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much the big. it's all happening much of it. your link to news from africa and the world story links to exceptional stories and discussions continue on with constitutive suffocating programming from funny jenny from her use of easy towel at website dedicated come snatch africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa.
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for immigrants leaving europe for the new world the passage across the atlantic was the 1st of many adventures. at their destination they were greeted by a spectacular backdrop. manhattan in the harbor they were welcomed by a goddess of the modern age holding high a promise anyone seeking to better their fortunes here would find freedom and security. this principle shapes the united states to this day freedom is paramount it stands above everything even justice this idea continues to distinguish the united states from the democracies of the so-called cold war.
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the statue of liberty is a symbol of this principle a gift from france that was shipped across the atlantic in 885 she was intended as a beacon to the world a bearer of hope for all who had left europe behind. the 1st visual depictions of america by europeans showed adventurers searching for a route to india which is why they called the people they encountered indians the europeans were interested in money and power and a crucial factor in that power was religion.
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when christopher columbus set sail from europe in 1492 he flew the flags of catholic spain. he was sent to find a new western sea passage to asia and lay the foundations for the spread of christianity there. the caribbean was a launching pad for later spanish expeditions with the help of new maps the sailors searched for more territory to explore. they landed on a coastline they called flo rida derives from the spanish name for a flower festival on easter sunday pasqua florida. columbus went to his grave believing he had reached india. steadily on who had accompanied columbus on a previous voyage knew otherwise. but ponce de leon thought florida was an island
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feel about a thorny humbug look at that i got the idea to him elected a couple feet high and i said i'll show you how 10000000 plastic a duck if you can you show up out. into sort of another to be fairly area when i'm thought of. you know about the one of them at the city if you can medina the city on the tomatoes that you don't get that is in manila plastic a ducky and at the other hurdle for me a hedge idea. that's nuts about this that i don't know you could there will be i think or 6 you know elf a cool been used as a monument i think why that the mechanic for the post office i hafe in medina may have clearly had no limb you ought to do you know how. or have. a wash when i saw some young men who are not going he said to show. more than one led to let the. sort of thing that could have taken a lot of big. so fire started it well i'm going to i'd that the yemeni fight is
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a plastic leave us a little bit of this the other to talk about it and placed on seems. and i have a lot more to most not only polypropylene and b.p. . is this one of the other 2 that really polypropylene you look into the wheel of a bucket and i can tell you can. you believe in so far the colossal in her little. love you told me. that we have yes a look at the other ticket we had one is a little look at the mcconnell meanwhile is that the plastic be shortly and when i said i had squished offers i could have gotten at the e.c. does the question of a city calculate the snow and was it just the cabbie you took me who was taking a you see in hull he grew to love you know the him why don't be a. home yeah just to know anything i know quickly and well i miss the fun. when once you're not a swell meccas you to. the annual i did that then in
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a lab or what did that mean a sub to. me i've been asked to hide. such a wonderful via how you might effect how i could basically didn't we're looking at couldn't we have been talking would be m.e.b. sticking with it if either had to either but there's a good n. now you can go 1st would i like if he made a monumental that he thought as you have. people because you're even more diffuse a look at ya that it admitted. yes none of. that about him to lift about and i'll intimate what i do think that we have to watch up to what i like a few minutes late to be sure concocted looking at me or how do i follow my few was he likes. how he said he could to veolia little hollow seam in and if i had to if he homburg. as i think
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a theory minute of if you want to. jefferson who was born in england penned a key sections of the declaration of independence he became one of the founding fathers of the united states along with benjamin franklin samuel adams and a tobacco farmer from virginia called george washington. they were united in their determination to be free of what they called british tyranny. their declaration also proclaimed that all men had a god given right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it was a call to rebellion. but were the colonies willing to die for their cause. they had
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$15000.00 poorly equipped militia troops under the command of a military novice plantation owner george washington. they faced the well equipped and battle hardened british redcoats backed up by 30000 of mercenaries from germany . but george washington had patriotic fervor and tank tical skill on his side he managed to avoid open battle against the enemy's superior forces his militia was more accustomed to retreating than going on the offensive but the british were unable to press their advantage. then george washington received military assistance from france the time had turned. but he signs of battle
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took place not far from jamestown. the british surrendered and london sued for peace united states had not come of age. kids who seat. we'd burwood to. leave you was the birth of the nation inspired francis scott key to write a poem about the stars spangled banner and this later became the lyrics to the national anthem which celebrated the united states as the land of the free and the home of the brave if dog but who was truly free and this new world women had less freedom native americans and slaves of african descent had none at all lived the freedoms that were enshrined in the constitution were only valid for a select group streaming. it soon became
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clear that rice grew well in the southern states. new slaves were imported who understood how to cultivate rice. this also proved a very profitable business. thanks to enslaved rice farmers from west africa south carolina and georgia soon became known as the rice scopes. but diseases like malaria and yellow fever also flourished in the subtropical climate. when temperatures rose in the spring white farmer owners often left for the north over the summer the slaves were left in comparative peace they developed their own african-american culture around their own language gullah which is still spoken today on the c.r.l. and so south carolina. in
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790 the islands were home to around 200 white colonists and 7800 black slaves 80 years later some 300 colonists ruled over more than 5000 slaves. as each decade passed it up i think. you know we had that i mean when the home set in washington amen one of the you had us show him up. bestow to the tokyo my already woman album yet in a lot of binah alford only when an affair to feign what the many at hotshot of. interference from both the british and the northern states. the virginia company of london was the 1st joint stock corporation to import slaves
