ceremony in which delegates from $61.00 countries the taking part and $200.00 auschwitz survived is each with that terrible memories of what happened here i remember that she was there to make it to women's washington and trucks from the barracks to a guest chamber i can hear. the screaming i can hear it in my subconscious when i remember the event miss you. elsa baker who's blind was 8 when she arrived at auschwitz she was one of the 23000 sinti and roma people to portage here it isn't it oh not for me to to be here among so many people who have suffered so blatantly perhaps even much
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more so than oh i. and. i think. if you. don't know. it i'm upset but in spite of the past anti semitism is on the rise again in 2020. we hear the same as the nazi huge so effectively in their propaganda they said jews have too much power crews control the economy and the media jews control governments jews control everything we hear this madness online in the media and even within democratic governments. these brave men and women know the cost of anti semitism they conned fake at bounce it's
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almighty seems that too many listening we're on the. way of course and he'd have you spoken at length to auschwitz survivors and people who risked their lives to help the victims of the losses in find those videos at our website w dot com as well as our facebook you tube twitter instagram feeds up next we have the spirit says of one cost survivor in our documentary i'm brian thomas the entire team thanks for being here. it's all happening to children coming. to link to news from africa the world your link to exception the stories and discussions can you and will come to see their views advocating program 9 from for an agenda meet the zito i would say deputy.


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