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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2020 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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party john. says of history. songs like that don't go away mr with us from time. to sound. starts february 7th w. home. you're watching t w news asia coming up the climate emergency and accidents rising sea levels have started displacing millions of people in coastal areas we look at what's already happening in the philippines plus. new research reveals the true scale of china's military might how dangerous quietly became the world's 2nd biggest weapons ready fracture.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to g.w. news asia thank you for joining us the climate crisis is not something that will happen it is something that is happening and experts estimate up to a 1000000000 people on the planet could become climate refugees this century what does that mean well as sea levels rise people living in coastal regions will see floods most of this will take place in asia nearly 700000000 people will be affected there more than all other continents combined in the philippines climate change is not an abstract concept for those living on low lying islands g.w. visited one of those places called benign one. is a risky boat captain in the norm go on an island district in the bay of manila. he helps people in distress but he's powerless against the. just danger facing his
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community the island is sinking every year up to 6 centimeters deep into the sea. residents are now rebuilding their houses on the rooftops of their old sunken homes. what scares me the most about the steady sea water rise is that someday we won't even see the roofs anymore this. entire house it's all vanished. and at the same time we'll keep trying to build up the ground through land reclamation. the moon will know by. the rising water has made his house unlivable so he's been sleeping at his workplace. but hard hard everything here is submerged.
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we had to study things in high places to keep them safe. because the water reached the banks and we had to wait for it to subside before we could sleep. a little. georgia doesn't come here much anymore after the war to begin to destroy home his wife took his son and lived. now boss i am by yeah but i mean. this was a happy home. we usually had visitors friends and relatives . we'd all be together inside this house chatting sharing meals sometimes drinking. now it makes me sad to think about this house. many families have been torn apart the young people move away to seek work. in 2018
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alone an estimated 3800000 people in the philippines fled from storms and natural disasters. judgers neighbor melody is also fighting a losing battle against the water. power things that it is usually are. do you mean how much have you raised your house already. you've done i've used around $306.00 of the oyster shells and. if sea levels keep rising the entire arlan district of the no one gun could be submerged. how long that might take nobody knows. that's an excerpt from documentary series displaced the climate exodus going to carol's produce the segment you just saw and she joins me in the studio going to we just saw the story of one man and his ordeal how are other people on this island being impacted so
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basically there are 6000 people living in a very small area and you can imagine that everybody is impacted so what we saw that george will story is very similar to everybody's story on that small on either end and we saw his neighbor melody whose house gets flooded every day so that's what's happening to a lot of people there and you know and you know just imagine that this year washout evidence rising and at the same time the island a sinking that means you know it's just getting worse basically he mentions that his family has gone where do these people go if they leave the coastal areas not just in the philippines but i guess in anywhere where people are impacted along the coast you know we had on top of sorry we had a lot of talk about people migrating to other countries and i gripped countries being afraid of people you know coming to their countries but what's actually happening in the philippines and also in other countries is that people are mostly
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just stay in the region that they're from so we see a lot of internal migration that is people are moving from let's say from the coast to the next biggest city or in that case from an island to the mainland that's most of the migration that's happening now with this internal migration it needs. is that it is a challenge for the government in question what is the government of the philippines doing about this well obvious need the doing things it's not like dead or just standing by watching this a lot of. programs for climate change so one thing obviously that flight management program said are in play with have from n.g.o.s governments the wood bank but let's not forget the philippines is a developing country so this is very costly and we're looking at so many communities that are affected and generally communities that are very poor soul
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there's only so much they can do one thing that the government. has relocated people from the most effect the so-called dangerous zones but that sometimes is counterproductive because these people you know they live there because that's where they can make a living that's where maybe they are fisherman maybe they fall off. close by points that they supply food to things like that so sometimes what happens is communities split up and sometimes people end up in places where then they don't basically have a life the hood it's very difficult to you have to tell people or train them to have a new skill or something if they do move inland for example going to cattle thank you very much. the documentary displaced the climate exodus airs on d.w. this week you can also catch going to film and others in the display series on our
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you tube channel w documentary. china makes and sells weapons but we don't know much about its arms industry because public information about these firms are not easily available but that has now changed the stockholm international peace research institute otherwise known as sifry is including chinese companies in its annual report on global weapons trade for the 1st time we'll find out more in a moment how it gleaned this extra data but for now what do we know sifry confirms what many experts have long suspected that china placed as 2nd behind the united states as the world's largest arms sellers besting russia china has put a lot of effort into modernizing its arms industry most recently with research and development in artificial intelligence its goal has been to become self-reliant in
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the production of advanced weapons according to the report 10 companies and one research institute for the bulk of its industry 4 of these are competitive at the international level. for more we are joined by sipri researcher and then chan who coauthored that report and then 10 who are these chinese companies selling to. so the charts your weapons made by chinese companies are consumed domestically by its military off the production only 5 percent is actually exported and china exported to over $5050.00 countries around the world with some main costs you all consumers all importers big pakistan bangladesh myanmar we've also seen weapons in algeria some parts of the middle east such as the u.a.e. and even as far as sub-saharan africa such as tanzania uganda zambia i'm a little curious in terms of how you extract this data because it's very hard to get
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any information about chinese companies in general and this is the 1st year i understand that sipri has included chinese companies how did you do it so this is given the states off these companies being you know owned by the government it's very difficult to get any information from them and so what we have done is looked at a variety of different sources open source from credit rating reports boards but it is reports are these companies to try and triangulates and cross match spaces recount the information that has been collected by these companies and then of course come to a reliable estimate of the company's arm sales and we were ready to rate that it's an estimate because again everything that's missed related is so lot of great national security. now there is a stigma about it in china products does this apply to chinese arms products
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or. are the indeed at the same level in terms of quality as american and european arms weapons. so there is the i guess the agreement that some of the chinese weapons are still not at the same quality level as u.s. weapons training weapons or you came in but china has made great strides to improve its quality and over the past 510 years we are seeing that has given the increased amount of their weapons by other countries that it's barely increasing the quality of its weapons. i'm a little curious of the little percentage where china does sell to other countries does china like a lot of other countries use its arms sales as an extension of its foreign policy absolutely if we look at maybe recipients is very much countries that are allies
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offer india but china i would think of pakistan bangladesh myanmar as also these countries that are seen to have a list of friendly standpoint we've got regarding countries in europe or the u.s. so it's they're being used as some sort of gain or station off china's reach around the region around the world 910 thank you very much. that's it for now head over to our website d.w. dot com for slash asia to view this show online and for other stories from the region we leave you with more pictures from our documentary series displaced the climate exodus thank you for watching see you next time and goodbye.
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from. the german language head nodding off this gets me and critical but you need to instruct the flavor you want to do their story. it's worth fighting and for a little information for margaret. global stocks are volatile the coronavirus keep spreading airports are on alert something asians gear up to evacuate their citizens from china some multinational companies tell staff exposed to mainland china to stay away from the office. of prime minister virus johnson insists the u.k. can involve way in its fine work the u.s. doesn't agree this affects their relationship just days before. and in cambodia millions take out my full loads but many customers fall into
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a death spiral. in business the financial impact from the coronavirus continues to rise chinese new year is the busiest travel time of the year and the most profitable for retailers but china has banned any group travel tens of millions of residents can leave their homes hotels airlines casinos and cruise operators a suffering. the economic fallout of the coronavirus is being felt most acutely by the travel industry share prices of major airlines have taken a beating following a drop in bookings to and from china the uncertainty is too great for tourists and business people many tour operators have canceled their block bookings. millions of people would usually be on the move for chinese new year but travel within china has been much harder this year all long distance bus connections from shanghai internet.


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