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from africa to jamestown. to slaves replaced white indentured labor to gain their freedom after completing their years of service that covered the cost of their journey from england. for their owners the people brought from africa would never be free in the new world they lived to serve. as slaves who attempted to escape phased brutal punishment the united states of america which thought of itself as the land of the free was built on slavery. by 860 there were some 40000000 slaves in the united states men and women and
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children exploited by slave owners and often abused. a few years earlier an $852.00 harriet beecher stowe a teacher published a novel that gripped the country uncle tom's cabin tells the story of a slave who was sent to be freed but is then sold to another master who has him whipped to death. for abraham lincoln born in kentucky and his new republican party the book helped win support for the anti slavery cars. abraham lincoln became president with votes from the northern states. in the white house he faced a challenge of historic proportions. after his election in south carolina moved 1st soon 11 slaveholding states seceded from the
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united states the president decided to use the military to force the south back into the union. the civil war waged over differing definitions of freedom cost the lives of 600000 soldiers and 500000 civilians 2 percent of the population. it remains the country's bloodiest conflict. half of those killed could not be identified.
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in may $861.00 the white slave owners on the sea islands had like every year left for the summer. their slaves remained behind. the north took the opportunity to seize control of the islands and armed several 100 gullah slaves. many of the men took pride in wearing the blue uniform and in joining the fight for their freedom. union forces soon occupied the nearby city of beaufort thanks to the 1st south carolina volunteer infantry regiment. it was one of the 1st black regiments in the union army. up north now began to deploy more and
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more units of pluck soldiers 180000 african american men gave lincoln the new troops he so desperately needed on the battlefields. another factor healthy into. allies north it's railway network allowed troops and weapons to be transported quickly across the country. many of the battlefields were located close to railway tracks and the towns that had sprung up near to them. the union of the northern states was gaining the upper hand. the confederate south staked everything on one final push to encircle the northern armies.
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they were outmatched both in terms of resources and strategy the confederate army lost their final great battle their only choice was to surrender. abraham lincoln had been reelected the year before the end of the war after the south capitulated he urged reconciliation calling on both sides to refrain from taking revenge or. to do all which may achieve and cherish i just and other lasting peace among ourselves. and with us. but the civil war claimed one more life. one week after the end of the conflict president lincoln and his wife attended a performance at the ford theater in washington. decide against the. kind of.
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my friend. robert. at the pinnacle of his success abraham lincoln paid the ultimate price for his vision of freedom. he was shot dead by confederate sympathizer john wilkes booth. more than a century and a half later wounds may have healed but they have not been forgotten and old resentments lurk under the surface. during the war both sides prayed for god to grant them victory in a conflict fought over land resources and their different definitions of the right
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to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the rights and shrine in the preamble to the declaration of independence proved easier said than done. the navesink twin lights lighthouse overlooking the entrance to the bay of new york is a good vantage point to gaze on what may be the quintessential american dream the journey from rags to riches for more than a handful this dream became reality. on the way toward manhattan the statue of liberty symbolizes what the nation's founding fathers had put to paper in the declaration of independence from british rule an end to tyranny and liberty for all. only
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a short distance away is ellis island for new immigrants from europe it became known as both an island of hope and an island of tears. europe was suffering from hunger and political and economic on rest during the 19th century 52000000 people left the continent in many cases their home countries helped support the emigration of entire families to help alleviate poverty back home. the mass immigration required organized collection points on the european side of the atlantic. many people departed from hamburg. after
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a devastating fire in $842.00 the port city was rebuilt. the harbor was massively expanded as were the shipyards hamburg became a gateway to the world. while sailing ships used to need 2 months to cross the atlantic by the late 19th century modern steamships made the journey in just 2 weeks. a growing number of migrants were now arriving from eastern europe and the balkans the hamburg america shipping line built a camp for them on the outskirts of the city passengers had to endure a 14 day quarantine this prevented the outbreak of diseases on board the ships which could cause people to be turned back in new york. passengers traveling 1st
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class had their belongings packed securely in trunks their tickets cost $4.00 times the price of the lowest class ticket but this is where the ship operators made their profit passengers were crammed into bunks in rooms with no windows. emigration became a huge moneymaker ships took passengers west and loaded up with cargo for the return journey east. for many migrants it meant saying farewell for ever and the parcher to the unknown . thanks to growing competition among shipping lines even 3rd class passengers soon
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had more amenities on their journey at the same time ticket prices dropped and $850.00 the journey cost an average annual wage by 1800 it was one month's income. families who couldn't afford to send everyone off and sent the men ahead 1st. but for those who hope to achieve the american dream there was still a hurdle to overcome ellis island island of hope and tears. passengers of wealth or social standing were allowed to step off the boat and go straight to management passengers in 3rd class were made to submit to a rigorous screening process. the initial interview took only a few minutes the medical exam was an ordeal this was what decided who would have
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a chance at the american dream. that 1st only passengers suffering from disease were rejected. later the authorities also blacklisted prostitutes the poor anarchists illiterate and chinese people. those denied entry were returned to where they came from but the cost of the shipping company. on some days up to 12000 people were processed adela's on. in the late 19th century germans for the largest group of immigrants followed by people from ireland and britain but many russians hunger aryans italians and others sought their fortunes in the new world. for passengers traveling in 1st or. 2nd class who went straight to manhattan the american dream was not such
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a reach. the others who disembarked at ellis island had a more difficult path. but still some rose to a life of prosperity in their new home. davies dos born in bavaria emigrated with his mother in 847 and went on to make levi jeans a mass consumer product. arrived in new york from hamburg and 850 he went on to become world famous for his steinway piano. henry john heinz who invented tomato ketchup was born in the u.s.
