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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2020 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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the bank is bleeding but the bosses are optimistic chief executive has got saving how he expects to save the bank. and a decent amount of shelter lack of medicine to look at the challenges facing venezuela's economy. i think it's all in it's to business the spread of the coronavirus continues to rattle markets oil prices are falling by 2 percent moralize is the spending flights multinationals closing operations this is going to hit the chinese ads global economy. the chinese but trouble is room hand is currently in an ongoing battle with the coronavirus new hospitals are being built in a matter of days one is opening its doors next week state television shows the rapid progress soon there will be thousands of beds available. the rest of the world is doing its best to stop the spread of the virus many countries are capping flights to and from china but south korea has refrained from such draconian measures at the
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international airport in seoul chinese passengers are met by quarantine officials they use infrared cameras to measure body temperature chinese visitors are also required to fill out forms anyone making false statements concerning symptoms or where they have been asked to pay stiff fines. uncertainty and travel restrictions will also have an impact on the global economy that could very well have a negative impact on trade if the spread of the virus isn't contained quickly countries like germany with very close economic ties to china will be affected the most but the german institute for economic research said on thursday that it's still too early to assess the situation. this factory in thailand on the other hand has to work overtime due to the lung elements the disease causes masks are already sold out in many countries to cope with the high demand this manufacturer is working overtime it's still not clear whether the masks really offer protection
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against the virus. and hong kong officials have announced they using prison labor to boost production of face bost more countries are closing their borders to china isolating the world's 2nd largest economy russia mongolia kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan have all announced this sealing off their borders china had already temporarily shut its border to to jake is done over the lunar new year afghanistan pakistan india as well the pole and bhutan are increasing controls they share a 6 and a half 1000 kilometer border with china southeast asian nations cutting of transport links some suspending visas to chinese cambodia has suspended trade with china in wild animals or to be the origin of the virus hong kong's cutting of links taiwan's restricting travel north korea is up in quarantine i asked about his asian expansion face if the sealing off of has been effective yes i would say the singing
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off is very effective because one is very well connected with other cities through all the public transport infrastructure so if the airports and railways and also the motorways as sealed off people are hardly get out and also because of the size of the city people is it did were difficult for people to walk out of the city what does that mean for people and businesses i mean we're talking about an economy that is slowing. and and suddenly business is coming to a standstill in that region. well yeah it will have negative impact on business for sure but i think this depends on the swimming off period how long it will last and the impact on the business can be more clear but at the moment because the chinese new year's holiday anyway. how much would you say china's rapid urbanization is to blame here. oh well i would say that
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is not to blaming most rabid. organization but it's how we cope with you merges the situation like this and also climate change in the very near future so we need to deal was in designing and planning terms but it's always that's been a zation bring people to a lot of other vantages so would you say just just briefly that china has this under control. i would say for our own what's the evidence we've got now 8 is quite effectively controlled but we still need to see how because filling with a city in the obvious is not the best thing to do but so we're waiting for the research on how to deal with the virus so we may find other alternative ways to deal with this and fate will have to leave it there thank you very much swiss
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drugmaker is struggling to deliver diagnostic tests for the corona virus too big chinese cities of the communist party resulted people from entering and leaving the viruses they want to have originated in a food market in a city of the leaven 1000000 people a harsh was involved in identifying the sars fires which originated tried to decades ago does not anticipate rising business from its coronavirus tests as they have to be delivered quickly making any negotiations of a price impossible. well health officials have expressed great concern that the virus is starting to spread between people outside of china here's a look at how the virus is rattling markets. asian stocks continue to fall on thursday with fears rising over just how serious the spreading coronavirus could get. regional markets stock slumped to a 7 week low and as more and more low bill corporations cut back their activities in china the impact of the coronavirus on the chinese and white or asian economies