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but his father came from germany. as did another immigrant treated as trump grandfather of donald trump. before and after becoming president donald trump campaigned for more restrictive immigration policies and for a wall along the border to mexico. the vast majority of european immigrants arrive through new york even those who plan to continue to the midwest immigrants who stayed in new york generally settled in specific neighborhoods which became little italy little germany or little russia. their children were automatically granted american citizenship through birthright. new york could become a modern day bagel and not just because of the many languages spoken there as the
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decades passed the city's new buildings towered higher and higher trying to outdo each other and down to other cities the 1st tyra's was built in 1905 it had 10 stories in 889 the 1st skyscraper with a steel skeleton structure was built a decade later the tallest building soared 100 meters 10 years after that double that i. in 1931 the now legendary empire state building topped out at 381 meters it held the world record for more than 40 years until the limitations of steel framed buildings were overcome.
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in 1603 some while the champlain founded the 1st of a string of settlements for france and north america. the 1st was on an uninhabited island. later ones followed along the st lawrence river. some while the champlain came into contact with native americans who thrived in the forests that were rich in game the french ended up having to cede most of their new world territory to britain although the québec region in what is today canada remains french speaking. but those who lost the most were the native americans their traditional hunting grounds had been deforested their lakes and rivers depleted of fish they were even prohibited from hunting and gathering much of the forest was now privately owned. richard henry pratt to an army major assigned the task of assimilating native americans is still
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known for his motto kill the indian and save the man. who. did he send in sub europeans never lost their suspicion of native americans and resorted to military force to displace them to spain out of accord with the word and spirit of the us constitution but in the new world might was still right. by the turn of the 20th century the indigenous people had been decimated only 237000 made of americans remain. they lost 98 percent of their land to the invaders and they had to wait until $948.00 to be granted full civil rights in all states nearly 80 years after the 1st african-americans won the right to vote.
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500 years of colonization and displacement for some for others 500 years of the american dream. soon after the dawn of the 21st century that dream came under brutal attack on september the 11th 2001 the world trade center was targeted as a symbol of the ideals of the western world. almost 3000 people were killed in the attack people over groups in all corners of the earth. but the open society whose foundations had been laid by the courage of the pioneers refused to be intimidated. the new freedom tower adjacent to the former site of the world trade center is a testament to that did. terminations today it fills the gap in the new york
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skyline. the spanish were the 1st european conquerors of the new world their legacy today includes over 50000000 spanish speaking people in the united states more than in spain itself. but the pillar of the american dream was and remains liberty the belief that people could come from around the world and achieve their dream. or as one son of italian immigrants sang if i can make it there i'll make it anywhere.
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odd. the book of technology. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the working world. your business magazine made in germany. 90 minutes w.
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. i was issued when i wasn't here i slept with 6 people in a room for the night cinema it was hard i was for. i even got white hair. learning the gemini language ahead not a lot this leaves me a little but you need to look in truckloads of slaves you want to know their story . and spurting and reliable information for margaret. actually written readers just showed the 1st strand of shows. the. smart way to when you're going. to go below a mobility show every week w.
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. place . this is d w news live from berlin countries and companies across the globe stepped up efforts to contain the corona virus outbreak some nations have started at accu waiting their citizens from the chinese city the heart of the potentially deadly virus and some airlines are suspending service to and from china. also coming up germany's parliament prepares to welcome the israeli president move in groups and these are live pictures you see a red line arriving in the chamber at the moment he's due to address the chamber shortly in a member of the victims.


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