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has prompted a sell off taiwan has fallen by more than 5 percent while there have also been losses in japan and in hong kong across the pacific u.s. federal reserve chairman jerome powell spoke of the possible economic impacts the virus would have there is likely to be some disruption to activity in china and possibly globally based on the spread of the virus today in the travel restrictions and business closures that have already been imposed. of course the situation is is really in its early stages and it's very uncertain about how far it will spread and what the macroeconomic effects will be in china and its immediate trading partners and neighbors and around the world news from the markets hasn't all been bad on wednesday several u.s. tech giants posted impressive 4th quarter results like tesla its $105000000.00 profit saw its shares jump by 12 percent apple also posted higher than expected revenue figures. the picture was
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a little less sunny though for facebook. its stock fell back after it posted a more than 50 percent rise in expenses. germany's largest bank has chalked up a $5700000000.00 euro loss for 2019 it's the 5th straight year in the red for the bank and worse than analysts projections company management blamed the hefty price tag the doj is restructuring plan for the loss of hundreds of branches slated to close by 2022 and some 800000 jobs will be cut the bank had to shell out billions of euros of penalties and its investment banking division which is back instead it wants to concentrate more on its corporate and private customers once posted solid growth but years of scandals and profit warning have seen its share prices drop and become extremely volatile at today's press conference saving as and explaining to. well in in the core businesses and these are those businesses where we are not only
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irrelevant but leading and which are the future cornerstones of torture brink we have done good progress and in all business divisions of course we are suffering from the low interest rate environment in particular in europe but therefore we have grown parts whether it's on the loan side whether it's in the investment funds whether it's in the debt capital markets we are very successful and hence i would say from an operational point of view from an operating performance point of view we see the growth we have seen the momentum in particular after we announce the restructuring and hence we are satisfied with the development. some people have said this restructuring is. no i don't i think this restructuring was to focus on that what we can do best and where we are leading and you have seen that with the restructuring we haven't closed down one international country we are
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a global bank we are relevant and we are active in more than. 60 countries directly we stated that we are committed to that and our clients want a global bank out of germany can join and support them and hence it is not at all a retrenchment if you see the revenues coming from international versus germany there is no deterioration or decline so we remain committed to the world you mentioned several times today growth in asia do you see any impact from the spreading coronavirus in a potential slowdown in the asian economy i think it's too early to judge of course we are monitoring that closely we in particular also wanted to of the situation for our employees in that region but i would also warn to be no kind of too pessimistic what can happen with the economy i think the chinese economy is a very strong one yes we are monitoring for the time being we have no impact but rest assured that we stay close to that fed as well as economy continues to suffer
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medical supplies are running out supermarket shelves are empty even if there is something to buy most people can't afford a jew to hyperinflation and the nation's facing the rise of crop diseases that threatens further weaken the country's food security. when martin couple ever looks at his oranges he can't help being upset for years he's been struggling to find the fertilizers and pesticides needed to keep fruit trees healthy sometimes hyperinflation makes them too expensive to buy and productivity is suffering. well that animal in that lane and venezuela used to flood the caribbean islands with fresh fruit are inches tangerines lemons act by the means they're currently that's not happening up at that due to the problems we have it's a state problem they may. well crop diseases have always been a risk in venezuela's tropical climate farmers for decades have been able to
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control them by fumigating from mosquitoes and from guy but no the specialists who knew how to fumigate have gone. that way believe that idea but they knew enough meant that i had a plantation which grew our inches lemons and tangerines with some $45000.00 trees and they're almost all dead due to diseases and fungus like the. farmers say they'll have to move away from harvesting oranges and start growing other crops like cocoa and beans the united nations warns that a further deterioration of venezuelan food production would worsen an already difficult nutritional situation at least 21 percent of venezuelans are hungry or underfed. lasting business with it.
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greenland is melting and the buying craze has already begun the melting of the ice sheet in the country has exposed a valuable land china in the u.s. already there and new companies are being set up. welcome to the top is this consequence of climate change a french clerk and author to. some kids on the world class 90 minutes on w. takes a personal plea. with all the wonderful people understood that make the game so special. for all the troops. bombing. the gulf more than football online.
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frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. the book. this is d w news live from berlin the number of cases of the coronavirus in china increases the world health organization says all countries now used to be on alert we find out about the extraordinary steps being taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic . also coming up under america's new plan for middle east peace this village exposed to the capital of a future.


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